How the United Nations Betrays Its Own Treaty on Child Rights

Over 20 years ago, the United Nations held the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  The purpose of this convention was to outline the universal rights of children throughout the world.  With the new human rights treaty, UNICEF and others could put social pressure on nations to conform their standards with the accepted rights of children.

Towards this end, the Convention decided that any human being under the age of eighteen would be considered a child, typically.  Yet the U.N. continually betrays its own standards when it pushes abortion throughout the world.  Take, for example, Article 6, which states that children have the right to survive and develop to the fullest.

The U.N. betrays the very children it claims to protect.

Hmmm…and here I thought that unborn children were indeed human beings under the age of eighteen.  Remember, it’s the U.N. that made the definition of child include human being rather than person, so you can’t argue a lack of personhood here.  By the U.N.’s own standard, unborn children have the right to survive and develop to the fullest.

Article 20 states that children have the right to a loving and caring family, and Article 5 says that every child has a right to a family.   This, of course, is why abortion is such a better option than adoption, right, U.N.?  Because there are no families out there who would give ANYTHING IN THE WORLD to adopt a baby and love him or her with all their hearts, right? 

Article 24 declares that children have the right to healthy environments.  Something tells me that a truly healthy environment should not include the risk of being killed at any moment based on your mother’s whim.  Sounds pretty unhealthy to me.

Seriously, the list of the U.N.’s absolute insane hypocrisy could go on and on.  Articles 6, 8, and 19 set out that children have rights to develop to their full potential, be protected from abuse, and to have an identity.  Can someone please explain to me how an aborted child is allowed to develop fully?  How is she protected from abuse when she is literally ripped apart limb from limb while still alive?  If that’s not abuse, please tell me what is.  How is a baby allowed to have his own identity when he is denied his first birthday?

If all rights to a childhood really deserve protection (Article 1), the U.N. has NO BUSINESS promoting abortion.  They laugh in the face of the very standards they pretend to promote.

Many ask why this world fails to value children in large measure.  Why are there so many child prostitutes, child laborers, child warriors, and child slaves?  Because even the U.N.—the organization that claims to stand up for the rights of children—fails to see the irony in promoting the murder of children before they take their first breath.

If that’s not a knife in the heart of every child’s “right to survive,” I don’t know what is…