Feminists for Choice Proves Women are Often Ignorant about Abortion

Belief in abortion rights does not equal knowledge about abortion. This was made clear when the group Feminists for Choice asked women, “Can you be pro-choice if you wouldn’t choose abortion for yourself?” Most women answered the question with the same pro-abortion, deceptive language that has been fired off by abortion proponents for years. And it proves they don’t know anything about fetal development or abortion.

It’s My Body

Aurelia says, “I am pro-choice for the most basic reason. I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do with my body and I don’t think I have any business telling anyone what else to do with their body.”

Van claims, “It seems intuitive and obvious to me that I should be the ultimate decision maker of a decision that has to do with my physical body. On top of that, the fact that the majority of government is men makes it even more insulting.”


What these two fail to understand is that the baby/fetus is a completely different person from the mother. She has her own body developing with her own unique DNA within the womb of her mother. This is scientific fact. To be peddling the old line that abortion is something a women does to her own body is ignorant and disingenuous. Besides that, the government tells us we can’t use drugs or prostitute ourselves – actions that actually only affect our own body (unless of course the person is pregnant).

A Fetus isn’t Life, Just Potential Life

Sophia wrote that, “When I realized I was pregnant I realized this wasn’t an abstract moral decision any more. I had a potential baby growing in my body. I don’t think an abortion is killing a baby, but it is causing a potential baby to not exist. If I hadn’t done anything, then odds are I would have given birth to a healthy baby – my child – eight months later.”

This is one of the most bizarre, inaccurate arguments for abortion. How is a growing, developing human inside the woman only a potential baby? Ultrasounds allow us to see inside the womb and what we see is in fact a baby. If she is only a potential baby, than is an infant not a person but a potential toddler, and a teen only a potential adult? This potential life has a heartbeat and a face, the ability to recognize voices, feel pain, and the ability to bond. She has all the traits and characteristics that make a living person.

The Government Can’t Police My Morals

Van says, “People oppose abortion for a lot of different reasons. You can oppose it for moral reasons or maybe for religious reasons. Either way, you can still believe that the government does not have the right to invade that space in your life. Just because I think something is wrong does not mean I believe that everyone should be forced to my moral code.”

By this thinking, child abuse, rape, murder, drugs, and incest should all be legal. The government should have no say in what we as individuals do and we should not be forced to live by a moral standard. Laws should not exist to protect us from harm because if someone wants to hurt another person, that is his right.  This thinking leads to the breakdown of civilized society.

Feminists for Choice have done nothing here but prove how wrong abortion is and how blind they are to the destruction of human life happening around them. It is interesting to note that the majority of the women quoted said they would never have an abortion. Obviously, their conscience is telling them something.