Cecile Richards uses Tim Tebow to Promote Abortion… Again

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards

By now, most of the nation has an understanding of Tim Tebow’s incredible story—while his mother was pregnant with him in the Philippines, she became ill and was strongly urged to abort her son.  She refused.  The 24-year-old Broncos quarterback has since become a “cultural touchstone” and a wholesome role model for everyone, especially our youth, in this depraved society.

Planned Parenthood CEO and President Cecile Richards writes to the NY Times that it is “[suggested] that Planned Parenthood does not celebrate birth or a remarkable story like Mr. Tebow’s.”  There’s a laugh. I can’t recall a single instance where Planned Parenthood has openly and publicly celebrated the birth of a child, especially one born against all odds and difficult circumstances.  Why would they, though?  This would be a promotion of life, the antithesis of Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda.

“…the Tebow story exemplifies the health care environment that Planned Parenthood promotes — a world in which women and families are supported in the medical decisions they make for themselves and their families without government interference,” Richards writes.

Tim Tebow
Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow

The CEO of an organization that performs about 330,000 abortions on almost 12% of their patients while garnering over 14% of their overall billion-dollar income annually saying that Mrs. Tebow’s story “exemplifies” Planned Parenthood’s ideologies is one of the cruelest ironies I have ever heard.  However, this isn’t the first time an abortion group has tried to use  Tebow to try and push the pro-abortion rights agenda, nor the first time Richards has responded to his story by twisting this incredible story into one to promote the “choice” of abortion.

ESPN has already polled him to be the most popular athlete in America, and that’s just the beginning for him.  The more national attention Tebow gains in his football career and beyond, the more people will hear his and his mother’s story, and the more Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood will try desperately to somehow tie their abortion agenda into it.  The media is focus on Tebow, who has become a pro-life symbol, and Planned Parenthood is all too aware of that.

  • Excellent, Cecile! The government should not interfere with the medical decisions of women…but they should definitely pay you hundreds of millions every year and force taxpayers to pay for abortifacient birth control and abortion. So sad that pro-choice logic fails every time….

    • Good to know I’m not the only one that saw the hypocrisy.

  • McLaren Sforza

    Verbal jiu-jitsu:  Co-opting the Tebow story to rationalize the destruction of millions. Same distortion of language as in the hijacking of  the term “healthcare” to designate abortion.  If the stakes were not so high, these verbal acrobatics would be laughable.

  • Do these people even listen to what they’re saying? If she doesn’t want government interference with womens’ reproductive rights, then she shouldn’t expect government money for abortions!

  • Anonymous

    Big Tebow fan here in CO! Pro-life all the way, right on to the football field!

  • Bankenfin

    This article is confusing.  I just read the Cecile Richards article and I didn’t interrupt what she said the same way the writer did.

    • saffiremoon21

      I’m pretty sure that Richards meant that Tebow’s birth shouldn’t be seen as something extraordinary because that’s just how the birthing process should go.

      A woman should be allowed to carry out her pregnancy despite its inherent risks without being harassed or judged for her choice.  At the same time, she should also have the choice to terminate the pregnancy if that’s what she feels is best for her.

      I’d also like to add that a lot of people (not just women) rely on Planned Parenthood for healthcare because they cannot afford birth control/STD testing/reproductive health checks otherwise.  

      • So misguided …

      • Mandie

        Don’t know if you have heard of Abby Johnson. She is a pro life advocate who had previosly been a director at PP. She stated tody that in one state there are 98 clinics, clinics that are more comprehensive than PP in the services that are offered, who reach out to people who need low to no cost services. Compare that with the TWO PP’s in that state who don’t offer as many services and who also kill innocent unborn children. The reason people think that PP is the only clinic out there to appeal to low income people is becuse it is subsidized by the government with millions of dollars a year. There was another state recently that chose to give their money to non bortive facilities, facilities that qualified for the money and Obama cut off their funding until the state gave money to PP. It is a grossly misguided notion that Planned Parenthood is the only clinic to go to for care…thanks to the advertising they are capable of doing because of government subsidization… unlike the otherwise unheard of (because of lack of funding for advertising) clinics that ACTUALLY WANT TO HELP AND NOT KILL!

  • Anonymous

    Abortion is NOT HEALTHCARE!  GB2 <3

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t realize that Planned Parenthood was actively engaged in defending the right to give birth, or, for that matter,  that Mrs. Tebow was ever in danger of being forced by the government or anyone else to abort.

    But since that’s apparently the case, as implied by Cecile Richards’ remarks, then I am CERTAIN that Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, international advocates of women’s rights that they are, are striving as we speak to secure the right to carry a pregnancy to term for the women of China who currently must have a permit to be pregnant and, failing that, are subject to forced abortion and sterilization.


    • Briana Shackley

      IPPF actually helped write and commended the One Child policy in China.

  • Grace Garner

    Too little, too late, Mrs.Richards. Nobody believes you. Sorry.

  • Hutttnertina47

    She is a bimbo and stupid!

  • Tabitha Wallen

    ok, how in the H does this lady tie in Tebow’s MIRACLE BIRTH with PP’s agenda? how can she honestly believe that by telling women (who for whatever reason have not heard or read it before) that you DO NOT have to abort your child because of possible medical concerns actually help her??? seriously, how is this promoting abortion?

    my sister in law was practically brow-beat to abort her son because he had had a stoke at 33 wks. when was born 3 wks later, he was 6lb 15oz, needed NO steroids for his lungs and although he did end up passing away from pneumonia, it WAS NOT caused by the stroke. he lived 26 days with barest medical attention. if she had consented to the doctors orders, we would not have known the most miraculous infant i have ever seen.

  • Barb

    I read the Richards’ letter, too.  Her words ring hollow because Planned Parenthood’s actions are contrary (ie, fails to walk the talk).  If Mrs Tebow had relied on Planned Parenthood for prenatal care, there would be no Tim.  Still I was gratified to learn that PP provides “services” to only 20% of American women.  Perhaps soon they will join the other 80% who get their health care from life-affirming medical professionals who see women as more than a sex organ.

    • Exactly. The stupidest, most common arguement I hear is abortion stops the “slavery” of women as sex and baby-making “slaves,” when, in actuality, abortion takes away the fear of a consequence, heavily increasing the sex part.

  • Ken Greenwell

    So sad we can’t even celebrate achievement joyfully in the shadow of abortion.

  • Lane

    Richards is unbelievably twisted in her thinking. They’ll say anything to make themselves look good because telling the truth is so grusome and awful.

  • vitaglubet

    Abortion has to be the ultimate of selfish acts. Cecile must be one vile person to support it. How about working to find unwanted/unplanned babies a home?