Abortion Fund Advises Women to Beg, Lie and Sell Belongings to Obtain Abortions

The DC Abortion Fund’s tag line features a coat hanger and reads, “Her rights shouldn’t depend on her wallet.” It sounds like they want to help underprivileged young women obtain abortions (at the expense of the rights of her unborn child whose basic right to life, by the way, shouldn’t depend on how little is in the wallet of her mother or how fat the abortionist wants his or her wallet to be.) However, for all of the help they say they want to provide these women, they are really pushing them down a darker path. The site links to the National Abortion Fund’s page titled, “How can I find all the money I need?” which features suggestions on how to pay for her abortion.

Beat the Clock. The page lets women know that the further along they are in their pregnancy, the more the abortion will cost. Basically, it is better to get your abortion sooner, despite any doubts you may have, so that you don’t have to pay more later.

Sell Your Textbooks. Abortion advocates are constantly claiming that having a baby in high school or college will mean you have ruined your chances at a career. However, in order to pay for her abortion, women are encouraged to sell their textbooks, and check them out from the library instead.

Tap Into Your Savings. Young underprivileged pregnant women are also advised to “check what’s in your wallet now,” and tap into any savings they may have. They are asking these struggling young women to spend their last dime on an abortion rather than work hard to build a future.

Charge It. These women who, according to the National Abortion Fund, should have access to abortion despite their lack of money, are also told to charge it to a credit card. And if their card limit is too low, they should call to have the limit raised, putting these women into credit card debt, which they will then struggle to pay, perhaps ruining their credit and hurting the future this abortion is supposed to save. If they don’t have a credit card, they are told they could get a line of credit from the bank.

Ask Your Boss. Another option for these women is to request an advance on their paychecks. This can set them back on their monthly bills and leave them unable to pay their rent or mortgage which could end up leaving them homeless. But as long as they pay the clinic for their abortion, what does that matter?

Skip Bills. The National Abortion Fund actually tells these women to skip paying a bill or two for the month. They suggest the electric bill because it is illegal for the company to shut off electric heat during the winter.

Sell Your Car. Really? Now how will she get to work? How will she get to school?

Drop a Class.  The abortion industry claims that having a baby when you’re in school will ruin your chances of graduating or having a career. Yet here they are advising women to drop classes in order to get tuition money back to pay for the abortion.

Beg, Scrounge, Lie. The National Abortion Fund advises women to ask everyone they know including family, friends, and even acquaintances such as club members for money for the abortion. They suggest redeeming bottles and cans, searching through coat pockets and couch cushions, holding a garage sale, and selling their own possessions as well as those belonging to family and friends. They even go as far as to advise them to check to see if their church has an emergency fund, or lie to family and friends saying they needs the money for bills. Talk about degrading. I thought abortion was supposed to be empowering.

The list goes on. If these clinics exist to bring health care to poor women who wouldn’t otherwise have it, then why are they further pushing these women into financial distress?  With these unhelpful suggestions, women will not only suffer the traumatic mental and emotional effects of an abortion, but will also now be struggling to pay their bills, do well in school and stay on track. Now they have taken on debt, lied to those who love them, fallen behind on bills, and fallen behind in school. And no, the answer isn’t having the government pay for the abortions, because that’s my tax money. I’d rather it go towards a fund to help single college-bound mothers than to kill their child.

What the National Abortion Fund should be telling women is, don’t do it. There are better options. Contact Feminists for Life, talk to your college about programs for single mothers, and save your money to use to take care of your baby and build a future for the two of you.