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38.4% of Planned Parenthood’s 2009 “Health Center Income” is from Abortion

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Planned Parenthood likes to talk about how only 3% of their services are abortion.

A simple example of how they come to this calculation would be Planned Parenthood aborting 3 children and giving out 97 condoms. They would say that out of 100 services, 3 or 3% were abortion when in reality the significance and cost of the 3 abortions is much higher than 3% of their efforts.

Planned Parenthood’s accounting of 3% is misleading and not consistent with the rest of the business world. In college I interned at the airline manufacturer Boeing, which sells a lot of airplanes and also a lot of spare parts for those airplanes. For every airplane they sold for tens of millions of dollars, they also sold lots of spare parts for as little as 25 cents. By looking at TOTAL number of sales, you could conclude that 1% of their business was selling airplanes and 99% was spare parts, which is totally ridiculous. The reality was the value of the airplanes sales was close to 99% of their business and the spare parts 1%. Looking at the cost and effort of what is being offered is a much more accurate way to measure. Let’s apply this industry standard measure to Planned Parenthood:


This means that fully 38.4% of Planned Parenthood health center income comes directly from aborting unborn children.

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This is a far cry from the 3% number that they try to dupe the public with. Doesn’t it say something that even Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion chain in America, tries to downplay their role in ending the lives of unborn children? Someone feeling a little guilty?

  • Papist Ph.D.

    Thank you for this! The reality of economics (or of anything, for that matter) seems to be lost on those who support Planned Parenthood.

    • steverocknroll

      It's not lost, it's intentionally misconstrued. In other words, 'spun'.

      • Anonymous

        Please state what facts in this article are incorrect.

  • Nancy Manno

    Defund this evil Extermination Corporation!

  • Adrrya

    Well to be fair they would get a lot more money for their other services (birth control, pap smears, uti and yeast infection treatment, etc) if those other services weren't offered at low cost to free. Abortions give them a lot of money because I'm pretty sure those are always given at full cost, since they aren't "supposed" to be covered by government money. That being said, even if all their other services were offered at full cost I'm sure all of the abortions they do would still be a fairly large income provider in comparison.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting that you talk about abortions being done at “full cost” while the Planned Parenthood backer above you on this thread says they are always given at a discount. Which is correct?

  • atypicalalias

    Your argument is so full of logical holes, supposed writer, that I fell through your article. They are a low cost provider. THEY DO NOT CHARGE THE AVERAGE. They charge far below it. You need to find out the average cost of an abortion Planned Parenthood performs, and use that number rather than the average of them all. As it stands now, you have not made a point, you have only made a fool of yourself. You're not very bright.

    • Anonymous

      What evidence do you have that Planned Parenthood charges far below the average for abortions?

      Planned Parenthood’s website states that a 1st trimester abortion costs betwenn $350-$950. So the Guttmacher Institute estimate seems very reasonable. Please provide facts and evidence to backup your claim.

      • WHA…? If the writer can not prove her claims, then you want a commenter to prove his claims? Thus the statement, ‘…seems very reasonable’, seems really w/o reason.

  • brennakpdx

    I just actually did the research, and this article is quite misleading. Sure, PP's *total health center income* (ie what they get for charging patients for services) is only $404M, but their entire budget with that, gov't funding, private donations, fundraising, etc is $1.1B according to their annual report (pages 28-29). Were the Guttmacher cost estimate given above taken at face value, that would leave abortions (which are paid for by the patients) constituting 14.1% of the budget. This 3% figure that is stated by PP, however, is not financial, but is (pretty damn obviously) the total number of patients treated (page 2 of the annual report, page 2 of the fact sheet).

    • livewell8

      "pretty damn obviously" huh?

      The 3% is total services not "number of patients treated". One client could get birth control 10 times in a year. 11% of Planned Parenthood patients received abortions. 332k abortions out of 3mil patients. That is known.

      • brennakpdx

        And that is a 1:1 fiscal correlation… How? I just meant that 3% was obviously never meant to be a financial statement, and that still stands, despite repeat visitors, siamese twins, dwarves, or other irrelevant patient totals.

        • Anonymous

          But you would agree this article is factually correct?

  • This is simplistic hogwash. The figures are inaccurate, the sources are questionable and the conclusions are invalid. In their history, the US military has murdered millions of children and pregnant women (see  Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, etc… long list). This does not mean that the purpose of the US military is to murder children.  Should we defund the US military? Well, maybe so, but I have not provided anyone with a valid reason for doing so. I have merely cited a fact without context. Planned Parenthood saves many more lives than it takes. How many women who have had safe medical abortions at PP went on to have healthy happy babies later? How many of these women would have been horribly mutilated or killed if they’d sought back ally abortions? Would that be a better outcome?

  • guest

    ummm….except your numbers are wrong because Planed Parenthood’s budget is 1 billion a year.  Unlike a for-profit, a non-profit receives donations to help cover the costs of things.  So actually abortions account for 11% of all clients (332,000 abortions/ 3 million clients) and money from abortions accounts for 15% of the budget (155,000,000/1,000,000,000).  Higher then the Planned parenthood 3% figure but below your figure.  

  • Hermesdaniel66

    ummm  is it shown this is whatPP charges for an abortion??? The logic is faulty….I get the point… but let’s make a different assumption.. that all the breast screens pap smears, and other services are free or at low cost and the only service they did charge for was abortion…would that be bad?  Then, 100% of income would be from abortion… oh wait..did you want abortions to be free??

    Alternatetively lets say they charge half what was stipulated… then only 15% of their income is from abortions…do you see the point???

    What is their average??  And, really, much of what they do is without a doubt non-abortion oriented…and the donations can be stipulated that they are not for abortions. 
    And, make no mistake… abortions are not necessarily getiing easier to get.  Far from it.  There is more regulation and more couseling and such to see.  And, unfortunately, many itmes the same people who don’t want abortions also don’t want contraceptives.  While many may not agree with contraceptives, I will always hold that they are not to be discouraged by availability.  that is a person and moral choice for the two individuals involved.  Not to mention the STD’s that are out there today.

    • Gazerdaestrela

       Thank you! I was looking at the comments to see someone make this point. PlannnedParenthood isn’t all about abortions and it is annoying to see people make this assumption all the time. It is a women’s clinic that offers competitive prices.

    • Hermes, the issue is that every single debate about Planned Parenthood now begins with the pro-slaughter-of-llittle-humans side quoting this 3% number, as if abortion were nothing more than an afterthought for Planned Parenthood. As if Planned Parenthood were *just* a charitable hospital, that only derives 3% of  its income from abortions. As if it was just frankly ridiculous to even associate abortion with Planned Parenthood.

      I’ve personally experienced folks using the 3% statistic in that way countless times.

      It’s important to recognize that Planned Parenthood is run like a business, with regional directors calling on managers to increase “sales.” When 38% of a business’s sales come from one “product” — abortion — it’s obvious that folks at planned parenthood are encouraged to sell abortions. Which is exactly what we’ve seen in the many books, videos, etc that have come out exposing their operations (by insiders, undercover, ex-doctors, etc.)

      Planned Parenthood makes millions of dollars slaughtering little human beings, often by tricking women into believing that they are just having a minor procedure to extract something akin to a tumor. It’s disgusting. 

      If you have the courage of your convictions, why don’t you watch what you are defending. I will warn you, it is NSFW, and it is terrifying, as any video which graphically displays the dismemberment of a human being with surgical steel would be:


      I doubt you’ll feel quite so adamant if you force yourself to watch it, which is the least you can do when life is at stake.

  • Anon

    Your conclusions are very faulty.   Your own research shows that out of the total number of services Planned Parenthood preforms 3% of those services are for abortions. 

  • Guest

    I prefer to look at it this way, average price for students is about $9 per pack of birth control pills (so $9 of 99% pregnancy protection for a whole month). From what I remember, the average cost of abortion is $400-$600 so we’ll say $450 which is slightly lower than what the article stated. So keeping that in mind, for the cost of 1 abortion, a women could stay protected for about 4 years. Defunding means the price of helpful and healthy services they offer would go up where abortion may be more pricey but probably not by much.

    Taking away these services you’ll be more likely to see either more abortions or more unplanned pregnancies in the future.

  • Funny how Planned Parenthood was started by a woman to eliminate the “undesireables” of society! Do some reading about this evil organization. They are not a “charity”. There are the very reason that I don’t give money to United Way, and Susan. B. Komen. They both funnel money directly to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the US. As for other services that they provide, there are others that do the same that don’t do abortions. I’m all for free or low cost birth control. But, in this day, and time, unplanned pregnancy is pretty much inexcusable. Parents, and schools need to be educating youth on sexuality, and birth control. We are not living in Puritan times, though some would like to think we should live like that. We as a country are laughed at by the rest of the developed world about our backwards sexual attitudes and mores. The sheer numbers of abortions performed in the US is inexcusable. It’s not being used by the poor, it is used by white middle and upper class irresponsibles as birth control. Men need to get over it, and use condoms. Women need to get with it, take control, and use birth control. If neither can do that, then they don’t need to be having sex! Period!

  • Checkyoself b4you wreck yoself

    You are comparing at statistically analyzing two different sets of data from two different years. Your “annual cost for an abortion” with link shows that fact sheet is from 2011! NOT 2009. You then chose to look at those costs of abortions from a price ESTIMATED from 2001 and used that one instead of the one with added subsides. It clearly states that in the “source” itself. OH BUT IT GETS BETTER! After that, you compared the total “cost” from abortions using the wrong amount and from an ESTIMATE, not a fact, to a total health center income from 2009 when your other facts about annual abortions are from 2011.

    Come on.
    And, if someone wants/needs to have an abortion, WHAT BUSINESS OF IT IS YOURS? None. That’s right.