Nine Abortions?

A new Minnesota Health Department report finds that sixteen women in that state had their ninth or more abortion last year. Assuming the same rate of repeat abortions nationally, this would translate into over 1,500 women annually having their ninth or more abortion just last year.

47% of U.S. abortions are repeat abortions according to the Planned Parenthood founded Guttmacher Institute. The same Guttmacher report also states that 2002 data from Maryland showed 72% of abortions in that state were repeats.

Abortion last year was a 600 million dollar industry and that level of revenue is only possible if people keep coming back. I often hear abortion backers tell me that while they oppose rights for unborn children, they don’t think that abortion should be used as birth control. I’m not exactly sure what that is supposed to mean as every abortion controls birth by killing the child prematurely. That said, I take it to mean that they don’t think abortion should be a regular or common event.

The data though says that many people are using abortion in just that way. Does that bother those who support abortion but are against abortion as birth control? Then again, why should it? If terminating one unborn child is perfectly fine with them, why should terminating ten be any different?

  • Amindtothink

    One of the great tragedies of American history.  We will do anything to save a baby seal and then turn around and kill our children.

  • I never really gave much thought to the term “abortion as birth control” before – thanks for that, you’re absolutely right! I can’t imagine someone having one Abortion, let alone nine: those women need serious help (as does a woman who has one).

  • My cousin had 5 abortions and then gave birth to 2 children. All were by separate fathers. She still advocates for abortion on demand. To me, that is mentally deranged.

  • Jobin Thomas

    That is insane. Unbelievable numbers. 

  • Rosemarycirco

    My heart aches for the lives lost. Thank you for keeping our eyes open..I will forward to as many people as possible!

  • C Mermis22

    This is why we need loving people out on the sidewalks at every abortion clinic across America.  We need to be praying for and sidewalk counseling to these women.  If just one person can extend a hand and offer these women an alternative and the hope for a different kind of life, think of how many women and babies would be saved.

  • Anonymous

    If wombs had windows, abortion would be no more.

  • laurie

    The issue is more complicated than just using abortion as birth control. There is a syndrome identified by Patrick Reardon author of “Postabortive Women Silent No More” known as Repeat Abortion Syndrome. The aborting women desire to replace the lost baby so either deliberately get pregnant or passively does not attempt to stop pregnancy then once pregnant encounters the harsh realities that triggered the first babies abortion thus triggering the next abortion. This cycle can continue throughout the child bearing years or can be repeated in a quick cycle every few months. Until the women deals with the loss of the initial baby, she will not be healed.

  • Tayler

    Why are these women still able to get pregnant!?!?

    • Gangstagirl6

      You bave to live it to know,like i , who usés birth control , first time no,then wanted to be careful ,forgot one or two pills and got pregnant again, condom had à hole,i got pregnant again ,some girls dont need much ,just very fertile, all those times (5] is with the same Guy, i dont do on purpose , i just cant believe it, i frustrate myself,time myself disgusting, but, in some way ,whyam i made thatway, i find it unfair, i get pregnant so easily, im so sorry