Huffington Post Writer: Caring About Someone Else’s Baby Isn’t Christian But Creepy

Joining other ultra-liberals like Tosh.O’s star Daniel Tosh, is the Huffington Post’s Gavin Schulman.  Apparently, making light of abortion and viewing it as comedy is now the cool thing to do.  This morning, I was appalled to find an article defending abortion on Huff Post’s comedy page.  Cause yeah, people, abortion really is comedy central.

Mr. Schulman’s favorite line in his oh-so-funny article appears to be “who cares?”  Who cares about abortion?  It’s not a big deal. I mean, come on, Americans…stop giving a rip about anyone else’s baby besides your own!  Those babies who are starving to death in Africa…stop caring!  Those babies who are being killed in India just because they’re girls…stop caring!  Those babies who are being aborted in the U.S. and around the world…stop caring!

Mr. Schulman demonstrates his abhorrent lack of care for basic human decency with this toxic paragraph:

Plus, they’re just babies. It’s not like they can do anything. They can’t even walk. They just sit there and gurgle. What good does that do anyone? And even worse, they’re other people’s babies. Isn’t that the most obnoxious kind? Who actually cares about someone else’s baby? That’s not Christian, it’s creepy. That’s not protective, it’s perverse. That’s not righteous, it’s wrong. And weird. No one should take that keen an interest in someone else’s baby. You should bop them on the nose, take a picture, and go about your day.

Whether it’s written as comedy or as a true belief, it is NOT FUNNY in the absolute least to say that people who cannot walk don’t do anyone else any good.  My husband’s best friend has a little boy who can’t walk.  I know for a fact that he does this world a WHOLE LOT of good.

Pro-abortionists need to stop thinking that the statements they make can be isolated only to unborn babies.  Science has clearly proven that human life begins at the moment of fertilization.  Therefore, these people should be willing to have the statements they make applied across humanity.

If their reasoning behind devaluing unborn babies is that they can’t walk, then voila, any human who is unable to walk has no value.  You can’t pick and choose which humans your standards apply to.  They either apply across the board or they don’t apply at all.

What’s appalling to me is that this is not an isolated view, relegated just to supposedly comedic articles.  I personally debated an avidly pro-choice “expert” on TV.  She specifically stated that one should not be considered a person unless they could walk, talk, and breathe.  And trust me, she was not joking.

Gavin Schulman also illustrates his lack of scientific education when he writes:

I‘m not here to defend abortion. In fact, I’m not here. I’m just a narrative voice. But I will use that voice to reiterate one point about abortion — who cares? It’s not your baby. And, really, it’s not even a baby. But just as I can feed my baby go-go juice and have her dance in a diaper to win a crown, you can opt to not have a baby that could someday shill for stock-trading software. Yes, as humans we should care about one another. But let’s wait on that caring until we’re humans.

His standard is that humans should care about one another once we’re humans.  However, there are two problems with his viewpoint.  First, he spends a large portion of his article detailing in a “humorous” manner how he doesn’t care about your baby one bit, and he’s clearly talking about babies who are indeed already born.  So, Mr. Schulman actually doesn’t care about humans even though he claims otherwise.

Secondly, if he would care to pick up any embryology textbook, he would find that, from the moment of fertilization, a new HUMAN life has begun.  At least the people who debate about whether or not the unborn are persons have some philosophical viewpoint to stand on (however ridiculous).  But to state that unborn babies aren’t even human?

I’m sorry, but that causes me to ask what planet Mr. Schulman was on when he went to school.  He must have been sleeping during his biology classes.  Because, you know, who cares about the facts anyway?