Statement from Live Action president Lila Rose on the Supreme Court decision to hear the challenge to the Texas abortion facilities regulations:

Arlington, VA (November 13, 2015) “While no woman or preborn child is safe in an abortion clinic, it ought to raise huge red flags that the abortion industry is willing to compromise women’s safety even further by refusing to meet the same basic health and safety standards that most medical centers do.  Time and again, we see the abortion industry cutting corners – even to the point of putting women’s safety at risk – just to increase profits.  These are commonsense regulations, and the abortion industry needs to follow the same rules that everyone else has to. I am disappointed that the Supreme Court did not let the lower court’s ruling stand, but I am hopeful that this will be an opportunity for the justices to create a landmark case for the pro-life movement.”

Lila Rose on Texas removing Planned Parenthood from Medicaid program due to scandals

(October 19, 2015) — “I applaud the state of Texas for no longer allowing Planned Parenthood to receive Medicaid money.  Texas’s inspector general concluded what Live Action’s investigations have shown for years:  that Planned Parenthood has repeatedly neglected the minimum standards of care it is supposed to provide to clients; that it is not operating in a ‘safe, legal, and ethical manner;’ and that it is willing to put profits ahead of its clients.  Texas authorities have also found evidence that Planned Parenthood is defrauding taxpayers through a pattern of illegal billing practices, including billing for services that are medically unnecessary.

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Members of European Parliament call on EU to defund Planned Parenthood until investigations into U.S. video scandal are carried out in Europe

Live Action president Lila Rose addressed members in Brussels today “horrified” over Planned Parenthood scandal

BRUSSELS (October 15, 2015) – Today, American pro-life leader Lila Rose keynoted a meeting at the European Parliament on the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal in the U.S. and previous undercover research that exposed the cover-up of sex trafficking of minors, the promotion of sex- and race-selective abortions, and the return of sexually abused minors to their abusers.

Several members of the European Parliament at the meeting proposed an inquiry into the U.S. scandal and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), which receives funding from the European Commission.  Members called on the European Union (EU) to defund Planned Parenthood until investigations are carried out in Europe.  Members also called for stricter controls on EU development aid to avoid unethical and illegal practices involving the sale of fetal body parts.

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