Jewels Green

Exclusive: Former Abortion Clinic Worker Speaks Out For Life

One of the most powerful weapons in the pro-life arsenal is the authentic testimony of those who have advocated for and helped provide abortions, and later seen the light. People like Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Carol Everett, and Abby Johnson have information and insight that will help us win the fight against the abortion industry.

Allentown, Pennsylvania native and mother of three Jewels Green has made the courageous decision to finally speak up for life. In her first public pro-life testimony, she tells Live Action about suffering the pain of abortion as a teenager and later spending several years working in an abortion clinic.

Jewels Green
Jewels Green

This is her story:

“My first baby would be 22 this week. I was a 17-year-old drug-using high school drop-out, but when the lady wearing scrubs told me I was pregnant, I already thought of myself as a new mother.

Everyone wanted me to get an abortion…  except me.

I actually stopped using drugs, went to the library and checked out a book called Under 18 and Pregnant and started to read it to prepare. I scheduled my first prenatal check-up. My boyfriend was relentless. I am deliberately omitting the details of the violence, both real and threatened, but I finally caved in to my boyfriend’s insistence to not have our baby. On January 4, 1989, he took me to the abortion clinic, but I literally ran out in the hope of saving my baby. Two days later, on January 6, 1989, at 9 1/2 weeks gestation, I had an abortion. It nearly killed me. No, not the surgical procedure, the psychological aftermath. I attempted suicide three times after my abortion and finally ended up in an adolescent psychiatric ward of a community hospital for a month to recover.

I was coerced into having an abortion and thought that by becoming a counselor at an abortion clinic, I could help others like me really talk out their feelings on the issue, truly explore their options, and help them make an honest, informed decision–or help them leave an abusive situation. I worked at an abortion clinic for five years (from age 18  to 23)—not the same one where I had my abortion. I started out on the phone, then at the front desk checking in patients and accepting payments, then I learned medical assisting and helped in the laboratory, took vital signs in the recovery room, and did “dishes” in the autoclave area. (I’ll come back to this). Then, after two years working at the clinic and starting college as a psychology major, I was trained as a counselor. The “counseling” experience was not what I had hoped. Nearly every pregnant woman coming to an abortion clinic for “options counseling” had already made up her mind, but just wanted to check out the facility and have her questions answered and perhaps her fears allayed. And most of the women coming in felt they had no other choice. A few were truly ambivalent. This is where the pro-choice movement and clinics fail. Sure, we had a little notebook with the names and numbers of two local adoption agencies, but we were never trained or taught how the adoption process works so we could explain it to women. We had the phone number of the local WIC office, public assistance, etc., but again, knew nothing about the process should anyone ever ask for details. If a pregnant woman wanted to learn more about these other choices, the best the “options counselor” could offer was a post-it note with a phone number hastily scribbled on it.

During my time at the clinic, I was a staunch supporter of abortion rights, while all the time knowing in my heart that I felt that what I did was wrong, that I missed my baby, and that I wished things could be different for me. In hindsight, I can see that by surrounding myself with people who believed it was OK to abort babies, I was hoping that someday I would be OK with aborting my baby. This never happened…

I have marched twice in Washington, D.C., in support of abortion rights. I have lobbied inHarrisburg (the capital of Pennsylvania). I have joined David Gunn, Jr., in lobbying Congress for stronger sanctions against militant anti-abortion activists who harass pregnant women, bomb abortion clinics, intimidate clinic staff, and murder physicians (like David’s dad, Dr. David Gunn, who was killed by an anti-abortion “activist”) – but even then I never agreed with rallying cries such as “Abortion on demand and without apology!” chanted at such gatherings. It was–and is–so much more complicated than that.

After graduating from college with a degree in psychology I left my job at the clinic to work the overnight shift at a teen crisis hotline for a year before moving toNew York City to attend graduate school. After earning my Master’s in psychology, I moved back to my hometown and worked part-time at the clinic through much of my next pregnancy. I remember one Saturday morning (a big “procedure day” when more than 20 abortions were scheduled and at least a dozen protestors were outside, standing along the long driveway that led into the clinic parking lot) when I was about six months along and very visibly pregnant–much farther along than the 16 week abortion limit of the clinic–when a protestor shouted to me, “Your baby loves you!” I smiled to myself. When I got inside and started to help the nurse set up the recovery room, I told her this, and she was angry and appalled. Even then–as an active employee at the clinic–telling a pregnant woman her baby loves her did not seem like such an objectionable thing to say, or even to shout, at an obviously pregnant woman.

Identifying myself as pro-life, though, did not come until many years later. After finally forgiving myself for aborting my first child I was able to see the world differently. After two failed marriages I was able to finally commit and my husband and I have been

Abby Johnson
Abby Johnson

married for eleven years. After giving birth to three sons and feeling the life grow inside me and knowing the fierce overwhelming love a mother can feel for a child, I have been able to finally acknowledge that yes, life begins at conception. But it wasn’t until stumbling upon links to Abby Johnson’s YouTube videos, and then reading her book  Unplanned, that I could say out loud that I was pro-life. It was Abby’s amazing story, and her courageous and honest testimony, that helped me to openly join the ranks of the pro-life movement.

And although I now consider myself pro-life, I simply cannot abide by the extremists within the movement’s ranks who often act without censure by many of the position’s vocal leadership. I was at the front desk when the clinic was invaded on July 17, 1991, which we later dubbed “The Wednesday From Hell.” Six people ran into the waiting room with a huge metal contraption with multiple pipes attached that we all assumed was a bomb until they slid their arms inside of it and started singing. They were in the waiting room “attached” to that thing for seven hours while local and state police and FBI agents attempted to negotiate with and extract them from the device. They peed on the carpet. The clinic’s daily functions continued in other parts of the facility. Not one woman changed her mind as a result of this invasion. I was also working the front desk on the day twoBostonclinics were attacked by an armed anti-abortion gunman who wounded five people and killed two. The gunman remained at large for many hours before being apprehended.Bostonis a five-hour drive from where I worked and I remained at the front desk. (My uncle, a police sergeant, insisted I wear a bulletproof vest to work for a full week following that event, and I did.) One of the former directors of the clinic I worked for had her home broken into twice, another director routinely has her home picketed and has been followed home from work by suspicious vehicles on several occasions. There has to be a better way to further the cause of life.

Speaking of which: abortion ends life. Period. This is not in question nor should it be. This is a fundamental truth. I worked in the autoclave room where the “products of conception” (as so many pro-choice proponents—and abortion clinic counselors—call the fetus and placenta) were rearranged and counted to make sure “we got everything.” For early abortions, this meant floating the contents of the jar in water to visualize the chorionic villi. For abortions from about 8 1/2 – 12 weeks, this meant counting hands and feet, making sure the spine and ribcage and skull were present, you get the idea. For the abortions where the gestational age of the fetus was in question, especially if there was a chance it was an “oops,” meaning a pregnancy terminated beyond the clinic’s legal limit of 14 weeks LMP (from last menstrual period), the feet were measured to determine a more accurate gestational age.

Working in the autoclave room was never, ever easy. I saw my lost child in every jar of aborted baby parts. One night after working autoclave my nightmares about dead babies were so gruesome and terrifying and intense I met with the clinic’s director to talk about my feelings. She was very understanding, open and honest, and painfully forthright when she told me, “What we do here is end a life. Pure and simple. There is no disputing this fact. You need to be OK with this to work here.” After a few days rotated out of the autoclave room, I felt I was OK with this, and God help me, I went back.

When in my fourth year at the clinic they won approval to do abortions up to 16 weeks LMP, one woman quit and two staff members—myself included— refused to work on the “late days.” My boss was very understanding and scheduled me to work with the non-pregnant GYN patients those days.

For myself, I know in my heart that I would never again terminate a pregnancy — EVER — nor would I ever work at an abortion clinic again. If someone I love was facing an unplanned pregnancy, I would do my very best to help her find a way to stay pregnant and give that baby a chance—whether it be by becoming a parent, or by offering up the child for adoption.

There are far too many innocent lives being snuffed out in our country before they have the opportunity to take their first breath, and as a nation we should be doing better. We need to do better. We need to provide real resources to pregnant mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy. The women and babies of our country deserve better. After all, sometimes the best things in life aren’t planned.

Happy Nobirthday, Unbaby. I miss you every day. Love & tears, Mom.”


You can contact Jewels Green through Live Action contributor Kristen Walker by clicking here.

Kristen Walker is Vice President of New Wave Feminists. She tweets as @walkertxkristen and rants about stuff on her blog.

  • Catherine Adair

    Jewels, thank you for sharing your story. I am also “coming out” as a post-abortive woman who worked in a Planned Parenthood clinic (the one where John Salvi killed those women) and I am so glad that you are sharing your story. I know the more of us there are, the sooner abortion will stop. Keep going and may the Lord keep you and protect you.

    • Jennie

      good for you, catherine!!!  women like you, abby, and jewels are such a value to the pro-life movement.  stay strong.

    • gina101

      Catherine, you’re truly one of the heroes in the prolife movement.  It takes unimaginable courage to get to where you are after where you’ve been. 

    • David

      I pray every day, not just for the unborn and the pro-life, but for the lives deceived by the ‘pro-choice’ lies… it touches me immensely to see people like you, and jewel, and abby johnson to realise and accept the truth with such courage and conviction. Keep strong sister. 🙂

    • Goos7399

      I am glad that you have gotten out and now you must tell your story to any and all who will hear it. The import of women KNOWING from women exactly what this procedure is and does to the individuals is extremely important. I will pray God give you strength and courage to continue and testify the truth to others!

    • Jthomas6759

       as a post abortive woman, i know the stories of men and women that made the “wrong choice” that took the life of our children, we thank you jewel and catherine for telling the truth from your view point.  i am convinced that all of our stories will change hearts and when hearts change, so will the laws.  may God bless you both-
      julie thomas
      atlanta, ga

  • Lyme Gal

    Thank you for sharing your story, Jewels. May you find peace, and may your wise words to stop all violence in the pro-life movement be heard loud and strong! As a pro-life woman, we must learn to respect all human life, or we will be judged as hypocrites. I love the way Abby Johnson approaches this…prayers for those performing abortions.

  • Wow, powerful article.

  • Saraya

    This brought tears too my eyes. Thank you so very much for sharing this! Makes me so very proud to be the wonderful mommy I am at 19 years old 🙂

    • Cheri

      congrats, Saraya! 🙂

  • VeloKid93

    Awesome testimony! 

    God bless you, Jewels!

  • Elizabeth

    Jewels, thank you for your bravery, you’re a gift to us all who are fighting the most important fight of our life time. I am a team member of Rachel’s Vineyard and I’ve learned that God’s mercy and grace are endless and that there is no sin greater than God’s love. I’m sorry you’ve suffered at the hands of Pro-life extremist; their acts are not justifiable – EVER. But I’m sure you’ll agree that the terror inflicted upon the unborn is far more gruesome. Your journey has only just begun, stay strong and not only does your baby in heaven love you very much… so does God. Blessings!

  • Kelly

    Jewels, I teared up when I read your sign off.  I believe that God has a special place in heaven for babies who have been aborted and I think your “unbaby” is a baby who will rejoice when he/she has the chance to meet his Mommy one day!

  • Lisa Klinge

    God Bless you Jewels..I never worked in one..nor have been pro-choice..but had 2 teen pregnancies by the time I was 18.  My first I was only 13 yrs old and chose to have my Son and raised him w/ assistance from my parents..and later his Father whom I was in an abusive relationship that continued for many yrs..and during this time was impregnated again at the age of just turning 18..I was threatened and was pushed into an abortion at about 8 weeks into the pregnancy..My baby would had been 22 yrs old this past March. It left me emotionally devastated.  I came close as well to committing suicide in the days following my abortion..and struggled with years of pain and grief.  I still miss what would had been the opportunity to raise what I am sure would had been a truly amazing child..Through God’s Amazing Grace..I know I am forgiven..although I still struggle to forgive Me..I have for for the past few yrs been working on starting a Crisis Pregnancy Center in my County I now reside and our neighboring Sister county..We are very rural..No CPC’s exist here..Until now..we are incorporated..and have our 501 c3 and board in place..and lots in the works in the near future..I have recently lost both my Parent’s this year and now have my handicapped Aunt whom lived w/them living with me and will be stepping down from the board to allow some others to come on board whom can be more active at this time…Please pray that the Parke/Vermillion Crisis Pregnancy Center will become a fully running entity by the beginning of this next year..God Bless you in all that you are accomplishing and taking this courageous stand for the prayers are with you Sister….Lisa

    • gina101

      God bless you, Lisa.  

  • Guest

    Wow! What an amazing article! Thank you so much, Jewels for being willing to break your silence and share your story. I believe it will have an un-measurable impact for good. Your testimony can change the minds of women contemplating abortion and save the lives of babies that hang in the balance. Thank you for your courage! May you continue to allow God’s love and forgiveness to heal your heart.

  • renee

    if u have not yet named your unborn baby, dignify his or her life with a name. God will giveui the right one. thanks for ur article….

  • Johnboever

    Thank You so much for your extremely moving words and for your tremendous witness to every man and woman on both sides of this issue.  May God bless you and hold you tightly in His arms.

  • Jlberkon

    Than you jewles for such a heroic testimony.  My prayers are with you and with your healing that you may experience the abundant love and grace of God the almighty Father!  Keep fighting the good fight and testifying!

  • Kelsey

    See the problem with the first story is that she was FORCED into an abortion and that’s why it was so traumatic for her. Are you even trying to talk to the women who, they them selves and NO ONE ELSE chose to abort? Are you looking at both sides and listening? Not all pro-choice people like my self believe everyone should abort, we’re also about giving the woman the right to chose. And the woman in your first story was clearly NOT given the right to chose thanks to her situation.

    • Sommer

           Kelsey, I respect your opinion, and I’m glad you shared.  I would like to highlight a couple of my thoughts.  First, many, many women are pressured into abortion.  We can ignore this by saying, “what about the women that choose it themselves,” but to quickly dismiss this fact is irresponsible.  There’s been a number of studies conducted but “Induced abortion and traumatic stress:  A preliminary comparison of American and Russian women (VM Rue et. al.  Medical Science Monitor 2004)” showed that 64% of women reported feeling pressured to abort and 79% weren’t told of available resources.  It found that most felt rushed or uncertain, yet 67% weren’t counseled and 84% weren’t sufficiently informed before the abortion.
           I am an advocate for women.  I believe women should make decisions out of knowledge and power.  It’s with this heart that I counsel women in unplanned pregnancy.  I can tell you, from experience, those who say they are “choosing to abort” often have layers of pressures, emotions, and fears. 
           I’m sorry you feel this article is one-sided, but I believe the more you talk to post-abortive women, the more you’ll see this story is tragically common and shouldn’t be disregarded lightly.

    • Michaela

      Kelsey, I seriously doubt anyone would choose to kill their child if they were told, yes, what you have in you is a child. This child already has every bit of dna he/she needs to be the beautiful blonde, brunette, black, red-headed child he/she has be created to be. This child will grow to be a inventor, nurse, doctor, dance instructor, pianist, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, friend and most importantly, son or daughter…Kelsey. I refuse to believe any woman could consciously and  deliberately kill their own child if they could see them 5 yrs from the time of conception. Lord have mercy on us for allowing this holocaust to continue.

      • Muggle

        Michaela, not all women who have an abortion are “choosing to kill their own child” but rather, some are choosing to save themselves, save the mother of their existing child(ren) and are saddened that they cannot allow the embryo, which they know has every bit of DNA needed to grow into a child they would love, to continue developing. Some women are married to the love of their life, already have a child or two, become pregnant again, and then a week later are diagnosed with a serious illness and told that continuing the pregnancy would mean a delay of vital treatment resulting in death for both mother and embryo (I say embryo estimating that she’s found out she was pregnant at around 6 to 7 weeks gestation – taking a test when her period was a 2-3 weeks late).

        The woman could also be like a dear friend of mine – someone who has a heart condition and cannot maintain a pregnancy. A wonderful mother to her only child, she went through years of therapy to help her get over the fact that she could not have another baby. If her birth control methods ever failed, she would require an abortion, or she would die during pregnancy. Her heart simply cannot handle the increased blood volume that occurs during a pregnancy. It would be devastating for her. She and her husband are cautious (using 2 methods of birth control, for example) however, it would be very, very wrong for anyone to guilt-trip this already heartbroken person for making love to her husband, and having to undergo an early term abortion to save her child’s mother (her child, who, has spent years on this earth, and is very bonded with her) when the embryo growing inside of her would perish right along with her before birth.

        We do not know the background of every woman who seeks an abortion. It is very, very unfair to judge other people, even if you feel that they are making a terrible mistake or a selfish choice.

        “Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone.”

  • Kelsey

    deleting my comment works too, you one sided fucks. I tried to be poliet but no. continue using your fear factor to convince women sex is wrong and evil and we’re all sluts for like dick in our vagina.

    • Destinydelaro

      Haha, you obviously just don’t know how to work your computer, because if they were going to delete anything it’d be that rant. Thanks for letting your true pro-abortion self shine!

      • Texas Gal

        Kelsey, please point us to the quote wherein the author stated that sex is wrong? Oh, you can’t.

  • David

    I got tears at the end, I’m so proud of you Jewels. 

  • Anonymous

    It is so important for pro-lifers to hear from post-abortive women and former abortion clinic workers like Abby Johnson and Jewels Green. We need to know what works and what doesn’t for changing people’s minds on abortion. It’s also an opportunity to stand with these women and men as they heal from their clinic experiences.

  • Birthingheartroot

    His Divine Mercy is for ALL,
       free and worthwhile accepting, as the Grace He provides.

  • Jody Ward

    Truth brings freedom.  thank you Abbey and Jewels.

  • Laura Brown

    Thank you, Jewels, for speaking out. I am post-abortive also, and am speaking out, in love. Of all the people in the arena, we are the ones who can truly expose the damage done by abortion.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  So this woman worked in an abortion clinic for five years without pressuring someone into an abortion, participating in a conspiracy to expand abortion among African-Americans, or facilitating the sexual exploitation of minors.  It’s enough to make me question the accuracy of Live Action’s “reporting” about the abortion industry.

    • Kristen Walker

      Wow. So this woman was coerced into an abortion as a teenager without anyone at the clinic intervening for her and her baby, counted human body parts in an autoclave room, and experienced first-hand the grievous lack of counseling regarding “other options” that takes place in an abortion clinic. It’s enough to make me think maybe Live Action is absolutely right.

      Also, I don’t recall Live Action ever intimating that every worker in every clinic is involved in the kind of illegal activity they’ve encountered. What I do recall is actual audio and video footage of Planned Parenthood employees lying to women, covering up statutory rape, and failing to report sex trafficking.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, that’s true–you did not explicitly claim every single worker in every single clinic in the nation is a criminal.  Good cover.

        • SimiMom

          What’s also true, is that Planned Parenthood’s own 2009 report shows abortions — not pregnancy prevention — are their bread and butter, outnumbering adoptions 333:1.

          LY112’s snide defense of abortion providers belies she does not merely question Live Action uncovering truth, but resents it. Bad cover.

    • Joanna W

      Just to make sure I don’t hurt anyone unnecessarily, I’ll ask you a question.

      Are you someone who had an abortion and is feeling guilty? If the answer is yes, please find someone to talk to about it and don’t read the rest of this reply. If the answer is no, please do read on.

      Wow. So you know all about the inner workings of an abortion provider. Do share. Are you so sure of your stance?
      Come on, think. Yes, a good number of the people inside those places lie and coerce and cover up and every other thing they can get away with. Not all of them. There are those who still have a sense of right and wrong, and believe themselves to be truly helping women. Is it such a stretch of the imagination that some women who are damaged emotionally by trauma from their youth think that they are helping someone until the day the light shines on what is really happening? Not everyone who does this work is evil. Some are simply misguided.

      You can’t use a blanket statement like that. I do not now, nor have I ever, condoned or advocated abortion in ANY case. I am staunchly pro-life, and always have been. But you have obviously not read enough about the abortion industry yet to know that there are more than a few people who come out of it without having done anything illegal. Do some more reading, and don’t assume all ex-abortion-advocates are evil. Some are very good people who didn’t know what they were really doing. That’s why they are EX-abortion-advocates.

  • TrailsonFire3_16

    a christian friend of mine, from the Crisis Pregnancy Center, Rocky Mount NC introduced me to a new group she was holding at her church, it was called “””Post-Abortion-Syndrome”…..I still have the book she used….called the same, PAS….thru this class, and others like me, all having had abortions in our past, were able to find forgiveness, made whole again, and some of us were spiritually discerned to our aborted babies names, we had an ending ceremony where we found closure, with grieving the death, and forgiveness for our sin, and, at the time, I was also pregnant again, at age 35, had already decided to place my baby up for adoption, and to this day, my Little girl is with her parents at age 13….she is a straight A student, honor roll, church choir, tap, Jazz, and Ballet, soft ball, and soccer, I am not bragging, am just so blessed  that God sent me my friend, with just what I needed, on time, I chose the couple, privately, got to know them before she was born, and they were there for her birth… day I want to share my story…..and how God led me, Blessed beyond comprehension..

    • It is a beautiful story and I believe it needs to be shared.  There are so many people out there that would love to offer that kind of family to a precious child.  The lie that these babies are unwanted has been spread far too long.  Your story is one of true love and compassion, not only for the your child but also for those loving parents that you gave a  special gift to.  If more young girls and women knew that there is hope and joy in this kind of giving, I believe more would choose to do what you did.   I would encourage you to think about speaking to youth groups at churches and youth crises centers.  As a mother that helped my daughter through the choices and challenges that an untimely pregnancy  brings.  I am proud of you.  My daughter kept her son, she was 19 and had decided to go on to get a Nursing Degree if my husband and I would help with the baby while she attended classes.  We have always been pro-life and we knew that if she set her mind to something she could achieve it.  We have never regretted that decision.  She is now married and proud mother of 4 beautiful children.  She is also an RN.  Her son is now 16 and is the apple of Grandpas eye.  We are proud grand parents of 7 of our own and countless extended family grandchildren that we help their moms be able to do the same over the years.  We thank God always for these precious lives that we get to share and love because of His grace and Love for them.  Tell your story every chance you get. It is why God allowed you to go through it.  With us, our children knew who they could bring their friends to for help and guidance.  I have always believed that this is a Christian issue and that as we step out in faith and take action ourselves, He would provide the way and in turn it would save lives.  I can testify that it is true.  Gods blessing to all of you that have chosen to let those children have life, those of you who have come to realize how precious life is and to all of you helping to make sure they 
      have that choice.  Keep fighting the good fight.  In Jesus love.        .

  • praying for you! Thank you for your honesty

  • Margiepad

    Thank you so much for sharing. May others be open to the truth  because of you. <

  • guest

    Abortion ends potential for life you insane bi t ch

  • Michaela

    Just as most of us understand what may provoke women to have an abortion, I also understand what provokes people to be so extreme in the pro life movement. Of course, ultimately, everyone must be personally accountable for their actions, both the women who are driven to insanity by “choosing” to end the life of their child as well as the people who are literally driven to insanity by the thought of this legalized murder under the guise of “personal choice” continuing by the millions. Both are left with emptiness and shame.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am 54 and have three sisters who are still struggling with their decision to abort so many years ago. Forgiveness is impossible to find if you are told lies like the baby is just a blob of tissue. My sister has her Masters in nursing and still insists a baby that is aborted is merely a “blob of tissue”. She too is surrounding herself with “professionals” that will share her lie. She now teaches other nurses.

  • Suzette Perry

    Thanks Jewels for sharing your story.  It is soooo wonderful to hear your story and know it is an answer to prayer.  May all the pro-lifers be encouraged and continue to pray to see lives changed through Jesus Christ!

  • Sheltielover

    God BLESS you Jewels for sharing your story. I hope many people will be enlightened and touched by your experiences. I pray your heart is fully healed and restored.

  • Lucylou314

    What an awesome story. I was also coherced into an abortion at 15 by my boyfriend which in turn threw me into drugs and alcohol and a 2nd abortion. That was a 36 years ago and though I know forgiveness I Christ and have truely healed from those experiences they are still vivid in my mind. I know they are in heaven and 1 day we will be reunited but I miss them every day. I have in the past worked in the prolife movement trying to help those who seek abortion and those who have had one. In one instance I became good friends with a lady who has remained a good friend for nearly 26 years now. Her son turned 24 this past Monday and just finished basic training in the airforce! With so many telling her to abort him she listened to her heart and chose life in a most difficult situation. The child was not her husbands and was also of a different race than her husband. I thank God for this young man and his life every day when I see him I see Gods goodness and the preciousness of life.

  • SimiMom

    Jewels, your story is heartbreaking, but I am so glad you are sharing it. It is time to face the fact that abortion supporters have been too successful, too long, in convincing girls and women that ending a life is an acceptable “choice” that has no consequences.

    Even now, Girl Scouts of the USA has been ramping up connections with pro-abortion organizations to make young girls comfortable with the idea that abortion-providers and abortion-supporting organizations like Planned Parenthood and the United Nations and CARE are friends to embrace, support, promote and even advocate for. The truth can be so sad. Find the evidence yourself on a website called HonestGirlScouts(dot)com. Pro-lifers need to speak out and be proud to support life.

  • Dear Jewels,
    I can only try to imagine your pain about the lose of you baby.  I just knew that I was pregnant  by the second day of my preganancy and fell in love with my son immediately.  I pray the LORD gives you great peace and you baby will not have died in vain.  I know your story will make a great positive impact in the Pro Life world and will also have a great  negative impact in the gruesome dark world of killing innocent children.  May GOD please you and keep you safe.

  • Joanna W

    I have been pro-life all my life. I was ridiculed for debating against abortion in high school. I volunteered at a CPC and was proud to be a resource for those who faced untimely pregnancies. Ironically, it was while learning to use the new tests we’d gotten that I learned I was pregnant the first time.

    I never had an abortion; I gave birth each time my pregnancy did not end in miscarriage, (several, and each one devastating to me,) and have 3 amazing sons. Every time I read about the devastation abortion causes a woman, I am so grateful I did not give in to those who wanted me to abort one of those sons. I refused to be pushed into doing something I knew was wrong. Thankfully, I was not forced to undergo an abortion.Women like me only have one side of the story…. but women like you, Jewels, have the full story, which needs to be heard by every person in the world. Because it’s the truth. Abortion does not just kill a baby, it kills relationships: mother-child, mother-God, father-mother, father-God, baby-world… so many ways those lives are affected. I laud any woman or man who has come out of the darkness to tell the truth, and shine the light. Keep doing what you are doing, and may God truly bless you and everything you do. I’m sure your child is watching you and is pleased and joyful that you have come to this point in your journey.One day, you and I and all those mothers who have lost children will be reunited with them. They will be happy, whole, and overjoyed to see us again. There is no sadness in Heaven… only joy, love and peace. We will all finally be able to hold those children in our arms, and finally feel the end of the longing and sorrow.

  • Ziggy981

    I am still so proud to be Pro Choice.  But thank you Jewels for not supporting violence among the Pro Life movement. 

    • HkateD

      Unfortunately, it seems to me that she was also condemning the violence among the “pro-choice” community.   This choice for a woman is a violent death for her baby.  These women and their babies deserve so much more.  A loving shoulder to cry on, an open ear to confide in and helping hand to make sure that the choice she makes is one that she and her baby can live with.

  • BottomFeeder

    Anyone who hurts or kills someone else is not a part of the Pro Life movement.  

  • Mewwsical

    What I don’t understand is when she describes them ‘counting body parts’ afterward…  how anyone can do that and say it’s not a human being (aka baby) is beyond me.  I’ve seen these “products of conception” when I was working (in a lab, not an abortion clinic), and the saddest thing I ever saw was a pale white tiny hand and fingers, no bigger than a dime 🙁  Yes, life begins at conception.

  • Winslownancy

    I would like to know from post-abortive women what they think of the strategy of publicly showing large photographs of aborted babies.

  • marylamb72

    God Bless you. I am horrified at the descriptions of what went on at the PP facility. I, TOO, am horrified at what some “pro life” advocates have done. Pray God change THEIR hearts also. We will win by showing love and compassion. Violence changes NO ONE’S mind.

  • marylamb72

    God Bless you. I am horrified at the descriptions of what went on at the PP facility. I, TOO, am horrified at what some “pro life” advocates have done. Pray God change THEIR hearts also. We will win by showing love and compassion. Violence changes NO ONE’S mind.

  • Muggle

    Jewels, the one point I’d like to make is that there aren’t many people around who are, in fact, “pro-abortion”. We are “pro-choice”. Unfortunately, you were not really given a choice, and so, your body and your rights were violated. It’s also okay to be “pro-life” – I consider myself, in fact, to be both pro-life and pro-choice. 🙂

  • jane wagner

    Thank you for sharing your story, Jewels. You have come a long way in your journey towards life. I would like to suggest though that you consider one of your remaining prejudices, that being the appearance of pro-lifers in and around abortion clinics. If more Germans had stormed the death camps, and exposed what the Nazis were doing to the Jewish people, perhaps that holocaust would have been over sooner than the end of the war. I am not advocating violence (there is enough of that in the pro-abortion movement). What those folks did on “the Wednesday from hell” wasn’t violent, except that they chained themselves to each other. What Mary Wagner does, entering an abortion clinic with roses and hope for any mother there who wants to leave with her, is both brave and heroic. Please consider this as you advocate for Life. Truly advocate for life.

  • Free bird

    Thank you for sharing your story with us !!!! My biggest prayer is that abortions will one day STOP !!!!!!!!!!