• Another excellent explanation of choices and rights! I WILL forward this link!

    Out of all Lia's statements, the only one little item, to which I always take exception: We (people, human beings, even parents) do not "give" rights of life and liberty, etc… to human beings. We acknowledge that those rights are endowed by our Creator.

    All and all, excellent!!

  • Alex Perrier

    No I prefer vanilla.

  • Joseph

    This girl is out of her mind!!! Clearly vanilla is superior.

    Good job Lia!!

  • Michelle

    On this issue, the churches and parents have really got to step up and teach natural/objective morality. I just finished up a Christian apologetics camp – which consisted of some pretty serious Christian youth, aged 16-21, and when our keynote speaker asked if the statement 'abortion is wrong' was like a statement about ice cream preference, about 60% of the kids quickly raised there hands to indicate that, yes, it was.

    We can talk about Planned Parenthood and other pro-abort groups all we want, but we need to get our own houses in order as well.

  • Michelle

    By the way, the keynote speaker I was talking about was Sean McDowell. If anyone ever has an event, he was awesome, and did a great job at explaining Truth. That can be a heady topic, but he did it in a way that the youth and their parents could easily understand. I highly recommend him.