Fr. Sammie Maletta Presents How the Obama Administation is “Waging War on the Catholic Church”

A couple weeks ago, St. John the Evangelist Parish in Indiana received a provocative sermon from their priest, Fr. Sammie Maletta. This ten-minute homily elucidates exactly what Obama has done to our country; it tells of the promises he made and broke concerning the safeguard of conscience-protection laws in ObamaCare. Fr. Maletta explains what the Church has done for medical care in America and how that will be halted by the mandate. Perhaps most importantly, he shows how the HHS mandate fills the pockets of government officials and places the reins of medicare into the hands of the State, instead of the people, where it belongs.

Fr. Maletta is also a civil lawyer and familiar with the ins and outs of the elusive words of the HHS mandate. He translates, into common terms, what the mandate means and what it will do to us, the people.

Please listen to this video. It’s ten minutes well-spent.