14-Year-Old Girl Sues Family To Stop Abortion

A 14-year-old girl in Corpus Christi, TX, received a temporary restraining order on Dec. 21 to stop her family from forcing her to get an abortion. A state district judge appointed an attorney for the teen and extended the restraining order until Jan. 19, when a hearing will determine whether the order will remain in place for the duration of the girl’s pregnancy.

Thus far, the girl has been represented by Stephen Casey, an attorney for the Austin organization Texas Center for Defense of Life. Family members who appeared in court told the judge the teenage girl was mentally unstable and incapable of caring for a baby.

Casey claims the girl’s cousin is guilty of “assaulting her by grabbing her by the neck, hitting her across the jaw and threatening to beat her if she did not get an abortion.”

There are several disturbing things about this story. First and foremost, that her family members are trying to force her to kill her baby. Second, that the judge in the case has only protected her from these people for two weeks. Third, that the “pro-choice” blogs are staying very quiet about the case. So much for choice!

If the girl were suing her parents to get an abortion, what do you want to bet the anti-lifers would have this kid’s face on a T-shirt already? It’s not choice they are concerned with. If so, they would be standing up for this girl’s right to choose to keep her baby. They don’t care about her right to give birth. They care about her right to abort.

In searching for the pro-abortion response to this case in various blogs — they were remarkably silent — I found a post on Democratic Underground and started rifling through the comments. Here are a couple of the most stomach-turning:

From musette_sf:

they will relentlessly guilt her and brainwash her into self-loathing, and get a new lifetime customer for their phony baloney “post-abortive trauma survivor services” group.
So, to recap, they’ll brainwash her (already have) into keeping a pregnancy that would have better been terminated, for everyone concerned; they”ll steal the baby when the baby is born, and sell it to the highest bidder via the usual human trafficking criminals (aka the “adoption” mills); then, they’ll brainwash her into feeling guilty about it all, because without sufficient victim-blaming, she just might go forward to live a good life for herself without patriarchal misogynistic “approval”. 

If all of that sounds crazy to you, that’s because it is. Based on her user name and the cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs content of her post, I can safely assume that woman is from San Francisco. And before you go all nuts in the comments about how there are sane people in San Francisco, I know this already. But if you are a sane person living in San Francisco, you know good and well you are surrounded by lunatics.

Speaking of lunatics, the following is from a user called Wait_Wut:

This is a serious mess that is being used as a tool by the pro-forced motherhood crowd. Sickening. She’s a child and needs help, not some self-righteous religious zealots telling her that God will provide. He won’t. And, they won’t, either. Once that baby is born, they’ll be on the side that wants to take away her babies right to eat, get an education and live in a heated home with a damned refrigerator.

I assume by “take away her babies right to eat, get an education,” etc., he is referring to people who want to cut government spending. I am one of those people, and of course the first thing I think of when I think of government spending is keeping babies from eating.

I also like the reference to the pro-life movement as “pro-forced motherhood.” This is one of my favorites. The “being forced to give birth” thing. It’s silly enough in most cases, when we’re talking about a woman who had sex with a human man and then acts as though pro-lifers sneaked into her house at night and inseminated her with Republican seed. It’s even more ridiculous to bring up in this case, when the girl wants to keep her baby.

Here’s another one you’ll love from Lance_Boyle:

As long as her family can legally disown her and any financial obligation to her, let her choose. If her choice can legally stick her family with an unwanted burden then they should have a say, too.

How about the simple fact that it was a failure on the part of the parents that this child got pregnant in the first place? Whether it was due to a lack of education, moral guidance, or supervision, their barely post-pubescent daughter got pregnant on their watch. It is arguable that they may be responsible for her and her child. That does not, however, give them the right to force her to kill her baby.

This is the obvious (to anybody with a brain, anyway) end result of a society that insists on sexualizing the very young. We expose children to a media-saturated culture in which even the “family” shows are laissez-faire about premarital sex, act appalled when they get pregnant, and then say they have no choice but to abort because they aren’t responsible enough to parent.

Well, you should have thought about that when you were shoving “Glee” episodes, Beyonce videos, and condoms in your kid’s face.

I don’t know the mental state of this girl, but I do know that she is doing the most responsible thing she could possibly do at this moment, and the most healthy, maternal thing imaginable: protecting her child from people who are trying to kill it.

We can all hope, if only for the obvious lack of familial support, that she chooses adoption for her child. But even if she doesn’t, she will at least have given her baby a chance at life.

Meanwhile, maybe it’s time we think about the messages we send our children. A 14-year-old is no more ready to have an abortion than she is to get pregnant or have sex in the first place. And the bored, postmodern response of “Oh, they’re gonna do it anyway” doesn’t cut it. People are going to do lots of things — murder, rape, steal cars, watch “Jersey Shore.” That doesn’t mean we encourage it, make it easier for them, or even tolerate it.

“They’re gonna do it anyway” is simply a non-argument. There was a time when a 14-year-old girl having sex would have been completely unacceptable. And it happened a lot less. Why? Because it was completely unacceptable.

People are always going to fail to live up to moral standards. That doesn’t mean we stop having them.

The truth is, the best advice to give a 14-year-old about sex is: “Keep it in your pants, or else.” I know all the words for this: antiquated, Paleozoic, silly, unrealistic! It is also 100% effective. Abstinence is the only proven cure for teenage abortions.

Meanwhile, let’s all hope the court does the right thing and protects this girl and her baby.


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  • So much for being pro “Choice” right?

  • Debra Daniels

    I totally agree that  Abstinence is the only proven cure for teenage abortion. Where are the parents , teachers, principals that put the condoms in the bathrooms at school dances guess that dosn’t work our poor children what are they to think when the adults can’t get it right.

  • Jocelyn Fry

    The hypocritical silence of any real “choicers” makes me wanna vomit. The comments within the DU article show the true colors of the “don’t call me pro-abortion” crowd are glowing neon. 

  • I wish those who are ‘pro-choice’ would read your posts with an open mind…They could learn so much! 

  • María Inés Benítez Formoso

    I will not lie: I just love when proabortion advocates get this mad about someone wanting to actually choose. Gets somehow complicated when a girl chooses different from the one and only option they defend, does it not?

    Now-a-days, it takes a 14-year-old girl to take a mature decision for a bunch of incompetent adults.

    • Urdum

      i love when right wing nut jobs think that one crazy abusive family speaks for an entire group of people consisting of a country.

      it takes a bunch of abusive parents to make a stupid 14 year old look good.

      • Chambers Mike96

        You like to be arrogant and think others are stupid except you. A fourteen year old girl to you is just a lesser human being, yet it is alright to abuse her. So, I guess everybody else are just a bunch of nut jobs and you are perfectly sane. That sure sounds nice! Doesn’t it? 

      • Chambers Mike96

        I bet you are jealous of her!

      • Meghan Ciara Burnett

        Do you have a sister???? If so, what if she was getting abused because a bunch of stupid people want her to get an abortion? You think about that.

    • Anacoluthia

       Holding up a couple of pro-choice people with an extreme position as equivalent to ALL pro-choice people is the same thing as saying that all pro-lifers are bombing clinics. It’s simply not true. The pro-choice community supports this girl, because they promote CHOICE. This is clearly her choice and I’ll support her 100%, as will every other pro-choicer I know. Quit being deliberately blind to what the pro-choice community believes, it makes you look very stupid.

  • Dorianne Acosta

    What kind of parents are they?? This society is pretty much f&$?!@. First of all, there are no values, morallity or supervision on the youngsters. Hello?, that’s the reason why there’s a lot if teenage pregnancy. There’s no VALUES. And I can surely agree on abstinence. Hello, why experiment now, doing sex, if there’s plenty of time. (When you get married) But in this century, nobody cares doing premarital sex or get married. :/ Sometimes, I just want to get away or disappear from this crazy world to another galaxy. But we have to face this cruel world, where no moral values exist.

  • EmmetJay

    That’s an awful story and my heart goes out to the poor girl. Good on her for sticking up for her rights and fighting against what sounds like a horrible family… but I really really pity the young girl. Her decision to have sex at such a young age has led to a situation that will massively and irrefutably change her life.

    She cannot possibly understand the implications that having this child will have on her life and that of her families. She should be sat down and talked to, not treated like cattle by her family and not treated as some sort of a poster girl for pro-life campaigners.

    I’m pro-choice not pro-abortion, but this is precisely the kind of situation were options should be available to her. If she chooses to have the baby then I have faith that she has made the right decision, but it is nobodies god given right to tell her what to do or what not to do. She shouldn’t be forced to have an abortion, that’s horrible and I would never, ever wish that situation on anybody, but so is the notion of legally enforcing anti-abortion policy and forcing her to him/her.

    Forcing her to do anything at this point is wrong. She needs to be educated about the strains and pressures of motherhood as well as the absolutely fantastic, joyous feeling that bringing up a child may bring. It’s her decision to make, nobody elses and somebody needs to wade through this bullsh*t and actually talk to the girl.

    “Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through

    the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children…” she needs to talking to, not talking at.

    • Amanda

      EmmetJay, thank you for standing up for this girl!  99.9% of pro-choicers that I have talked to have an abortion first agenda when it comes to choice.  I am 100% pro-life, and even though you are pro-choice, I commend you for being compassionate about this young girl’s situation.  Many pro-lifers aren’t against choices..we believe in respecting life as a whole.  So, the intentional death of a baby in the womb is disrespecting and ending that person’s life..not to mention the thousands of deaths of women that are covered up.. Many abortion advocates don’t comprehend what CHOICE really means..you seem to though.  And although we don’t agree about the abortion issue, you at least are compassionate enough to respect a woman’s choice to have a baby, even if it is at a young age..I might get condemned for even talking to a pro-choicer but hey, in the end we both care about women just as much..we both just have separate ways of going about it..  Even though you may be pro-choice, you have stood up for this girl to choose LIFE, and I really do commend you for that! 🙂

      • EmmetJay

        Much appreciated Amanda 🙂 I love your choice of the word compassion and I totally agree with you. The phrase “a breath of fresh air” comes to mind!

        • Nels3215

          I also applaud you on standing up for this girls choice.  But the fact of the matter is that she already made her choice not to have an abortion when she decided to have sex.  The choice was made.  Saying that someone pregnant has the right to have an abortion takes away the dignity and the right to life of that baby.  If you disagree with my position on the baby’s right to life then read the book, Embryo: A Defense of Human Life by Robert P. George and Christopher Tollefsen.
          Again, I applaud that you are willing to be openminded.

          • Anacoluthia

             I’d like you to consider this: When you get into a vehicle (knowing the risks), and then you get into an accident, do you forfeit the right to medical treatment because you knew it could happen?

            I’d also like you to consider this: Say you have a child. They’re 6 years old. They need a kidney to live. Are you legally obligated to donate your kidney to that child? No. You probably would, but you don’t HAVE to.

            Or, this: There’s this person. Obviously, they’re a living person. Say the only way they can survive is to walk up to you and plug in some tubes to your veins so they can use your nutrients. Maybe they asked, but you don’t give your permission. Is this okay? After all, the pro-life argument is that the fetus is a person, even if it is parasitic, and they have a right to life. So you should be okay with somebody hooking themselves up to you without permission and living off of your nutrients and carrying them everywhere, right? Oh, and after they unhook from you (after about 40 weeks), they follow you around and become your financial responsibility for almost 2 decades, because them hooking themselves up to you constituted a binding legal agreement.

          • “There’s this person. Obviously, they’re a living person. Say the only way they can survive is to walk up to you and plug in some tubes to your veins so they can use your nutrients. Maybe they asked, but you don’t give your permission. Is this okay? After all, the pro-life argument is that the fetus is a person, even if it is parasitic, and they have a right to life. So you should be okay with somebody hooking themselves up to you without permission and living off of your nutrients and carrying them everywhere, right? Oh, and after they unhook from you (after about 40 weeks), they follow you around and become your financial responsibility for almost 2 decades, because them hooking themselves up to you constituted a binding legal agreement.”

            Except that your argument doesn’t work side by side with a child in its mother’s body because the person in your imaginary circumstance didn’t create the dependent person. A mother, together with a sexual partner (the child’s “father”), created the “parasitic” life form. They made the choice to enact the creation of the other human being when they chose to have sex. The baby didn’t just appear one day in the mother’s womb.

      • Chambers Mike96

        You are right! CHOICE is basically like giving someone a gun and telling them to feel free to shoot anyone dead. Reminds me of Joseph Stalin’s The Great Purge. Enslave people, starve them to death, and gas or shoot them dead. Choose which people to do those things to!

    • Sarah

       How do you know she even had sex? She might’ve been raped. What would you say about this whole situation then?

      • EmmetJay

        How do I know she had sex? Well I think that most of us can agree that if she is pregnant then the most likely cause of that would be sex… and for clarification, rape is still sex.

        But in response to your question…If she was raped then I’d feel worse for the poor girl but it wouldn’t take away her choice. The situation would be even more difficult for her for sure, but I wouldn’t change my opinion at all… I don’t understand your meaning to be honest. You think that if she was raped then her choice should be taken away and she should be made to have an abortion? no. Granted, it adds another variable into the mix, a variable with a lot of emotion attached to it, but that doesn’t make her decision any less important.

      • Bringerofblessings


        If she were raped, she needs to get some counseling and healing. It is a very traumatic and unfortunate situation.

         As  far as the pregnancy, she can keep her baby. So many women, now are carrying the babies concieved in rape.

         Women whom are victims of rape are finding that:
        1) Abortion perpetuates the violence of the rape

        2) The baby should not suffer for the crimes of the father

        3) The Baby is still a human deserving of life no matter how she is concieved

        4) Though a tough decision-they find that birthing the baby is often a healing

        5) Abortions of rape victims often HIDE The crime of the perpetrator..



      • Fred

        How would rape change the situation? She is choosing to give birth, I thought the whole point of the pro-choice movement was that the mother can choose what to do with her body; is this suddenly not valid any more if the woman has been raped?

  • Thatblueeyedgirl

    I used to picket abortion clinics on the pro-life side of the lines–so first let me say, “I agree with you!”  However, let me say that as someone who works in economic and community development, I’ve heard very sane and good people support abortion because the Conservative camp is very silent when it comes to supporting anti-poverty programs, and really creative programs that support families living in poverty.  We have do do better about supporting the whole admonishon from Micah 6:8 (“Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God), or the pro-lie and anti-poverty camps are going to keep talking past each other, when these are two forces that should be paired up as an unstoppable force

    • Kristen

      A lot of pro-life people are social and economic conservatives. The reasons for not supporting more welfare programs are complex and I’ll let you look into it on your own, but I would like to point out that the Bible’s call to help and love the poor is a different thing than forcing people to spend their money on other people. Charity is wonderful. Compulsory taxation to subsidize welfare programs is not charity, it’s stealing. The Christian adage “Charity begins at home” has never been more true today, when struggling families are taxed to provide for other struggling families who have been deemed more important than their own by the government. Again: charity cannot be forced.

      • This is so true. I hate hate hate that I work full time and can’t afford things like a pedicure or a latte, but so many people I know on some form of welfare get things all the time!

        • Lesley

          As a director of a crisis pregnancy center, I can honestly say that there is help available. Crisis pregnancy centers do not take federal money and rely totally on donors and sometimes grant money from businesses.  These centers provide FREE services to their clients. This includes but is not limited to: pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, fetal development, nutrition, parenting, budgeting, clothes for baby and maternity clothes for mom, diapers, baby food, baby formula, recovery studies (post abortion, sexual abuse, emotionally destructive relationships, ect..) . The list varies from center to center, but they all have things in common: they stand for life, they care about the mother just as much as the baby, the services are free, and they are Christian.  I know for a fact that Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer the same services, they are in it for the money and care very little, if at all, about the mother or child. 

      • Letscook1

        So you pretty much want kids to have kwashiorkor like they did before the 1960’s, because that is what happened in this country before social welfare. 

        • Kristen

          I don’t know what that K word means and I don’t feel like looking it up. All I know is a welfare state is not the answer even if it works — which it doesn’t — because forcing people to pay for other people is not charity, it’s stealing, and stealing is wrong. The end.

          • Anonymous

            Oh Kristen…Kristen, Kristen, Kristen. If you want to have a valid response you should at least look up things you don’t know. Don’t want to look foolish my dear.

  • Jamison607

    Kristen, this is the best article yet. Thank you for your point of view and basic common sense.

  • Jobin Thomas

    I love this post. You have described so many issues that we’re faced with on a day-to-day basis. I love how you dislike Jersey Shore and Glee. I think those shows should never have been made in the first place.
    My favorite part of this post however is this: I also like the reference to the pro-life movement as “pro-forced motherhood.” This is one of my favorites. The “being forced to give birth” thing. It’s silly enough in most cases, when we’re talking about a woman who had sex with a human man and then acts as though pro-lifers sneaked into her house at night and inseminated her with Republican seed. It’s even more ridiculous to bring up in this case, when the girl wants to keep her baby.

    Very well said.

    Anyway, I hope the girl gets the right to raise her kid and doesn’t get forced into otherwise.

    • I really liked that part too “then acts as though pro-lifers sneaked into her house at night and inseminated her with Republican seed.”

  • Awesome! I love this article. It really tells it like it is and like it should be. I hate abortion. It’s murder murder murder no matter how you look at it.

  • Shayne McAllister

    My question to the pro-choicers is: what about adoption?

    • EmmetJay

      Fair point to make Shayne but I have to argue that the system of fostering and the process of adoption isn’t necessarily a nice place to be.

      Some friends of mine are looking to adopt at the moment and they broke down in front of me about the number of children out there looking for families to take them in. They are now looking at adopting a min 2 kids and a max 3 kids, despite going into it with the idea of adopting one… it’s an extremely harsh system of pick and choose and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. That being said, adoption has it’s good side and I know several adopted kids who wouldn’t have it any other way.

      I’m just very wary of the difficulties involved and skeptical of the use of adoption as an anti-abortion argument. I’d also say it would be unreasonable to tell this girl that she should go through pregnancy and then give her baby up because abortion is wrong. Adoption is a strain on everybody involved, including the mother.

      • MJ

        Hi EmmetJay, I’m not very up-to-date on how things are in the States but being a social worker and (foster) parent myself in Canada I wholeheartedly agree that the foster care system needs a lot of improvement. It is heart-breaking to see children being moved from home to home, etc. When it comes to adoption, however, things are often different. Thousands and thousands of families are on waiting lists to adopt children (including special needs children), the process is pricy and lengthy, but there just aren’t that many kids to adopt. Too many children are aborted, too many others end up in the foster system after their moms try to parent but find it too difficult. Somehow, abortion seems like a better option that adoption, and I find that appalling. We have failed women as a society when we send the message that it’s better to end the life of your child than to selflessly give your child life and a loving adoptive family. Perhaps it’s because we treat all options as equal, ignoring the underlying question. Abortion, adoption and parenting are all difficult, no question about it. But the question I would ask is this: what are the preborn? Because if they are nothing more than a bunch of cells, aren’t human and abortion doesn’t kill anyone, then yes, any choice is morally equal. Then I understand you see adoption as a bigger strain than abortion. But if they they are not just blobs
        of tissue, not part of their mothers’ but
        distinct individuals with a separate genetic identity, then abortion kills small human beings. And in that case, adoption and parenting are options that protect all members of our species, regardless of circumstances. These options may at times be a strain on those involved, but the big difference is that no one gets killed.

        • AH95

          COMPLETELY agree MJ… abortion is far more of a strain on a mother than adoption. 

          • EmmetJay

            I agree that abortion would probably be more of a strain on the mother in question, I just think that it is a decision for the girl to make herself, not be forced into anything by anybody.

          • Elly-Rose

            It’s actually been proven that birth and motherhood, along with adoption are more stressful and dangerous to a womans mental health than abortion.

        • Anacoluthia

           You just said in the same post that children are dumped in the foster care system and SO MANY people are waiting to adopt children. As somebody who’s been in the foster system in Canada, maybe you should encourage these “loving adoptive families” to adopt older children who actually exist already and are abandoned instead of championing putting more pretty babies into the adoption queues so these “loving adoptive families” can have a kid without any problems. Oh, and let’s hope they’re white babies too, because we all know that non-white babies are adopted less often.

    • Letscook1

       Pro Choicers are not against adoption. Many pro choice people have adopted kids themselves or are adoptees themselves. It’s the mother’s CHOICE.

      • That may be true, but I’ve heard way, WAY too many pro-choicers completely disregard adoption as an option and put everything in terms of, “You can have an abortion or you can drop out of school and never accomplish anything because you’re a teenager raising a baby.”

        • Letscook1

          People who say that are not genuinely pro-choice.

    • Elly-Rose

      Adoption is an alternative to motherhood. Not an alternative to pregnancy.

    • Letscook1

       Who said pro-choicers were against adoption? It is also a choice. But I still wouldn’t force someone to go through pregnancy if they didn’t want to. Pregnancy can effect your life.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, anyone with a brain would realize that this is not what pro choicers stand for. Pro choicers are against forced pregnancies as well as forced abortions.

    • HarrietHerper


    • Anonymous

      Apparently the vocal ones aren’t.
      Because there are huge “women’s coalitions” and so forth that are demanding the rights of women around the globe to kill their unborn babies. But they remain conspicuously silent on the fact that Chinese women are not allowed to get pregnant without a government-issued permit, and that if they do, they will be kidnapped, have their  babies ripped from their wombs and butchered (with NO respect for gestation- up to and including full-term), after which they may be forcibly sterilized. Where’s the outrage?? WHERE? Where are the “pro-choice” advocates for Chinese mothers with empty arms and barren wombs?
      NOWHERE. That’s where. DEAD. Silent.

      • Penny Layne

        Whole different answer to a whole different problem.  China was overwhelmed with citizens…this arose out of a misguided effort to stem the tide.  I think I remember something about the gender mattering as well, because the male-to-female ratio was way off.  But that is China, not the US.  And it’s a whole different argument than this one, although I will agree that it is barbaric.

        • Just to clarify, I’m fairly certain that the male/female ratio is off BECAUSE of the gender-selective abortions (which, in turn, are usually because of the 1-child limit and the cultural preference of male children over female children).

          And the same thing is happening in India.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, China is NOT overwhelmed with citizens. Have you ever taken a look at a population map of China? I did in a geography class I took a few years ago. The majority of China’s citizens live in the big cities on the coast, instead of building up the little towns and plantations in the other parts of the country. China is an extremely large country. It’s essentially China’s government’s fault that the population density is so high in such a small space.

          Furthermore, as to the gender ratio being off, it’s off because of the one-child policy. The families prefer to have boys, because boys are considered lucky, as they are the ones to carry out the Chinese traditions and continue the family business. So, if a family finds out that they are having a girl, she is killed. However, the government officials don’t discriminate against genders, and just carries out their orders.

          Even though these injustices are not occurring in this country, they are something that women’s rights groups should be fighting against, as well. Women’s rights groups do involve themselves in international politics, just look at NOW’s Global Feminism page. They’re very active in international issues, even trying to force abortion and contraception on cultures that don’t believe in it. However, there are women who have defected from China who plead with the president every year, before he makes his annual trip to China, to say something about the injustices that have been done against them, and no women’s rights groups ever say or do anything about this. There are no rallies, no petitions, no anything. It’s like China is hands-off, or they believe fighting against forced abortion will hurt their own cause. If they don’t believe in any injustices against women, including forced abortion, they should do something about it.

      • Anacoluthia

        Uh, whole different situation, which has a huge amount of outrage directed at it if you’d bother to look.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pro choice and I disagree with this. This isn’t what the pro choice is trying to attain. If anything, this is actually pretty embarrassing. And the comment in the article about San Francisco was rude and uncalled for. It’s extremely ignorant to judge and stereotype people like that. I live in SF and I have friends who are pro life, shocking I know, but we respect each other’s views and don’t have a stick up our ass like the author of this poorly written article.

    • onelove

      I am NOT pro-choice but this article is so angry that I can’t take it seriously. If you want to make a point, make it calmly and ask all the questions from everyone’s side of the story. Wouldn’t someone who is pro-choice be more inclined to be… well, pro-CHOICE? The girl wants to keep her baby, let her keep her baby. The girl wants to have an abortion, let her have an abortion. Am I right? 

      • Chambers Mike96

        It really hurts me to see a girl’s family abuse her for doing what is right. She wants to face her responsibilities. If I were to be her father, I would be very proud of her for wanting to accept her child and her to accept her responisibilities towards becoming a mother. The biggest problem is that we have adults who are biggets. They think they are greater than a fourteen year old just like looking down on black people before giving them any chance to demonstrate anything. It’s prejudice and not fair!!! The baby deserves the chance as well as the fourteen year old mother. I have seen youth who are the most greatest people I have ever seen. I would be upset if I have a pregnant fourteen year old daughter, yet I’d be more proud of her for not trying to get away from her responsibilities. To the adults who enjoy looking down on youth, they should see the Marines, our Navy sailors, Army soldiers, Air Force air men, and Coast Guardsmen! Our youth in the USAF work very hard and we depend the most on them than anybody else.  

        • Chambers Mike96

          I never hear of any prochoice people doing or accomplishing anything that is honorable. They only cause death to a beginning life, that’s sure something to be proud of huh!

          • Chambers Mike96

            That fourteen year old is going to be proud of herself when her child grows up!

          • Anacoluthia

             Oh my god shut up. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Women (actual PEOPLE) die from abortion when it’s illegal, at extremely high rates. If I can stop that, yes I am damn proud of that. And you don’t get a say in it until you get your own uterus and are facing that choice yourself.

          • Actually I am pro-choice and I served my country for four years in the Air Force. Gee how frigging dishonorable of me. Putz.

        • Oubli

          If a teen legally needs consent to obtain an abortion (in Tx under 17 yrs old needs parental consent) the why shouldn’t a teen need parental consent to keep her pregnancy???

          Either get rid of parental consent laws for abortion altogether or teens need to be legally required to get parental consent to keep their pregnancies to term.

          You cannot required consent for minors under 17 yrs old for only one pregnancy option! Parental consent for teens needs to be required for all 3 pregnancy option – keeping the pregnancy, adoption or abortion or NOT at all!.

          Truly pro-choice means giving teens and all women the full range of their options without myopic, incongruous restrictions!

      • Relock77219

        The choice side says it’s the girl’s choice, not her guardian.  The parents are wrong for attempting to take away her choice.  Case closed.

        • Chambers Mike96

          CHOICE meens that we can give power to somebody to decide whether or not life should persist. Nobody should be granted choice or abuse a pregnant minor. God is the only one who chould have CHOICE regarding our lives, not us. The baby in a woman is not her property, it’s God’s property. The woman is a vessel to bring the child into this world for God. Women are appointed by God to birth the child, nurture the child, and wean the child. So much people destroying what belongs to God. No wonder lots of families are falling apart, divorce rates a high, and abortion is so high. Most of us lost value for others and the living.  

          • Relock77219

            Hey, Mike, nice one.  Clearly you’re on the girl’s side in this example.  If the girl wanted to abort and the parents sued her to keep it, who’s side are you on?

          • Chambers Mike96

            I’m most of all on her baby’s side! The girl’s family should get their attitudes together for the sake of the child to bring that child up in meaningful life. That child doesn’t need to grow up in the middle of a warfare between the girl and her family. The girl’s family should bless the child as their new family member.

          • Chambers Mike96

            She fought for what’s right. That’s what matters the most!  

          • Mary

            Who’s God? I don’t know who that is…I didn’t know that someone was going to appoint me to have kids.

        • Chambers Mike96

          If anyone wants good stable family and supportive family values, CHOICE and abortion must be eliminated. For a family to grow, the family members have to work very hard for one another. We all must be selfless, not selfish. We must work for God and respect him! 

          • Relock77219

            Hey, Mike, way to go.  And if a girl happens to be an Atheist, what are her options?

          • i’m pure atheist it’s pissed a lot of christians off but this is pathetic do her parents not have any common sense to keep their daughter under control it makes me sick because of this yes i was young when my daughter was born i was 16 she’s 7 and i’m 22 now but i also had a lot of help and yes i got my high school diploma now i’m in university i’m gonna try and raise my daughter pro-choice to me it just gives you more options that girl is gonna sacrifice too much her body isn’t ready physically and mentally she’s gonna miss out on a lot i almost feel sorry for her god is not gonna give her formula or a baby crib or an education 

      • Relock77219

        Of course.  Bring logic into these rooms and you’ll slam your head into a wall.  The correct side is the side of the girl–it’s her choice.

        I’m sure everyone here will also be on the girl’s side if she wanted an abortion and her parents sued to stop it, correct?

        And onelove, I hate to break it to you but you are…. pro-choice.  Embrace it.

    • Sheyanne Reed

      the auther of this is just expressing her take on all this <(") the auther is not saying shes right

      • Sheyanne Reed

        being friends with a pro life if ur pro choice isnt really that special my dad is pro life and my mom is pro choice so what

        • onelove

          The author has absolutely written this article to prove that her point of view is the right one. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you choose to do so you will become more approachable if you are able to soften your tone and appeal to a mass audience so that you can logically explain and defend your position. That’s all I’M saying.

        • onelove

          That being said… I really appreciate reading her articles. Kristen is so full of life and passionate. That, I think, is awesome.

      • Idiot


    • Sarah

      This is exactly what the pro-choicers are trying to attain :/ She’s CHOOSING to keep her baby.

      The only reason there’s this big controversy about it is because she’s so young. If it were a 27-year-old woman then it wouldn’t be headline news.

      • If she were a 27-year-old woman, her family wouldn’t be in a position to try to force her to have an abortion – at least, not to the extent that they can try to force a young teenager.

      • Chambers Mike96

        Obviously CHOICE isn’t really choice! It’s control! Somebody controls whether or not the birth of the new life should continue. The fourteen year old pregnant girl’s family contols her and the child she is carrying inside her. People who are hungry for power to make decisions regarding somebody elses life or destony. Those kind of people are evil!

        • Relock77219

          Hey, Mike, nice post.  I’d like to hear your answer on this:

          Setup: abortion laws are as you want them–only you know what those laws are.  While these laws are in affect a woman somehow finds a doctor to perform an abortion.  It is performed successfully and both parties part ways satisfied.

          Question: How do you want the government to punish them?

          I look forward to your answer.

        • Are you telling me that parents should have no jurisdiction over their own children? That perhaps parents should let their kids do whatever so they aren’t “controlling” their kids? You can debate abortion all you want but let’s be sensible about this. The parents could also force her to give the child up for adoption. You can’t force parents to keep the child. Even though I think they should as the child is their flesh and blood. The child should at least be raised by a blood relative. And gee, I’m pro choice. And to be honest, we know very little of what’s going on don’t we? But yet we all have an opinion on a story that we really don’t anything about. The details are a bit scanty at best. How is it that she at the age of 14 is able to retain a lawyer? And isn’t it interesting that the lawyer is attached to a pro-life organization? What’s their stake in this? Reasonable questions don’t you think? Could there be something fishy about the whole story? Who knows.

      • Chambers Mike96

        Prochoice should be called Procontrol!

      • Chambers Mike96

        Prochoice supporters are hungry for control. They lust for power to make decisions regarding life and death and who should enter the world. Adolf Hitler would agree with it!  

    • Mary

      100% agree

  • this story is just…normal.  The young lady is going to make adult decisions out of fear and feeling like she will be alone if she stands her ground.  I feel for her and If I had room I would take her in, and give her options and help her make her own decision.  This matter is hard for an adult, let alone for a minor, with pregnancy hormones raging through her precious body.  I pray Lord for strength, compassion and a sudden eye opening event for this young lady and her unborn child.  Lord, If she has the abortion by force, give her understanding, comfort, and a clean heart, for she has/had no choice.  Lord, please forgive the family for making this time even harder than it has to be on this young lady.  Lord, please forgive them for killing one of your children, for they must not know your word.  Lord, I ask that you guide this young lady to find you, to know you, and to live by your word.  Lord, please forgive her for having sex outside of marriage, she was wrong, but through you we are all forgiven if we just ask.  Lord, please lean on the unborn child’s father and his family to stand up and take some responsibility.  This comment is not just a comment, but a plea Lord, to reach this young lady, and let her know, I will support her in whatever she chooses, but according to your word, abortion is wrong.  She doesn’t know your word, so I can’t be angry at her.  I can only love and pray for her until she can love and pray herself.  I ask all these things in your heavenly precious name Lord…Amen

  • Bravo!!!

  • sst

    I agree that the fact that her family is forcing her to have an abortion is wrong, yes, but to turn that into a frankly immature and somewhat embarrassing attack on pro-choice advocates doesn’t follow. “How about the simple fact that it was a failure on the part of the parents that this child got pregnant in the first place?” Yes, there are problems with the parenting, clearly, but if she is given the choice to decide about an abortion, she is also responsible for her pregnancy. The author is right; at fourteen, she’s old enough to make decisions with guidance, rather than be overruled, but she is also old enough to be held culpable for her actions.
    Furthermore, abstinence as the only “cure for teenage abortions” makes absolutely no sense. First of all, abstinence is by definition a preventative measure, not a cure. Also, the fact that all teenage abortions need to be “cured” is narrow-minded. Anyone who is supposedly pro-choice and demanding that all teenage pregnancies be aborted is obviously not truly pro-choice, but being pro-life, even in situations where the mother wants to abort, is just as wrong. I don’t think it’s viable to attack the pro-choice side for disagreeing with this (which many of us don’t) when the pro-life coalition is only supporting her “choice” because it fits with their doctrine.
    This girl’s situation is unfortunate all around, especially as her family sounds potentially abusive, but shouldn’t be turned into a hypocritical attack on the other side.

    • Anonymous

      “…being pro-life, even in situations where the mother wants to abort…”
      Uhh… Isn’t that kind of the point? If everyone WANTED to keep their babies and DIDN’T choose abortion, there wouldn’t be much point in being pro-life (as in, anti-abortion) now, would there?

      It’s not hypocritical to for a pro-life individual to attack a “choice” that ends the life of a defenseless human being with ABSOLUTELY no say in the matter. I think it’s patently obvious that being pro-life is incompatible with supporting a choice to abort, don’t you? It’s kind of the point. That’s… umm… why we don’t identify as “pro-choice…?

      She is, indeed, old enough to be held liable for her actions to a degree. But her parents are, too. She is a minor, middle-school aged child who managed to have sex somewhere between being supervised at school and being supervised at home. Someone dropped the ball. Just as her parents would be liable for her actions if she were creating criminal mischief, vandalizing, being truant, etc. they are ALSO responsible for the fact that this youngster managed to have sex while residing under their care.

      And they have no more right to shirk their duties as parents than she does. But unlike them, she is trying to take responsibility for the life she created.

      • AH95

        Amen Elise – A woman/girl has the choice to have sex, but NOT the choice to kill an innocent life. It just never ceases to amaze me how hypocritical people can be “I am a Christian, but it’s okay to kill innocent – unborn babies”… it just makes me sick! Human life is sacred and we should NOT be able to chose when it ends (whether it be before birth or in old age).

  • Bringerofblessings

    Our family will take this girl in if she needs a place to be safe and welcomed.  Please contact me if this needs to happen.  We can offer her and her baby a most positive, loving and respectful place for her.

  • Lifesmanyquestions

    Has this young girl been taken into custody and placed in a foster home… for protection?  We were foster parents for five years and know severl families that cared for pregnant teens and then helped them with the babies that were born.  Heck we would help her out.  This is just so sad.  I feel for her.. she must feel so alone.  My heart just breaks.

    • Mary

      I was wondering the same thing…and good for you to help teenagers who don’t have the support at home. It takes a special person.

  • Briannamusic

    Someone send that poor girl to me. I will protect her and her baby.

  • Brianna

    I am 15 and I am a proud mother of my 4 month old daughter. Abortions wrong and I am proud of this girl for doing the right thing.

    • Bringerofblessings

      Brianna–God Bless you! 

    • María Inés Benítez Formoso

      Oh, congrats on you and your little girl, Brianna!

    • Chambers Mike96

      None of us are better than eachother. We all make mistakes, yet we all have to take responsibilities for our own mistakes. You are going through something that is very new to you and you are not running away. Even if a woman becomes a mother at age forty at the first time, it will be overwhelming for her too. Facing our problems is the only way to become better people. People who run away from their problems like getting an abortion are not going to become any better. Good job for facing your life issues! You will soon be blessed!!! 

    • Chambers Mike96

      Also, coping with the hardships of taking care of a child brings value to your family. To have a good functional family, it takes hard work. There are problems with divorce, broken families, abandoned children, and aborted children in this nation. Family values are dying, too much people don’t want to take the effort to care for anybody else. They are so self absorbed and selfish that they don’t have the ability to care about others, it’s just plain sad. 

    • It would be interesting to know how you are supporting your child on your own at 15.. Not saying abortion is right, but seriously?

    • It would be interesting to know how you are supporting your child on your own at 15.. Not saying abortion is right, but seriously?

    • It would be interesting to know how you are supporting your child on your own at 15.. Not saying abortion is right, but seriously?

    • It would be interesting to know how you are supporting your child on your own at 15.. Not saying abortion is right, but seriously?

    • It would be interesting to know how you are supporting your child on your own at 15.. Not saying abortion is right, but seriously?

    • It would be interesting to know how you are supporting your child on your own at 15.. Not saying abortion is right, but seriously?

    • It would be interesting to know how you are supporting your child on your own at 15.. Not saying abortion is right, but seriously?

    • It would be interesting to know how you are supporting your child on your own at 15.. Not saying abortion is right, but seriously?

  • So…the family wants to invade their child’s body to kill another child,  because they say she is “mentally unstable?”  That 14 year-old seems to be the only mentally stable person in that family.  Since when does anyone have the right to force an abortion, when did we become China?!  What a heartless, miserable family…maybe the girl wanted to get pregnant, so she Would have some to love and to love her back!!!

  • i hope she gets to keep her baby and if she realizes in the end when she has the baby that she cant take care of it they have adoption centers. 

  • If that family told me she was mentally unstable, I’d ask them if she came by it honest.

  • Kristen, I just have to say that I love your articles.  They are witty, well researched, and literately remind me of Mark Twain’s slightly tongue in cheek style. The people who are offended take themselves WAY too seriously and you should totally ignore them.  Not telling you what to do, of course!  I doesn’t seem like you would let anyone do that anyway. 🙂

  • Heather Rena’

    I’m so sure that there’s a blessing for this girl. I speak it in Jesus name. I sure do admire her.

  • Chambers Mike96

    Wow! That is a very inspiring true story!!!

  • MLB

    Oh, wow. That is so sad, that her family didn’t let her have a choice.
    On another note, I think it was hilarious when Kristen said “People are going to do lots of things…………watch Jersey shore”. I’m sorry but that was just funny.

  • Chambers Mike96

    I love it when young people stand up and say that there are better options other than abortions. The biggest problem is that our political system makes abortion out to be the only option to unwanted pregnancies and omits better options that are out there. The political system and the media are professionals at brainwashing people to being paranoid about their problems and to be oblivious about the better solutions to their problems that results better care for their children. That’s why I got rid of my television. The public media makes people believe that abortions are the only option to life. Another problem is that people think negatively of their children as-if they are nothing but burdons. People must love and bless children that are going to be born into the world. I see pleanty of people who choose to curse their children by trying get some use out of them like pediphiles. Why are people aborting, abusing, and molesting children??? It is a very sick evil mentallity we have going on in our society and it must stop.    

    • Bringerofblessings

      That is why it is called “main-streamed” media and “pop”ular culture!  It is for the non-thinking masses.  i.e the Rumor of Mrs. Santorum’s “abortion”–it was essentially preterm labor due to massive infections that was caused by an attempted life saving surgery for the baby, without induction and a baby who died shortly after.”Septic spontaneous abortion” 

      Or how the facts about Planned Parenthood are twisted and skewed by the media. PP is evil and needs to go…they are a huge reason why these kids have no clue.  Did you see the video of Obama standing in front of PP slogan while he defended his reasoning for vetoing the “partial birth abortion ban”  Very, very, sick man…  Or how PP censors thier forums and FB pages to delete and ban most people that offer differing opinions…BRAINWASHING at its finest.

  • nikki

    she needs to get amancipated and find one of these foster families to help her out. but in the same breath she needs to know that her childhood is out the window if she decides to have a child. i just wonder where the boyfriend or what ever and his family stand in this. if a grown couple can get pregnant and the guy stop her from having an abortion then he and his family should be stepping up to the plate and at least offering help. i mean she didnt lay down by herself and conceive. this all just seems to weird like part of the story is missing. i definatly think she deserves to be well informed and have a choice. who knows? maybe she is thinking about adoption. any body seen the movie juno?

  • Sheyanne Reed

    im only 13 and believe in waiting to get married before you have sex but she is really the only one that knows what happened maybe she got rapped and doesnt want to tell anybody or maybe she just wants to be a mother and she has that right

  • Maryjohnson1169

    If she is old enough to have sex then she is old enough to make her OWN choice, either her family has her back or they dont, either way if she wants to keep her child then so be it. Why should she kill a human? its murder, i have her back

  • Concerned American

    I couldnt have said it any better myself. If they think they’ll responsible and mature enough to have sex at that age then they should be responsible and mature enough to face the consequence of their action…..that doesn’t mean they have to raise it but give it to a family that isn’t blessed with the gift to have their own children and let them give that inicent life a chance to grow

  • If this young girl had gone into a Planned Parenthood office, she would have already had the abortion.  A big chunk of their money comes from doing abortions and talking scared young girls into “getting rid of her problem” for her, and on any under age minor girl, without her parents even KNOWING!  Why do you have to have your parent’s SIGNED PERMISSION to have your ears pierced or to take a Tylenol at school, but there’s Planned Parenthood, willing to cover up a potential abuse situation, and doing INVASIVE SURGERY on minor girls without her parents ever KNOWING?

    • Elly-Rose

      PP get’s no funding from the Goverment for abortions. They rely on donations for that. Also, only 1% of PP’s services involve abortions. The rest of the time they’re checking for breast cancer, giving smear tests, explaining birth control and other such things.

      • Anonymous

        Wrong. PP gets funding from the government that goes into an account that is for everything but abortion, freeing up money for abortion in the account that is everything plus abortion. Meaning, the government money can be spent on the other services, so that more of the money from the second account can be spent on abortions. The government does indirectly fund PP abortions.

        As for the percentage of services, Planned Parenthood claims that abortions are 3% of their services, not 1%. However, the women who get abortions also get other services when getting those abortions, such as pregnancy tests (to make sure they even need an abortion), counseling (to persuade make sure that the patient really wants the abortion), ultrasounds (needed to tell the gestation in order to do the correct procedure), anesthetics (to numb the patient before the procedure), contraceptive services (handing them condoms and birth control), etc. Those services are all counted separately, even though they’re all part of the same “abortion package”, so to speak. When you take a look at the number of patients they have in a single year and the number of abortions done in a single year, the amount of their business that abortion accounts for comes out to 10%.

        Even if what you said is true, taking into account the annual income of Planned Parenthood, the amount of abortions done, and general cost of abortions, in 2008, abortion services provided 36.7% of their income. In 2009, it was 38.4%. Just one service, and that’s what it brings in. Taking into account all of the other services provided, that is still the largest chunk of their business.

        • Anacoluthia

           That you think the counselors are there to “persuade” the women shows how little regard you have for the intelligence of pregnant women. You think these women are stupid? That they can’t make a decision regarding their own bodies, and must be being influenced by Planned Parenthood, the root of all evil? Oh of course you do, I forgot, you’re pro-life.

  • Really..?

    They’re gonna do it anyway” is simply a non-argument. There was a time when a 14-year-old girl having sex would have been completely unacceptable. And it happened a lot less. Why?Because it was completely unacceptable.Did it happen less..? Or was it just better hidden..? Much like the molestations, physical abuse, incest and who knows how many extra-marital affairs, it didn’t happen “a lot less” it was just ignored a lot more…

  • Nikki

    Um…weren’t girls being married off and becoming mothers at 14 in those wonderful olden days?
    …for example

    Just because it was COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Think about it. The family of this poor girl obviously feels pregnancy is completely unacceptable for their daughter. Duh. That’s why they’re trying to force her to have an abortion. Back in the olden days, you went to live with old aunt Greta until your kid was born then you never saw it again. Or, just like here, you got forced into an abortion. In older days this girl would be married either before she got pregnant or as soon as it was discovered, to avoid embarrassing the family.

  • AprilMartinez

    This 14 year old girl is being more of an adult than her “parents”! yeah she got pregnant but shes doing the right & responsible thing to do! I’m18 & a mom of a 4 month old baby girl & I don’t regret it!!

  • I had my beautiful daughter when I was only 14 years old..yes I was young…yes I made mistakes… but I did the very best I could and God has blessed me …I now have a 21 year old daughter in her Junior year of College and about to be married in July…she’s smart, sweet and the joy of her father and my life…everyone who meets her says shes so wonderful you did a great job…how horrible would life be for all those little angels at East Allen’s after school program if my daughter was not there for them…guiding them…encouraging them …and directing their little lives…because I had a abortion…that would be sad…. that baby has a purpose in God’s plan and so I say to that young mother ….don’t give up…if you have to emancipate yourself from your parents and do right by that baby and God will bless you!!!! Praying for you…Kathy

  • Penny Layne

    As a Pro-Choice advocate, which means I am Pro-Life AND Pro-Abortion, placed squarely in the hands of the person to whom this is happening (the pregnant girl/woman), I also know that there is no easy answer to any of it.  That child, especially if there are cognitive or mental challenges, does need to be presented with information for both in a compassionate, caring, OBJECTIVE way by one or two trusted, OBJECTIVE sources.  The problem with too far left or too far right is that objectivity gets tossed out the window for the “cause.”  It’s the same problem we have with our government and part of the reason we are experiencing the worst instability since the stock market crash.  Champion what you will, but for the sake of our children (and our country!), leave the fanaticism at the door.

  • This is so sad! Just because she is a minor, the family should not have the right to force abortion! That’s like saying someone terminally ill doesn’t have the mental capacity to make their own decisions and they are going to die anyways so lets just kill them now. And if this girl is smart enough and has the will to fight her family to not have an abortion, then she must be a smart little girl. Instead of taking the easy way out, she is giving this baby a chance. Now people just need to support her and show her all her options. She can come live at my house any day.

  • Grace Garner

    If parents have a right to have a say in whether their daughter keeps the baby, don’t they have a right to have a say in whether their daughter gets an abortion? (aka, PARENTAL CONSENT LAWS.) Sorry, pro-aborts, you can’t have it both ways. Have you noticed that women and girls are perfectly capable of choosing when to have a baby…unless they actually choose to keep the baby? THEN they’re either off their rocker or brainwashed by Bible-thumping  anti-women Republicans. Good grief. (This little rant is, obviously, not directed at people who are really pro-choice when it comes to abortion.)

  • Drew

    I agree with the author of this article on many points(and am pro-life myself), however, the author is a hypocrite and should not call themselves a journalist. The author pointed out how pro-choice people shove their beliefs down people’s throats while the author is doing the same thing in the process. A journalist should keep their articles to a tiny slant at the highest, and even that is too much. The author should have been reporting about the girl’s case versus her family’s case and how the author predicted the case would turn out, not title an article about how a girl is trying to keep her baby then write an article mentioning little about the case with  mostly complaints about how pro-choice people are idiots, which again, is not true. They simply believe something different. 

    • Kristen

      Drew, look up “op-ed.” You’re about to learn something new today!

  • Sami

    I am 19 and 6 months pregnant. My boyfriend and I ate both against abortion and are keeping our baby. This girl is in the right and her family is wrong.

    • Letscook1

       There is a big difference between 19 and 14. I don’t agree with forced abortion but you are very young.

    • Bringerofblessings

      You do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your baby. Don’t let anyone “convince” you that it is not a life. I am sure you are feeling her kicking by now!  It will probably be tough but YOU will prevail! Motherhood is a sacred calling!

  • Amy PA

    SO well written.  Praying this judge continues to have the courage to protect this young mother and baby

  • Sarah

    It’s called “pro-choice”, not “anti-life”. I would know, because I am pro-choice.

    I applaud this girl for standing up for herself and her unborn baby; the problem is, I’m not entirely sure she’s doing it for the right reasons. She may think she wants a child NOW and she’ll be a good mother, but what’ll happen if she gives birth and decides later “this was the worst decision of my life”? What happens when the restraining order is removed and her relatives have access to her and the baby? How will she afford to take care of her baby if her parents won’t help? I’m betting they won’t, if they want her to have an abortion this badly.

    Then again, I could be wrong. She may have the baby and turn out to be a GREAT mother, with adequate finances and resources and everything else she’ll need, and her family may NOT hate/disown her for it.

    Also, about staying abstinent; I notice in the article it doesn’t say HOW she got pregnant. She might’ve been raped. She might’ve been molested and/or raped by a family member.

    If she IS sexually active, her birth control might’ve failed. The condom might’ve ripped. This is NOT the fault of the parents; she has every right to go and have sex if she wants to, and if that’s what happened, and how she got pregnant, then she’s being VERY mature in her decision to keep her baby (owning up to mistakes and taking responsibility). Either that, or she’s just fighting for the sake of saying “I DON’T HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!!!!”, which is childish and which will only cause problems later.

    • Kristen

      You guys call us “anti-choice.” I’m just using your own rhetoric when I call you “anti-life.”

      • Anonymous

        “You guys” is a very broad generalization. 

  • I don’t feel abortion is wrong at all. What is wrong is the force. A choice is a choice and she’s decided to keep it and they aren’t respecting that. It’s as simple as that.

  • Relock77219

    The 14 year old should be allowed to make her own choice.  And your criticism of the mother allowing her daughter to get pregnant is a good one.  Just a reminder, this applies 100% to Sarah Palin.

  • Letscook1

    I am pro-choice and I believe forced abortion is WRONG no matter how old someone is. It is tantamount to rape to force someone to have an abortion. That being said, some of you pro-lifers are complete hypocrites. You criticize China for it’s forced abortions (something I agree with is inhumane) but then you say we should be like China and deregulate business, have child labor, and mess our environment up to help business. 

    The family is messed up and may be abusive. I hope CPS looks into them and that the girl can remain safe. That being said many of you are anti-government interfering with parents and parental rights. Why do you support government action in this case but not others?

  • Letscook1

    Another thing is that you all talk about how she can be a “great” mother. I guess it is possible but so is getting struck my lightening and winning the lottery. You guys drool over bouncing babies but the fact is that they grow up. America has the highest incarceration rate of ANY country in the world. We all have to pay taxes to keep them imprisoned. All these convicted felons were cute, cuddly babies at one time. The vast majority of them were born to unprepared single mothers. Maybe we shouldn’t encourage women and girls who are unprepared to have children. I am not saying they should necessarily have an abortion but maybe they should have used birth control and condoms (something that would have protected them from STDs as well). Oh wait, pro-lifers are also anti-contraception and anti-comprehensive sex ed.

  • seadreamer

    She is smart enough to seek help from the court…The parents force concerns me though.  Do they have something to hide in killing this baby.  I would like to see the unborn childs fathers thoughts.

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts are, based on the parents behavior, that something more serious is going on besides the abortion issue. This girl appears to have been physically abused the way they were dragging her into the abortion clinic. And…my thoughts are that they are covering up who the father is. Is there incest in the family?  Why else would parents be in a BIG HURRY to get that abortion…and why would they want to kill their own grandchild? Something about this whole thing smells very fishy! A mother protects her child, and the fact that her OWN MOTHER is teaming up with her dad to make her get the abortion makes me wonder. My prayers go out to this girl and I hope her lawyers contact The Justice Foundation to get legal counsel on her rights as a pregnant teen. If any of you know teens or women who are being forced against their will to get an abortion, this organization is trained to handle the situation and help them.

    I hope no violence comes this girl for standing up for her right to not kill her child. An ultrasound should be ordered by the judge for all the relatives and parents to see BEFORE they go making her get an abortion. They will see that it is indeed a HUMAN BEING they are about to force her to pay a dr. to kill (murder for hire)…and I don’t see how getting the abortion can be in her best interest when it is not only going to kill the grandchild, but will surely strain her relationship with her parents for the rest of her life. There will be no “happy” feelings after that abortion. It will not solve any problems but add more to the mix of dysfunctional relationships they seem to be experiencing already. Praying for the wisdom of Solomon on that judge..(and as someone said below, I hope she is in foster care for protection.

  • Paris Powers

    I feel very sorry for the girl involved in this article, but the implications it lays on pro-choice supporters is sickening. We are not pro-abortions-for-everyone-because-we-hate-babies. We are pro-choice. CHOICE, people, CHOICE. If she wants to keep her baby, fine. If she wants to abort, ok. This girl has CHOSEN to carry to term, and her family should be ashamed at what they are trying to do. Furthermore, you commenters who are commenting saying that pro-choice is all about abortion? Yeah, no. Educate yourselves, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. 

  • Paris Powers

    Except abstinence only education has been proven to yield HIGHER teen pregnancy rates then comprehensive sex education. Where are the parents and teachers who are offering proper education to teenagers, hm? Where are the parents and teachers that give enough information to teens about safe sex so that they can make informed decisions about something that’s healthy and natural, instead of using failed scare tactics? Abstinence only sex education doesn’t do shit. 

    • Who says the “scare tactics” fail? I’m not saying that abstinence-only education is 100% fail-proof, but what is with teenagers? I was raised on knowing that abstinence is key and that it is the only 100% accurate way of avoiding pregnancy. Now, I’m happily married and it was so nice to know that my husband and I both waited. I’m not saying that abstinence-only works for every teenager out there, but it worked for me.

      (This was kind of a random aside, but I couldn’t help it)

      • Anacoluthia

        Pregnancy stats say that. Say that 50% of teenagers will have sex before marriage and 10 % will get pregnant. Insert abstinence-only education – let’s be generous and say it convinces half of those teenagers to wait until marriage. So now 25% of teenagers are having sex before marriage. However, here’s the catch: those 25% who will have sex either way now don’t know about other contraceptive and STI protection methods, except for the few who hear about it from other uneducated teens or research it online. So instead of 50/100 teens having sex and 10/100 getting pregnant, you have 25/100 having sex but 20/100 getting pregnant.

        These are obviously example stats, but the logic holds.

  • Shoppgirl2001

    This story is outrageous.      No one should be able to force anyone into killing a wanted child.

  • Reba

    I got pregnant at 14 and my mother a religious leaders tried to tell me to get an abortion.  Is is a decision the mother has to live with the rest of her life, not her parents or extended family.  If they think she isn’t a fit mother they need to wait until that baby is born to decide that and call CPS if appropriate.

    • Sherill

      Im curious as to why you say call CPS instead of her parents and others  encouraging her maybe to choose adoption?  

  • Sherill

    This is such a sad situation. My heart goes out to this young girl who now has a decision to make. And clearly not much support. Hoping that she does give life to this baby. What will she do next? Will she parent? Then I wonder, how can a 14 year old parent? Will she choose adoption? My stomach sinks at the thought of a 14 year old having sex let alone parenting. I just hope that the judge, lawyer, doctors and who ever else is involved with this girl and her pregnancy will help her make decisions that will only brighten her future.  

  • Jimnliz

    I know a lot of situations. I had 7 children of my own, I know the types of questions going through minds as such a time. I know the poverty, and I know the suffering of the women thinking that abortion is an ends to a problem. When the truth is God said thou shall not kill it was for a reason! All commandments are meant to make a person feel good about thier life and thier selves! abortion is so harmful I met those who told me it ruined thier life! they don’t tell you that at the clinics, they take your money and you will suffer, in ways I can only pray that you won’t ever other bitter answer to this hard and serious choice is a lie, and will end in suffering! All sin ends in suffering here, and then is carried on to the after world by the choice that people choose where they want to go after death by how they lived! We should never miss the chance at heaven for the world and it’s pleasures! or it’s easy road, but try and walk the narrow road and pick up our cross and deny ourselves, so others on this earth can also be happy! and have a chance at life!

  • Jane

    Um, ask any pro choice person whether or not this 14 year old should be allowed to make her own reproductive choices and they will be in agreement that yes, yes she is the only person who should be able to say what happens to her body for the next 9 months and whether or not she wants to terminate the pregnancy, parent, or choose adoption is hers alone.  This editorial is a joke. Although, when I was much younger I saw the world as black-and-white and was also anti choice just like you.  Now that I am older I appreciate that peoples’ lives are more complex and that women are faced with these difficult decisions that only they can make.  Therefore, it takes more compassion to respect the mothering choices women make for themselves than shoving pictures of late-term aborted fetuses in their faces. Trying to stop women from having abortions is a waste of your energy.  Focusing on systemic poverty, lack of sex education and other social ills instead of shaming women for their difficult decisions would be a better use of your time.   If more pro-lifers did this, I would gladly work side by side with them in their efforts.  

    • Have you ever asked someone who was almost aborted if they think trying to stop women from having abortions is a waste of energy?

      • Nana

        Ask me! I could easily have been aborted. My mother terminated her first pregnancy because she was very young and it was with someone who she could not trust to be a good father. She considered aborting me, because she was still very young and didn’t have much in the way of means to support a child, but ultimately she ended up not doing it. I think trying to stop women from having an abortion is sexist and horrifying. If my mother had decided to abort me, that would have been just fine–I wouldn’t have cared, I would have been an unthinking bundle of cells. I’m glad that my mother lived in a world that valued her body and life enough to prioritize it over a clump of cells, therefore making her able to get that first abortion. Of course I’m glad that she ultimately did not have an abortion, because I like being alive, but I wouldn’t have known the difference if she had.

        Obviously, not every person who was almost aborted will say the same thing, but don’t assume that we all agree with your opinion.

        • I’m glad you like being alive. I’m just sorry that your older sibling, and so many other people, didn’t live long enough to be able to say the same.

      • Anacoluthia

        I was almost aborted and I think trying to stop women from having abortions is shameful, profoundly immoral, and sexist to boot.

  • Gtfo

    this is hilarious, not the story, but the way you write so ignorantly i love the wild and irrelevant accusations, and silly terminology like “anti life”, because clearly we hate life just as much as you don’t wanna feed babies. don’t you think(?) that it might have something more to do with the idea that pro choicers feel it’s not a baby yet? pro choice doesn’t mean we hate babies, we just want to be able to take care of the ones we have, and we respect a womens right to choose, unlike you, once it’s born it’s not your problem. lady it’s difference of opinion, these people are not pro choice, they are crazy, they fall into a different category we like to call abusive. so sit down and stfu.

    • You can “feel” it’s not a baby all you want, but that doesn’t change the truth.

      • Guest

        It isn’t  baby

        • Anonymous

          The term “fetus” is what the medical community uses as technical jargon to refer to the unborn who are 7 weeks or older (women don’t usually find out they’re pregnant until 6 weeks, and most abortions are done between 7 and 9 weeks). Fetus means “young one”, or baby in Latin. So, yes, according to the  medical terminology, it is a baby. 

          There is a type brain tumor that is called a medulloblastoma by the medical community, but are when you talk about it with those who are not part of the medical community, are you going to call it a medulloblastoma or a brain tumor?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but we’re not going to sit down and “stfu” or “gtfo”. We do want to help those who are born, otherwise we wouldn’t have pregnancy care centers, also known as crisis pregnancy centers. PCCs provide food, shelter, clothing, baby items, child care, medical services, parenting classes, job training and recommendations, education resources, etc. to women, their children, and families. Please do your research before throwing around accusations.

      As for the right to choose, the choice comes when you have sex. The reason for sex is procreation. If you don’t want to procreate, don’t have sex. However, there is another way: if you took advantage of the Natural Family Planning classes at the PCCs, you would see that it’s possible to have sex and not get pregnant.

      Also, fetus, the medical term used for the unborn, means “young one”, or baby in Latin.

  • Charlotte

    The majority of pro-choice people I know are equally as sickened by this article. Choice means CHOICE, not aborting foetuses (yes, British spelling) left right and center. Forced abortions are just that, force.

  • Nedariko

    It’s not called pro abortion, it’s pro choice
    If she wants to have a child or abort i don’t care, as long as she has both options to choose from

  • “Well, you should have thought about that when you were shoving “Glee” episodes, Beyonce videos, and condoms in your kid’s face.” It was this sentence that lost all credibility for me. Couple it with ““Keep it in your pants, or else.” I know all the words for this: antiquated, Paleozoic, silly, unrealistic! It is also 100% effective. ” and I have no desire to share this with anyone. Studies have proven time and time again that abstinence only sexual education is far less effective than abstinence and contraceptive education. Obviously this girl didn’t have too many condoms being shoved in her face. No amount of “Glee” hating will change the facts about abstinence education being proven to not be 100% effective.

  • Elly-Rose

    I’m Pro-Choice. And I support this girl if she wants to keep her baby. Pro-Choice means “a woman’s right to choose” not “a woman’s family/husband/boyfriend/other’s right to choose” what her family is doing is wrong and I hope she can get the support she wants and needs from elsewhere.

    However, I do want to point out one thing, if this girl was suing for the right to have an abortion against her families wishes, would the so called “Pro-Life” support her? Even if she was being beaten and abused the same as she is now? Would they say she could have the abortion? Or would the rights of her family and foetus outrank her own rights?

  • Nana

    Pro-choice people will, in general, agree that this girl is undergoing something terrible. Very few people in this world advocate forcing someone to have an abortion, and if they do, they are not pro-choice. Pro-choice means that we believe abortion should be a legal, and that it should be easy to access, so that if someone wants an abortion, they should have that as a choice. Adoption, and keeping the child, should also be choices–but sometimes that last option requires immense support from the government to be sustainable, because poor women get pregnant, too. I am adamantly pro-choice. I always have been, I always will be. However, I think this girl’s parents are being abusive and awful. This is not pro-choice behavior, this is anti-choice. No one who does not want an abortion should be forced to have one, just like no one who wants an abortion should be forced to continue a pregnancy. The key word is CHOICE. I am horrified for this girl, and I hope she gets to give birth to her child–but if she wanted an abortion, I would hope she could obtain that, too. For every story like this I’ve heard ten about girls who are forced to give birth when they don’t want to, and that is just as awful.

    Also, your anti-sex-education comments are disturbing to me. “They’re going to do it anyway” IS a valid argument. Having sex is not comparable to murder or rape. Murder and rape are never acceptable activities, sex often is. It’s like comparing eating something you “shouldn’t” to doing hard drugs–one is often appropriate, but you should be educated as to how and when it is, the other can and often will destroy your life. Drawing a comparison between the two is disingenuous and just plain wrong.

    Not educating about sex doesn’t make it go away, it’s hardwired into our genes to do it. All not educating does it make sure that it’s a scary, dangerous experience that it happens, rather than a fun, safe, empowering one. Teenagers from all backgrounds have sex, but who has it better? The girl who has idea what she’s doing and doesn’t know what she can do to protect herself from getting pregnant or getting an STI, and who’s afraid to discuss any issues that come up with her parents, the people who are supposed to protect her? Or the girl who is educated to know how to handle sex in a safe and mature way–using a condom to protect herself from a pregnancy she isn’t ready for, and from diseases she will never want–and who can turn to her parents for help when something goes wrong? It’s not shoving a condom in a kid’s face, it’s telling them that a condom is something they need if they have sex. A child who is educated about sex may decide she’s not ready for it, and she may decide that she is, but a child who is not educated about it doesn’t have the tools to make that choice. That doesn’t mean she’ll abstain, it just means the sex she has will be more dangerous.

  • John Platts

    I believe that it is really wrong for the parents to force this girl to have an abortion. The abortion can put this girl’s life and health in danger. Many women have suffered serious health complications after an abortion, and women have actually died as a result of legal abortions. Many women who have aborted their babies have regretted their decision to abort. Abortions increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer. Some women have lost their fertility as a result of abortion. Even if the cost of the abortion procedure appears to be cheap, the abortion can actually end up costing a lot of money. This girl’s parents really need to know that abortion is not harmless and is really risky. This girl is better off giving up her baby for adoption. The court needs to recognize that abortion is not harmless and needs to protect this girl’s baby from being aborted.

    • Letscook1

       Giving birth is 10x more dangerous to a woman than an abortion. Especially a young girl. Giving birth used to be one of the number one forms of death for women.

      That being said I do believe it is the girl’s choice. Forcing her to have an abortion is tantamount to rape.

  • Monica Falullah

    I’m pro-choice, and I very much support her right to choose. If she wants to keep her unborn, then that’s her choice, and it should be protected. I resent the statement that pro-choice people aren’t concerned about this because she is choosing life. I passionately fight for the right to choose, no matter what choice someone makes. 

  • Kitty

    Third, that the “pro-choice” blogs are staying very quiet about the case. So much for choice!


    She wanted to keep it and she was being forced to abort it!
    It’s the same thing as wanting to abort it and being forced to keep it!!

    Pro-Choice means YOUR CHOICE in the matter. NOT your choice to ALWAYS ABORT IT.

    That poor girl…

  • Goddammit

    I’ve seen a large number of pro choice tumblogs  post about this story actually, wishing the girl the best. Also it kind of disgusts me someone would take a personal story about human rights like this and use it to spew all this hate at a group. Best wishes to the girl, shame on you reporter.

  • Kimberly Wedel

    Why are there so many pro-abort anti-lifers posting on here? We all know your point of view. You want responsiblilty-free sex so bad that you are willing to kill babies for it. You are all depraved, morally corrupt, liars. There are an abundance of pro-“choice” sites for you to spew your hatred. Why don’t you stay off of the pro-life sites and stay are your own where you can all try in vain to convince yourselves that your deluded views are right?

    • Anonymous

      Wait just one moment missy. If you were truly pro life in all aspects you would gladly welcome pro choice people coming to this site. Isn’t having the chance to change someone’s mind or at least make them more aware, something you should embrace? And by the way, you are making a very broad judgment that is very hypocritical. 

  • Pro-Choicer

    There was a time when a 14-year-old girl having sex would have been completely unacceptable. And it happened a lot less. Why?Because it was completely unacceptable.”

    You’re right in that statement because back in the day, girls were actually around 13-years-old when they were married off and had sex. Pro-Choice supports this girls choice to keep it, all the bloggers I know are saying so and they’re big names. Please conduct more thorough research before posting such idiotic articles.

  • Opinions are like a**holes

    As a pro-choice woman, I do believe in this girl’s right to have her baby if she wants to. I pray that she understands what all goes in to raising a baby and doesn’t expect her family to help her take care of it. It is not their responsibility to do so, as it was also not her parents’ fault that she got pregnant in the first place. I hate to break it to you all but–teenagers have sex. Every day. Probably every minute. Even good, smart, honor roll members, student body presidents, Habitat for Humanity house-building, homeless feeding, puppy rescuing, CHRISTIAN teens have sex! *Gasp and clutch your pearls here* 

  • guest

    you do realize no mater what you think, even if you think its not alive until out of the womb; IT’S STILL MURDER because no mater what that would have a life and if you think abortions okay… no comment

  • shannon

    There are many issues here that people seem to forget.  I am prolife, however, what right do I have to make someone do something against their belief.  We need compassion for this young teenager.  The first, does the father of the baby have any rights.  I know that a women carries the baby, I just wonder if the father is taken interest in the unborn child?  Not only that , how will this affect the young women’s sanity?  I lost a baby girl back in 2009 but there were problems.  I hemorrhaged everyday for thirteen weeks the doctor wanted me to abort.  He said I was at risk.  I said no I wanted for it to happen naturally, eventually it did .  I was distraught and still have difficulty being around pregnant women especially those who smoke or drink.  My point is this , Why cant she have the baby and give it up for adoption?  It will still be difficult but at least the child would be able to live.  The heart starts beating at three weeks gestation.  I believe forcibly killing a child that has furthered in development is clearly murder.   WHere are our values>  Does this baby have rights?  After all,  there are people who cause wrecks which harm unborn children.  As a result they are charged, so why does this baby not have rights?   We need to be compassionate to this young women and for the life of her unborn child.  How far along is the mother

  • I am Pro-Choice. This girl has the right to have her baby. It’s disgusting that her parents would force her to have an abortion. No girl, no woman, no one should ever be forced to make a decision that is not in their heart.
    I don’t know how other people who claim to be pro-choice feel about this but I feel like this girl has the right to make a CHOICE about her own future and her own body. If her decision is to carry out nine months of pregnancy and give birth she should be able to. The fact that she was assaulted by a family member is awful and I’m glad she is now being protected. It’s very hurtful that a family that most likely did not offer her information on sexual protection and contraception is now forcing her into a choice she doesn’t want to make. 

    I know many people who label themselves as pro-life want to think that people that label themselves as pro-choice just want to destroy fetuses or something – but that is not the case. When I label myself as pro-choice I really mean that I believe all girls and women should have just that – a choice to carry out a pregnancy or not – and the ability to have control over their own reproductive system.  

  • I am Pro-Choice. This girl has the right to have her baby. It’s disgusting that her parents would force her to have an abortion. No girl, no woman, no one should ever be forced to make a decision that is not in their heart.I feel like this girl has the right to make a CHOICE about her own future and her own body. If her decision is to carry out nine months of pregnancy and give birth she should be able to. The fact that she was assaulted by a family member is awful and I’m glad she is now being protected. It’s very hurtful that a family that most likely did not offer her information on sexual protection and contraception is now forcing her into a choice she doesn’t want to make. 

    I know many people who label themselves as pro-life want to think that people that label themselves as pro-choice just want to destroy fetuses or something – but that is not the case. When I label myself as pro-choice I really mean that I believe all girls and women should have just that – a choice to carry out a pregnancy or not – and the ability to have control over their own reproductive system.  

  • I am Pro-Choice. This girl has the right to have her baby. It’s disgusting that her parents would force her to have an abortion. No girl, no woman, no one should ever be forced to make a decision that is not in their heart.I feel like this girl has the right to make a CHOICE about her own future and her own body. If her decision is to carry out nine months of pregnancy and give birth she should be able to. The fact that she was assaulted by a family member is awful and I’m glad she is now being protected. It’s very hurtful that a family that most likely did not offer her information on sexual protection and contraception is now forcing her into a choice she doesn’t want to make. 

    I know many people who label themselves as pro-life want to think that people that label themselves as pro-choice just want to destroy fetuses or something – but that is not the case. When I label myself as pro-choice I really mean that I believe all girls and women should have just that – a choice to carry out a pregnancy or not – and the ability to have control over their own reproductive system.  

  • “How about the simple fact that it was a failure on the part of the parents that this child got pregnant in the first place? ” – And there’s the rub.  If we love babies, and life, why is this a finger-pointing game about who is to blame?  She’s having a baby – either we celebrate that unconditionally, or we’re feeding into the pro-choice “babies are a burden” sentiment.

  • Amy Mayedo

    Speaking as a staunch pro-choicer, I completely support this young woman’s decision to carry her pregnancy to term.  I hope she is mentally and financially stable enough to provide for her  health and well-being, as well as the child’s.  If she is not, the family is still in the wrong for the actions they have taken against her.  Hopefully the father will be supportive as well.  

    Her family was wrong to pressure/threaten her into a decision she did not want to make and should have *at least* considered alternatives like adoption.  
    It’s unfair that the author of this article is making sweeping generalizations about all pro-choicers.  The article is poorly written with fallacious and uninformed arguments/points.  The author is also uninformed about the effectiveness of abstinence in pregnancy prevention.  

  • Meghan Ciara Burnett

    I think this girl is right to sue her family. It’s better to send the baby to adoption then to kill it when it doesn’t even have a chance. Besides, her family is trying to make her break one of  The Ten Commandments, “You shall not kill”. God will provide for her if she desperately wants it or if what she’s doing if right in his eyes.

  • Sara Rudd

    Abortion clinics do not support choice…they support whats convenient for them

  • Gn4kids

    Kristen Walker, thank you for your post. I agreed with
    practically everything you said, it was informative and was well put, however I
    did not like with your advice to “keep it in your pants, or else” .
    My reason for disagreeing is this; I think parents/guardians should educate
    their children about the pleasure of sex and why they should wait to share it
    with only their spouse.


     So many people go to
    the extremes; telling their kids that anything goes, not telling them anything
    that they should know, or threatening…why can’t parents educate their kids on
    the dangers of some activities and the rewards of others? I am grateful that my
    parents didn’t say “You better not have sex or else…”, because I
    would have responded negatively, most people do not wish to be ordered around
    like that.


     Tell your children
    what is right and wrong, what’s healthy and unhealthy, guide them. Teach them
    that they can have power over their bodies, they need to be taught
    responsibility for themselves, but remember that in the end they will choose
    for themselves. I want to teach my future children that sex is not just
    fulfilling your own desires, but it is a gift that you can save to give to your
    future spouse.


     I really hope this
    young 14-year-old girl is allowed the right she should already have.

  • Sparksfly0458

    Having a baby has great benefits to most people, even teenagers. 

    Though it’s not necessarily the ideal way to go through life, it can help girls to grow up, be responsible, learn to care for someone else, stop being selfish like everyone else is in this country. Furthermore – all of you pro-choicers – having a baby is not always a burden, it’s not always going to ruin a person’s life or the child’s life, and how can you know that it will until the child gets a chance at life? 

    I know I gave my daughter a chance at life when I was 19 in college, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

    Was is hard a lot of the time? Yes. 
    Did it make it more difficult to finish college? Certainly. 
    Did I feel like wanting to quit sometimes? For sure.
    Did I feel like an inadequate mother at times? Yeah.
    Would I have been better off without my beautiful, precious daughter? Hell NO. 

    I was a single mother. I waited tables and worked my way through, and didn’t give up on my education and didn’t give up on my child whom I love so very much. Great things can come from the unexpected realities we find ourselves in. I don’t think it’s fair to say that a child you don’t know does have a right to life like you and I do. 

    The First Amendment should protect our right to life, even if we are in the zygote, embryo, or fetal stage – it’s still a human life. We don’t go killing kids that are in abusive homes, no, we go help them find a better home and nurture them to grow into great human beings. There are still good people out there making a difference and helping others. 

  • geez i’d say your education is more important don’t ruin your life

  • narniagirl55

    What happened to this girl! I have had her in my prayers and I would like to know what happened to her! Did she get to keep her baby? and did they find a safe place for her to live.

  • Heavenhawkins17

    i think all of you are stupid. abortion should be illegal. the fetus is a baby to and all of you who think that its ok you are sick

  • Leiapeison

    this is horrible. if she wants to keep it, she should be able to. if she wants to abort, she should be able to. pro choice all the way

    • liveaction

      We should never be allowed to *choose* to kill and innocent person. If we believe in that choice, we support the choice of death forced on another person.

  • Makebetter choices

    Well I will get trashed for this but I don’t care: for me this isn’t pro choice or pro life, this is a 14 year old who can in NO WAY take care of herself and certainly cannot take care of a child. I would be furious if my 14 put me in this position. You can’t make a kid NOT get pregnant. You can try to raise them well and teach them well, but in the in they do whatever the Hell they want.

    I don’t agree with any violence against this girl, but since a 14 year old can’t even sign a mobile phone contract, I am not sure she should get the say about having a child that she will not be the one who has to care for it and pay for it and be up nights taking care of it. It was horrendously selfish on her and the fathers part to get pregnant, and now she wants to play grown up with her lawyer.

    And to the 15 year old who commented on here that she is raising HER child, I call bulls*t!. You are NOT raising your child. All the adults around you are raising your child while you pretend to play house. They are the ones staying awake nights wondering how to make ends meet, not YOU!

    This is pure selfishness. The least the 14 year old should consider doing is giving her child up for joint adoption where she can be part of its life, but let a family who can’t have kids and who are willing, should the financial responsibility. She sounds like a brat to me who will undoubtedly get pregnant again just for the attention…

    I am a woman and at 14 I was responsible and not only thinking about myself. At 16 I had a full time job and helped my parents with bills. Kids are more and more selfish every year!

    Let the hatred comments begin against me…won’t matter because I won’t be reading them.

  • Olivia

    This article is so bias and so poorly written that I couldn’t even finish reading it.

    • Olivia

      Also why is this 14 yo pregnant in the first place? Why wasn’t she taught about contraception and safe sex? Furthermore, who the heck is going to raise that baby once its born? Sure as hell not the 14 year old girl. Most likely, that baby will either A) end up being raised by a child who belongs to a family that doesn’t want anything to do with the baby, in essence, fucking up that baby’s life, or B) end up being put up for adoption and becoming part of “the system” full of corrupt people looking out for their foster care checks and in essence, fucking up that baby’s life. Who exactly is going to care for the well-being of that baby when her 14 year old mother’s well being is not being taken care of?

  • pro choice is NOT about being pro abortion…..this is the perfect case scenario that proves just that.

  • Mary

    I don’t understand how pro-choice blogs not making this a big deal makes them pro-abortion. She is choosing to keep the baby and women do that EVERY DAY. They are concerned about when a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy and they are not allowed to or branded with a scarlet letter. Also, the whole abstinence is the answer for teenagers getting is a load of crap anyway. Humans are sexual beings and just because society deemed them children until they are 18 doesn’t make that a biological reality. You can teach abstinence by educating, but you have to accept the reality that you cannot lock a teenager in a tower until they are 18 and expect them to go out and make good choices without educating. I am pro-choice. She is choosing to have this child and I don’t think her family should be allowed to force her to have an abortion. I also think she needs help setting up a good support system during and after the pregnancy, since she clearly doesn’t have one. That is true regardless of whether she keeps the child, gives it up for adoption, or any other choice she makes.