Abortion Group Promotes Law-Breaking and Obtaining Illegal Abortions

Women on Waves' idea of "safe" abortion instruction

Abortion activists have soared to a new level of disgusting: promoting step-by-step instructions on how to self-induce abortion, and encouraging women to lie to their doctors about it.

It’s called “Women on Web,” and they’ll even ship abortion pills to you if the procedure is not legal where you live.  If a woman experiences problems during the chemical abortion, the site explains You do not have to tell the medical staff that you tried to induce an abortion; you can tell them that you had a spontaneous miscarriage… The symptoms of a miscarriage and an abortion with pills are exactly the same and the doctor will not be able to see or test for any evidence of an abortion, as long as the pills have completely dissolved.”  It’s not just that this is all an illegal act—it’s incredibly dangerous for women.

According to their Facebook page,”Women on Waves,” they “fight for women’s right and access to safe and legal abortions worldwide…to prevent unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortions throughout the world.”

Let’s get this straightened out.  This organization, directed by a woman named Rebecca Gomperts (and claims she’s a doctor), states its mission is founded on a desire to protect women’s lives.  However, they encourage women to illegally obtain the powerful drug Misoprostol, promote instructions on how to self-induce abortions, and encourage women to lie to their doctors about it if they encounter a problem.  That doesn’t sound pro-women’s-lives.

To obtain the abortion pills, Women on Wave’s Facebook page tells women to “go to the pharmacy, buy 12 tablets of Misoprostol. (say it is for your grandmother with arthritis).”  After explaining step-by-step how to ingest the pills, the page warns that if women experience complications, “you have to go to the doctor (you can say you had a miscarriage).”  The image depicting these instructions can be found here.

It seems like abortion-rights groups are at odds with each other over the issue of self-abortion.  Even ardently pro-abortion rights groups like the National Abortion Federation denounce attempting to self-abort, stating that doing so “can be very dangerous to your life…You may injure yourself or die if you attempt to self-abort.”  And, as Live Action blogger Kristen Walker explains, other groups like the RH Reality Check have no problem with self-abortion, either.

It’s hard to believe that this “Women on Waves” and other advocates of self-abortion are actually worried about women’s lives and rights when they suggest methods of illegally obtaining powerful medication, ingesting it without a doctor’s knowledge, and lying to the doctor about their actions if complications arise.  So much for the stale “safe, legal and rare” platitude.  Women on Waves is zero for three on that one— and they seriously want us to believe that they’re motivated to protect women?

  • and when you are bleeding or have really bad cramps, don’t come crying to us!    That’s what’s NOT on that flyer

    • Heather G.

      well, not in so many words…

  • Gaiagirl8

    You realize women have been using pennyroyal and other natural herbs for this purpose for thousands of years… also, I think that ppl this judgmental are forgetting that women get pregnant in unpleasant and unexpected manners. We’re not always talking about a married, employed woman in a happy marriage.

    • Jenniferconway

      I think you forget that this is a pro life website. Also I got pregnant at 17, both me and my now husband were unemployed. I am now in school for my masters in nursing and he is working full time in a great job. Our child is 3 years old and our biggest blessing. If we can do it without anyone’s help, anyone can.

    • Ninek

      Well, well, well, if women really have been using natural herbs for so long, then why do we “need” Planned Parenthood?  LOL.  If you really believe what you wrote, then you’ve been using too much of another herb.

      Readers, for thousands of years, right up to the mid 1920’s,  parents killed their children AFTER they were born.  The ancients often simply put them outside in the cold.  Slave traders would sometimes rescue them, and raise them to sell.   Study real history and you’ll find the facts for yourself.  Abortion has always been extremely dangerous to the mother and not so long ago it actually was RARE.

    • guest

      While what you say is true, not all women who get pregnant are happy and secure, according to statistics, 99% of those women who have an abortion choose to have sex. It is wrong that they can get out of the consequence of their choice if doing so  results in the death of another human who has no choice.

    • Educated

      You go girl! These people are ignorant. We can’t comment on a pro-life website? Really? I’m just glad there are people out there like you. Smart, open-minded, educated.

      • Queen_penguin422

        Actually, the Bible says that those who deny God and His word are fools. I pray God opens your heart and reveals His wonderful truth so that you will accept it and defend life… “Before I formed you in the belly I knew you; and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you, and I ordained you a prophet unto the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5)… “For You have possessed my reins: You have covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are Your works; and that my soul knows right well. My substance was not hid from You, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the Earth. Your eyes did see my substance, yet being unformed; and in Your book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there were none of them.” (Psalm 139:13-16). If you want to really be educated, as your name infers you want to be, you need to read God’s word and see what He says about life and the sanctity of it. Also, medical science has proven that life begins at conception which correlates with God’s word. If you like, I can provide you with some links to scientific articles, videos, etc. May the Lord Jesus bless you and yours today :).

      • BeccaCupcakes

        Aren’t you being ignorant by claiming that we’re all stupid, closed-minded, and uneducated? Aren’t you being closed-minded by grouping us all together? Assuming that we all have the same opinions on the same issues/subjects? And if you are really as smart and educated as you claim, why do you feel the need to proclaim it to everyone?

        • Queen_penguin422

          That’s exactly what they’re being. I have a college degree, I always got good test scores and in high school I even achieved the National Honor Roll, yet I am a Christian and a pro-lifer, two categories of people who are called ignorant. I’ll bet many of the pro-choice ppl on here are a lot less educated than they claim to be. The simple fact of the matter is that they like to be lied to and prefer not to be told the truth. The truth is hate to those who hate the truth. All we can do is pray for them.

    • Queen_penguin422

      My sister got pregnant at 15 years old with my oldest nephew. Never in a million years would she ever consider abortion. She relied on Jesus Christ to get her through her pregnancy and to help her steer her life in the right direction. She married the father of her son at 18 and went on to have another son with him 3 years later. She is now 25 years old, is supporting her entire family with her successful job at Xerox and, little bit little, she’s making her way through school. And guess what… she’s HAPPY and wants to have more children soon. What would you say to my sister about her getting pregnant at 15 in an unpleasant and unexpected manner? I’m curious.

      • Letscook1

        It sounds like your sister got a lot of family support as well as support from the father. Not all 15-year-olds have that.

    • Anne

      You’re right… and that is precisely why sex is reserved for marriage.  

    • HkateD

      We’re not always talking about a married, employed woman in a happy marriage. 
      And this is the child’s fault because…? When is personal responsibility going to ever be an issue for the pro-aborts?

      • Letscook1

         So people who are unemployed, not married, or not in a happy marriage is their fault? Women who are beat and raped by their husbands are their fault? People who get laid off it’s their fault? Sometimes women loose their jobs because they are pregnant.

  • Gail Finke

    Bernard Nathanson’s books on the abortion industry show that 1) women going in to a hospital after a botched abortion is what the entire abortion industry was supposed to prevent, and 2) abortion activists before Roe vs. Wade were all for eliminating doctors and having women do it themselves. Apparently, 50 million dead babies later, we are right back where we started.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless, this is practicing unsafe medicine. The doctor who runs this site is living in Europe and is encouraging illegal drug use (using an arthritis drug for abortion and encouraging you to LIE to your pharamacist about it!) I flagged her prolife as spam and picked [email protected]:disqus  drug use as my reason.
    Any woman who does this by following her advice and dies from it better have family members ready to sue this dr. for malpractice and murder! This is so scary. I wonder how many sexually promiscuous and naive teenagers are going to try this and die! This is not safe medicine! This woman’s website needs to come out of facebook and the sooner, the better. Heck, I can’t believe Facebook is willing to nab sexual predators and terrorists but aren’t willing to take down and abortion doctor who takes no responsiblity if you die from this. (and women have…RU 486 has killed at least a dozen that we know of.)

  • Jocelyn Fry

    @6063d3ae47c609c2e32614cd4c981c64:disqus You don’t know the manner of conception any more than we do. We are, however, talking about real woman and their real children being harmed and dying needlessly. 

  • I really hope the women that abort at all die…I mean they are killing their fetus (they have feelings!) .

    • It is usually desparation that leads to the action, what the women need is compassion.  It is awful to kill your own child, but how does hatred and malice towards the woman solve anything?

    • Skywolfent2007

      How heartless of a Comment and ignorant too! I am not for abortion but the statement you just said is WRONG and ungodly! How Dare you! Not all Pregnancies are healthy for mom and baby, take an ectopic pregnancy for example, this type of pregnancy can not only kill mother but will most likely kill the fetus too! There is also the case of incestual  Rape. You need to keep your mouth shut if you do not know what you are talking about.

      • Heather G.

        While not all pregnancies are healthy pregnancies, having an abortion simply because of rape/incest while tragic is not justifiable.  Ask a living product of rape – they’ll show you their life is no less valuable because of the way they were conceived.  Also, they are not at fault for their biological father’s crime, so they shouldn’t be punished for it.

    • Educated

      Murder for what you call “murder”? Try this step by step plan. 1) Finish High School, 2) Go to College. 3) Do better for yourself and remove yourself from the trailer park. 4) Get on a site like this and tell me I am less of a person or I deserve to be murdered fit not having my rapists baby before plan B was legal.
      That filter between your ignorant brain and loud mouth got lost in utero.

      • Anonymous

        You were raped? so sorry (that’s what you said!) Many women who have been raped have kept their baby out of love for the child..killing a baby b/c you are raped does not do justice (neither does killing the mother) Both deserve life! Killing the baby, who did NOT ask to be conceived just makes the  women suffer a second injustice. As one mother who choose abortion after rape said, “I got over my rape, but killing my baby felt like geting rape all over again and it took me years to get over it! The sperm/egg are joined by God, not you and not the rapist and women who have been raped (gang raped and incestuously raped) have kept their babies and say they are glad they did.) Since you are so educated, let’s not asume that all rape victims want to get abortions…a few of them do, but most of them don’t..they feel like they are “supposed” to get them. Finally, I will add this..letting the child live has rewards..the child gets to live it’s life…and it’s DNA is evidence of who did the rape! Usually it’s the perpetrator that wants her to get the abortion…I have a friend who is a product of an 8 man gang rape on her mother…and she is ever so glad to be alive. Her mother gave her a gift.

      • Texas Gal

        I finished a lot of school and received many degrees while having two babies. They don’t make it impossible.

        Do you know who Jaycee Dugard is? She called her two DAUGHTERS who were conceived in rape…wow…her beloved daughters. She and her mother (their grandma) love her now teenage daughters. That baby you aborted was yours, too.

      • I had my first child at 20 and have started college since having my second.  Is it ideal?  No, but it’s not impossible either.  I have completed my associates (which puts me halfway there) graduating phi theta kappa and magna cum laude, it was difficult but not impossible.

      • I had my first child at 20 and have started college since having my second.  Is it ideal?  No, but it’s not impossible either.  I have completed my associates (which puts me halfway there) graduating phi theta kappa and magna cum laude, it was difficult but not impossible.

    • guest

      thats a horrible thing to say, pro life is a peaceful movement that is for LIFE.
      and think about all the woman who have had abortions and regretted it, they work to make up that problem,
      that truly is a horrible thing to say… saying that will only hurt our cause

    • Hoffmom

      Violet is a kid and/or a troll. Not that there aren’t plenty of sensitive, tactful kids who can offer intelligent dialogue on the abortion issue, just that this clearly is not one of them. And that’s ok, as long as she’s not over the age of maybe 14. She can have a pass on the grounds of immaturity *this* time. IF, on the other hand, she is posting the above comment deliberately to provide “vile anti-choice rhetoric” as pro-abort blogger fodder, then she should take a hike.

  • I really hope the women that abort at all die…I mean they are killing their fetus (they have feelings!) .

  • Entirely disgusting.

  • Lmhines89

    My question is:  Isn’t Misoprostol a prescription drug?  So a woman cannot really go to a pharmacist and demand this drug.

    • HkateD

      They are instructing them on how to order it, illegally.

  • RayNL78


    This website says it all….there is hope for anyone who considers abortion to change their ways…even legal abortions founder and champion herself

  • Gene15

    There is no benifit to forced motherhood.

    Can’t feed, don’t breed.

    • Anonymous

      MOtherhood is rarely forced. When society promotes “safe sex” and teaches teen/women to have casual sex whenever they want, we miss teaching them the point of sex…it’s procreational… NO one forces motherhood on anyone…if you don’t want it..don’t have sex…period. The only “safe sex” is not doing it! Babies are naturally a product and motherhood is the result…so…we are using killing babies as birth control. It’s not…it’s killing babies. The “choice” is to keep your legs closed and not give yourself away to any one other than the man you plan to have a family with.

      If you can’t feed it..don’t have sex in the first place! And if you get pregnant, that was your choice and you could have said NO at that moment and saved yourself motherhood. (in normal circumstances of course.) but even in cases of rape/incest, abortion doens’t have to be the only option* see post above. They baby doesn’t ask to be conceived and neither the mother or the rapist causes the egg/sperm to join to make a human..God does…So, killing it isn’t going to give you the satisfaction you think it will. (Again, see my post above)

      • Letscook1

         You probably have an extremely low sex drive. The average American woman only wants about 2 children. About a fifth don’t want any. Yet most healthy women are fertile between the ages of 12-50. Even if you are married you don’t want every sex act to lead to a child. Most sex acts never do if you know what you are doing. People can have sex for decades without conceiving if they take precautions. I have had sex for 12 years and have never been pregnant thanks to the pill and condoms.

        • Anonymous

          You are probably not aware of how many children the pill can kill! Babies CAN be conceived on the pill (yes, it happens) and I don’t think you can speak for all women. I don’t have a low sex drive (I’m Italian I assure you I have plenty of it!) but I don’t think you can speak for all of us women. I’ve had 3 children and miscarried one! The average American woman would have more children if our society didn’t make it “weird” to have more. But teenagers are extremely fertile with more than one egg coming out at the same time so getting pregnant with supposed ‘safe sex’ is easy for them. Telling them that sex doesn’t make babies is erroneous information. And telling them that they can solve the problem (according to the article above which you obviously have not read) by lying to a pharmacist to obtain 12 pills for your “grandmother” so you can induce self abortion is dangerous to the girl/women! Abortion is NOT an answer to birth control and most birth control is not 100% fool proof.

          As for abortion after rape, well I have a friend who is an abortion survivor and another one who was conceived when her mother was gang raped by 8 men. Is she sorry she’s alive? NO and her mother isn’t sorry either. Rape is a violent act..but letting the baby live is actually healing for many of them..and believe it or not, most rape victims don’t want abortions..they get them because we shame them into doing it by telling them it will help them. It doesn’t. They get over their rape but they live forever knowing a child died b/c it’s dad was a jerk. Well, many, including me, had one crappy parent (my dad was alcoholic, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t deserve to live..nor did it mean I would “turn out like him”..the stupid excuse we give the victim to coerce her into getting an abortion) Society promotes rape abortions b/c we don’t want to be involved in giving comfort to the mother of the rape child…it’s easier to tell her to get the abortion so we can say “There, that’s taken care of” and offer her a little counseling over the rape and we think we are done..but the woman who has been raped gets over her rape..but no one is there when she realizes a baby died for it’s father’s crime! These women tell me they NEVER get over their abortion and feel as if the doctor with those killing instruments raped them again!

          So, before you go commenting on my “sex drive” (which is silly for you to do since you don’t know me) start to have compassion for women who don’t need abortion to solve their problems. And start telling teens that sex makes babies  so they won’t be surprised when it happens.(especially the ignorant teen and adult boys who think condoms work..they don’t) and we need to teach our girls that their bodies have value and that a guy who is worth it won’t ask her to “DO IT”. just because he’s having problems with his sex drive.

          • Leiapeison

             until there is a full proof contraceptive, abortion will be needed

      • Leiapeison

         you state motherhood is rarely forced and then say in a few sentences later that no one forced motherhood on anyone

  • I think like these type of  women has no feeling about that so they take that bad step of abortion.