Preborn Human Feet

Is it a Person?

Abortion advocates have lost the battle deciding whether fetuses are human beings. Biology is just too clear. A fetal life has 46 chromosomes, a full set of human DNA, metabolism, cell reproduction, growth, and reaction to stimuli.  All these traits together make a human being. A person has these immediately at fertilization. Preborn Human Feet

This is so clear that abortion advocates have had to come up with another, more confusing argument to distract from the straightforwardness of the facts. “Of course it’s a human,” they say, “what else would it be? But it’s not a person.”

Let’s be honest. Let’s look at the facts. If they are biologically human, they are also persons. There is not now, nor has there ever been, a need to question this because nowhere do we see other examples of a human who is not also a person.

Just to indulge this ridiculous notion, let’s think: what is the difference between a human person and a “human non-person?” Is it self-awareness? Viability out of the womb? Use of the senses? If so, prove it. Who said it? Who decides it? On what grounds? Are abortion advocates picking out qualities that unborn children haven’t yet developed to say “they’re not persons?”

Since when have we even needed to use that word to distinguish between a human and a person? The words themselves are synonymous! Miriam-Webster’s definitions of the word “person” are:

  1. A human.
  2. A member of the human race.

If a person is a member of the human race, then a member of the human race is also a person. A zygote, from conception, is a human and member of a human race, therefore, he is also a person.

The only times we even question whether human beings are persons (or “truly” human) are during exploitation and injustice. During the Holocaust, in support of slavery, and to spread eugenics, for example, we have questioned whether the people exploited or abused are really, truly human. To me, that’s powerful.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you see any differences between a human and a person? What defines each?

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  • Ginny Auldridge

    they will say anything to keep their agenda going, both spreading death and getting paid for it

  • Hannah Renner

    i say, if it can feel, and it has a soul, then it IS a person.

  • lilsis

    yes retards it is

    • 12angrymen

      Excuse me? I ask that you please watch your language dear. 

  • Yaw_julia

    We can look at this in several directions. Firstly, regardless of what supporters call the subject: (person vs. human) is it not a life? That’s where the issue is, and that is something they cannot argue. It is living, breathing and functioning. If abortion supporters must be convinced that it takes development to become a person, I would first have to say, “why stop the development?” Secondly, we have known for years that children in the womb can respond to hearing music and voices, they can hiccup, kick and turn over to get comfortable. They are not only receptive, but responsive. Ana, this is very clear: they have no other argument. There is too much evidence against the abortion advocates and whether or not you’re pro vs against the issue, a good debater will do their research. They’ve done the research and they have no other argument, which in turn is giving them one last piece of hope…”If we can prove that the issue is not about preserving life, but rather eliminating it before it becomes a person and convincing others that the fetus is ONLY a human…we may have a fighting chance!” If science can prove that “A human life has 46 chromosomes, a full set of human DNA, metabolism, cell reproduction, growth, and reaction to stimuli”…it most certainly HAS proven that the subject is a person. There is no question about it…the issue is really about justification. How can they justify their actions? This is their only hope, and their holding onto it. I don’t know how it could be any clearer.

  • Julie

    By their definition, any person in a coma or any person who has somehow become self unaware would not be human. What about severely mentally retarded individuals? Another argument I often see is, “a baby can’t support itself,” but neither can those persons in such intensive care.

    My pro-choice friend argued that a baby is a “potential person”. We both being Christian, I explained that, in the Bible, God says He knew us before He knit us in our mother’s womb and we have purpose to live. And if you say “potential person”, it is “capable” of being a “person”. So what else can this thing which can “become a person” but human?

    Abortionists and pro-choice supporters grasp at straws trying to find some kind of justification for their baffling and disturbing neglect of viable human, “person” life.

  • Lauren Hodges

    It’s too early for me for extremely deep thoughts, so I’ll leave on this note: Horton said it best when he said “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

  • Brjoy777

    Why oh Why, does the government not recognize the obvious??? IT infuriates me to no end that they turn their heads from truth for the sake of votes!!!

    • Mary De Voe

         If the newly begotten sovereign human being to whom our Creator has given HIS NAME “I AM” is not a sovereign person, abortion, as a practice, would not have been brought into the Supreme Court under Roe v. Wade. When was the last time the Supreme Court judged the removal of a blob of tissue to be a legal issue? It is precisely because the sovereign person within the womb is a human being that Roe. V. Wade became a legal matter. The purpose of Roe v. Wade was to deny the acknowledgment of the sovereign personhood endowed by our Creator in an immortal soul to the newly begotten member of the human race. Abortion was perpetrated to erase the sovereign person’s existence. Putting to death, ending the existence of a sovereign person for another person is human sacrifice. Jesus Christ said: “You do not take my life from me. I lay my life down and I take it up again.” “…and I take it up again…56 million aborted souls.

  • makayla

    they are the same a person and human mean the same thing so why do they think its ok to kill a innocent human being. And they say its  agents the law to kill any one so why is it ok to kill  an unborn baby every thing that grows is life so why are they trying to say a baby isn’t a human or a person.  Because they want mothers to look at the unborn child as only a thing and look at it as as its not human well if its not human than what its an alien?? planed parenthood only wants money so they will manipulate the fact that it is in deed a human being and a person just for money they brain wash mothers to be its sickening  

  • Marcy K.

    Pro-abortion supporter/promoters in reality they don’t care about whether it is a baby or not, human or not, heartbeat or not.  Just like rape is not about sex, abortion “rights” are about power.  For the woman, they just want a way out, grasping at anything that will help them get out of a tight spot right NOW and with no one knowing their shame.  But for the “policy” people it is all about power.  They don’t care about the woman or the baby – they only care about the power.  And they feel THEY are the compassionate ones, which feeds into their pride.  They know the dead baby was a human being – they just don’t care.

    • Mary De Voe

      Please read Susan B. Anthony’s speeches about women abandoned by the men who are responsible to protect and provide for them.

  • Guest

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights explicitly forbids the creation of a “human non-person” category.

    • Laura

      Hmmm very interesting… and logical. Of course, it’s more fun to ignore the facts

    • guest

      I just read the preamble and all 30 articles and saw nothing like what you said. Where did you get your information?

  • Guest

    Often times those who are not ready to have children or support than get pregnant, that is obvious. It is also obvious that a fetus is a person, human, whatever, but I feel that you can’t kill something that has never lived. Whatever they are, I feel as though they are not yet alive, they have not experienced, and if born would certainly not remember. If when born they will suffer due to their “parents” unprepared state, then why force them into a life of potential anguish. What is to be missed when nothing has been experienced? It is only fair to apply the same to those already living, it is kinder to remove a life of suffering from someone with a severely-debilitating condition than to force them into a life of judgement and oppression.

    • Anonymous

      They are living. The scientific definition of life is: The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter, manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, and response to stimuli or adaptation to the environment originating from within the organism.

      The unborn metabolize nutrients, they grow, their cells reproduce, they respond to stimuli, and they adapt to their environment. In other words, they are alive, they do live. Most people do not remember things from before they are about 2 or 3 years old. Would you say that it’s okay to kill a baby and feel no remorse about it? Most babies are born crying in the same pattern as the language they heard their mother speaking before they were born. They also show signs of recognizing music they heard within the womb.

      Just because someone is suffering doesn’t mean that they don’t want to live. In The Princess Bride, the character Westley says to Buttercup, “Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says different is selling something.” That quote is very true. Every day people suffer. The answer is not to kill them, but to offer them all the help we can. People in other countries are suffering due to the wars and famine going on in their area. Would you rather they were all just killed? You can also ask any paralytic if they would rather die than live in a wheelchair and not be able to do anything for themselves. They would not agree with your assessment of what “living” is.

  • Chealsea Thomas

    I believe abortion is wrong either way your looking at a human being! And either way you look at this situatioin your stoping a BEATING heart!!! whether its inside the whom or not there still human and deserve just as much of a chance as we got!!!

  • maimom4

    We all know that the baby/fetus is a different human being so it is not their body, their choice.  Further, when people state they have the right to end the pregnancy because the fetus is in their body, I argue if they consider the fetus their property.  Isn’t that how slaves were treated by white people, and men have treated women in the past, like property. They need to hear this because they think this is about women’s rights. 

    • Ben Umnus

      This talk sadly reminds me of the 3/5 compromise where at one point a black man was 3/5’s a person… Oh yes let us go back to the logic of the slavery days… Ridiculous! I completely agree with you Maimom4

    • Irishman

      Agreed. Women were not considered ‘persons’ legally in Canada until the 1920’s. They couldn’t vote, own property, etc. In the US, they claimed that all men were born equal in the 1700’s. However slavery persisted until 1865. They must have argued that slaves weren’t persons. Legally they weren’t. Interestingly the definition of the ‘n’ word is subhuman. Eventually society had to admit that women and slaves were persons and deserved equality. The right to life trumped property rights or whatever slave owners used to argue. One hundred years from now people will likely wonder how we couldn’t see that a fetus is a person, and the right to life takes precedence over other rights.

  • Becky Hansell

    These choices are not always black and white. The response of those on this comment panel who say “pro-choice advocates don’t care whether it is a baby or not” are sadly mistaken. This is not a choice that most women take lightly, To say that those who are pro-choice just don’t care, or are doing it out of shame is just not true. It is a horrible decision for anyone to have to make; however it must be kept legal and those that make that hard choice should not be made to feel like a criminal. Not all women who make this choice do it out of shame; I would hope that those of you who feel this way would be able to have some sort of empathy for those who find themselves in an impossible situation. Imagine walking a day in someone shoes; in a world that you cannot fathom. Peace to those of you who feel differently than I, but I am pro-choice and am not ashamed to say so.

    • Laura

      You are trying to justify the murder of a innocent, defenseless human life by saying that sometimes the situation is difficult or that the choices aren’t made lightly. That may be true in some/lots of the cases, but it’s still killing a baby, which is always wrong.   

      • Becky

        So if the mother’s life is at risk and she does not want to make this choice but is left with no option is this wrong in your opinion? These are not easy things to talk about but you do not know why some women feel that they are left with no perfect answer. I am not “for” abortion, I just believe that it must be kept legal and safe for all women.

        • chfitz

          First off, I want to clear this up…there are very few, if any instances where the baby must be aborted to save a woman’s life.That is some sort of ruse created by the abortion clinics. Do not assume that because someone is pro life that they are automatically “haters” with no compassion. No one is discounting the anguish a woman feels in this situation. It is the exact opposite. The abortion mills are not the compassionate ones. It is about money for them. There are other choices. There is help out there for these women, but the abortion mills don’t want women to have another choice. They are the exploiters of women and preborn children.

          You know, my friend, that our family has dealt with a grave situation that could have ended with an abortion. Many would have chosen that option. The whole situation was not “perfect”. It complicated things even more when it was discovered that my preborn granddaughter had an unsurvivable genetic disorder. Thankfully, abortion was not an option for my daughter. Yes, it was hard and a lot of heartache. We had 31 days to love that beautiful little gir before she died. I say all this to remind you that I understand very well the situation these women are in. There will never be a “perfect answer”. We live in an imperfect world. We will have heartache in our lives. BUT there are other ways. There is help and healing out there.

    • Marcy K.

      Becky, the “Pro Choice advocates” I was writing about are not the women who are having the procedure, but those who are in gov’t or on the business end of this.  I know women do not take this lightly, but they do it because they feel they have no choice.  I do have empathy for these women, because my mother was one of them.  I am one of the lucky ones.  My mother was pregnant and considered abortion, but did not have one because she, as she says she, “knew it was wrong.”  She went to Florida for a “vacation” for awhile, gave birth and gave me up for adoption.  As one of these unexpected children, I was alive and growing in her womb.  I had a heartbeat and those little feet.  She could have had me killed but she didn’t, and I and my husband and children are very grateful.  I found her several years ago and we are very close.  We are all blessed because she did not abort me.  I don’t think of the women who have consider abortions as criminals, but as unfortunate souls that need help.  They need love, support, counseling and aid – both aid in doing the selfless thing and giving their child up or aid in helping them if they decide, like my two nieces, to keep their babies.  They may think it is an impossible situation but it is not.  It seems like all “pro-choice” people want is one choice and no other.  They put roadblock after roadblock in the way of anyone who actually wants to help these women.  The money goes to abortion but not for job counseling, or diapers, or real honest help by someone who really cares for them.  You will not find that in an abortion clinic.  But they will take their money, and they will turn a blind eye when the 30 year old boyfriend brings in the 15 year old girl.  Pro-life clinics don’t charge women for help, they are the ones giving.  Abortion clinics make a LOT of money – and they take a lot of lives.  Lives just like me.

  • Laura

    I was going to point out when the distintion between human and person has been drawn, but I got to the last paragraph amd saw you already did it. Who would want to follow THOSE steps.

    • MLB

      I don’t understand what you are saying. As the article says, there is no difference between a human and a person; they are one and the same. What steps? Maybe, before you comment, you should stop for a few seconds and see if you made any typeos or spelling errors.

  • littlebytes

    PERSON:In law…Any human being is a man,whether he be a member of society or NOT,whatever may b…

  • Anonymous

    Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.Psalm 127:3

  • JB

    I notice often times the question of personhood is used as a red herring, pro-choicers will say it the abortion issue is a matter of personhood.  If you explain, by basic logic and scientific data that it is just as human as any born person then they will come up with other reasons why it is okay to abort the baby.  They will start by saying ‘even if it is a person…’ and then list all of these reasons why abortion is justified, i.e (bodily autonomy, rape, the health of the mother).  People who do that clearly dont care about personhood they just use that as an excuse. 
    One pattern I’ve noticed is if you explain to them why the unborn is a person they will list other arguments as to why abortion is needed.  Then once you show how those argumets, if applied to born persons, would not be acceptable they will realize they are advocating fo killing a person and go back to questioning the unborn’s personhood.  The arguments just go in circles.

    • Lisa Graas

      You’re right that they often do “go in circles” but we need to show patience with them and answer every one. When they grow weary, leave them with a friendly tone or even a blessing and know that you’ve done your best.

      • JB

        Thanks, that’s good advice.  Even though sometimes it seems like nothing is getting through, maybe somewhere down the line they will remember what you say and it will have an impact with them.

  • TC

    I would just like to point out that “If a person is a member of the human race, then a member of the human race is also a person.” does not follow logically.  This would be equal to saying if a square is a rectangle then a rectangle is also a square.  Also, the formation of twins from a single zygote can occur as late as 8-12 days after fertilization