• Resprep

    I love you, but more importantly God loves You.  Keep up the good work.

  • Wade Felty

    Congratulations on using your talents to depriving other women of reproductive health rights. Also congratulations on being brainwashed at home school. 

    • Qasim

      “brainwashed at home school?”  So Wade,   Within your circle of friends,  educators and parents, when was the last time someone gave you a good argument for being pro life? 

      Does being a product of public/private school make you “brainwashed.” 

    • V.

      With all respect, Wade, please consider that the child in the womb will also someday want to be granted reproductive health rights. No doubt you are glad your mom didn’t regard her reproductive rights in a way that cost you every right you ever hoped to enjoy.

    • Ruth

      So having your parents teach you their values is brainwashing? Killing a fetus when the mother is healthy is not reproductive health. Who is brainwashed?

    • Actually, many women end up dying or losing their reproductive rights eternally when they get an abortion.  It is many times more dangerous to the woman’s body.  Many women mourn the loss of being able to have a child of their own later on because they have had not just their reproductive systems ruined, but parts of their bowels removed as well.  Many babies are born alive at clinics as well; if you are for human rights, you might want to think again (and actually do research) when you realize not only do they put babies down garbage disposals and cut up babies that are completely able to live outside the womb, but they also leave them on tables in rooms alone, left to die.  And many of these babies were older than babies that are often born today and are alive and well. 

      • bonobosarethebest

         this argument is an abortion

      • SusieQ

         This is why these women need better alternatives.  Making it illegal will not stop abortions – it will simply make it more dangerous. 

    • Momof3

      Men also have reproductive health responsibilities.  Many women abort because of men not standing beside them and behind them.  They don’t abort because of what their rights are, but because they lack support and choose what seems to be the only way out.  The whole issue of abuse and trafficking, with abortion being used to cover the tracks of perpetrators is indeed the ultimate deprivation of a womans’ reproductive rights.  Women are routinely convinced, coerced and even forced into having abortions that they themselves would never choose to have with adequate support being available.  I was publicly educated, so I assure you this isn’t a homeschooling issue.  As a society we have been brainwashed into believing life actually begins sometime after conception; that being called human is within a given time frame.  We use the word ‘viability’ to excuse what would be murder given time for development and maturity to occur.  Incidently, I have never seen a dog concieve puppies and give birth to kittens.  We are human beings from the moment of conception.  Conceived human, born human, to live with respect towards humankind.   I believe it may be time to do your homework sir.  An opinion is not necessarily an educated response.

  • Renae

    originally I wondered just WHY politicians were soooo Pro Abortion- then I realized, it wasn’t anything to do with whether the fetus was a baby, etc. etc…. the REAL REASON they LOVE ABORTION is that Planned Parenthood FUNDS PRO ABORTION POLITICIANS…  its MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.   and the poor, sweet babies pay with their lives.

  • Kimchi_junkie

    You should add this to your prolife music videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Tu6NQ4L01w&feature=share

  • pattyj

    Way to go Live Action!  God bless you and God have mercy on America!

  • Fkeefe

    If you don’t like abortions then don’t have one but you have no right to stand in the way of anyone seeking what is their legal right under the laws of this land. I will pray for you….that you stop your self righteous propaganda. 

    • Angelface22003

      every child conceived has a right to be born. when we murder our babies through aborion we are murdering futre Presidents, scientists inventers, life chnagers world chnagers. we could even bee murdering a doctor who will find the cure for HIV/AIDS, cnacer or any other incurable disease. JUst think about it. Maybe thats why there has been no cure found for cancer yet because that person has been aborted . well done just keep up the abortions . IN the BIble is says that anyone who sheds inncoent blood is an abomination to God and that land is cursed.

    • Yrrab47

      The fact that an act is legal doesn’t make it morally right, and there is nothing that could be more morally wrong than abortion.  It’s murder — plain and simple.  We must get the laws changed that allow abortion and that allow use of our tax dollars to support it.

    • Florierampaul

      it is ok that you have rights, but what right does the unborn have? selfishness allows us  to only see our needs, but let me tell you an unborn does not have a choice ,nor voice so no one will ever know what their right would have been if they are aborted. The most wonderful feeling  a woman would ever experience is bringing forth a child after their own  self..

      • SusieQ

        “The most wonderful feeling  a woman would ever experience is bringing forth a child after their own  self..” 

        I think this degrades women, frankly. 

    • Silvrflash05

      We will pray for your souls salvation!  It more a matter of God’s will than a legal right.  Look in the mirror before you call other people names!

    • Peaceforall

       Are you really someone who can say they ‘pray’ for those who choose to kill a defenseless baby.  Where are your morals, conscience, what kind of life can you possibly have to stay blind to the truth that God is not in this decision of your to take lives, pluck them out for your convenience! Who are you? May God have mercy on your soul!!

  • Dougschofield

    Fetal developement is the stage that all humans are at at that point in their life. So the fetus is a human. And human life should be protected.

  • Prochoice

    The work you are doing is wrong. Shame on everyone at live action and those that support this group.

  • Angelface22003

    Goood on you keep up the good work. Abortion is child abuse at its worse and we will never erradicate cbild abuse until we erradicate abortion so go go go . Is live action in other countries or just in the USA

  • Praise God for his young warriors! Keep on fighting for the lives of the unborn. He will help you and make a way for you. God bless you. Jesus loves you. 

  • Florierampaul

    I am from the country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Carribean , I am involve in this fight,  I know that when someone have had abortion their life is never the same again,apart from those in the clinics telling the young people it’s ok that there is no effect. well that’s a lie . Ask anyone who had an abortion , what are the consequences they face apart from guilt, shame,in some cases barreness, relationships that are being affected and many more . the information given  to me are from those that  after aborting babies  .There was no one to help them deal with their pain, so sometimes they are left all on their own to deal with their situatiion. Like other countries where abortion is illegeal but still being practice so is Trinidad . Our group of young people is working towards keeping abortion Illegeal. WE are using these  information  given by victims to help others . Most would not speak in public because of the shame and guilt.they are living with. Florie

  • Csn39

    Fkeefe, you didn’t respect or honor the rights of ANY of the unborn babies.  You are the one propagating YOUR SELF RIGHTEOUS AGENDA.  You want a ‘back-door escape’ to cover up – to allow you a way to escape – if you end up pregnant.  You don’t want to change your behaviors, that would prevent pregnancy.  No you want the privilege of Life for You, to take the privilege of Life from your unborn child.  

  • Babycarsfamily

    you don’t really know how abortion effects your life until it hits home my sister my baby sister got pregnant at the age of nineteen the guy she got pregnant by promises married but at the end of it all fake out and she was left alone with a baby on the way i can remember it like it was yesterday she was on the phone and he really didn’t want to be apart of her life she sat there crying and she really didn’t want to have part with is guy so she looked at me and said i could i have made this mistake she told me that she was so stupid and that she should have listen she told me that she wanted to have an abortion immediately i told her not to get the abortion that you shouldn’t take it out on the baby and that the baby was a gift well, a year later she is beautiful and full of love and active like i don’t know what!! by watching facing life and different programs that talks about being pro-life so when this situation happen in my life i knew how to act and by acting i made a difference i think about what would have happen if i would have listen to what main stream media my niece wouldn’t be here today. So i pray that would will have the courage to stand for what right because we can learn everything about pro-life by it means nothing if we don’t act on what we know get educated and act you never know it could be you sister or cousin or best friend you never know. 

    • SusieQ

       Just keep being there for your niece.  That’s what pro-life really means to me – being present for the actual life of the child. 

  • Cassybfly

    I like what you are doing. I believe why live action is where it is today is because God is that strong force behind this movement. Ms. Lila Rose you were called so keeping going, you are going in the right direction. When you see those negative comments that means that u hit a nerve and anytime you do that you know it is a subject that no one really takes the time to address. It also means that you are doing something right. So don’t worry about the haters. There is a little thing that we Haitian Christians say which is” tout a vas ak Jezu Kris” which means everything goes right with Jesus Christ. So keep going girl 2012 and beyond!

  • Baby1mono

    @67e92feff2441ceb09cb28f434777ded:disqus  you say youll pray may I ask to whom, just wondering because its usally a God we pray to an what Ture God would say yeah murder that child bad bad baby. yes sweetie thats how silly you sound.Try my God he is the begining an the end A to Z…there for you shall have all the Law in wich we should live…..

  • Mammie0717

    Lila,  So proud of you!  Keep on, WomanFriend!  I am spreading your website!  You are choosen!   God bless and watch over you and yours! 

  • Momof3

    Lila, I just saw you this morning on Life Today.  I was not aware of your organization prior to this.  The genocide occuring under our noses due to abortion is tragic.  Simply tragic.  I have friends and family who have made this terrible choice and lived with the pain of that decision.  I have 3 children, and although I was married, with each confirmed pregnancy I was asked if I intended to carry the pregnancy or terminate it.  I had doctors and family try convincing me to terminate my third pregnancy due to the risk the pregnancy posed to my life.  I was threatened with being abandoned myself, told I was crazy, stupid, selfish and many other things in order to coerce me into destroying my child.  I knew then as I know now, I would rather have died bringing my son into the world than die a little each day knowing I had taken his life.  I called out to God to bring us through the storm and He did.  I am alive and well and my beloved son will be 29 years old next month.  I fought for his life then and every time I look at him I know it was a life well worth fighting for.  God bless you for your work, and God bless those of you facing tough choices today.  CHOOSE LIFE!

  • SisterinChrist

    Dear Lila and team, 
         The United States is reaping what we’ve sewn.  Adolescent homicide is out of control in America and is the highest rate in the world….this is the harvest of the fetal genocide that began with the legalization of abortion.  It’s not about women’s rights…it’s about life and death.  We have sewn seeds of death–why are we surprised that we are reaping death in this country?
         Never doubt that God has raised you up for such a time as this.  To bring righteousness and life back into our land and our world.  May He anoint you with more power, favor, wisdom, and favor to accomplish the work of His kingdom on this earth.  May he protect you from the hand of the enemy as He has promised!

  • Tazranch

    Thank You for what you are doing. I am a mother of 3 adopted children. I was unable to have children myself. But God gave me the 3 most wonderful children a mother could have.It might not have been possible if their birth mothers had aborted them. GOD BLESS you in all you do I will be praying for you  daily. Teresa

  • jerryntracey

    If we will do everything we can, God will take care of the rest. Lila Rose, PRESS ON (Selah)

  • vickie king


  • americano

    Fkeefe it is an awesome and courageous thing that she is doing. Get over it, the life inside has rights too!!!!!!!!!! I’m still at a loss for words on the fact that these places help HUMAN TRAFFICERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The human trafficers should register just like the child molesters they feed.