• Good stuff! 🙂

  • Not sure what Bill meant when he said it was "not as egregious as that"… was he talking about planned parenthood or acorn? He's a Catholic, so I hope he meant that planned parenthood was more egregious. Way to go Lila!!! Live Action ROCKS!!!!!

  • Kathleen Gibbons

    our prayers and hearts are with you all at Live Action, our Lord knows exactly what Bill meant. God have MERCY on us all.

  • Cynthia

    May St. Michael and Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for and protect you!

  • Beth Straley

    NOT AS EGREGIOUS, BILL? Wow, I pray I misunderstood what BO meant!

    I think he was saying the P.P. video was less egregious, BUT, I can not believe Bill O' really believes that statement. For the sake of my peace of mind, I'll do with thinking he mis-spoke.

  • Rosalinda

    Why aren't the videos available? I've tried on various occasions and can't seem to get them to load. Help? Thanks

  • Rosalinda,

    Just tested and both the videos played fine. Are you normally able to play YouTube content? This is the first report we have had of this.


    Live Action Media Director

  • Christi

    I am so glad to see that this video is out there to see. Is so sad that so many woman are being mislead into having an abortion. It is a baby!

  • melanie

    crazy. i think bill was saying it wasnt as shocking as the undercover acorn video of their prosetution ring. i watch him every day-i love foxnews, it is the only channel i see acually cover these stories and grill our law makers for stupid comments they make about abortions. i never was pro-life, acually i was pro-choice, until glenn beck did a show on marget sanger. otherwise, seriously at my college no one has any clue about her or planned parenthood we are being taught consistently throughout college that planned parenthood is "defending womens rights" and "fighting for equality" yeah, now i relize that was Marget Sangers exact same cover up 50+ years ago except apeal was "looking out for blacks" when she really felt they were to stupid to have children. our generation is being brain washed in our education system- every semenster somehow atleast one of my classes will include a student's pro-choice speech,(never pro-life) listen to a teacher's ideology that all pro-lifers and christians are a bunch of idiots, or relate womens rights with prochoice, and prolifers dont believe in womens rights. the other day my teacher was going over these planned parenthood cases from the 1930s-1960s and pointing out how evil and racist the christians and the courts were because they were intolerent and discriminating againest minorities and "planned parenthood(then marget sanger's org)were just fighting for womens rights and for poor women. i asked outloud if she knew the founder of planned parenthood was fan of eugenics? someone next to me said "so" and gave me an annoyed look and the teacher laughed and said "no no" the crazy and most disturbing thing is-this is an intercultural studies class!! i printed out a few pages on marget sanger and gave them to her, of course shes a hard left liberal so shell never addressed the real story to the class. anyways, thank god for glenn beck cause i ovously would not have an oppertunity to learn acurate history in college, or even an unbias history….

    well thank you, love the videos, i just had to comment on this. =)

  • Bullseyetransport

    It’s about time someone grew the ba…s to fight against “Planed Parenthood”

    Yeaaaa   go get m.