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If David Daleiden were to die in five years, the one thing he wants to accomplish in that time is the end of America's "peculiar institution" of abortion. A native of the Sacramento area, David first became involved with the pro-life movement at age 15, working with local college pro-life groups and learning from veteran activists in his community. He founded a pro-life club at his high school, helped bring pro-life debater Scott Klusendorf to his hometown, and participated in the “Genocide Awareness Project” to show abortion images to the public. David points to abortion images and statistics as the original impetus for his work in the pro-life movement. During high school, David was heavily involved in speech and debate. He first met Lila Rose in the Junior State of America (JSA) organization and over the years became more and more involved in Live Action. In 2007, when David began his studies at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) in southern California, he founded a campus Live Action chapter that routinely conducted sidewalk counseling efforts, community education, and campus activism. David took on his current role as Director of Research for Live Action in 2008 during the early stages of the Mona Lisa Project. In March 2009, David and a fellow student were banned from sister campus Pomona College after videotaping a Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles speaker denying Planned Parenthood’s responsibility for the cover-up of statutory rape. The ban was soon lifted after intense public scrutiny. David organized and executed Live Action’s first-ever student conference, “Exposing Abortion,” in Berkeley, CA that same year. David graduated from CMC as a Government major in 2010, writing his senior thesis on "Personhood in American Abortion Law and Jurisprudence." He now works full-time heading up Live Action's Research Department and spent a year teaching Latin and AP U.S. Government part-time. David is fluent in German and has also studied Latin and Arabic. David is an amateur varanid keeper, and when he is not working on projects for Live Action, he enjoys working out, reading G.K. Chesterton, and spending time with his friends and family.

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