5 Male Celebrities I’m Boycotting – And Why (In Their Own Words)

Yesterday I told you about five famous women whose TV shows and movies I refuse to watch because of their very public pro-abortion views and, in most cases, their financial support of Planned Parenthood. Today, I’ll tell you about five male celebrities I boycott.

Famous men are less likely in general to be vocally pro-choice, as the issue is still mistakenly viewed by some — especially pro-abortion advocates — as one in which men should have no say. This is ridiculous, since abortion is not just a women’s issue but a human rights issue. Also, organizations are less likely to use men to encourage women to support abortion. Something about it comes across as creepy… as you will see below.

I’ve counted down these pro-abortion dudes from least irritating to most exasperating, but they all certainly earned my boycott.

Kanye West: Monster?

5. Kanye West. He may be a talented musician, but West is no moral giant. Last February, he scored a lot of publicity with the following tweet:

an abortion can cost a ballin’ n**ga up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin’ bi**hes be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my n**gas!

Let’s translate this into a form of English that is not intentionally stupid:

“An abortion can be more expensive than is strictly necessary for a rich man. Some opportunistic women will take advantage of your wealth and purposely become pregnant with your child in order to obtain funds from you. Ergo, my friends, I suggest you make use of prophylactics.”

I might not totally boycott Kanye if he had come to a different conclusion than “wear a condom.” If he had said, “Some women get abortions on purpose, and that’s just wrong,” I would still have a problem with him emphasizing losing money over losing a child, but he wouldn’t have made the top 5 list. Instead, West demonstrates the ulterior motive behind a lot of pro-abortion men who pretend to care about women’s rights and well-being, when what they really want is to separate a woman from her womb so she is easier to use for sex.

Eddie Vedder having deep thoughts.

4. Eddie Vedder. I grew up in the era of grunge, and Pearl Jam’s iconic album “Ten” was part of the soundtrack to my coming-of-age. I’m no longer much of a Pearl Jam fan, partly because I don’t want to support the career of the man who said this, in a semi-literate, navel-gazing Spin magazine article published in 1992:

Ten years old. That’s the age my child would have been. And I would not be here in Glasgow. I wouldn’t be in this band or traveling. And I wouldn’t have seen the liberal ways in which other countries we have visited deal with this issue. I wouldn’t have been asked to write this piece.

It’s hard for me to respect a man who ruminates on his aborted child and comes up with, “Instead of being a father, I get to do lots of neat rock star stuff, like travel to super cool places and write a really deep article about abortion and grow my hair out!”

He went on, unfortunately:

Perhaps I’ll have a child in the future, when I can provide properly. Who knows. But as individuals in this “free” country, we must have the right to choose when that time is right. A couple…is faced with an unwanted pregnancy; it makes no difference if there is no means of support… Yeah, there are programs to assist. Welfare and health programs that are constant victims of cutbacks. The child can sit in severely overcrowded classrooms and be taught by underpaid teachers.

Eddie Vedder just won first and second prize in today’s Profoundly Dumb Pro-Abortion Argument Contest. The runner-up: Not getting to maybe be a rock star. And the winner is: Classroom overcrowding.

Like a lot of famous people, Vedder has cultivated a persona of depth, compassion, and political sophistication, but behind the brooding expressions and flannel shirts is just another pretty idiot with an ill-formed — and deadly — opinion.

Bill Maher disapproves of your religion.

3. Bill Maher. From calling Sarah Palin a c-word and Michelle Bachmann a bimbo to being a defiant lifelong bachelor who dates Playboy models, it would seem pretty far-fetched for Maher to try to identify himself as an advocate for women. But, eschewing both shame and honesty, Maher purported to come to the rescue of pregnant women everywhere by suggesting a “new rule” to go along with informed consent laws requiring women to view ultrasounds before having abortions. On his HBO show Real Time, Maher said:

 If you can force a woman to look at a sonogram to see what will happen if she has an abortion, you also have to let her see a crying baby, a bratty five-year-old, and a surly teenager to see what will happen if she doesn’t.

Call me crazy, but it sounds to me like Maher is suggesting women kill their babies for the very pressing reason that one day they might be annoying or inconvenient.

There are lots of other reasons I boycott Maher, such as the fact that he is on the board of directors for PETA, a ridiculous organization that recently compared eating Thanksgiving turkey to eating human babies. Pretty exotic viewpoint for someone who has described his views as “sane” and “reasonable.”

Tucker Max, humanish creature.

2. Tucker Max. Author of the book (adapted into a movie no one saw) I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Max is a fairly recent pop-culture phenomenon who became Internet-famous posting revolting short stories about his various booze-fueled sexual conquests on his website. It is almost impossible for me to quote this guy because everything he says is rancid, but here is a little gem for you that manages to be vulgar without any swear words:

The baby starts crying. The mom looks worried. I offer to help her make the baby stop. Stydie is skeptical, “Tucker, do you even know what to do with a crying baby?” I scoff, “Of course I do. You put it in a trash can.”

Haha! Hilarious, right? Well, maybe he’s just being satirical. Except he’s not. In fact, as Live Action has already pointed out, he devoted an entire chapter in one of his books to all the “sluts” he has talked into aborting his children.

There’s really nothing else to say about this guy, except that boycotting him is remarkably easy.

Hugh Hefner, "Feminist."

1. Hugh Hefner. If I told you everything about “Hef” that made him disgusting, this article would be a book. Besides helping convince a generation of women that taking off their clothes to be ogled by strangers and judged solely on their physical attributes is somehow “liberating,” and then making an astronomical fortune off said women, Hefner also directly contributed to the Roe v. Wade decision. Here he is in his own words. Have a bucket or plastic bag nearby before you read this:

In the 1950s and ’60s, there were still states that outlawed birth control,  so I started funding court cases to challenge that. At the same time, I helped  sponsor the lower-court cases that eventually led to Roe v. Wade.  We were the amicus curiae in Roe v. Wade. I was a feminist before there was such a thing as feminism. That’s a part of history very few people know.

That’s right, Hugh Hefner has called himself a feminist. Go ahead and laugh and/or cry. I’ll wait.

Note that it all started with birth control. This “liberating” invention, packaged in a condescending little pink compact so the working gal can pretend it’s just her powder puff, was embraced by men like Hefner because the woman who can’t get pregnant is much easier to use for pleasure and cast aside. But if that failed, Hef was doing his part to see to it that the “products of conception” could still be discarded by abortion.

Hugh Hefner has created an empire at the expense of the self-respect, wombs, hearts, and souls of countless women, not to mention the men he’s helped persuade that objectifying and using women is not only normal, but something to which they should aspire. Hefner was at the vanguard of a movement that was very successful in convincing mainstream America that a life of decadence and fornication is actually good and wholesome. Consider the short-lived but potent popularity of the reality TV show “Girls Next Door,” which chronicled the lives of Hefner’s three live-in “girlfriends.” To this day, he is viewed as a sort of demi-god by men everywhere who are the victims of a campaign against morality that has resulted not only in the unraveling of the American family but also, tragically, the loss of millions of lives to abortion.

“I’ve always felt I was on the side of the angels,” Hefner told Esquire. It’s bad enough to be a shameless cad, but when you set out to convince the world your libertinism is saintly, you earn special boogey-man points. And that is why if something has a Playboy bunny on it, or has anything to do with Hugh Hefner in any way, I stay away from it.

So there you have it: five men who don’t deserve my time or money. It may be useful to ask yourself who deserves yours. Is it enough to say you don’t approve of the message Hollywoood is sending, if you continue to subsidize the message?

Which is not to say that I’m perfect. For example, I really wanted to add pro-abort Kevin Bacon to my boycott list, but since he appears in aproximately 86% of all movies, I settle for scowling when he comes onscreen. It’s the least I can do.


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  • Anonymous

    Hey, now.  Don’t lump all men together.  There was one of these for women, too:  http://bit.ly/u3yLlu

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure pro-lifers, I at least speak for myself, want clean air and water and are against animal abuse.  However, most of the well-know groups like Peta would rather see *you* die than that armadillo crossing the road.  There is a difference between normal people who want a clean environment and humane animal treatment and these leftist groups that would like to see Gaia and animals provided with “human” rights–which has been advocated for!

  • http://twitter.com/prolifepagans Pro Life Pagans

    If Eddie Vedder is saying his child would have been ten years old, maybe there’s a bit of guilt in there. 

  • Claire

    How ludicrous. Hugh Hefner doesn’t know the first thing about feminism. He constantly objectifies women. Pro life assholes. They should put in a trash can.

  • Huntergirl0926

    wow….wow, wow, wow, wow, wow….I’m usually never at a loss for words, ever…give me a minute, I’m trying to think of something to say that doesn’t include cuss words…GREAT PIECE!! I used to be pro-choice until I gave birth to my daughter. I was a drug-addicted, alcoholic slut feminist (but I was ‘liberated’) who finally saw the light when I laid eyes on my daughter and my life has completely changed. I hope and pray to God that she is never affected by the world that is so full of these types of men and women! Babies aren’t mistakes like Obama said, they’re miracles. I think one of the main reasons men don’t speak out against abortion is because supporting abortion is the ‘cool’ thing to do, and if anybody disagrees then they are accused of being old-school, patriarchal (sp), and since they are men, they don’t get an opinion in the matter of ‘women’s’ rights.

  • Fritzi

    Mr. Hefner is not a feminist – he’s a moral pig

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/X5G5UO6DUCOXHER47ND2P2PS34 BLANCHE R P


  • Patriotland

    And there must be a God, since Maher is probably the UGLIEST man I ever saw…thank GOD he remains a bachelor with no progeny…!!!

  • Cassie

    I thoroughly enjoyed this!! May God have mercy on them all..

  • matthewchoffman

    Excellent post. Just one question: why do you waste your time watching movies? They are nothing but mind-numbing trash in virtually every case.

  • Himandme

    Pres. B.O. should of made the top of the list. He wanted sex-selection abortions to happen (it just like saying it okay to abort because of the color of their skin, doesn’t he have even a half of mind?). He voted a bunch of times for letting the child to die after birth. And he didn’t want his daughter to live with her “mistake”. The list could go on.

  • katniss

    im sure vedder, kanye and heff will be gutted to know one butthurt person who thinks they have the right to tell others what to do with their bodies wont be at their concerts/buying their stuff etc.
    maybe you should boycott writing stupid articles whining about shit thats never going to change instead