Late-Term Abortionist Curtis Boyd: “Am I killing? Yes, I am”

In October, we told you about Medicaid paying for $9000 late-term abortions at Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO)  in New Mexico. Operation Rescue has since revealed that SWO is willing to do abortions as late as 30 weeks to kill unborn children with Down Syndrome at a cost to Medicaid of up to $16,000 per procedure. One of the abortionists on staff at SWO, Dr. Curtis Boyd, made a shocking admission to Austin local news channel KVUE in 2009: “Am I killing? Yes I am”

KVUE Anchors: A north Texas doctor who performs abortions is back in the spotlight this mid-day. His clinic shut down a while ago, but now he’s re-opened a surgery center. He is now the only doctor in the area who will perform late-term abortions, that’s for women who are up to six months pregnant. It’s not surprise that he’s been the target of protests, but as KVUE’s Jim Douglas shows us, there is a surprise in the doctor’s story.

Dr. Curtis Boyd: Am I killing? Yes, I am. I know that.

Reporter: It’s a jarring admission, especially from a doctor, and perhaps even more so from this doctor.

Boyd: I’m an ordained Baptist minister.

Reporter: He’s now Unitarian who says he prays often. Maybe not as often as members of the Catholic pro-life committee who gather outside his office hoping to stop his work, and certainly his prayers are different.

Boyd: And then I’ll ask that the spirit of this pregnancy be returned to God with love and with understanding.

Boyd is certainly not new to the abortion business nor to claiming divine endorsement for what he admits is direct killing. In an article for the pro-abortion publication Voices of Choice, Boyd admits to having been an abortionist in the Sixties prior to the Roe v. Wade decision which legalized abortion. He claimed that the decision to have an abortion is “responsible” and even more “moral” than the decision to choose life.

When a woman acts in a responsible way, doing what she believes is in her best interest and the best interest of her family, she’s being moral. This is a moral decision, and I believe in that. Even today they walk in my office and they think that what they’re doing is wrong and that they’re a bad person for doing it. And that’s really sad because what they’re often doing is showing a higher level of moral development than probably most anyone else.

One of the primary arguments of the “pro-choice” movement in regard to Roe v. Wade is that mainstream religious belief, that we are all created by God with inherent dignity and have the right to life, should not be considered in abortion. Boyd’s claim that women who allow him to kill their children have a “higher level of moral development than probably most anyone else” should give anyone, religious or otherwise, serious pause.

Another claim of the “pro-choice” movement regarding Roe v. Wade is that the decision was necessary to save women from “back-alley” abortionists like Curtis Boyd who admits to performing abortions illegally before Roe. According to Operation Rescue, there are complaints on file in New Mexico in regard to botched abortions injuring women at SWO clinic where Boyd continues to perform late-term abortions.

We certainly have come a long way since the Sixties. Today in America, a former “back-alley” abortionist can go on mainstream television news, admit to killing people with divine endorsement and continue to be paid by the taxpayer for his “services”. Certainly, the pro-life movement has made great strides in recent years, but Boyd’s case, like perhaps no other, shows that there is much work left to do. It is important that we remain ever committed to educating people about the dignity of all human life, born and unborn, so that Boyd and others like him can find a new line of work for themselves.

  • Carmonster64

    your sick, i cant believe anyone can do this. im 17,  have a two month old daughter, it is possible to take responsablity for your actions. IF YOU DONT WANT A BABY, DONT HAVE SEX!

    • notimportant

      Perhaps you’re too young to understand that people do have sex for more reasons than procreation. While I am not advocating abortion with what I am saying, I will tell you your line of thinking is uninformed and narrow. You do realize that many women who have abortions are happily married, college educated, professional women? Their consent to have sex does not imply (in their thinking) consent for a pregnancy. When you consider the losses women must accept in order to be a mother, then compound those losses by having a disabled baby- many families choose abortion because they see no other way to continue to enjoy the lives they worked so hard to create for themselves.

      As I’ve said before, it isn’t the mother who is at fault; it’s society, and how society at large treats women/ mothers/ mothers of disabled/ disabled people. Society must change its’ views before abortion will become obsolete. 

      • notimportant

        Btw Carmonster, why did you feel the need to inform us all that you were irresponsible enough with your sexuality to become a teen mom? Are you just fishing for compliments there? I’d think far more of you had you held onto your virginity until you were old enough and mature enough to raise a baby….or at least to vote.

        That being said, I sincerely wish you luck and I certainly hope your life will be about not only being a mother, but reaching self-actualization and achieveing all that is within your potential. That will be more difficult for you, but you do have my best wishes….just be careful to not try to ride on such a high horse. Unless you’re without sin? Sin is sin in the eyes of God, and it matters not what sin you commit, just by committing sin you are on the same level of lowliness as the people you condemn.

        • Spring

          On the contrary, Carmonster acted as an adult because SHE TOOK RESPONSIBILITY. Yes, sin IS sin. None should judge another. Lord have mercy on us all.

          • notimportant

            I don’t think it’s right to encourage teen pregnancy or celebrate teen sex. There really wouldn’t have been anything wrong with her waiting to have sex until she was old enough to grasp all the complexities and emotions that go with it…as well as grasp (with the very clear understanding of an adult) the consequences that sex may bring. Why would we prefer to celebrate teen motherhood and not teen virginity?

            As I said, I truly hope she does well with herself and her life- not only for herself but also for her baby. However, why did she see such a need to inform us all of being a young teen mother? What was the point in that other than wanting to be congratulated? I can not congratulate someone for doing something they shouldn’t have been doing to begin with. But we all make mistakes, so she gets a free pass in my book…maybe she ought to consider extending that courtesy to everyone she meets as well?

          • It’s not a celebration of the irresponsible decision to have sex as a teenager, but a celebration of her willingness to accept responsibility for that action rather than having an abortion.

            That being said I think the purpose of pointing out that she’s a teen mother was not to receive praise, but to point out that there are many people (her being one of them) who choose life for their babies despite difficult conditions.

          • Djushi

            I don’t think anyone here is celebrating that this young woman got pregnant. What we’re happy about is that when she did, she didn’t kill someone too! She made a mistake, but then said that she was taking responsibility for it. I think she was using herself as an example, saying that it is possible to take responsibility for mistakes. She’s not asking to be celebrated, she’s asking for others to recognise that abortion is not to be celebrated!
            Appearantly she did grasp with the ‘very clear understanding of an adult’ the consequences of her actions.

          • notimportant

            I would think that if she did have the very clear understanding of an adult of the consequences of sex, then she would have taken her own advice and not had sex. There is no way any of you could honestly say that the best time to have and raise a baby is at age 17. So no, she did not use adult ability to realize the gravity of the situation that sex is. Had she used adult reasoning, she would have realized she is not in a position to be able to provide for both herself and her baby independently, and she would have chosen to forgo sex until she was an adult and more likely to be capable to raise a baby- or at least have more opportunities to raise a baby with less personal trials and tribulations.

            What she is doing can be done, but it is not the easiest thing- and I’ve seen cases where the baby suffers for the mother’s struggles. Many years ago (over 20), a former friend of mine violently abused her baby out of frustration of all of life’s struggles being compounded by being a teen mom. She swore she’d always love her daughter and be a good mother, but you should ask her daughter about all that. I’m not claiming that all teen mothers are abusive, but I am saying teen moms have infinitely more stress than any other person. It can be done (raising kids as a teen), but it’s certainly not the best time to do it.

            As I said, I am not advocating abortion. But I’m also definitely not adovocating teen sex. And as I said, we’ve all made mistakes so she should get a free pass, in my opinion. However, from what I gather by what she said in her post, she is not inclined to see herself as just as much a sinner as anyone else (such as women who choose to abort). We all have sinned and none of us have the right to condemn others for sin. When I watched the video and read the article, I wanted to ask the doctor “But isn’t there something else you could do to help these women? Why do you feel the best help is performing an abortion?”. When I think of women who are planning to abort, I want to ask them “Are you sure? Why do you think this is the best action? What could we do to make it so you’d WANT to have the baby, as opposed to abort?” Who am I to accuse them of sin? One sinner attacking another sinner for sinning is sublime nonsense, when you really think about it.

          • Djushi

            Whether or not she is in a position to care for her baby, I don’t think you can read into her post that she does not see herself as having done anything wrong etc. I think that is more like not giving her a free pass 😉
            I have heard that many girls have babies purposely, because they do want a baby, not because they want to enjoy what comes before that.
            Yes, I too have sinned, but I am still able to say that another has sinned. You yourself did that by saying that she was just trying to get compliments. If someone murders another, I can, do and should condemn their actions. Despite also being a sinner.
            I agree with you that we have all sinned, we have all fallen short of the Glory of God, we all need the mercy of the Lord to equal measure.
            I just think that we are still allowed to condemn wrongdoing, despite being wrongdoers ourselves. There is a difference between judging an action and judging a person of course.
            I try to judge actions 🙂
            PS I too am opposed to teen sex. However I don’t think it is one of those things that should be outlawed. It is wrong, but not like murder (abortion) is wrong. Cheers 🙂

          • Cheri

            and surely you have learned all your life lessons without making any mistakes of your own? do tell me how you have overcome this marvelous feat.

            There is no way you could honestly say that the best time to have and raise a baby is at 42 which is borderline menopause age and high risk, yet my mother had my brother then. or 21, when I had my first child. one thing this 17-year old mom and I have in common: we’ll be empty nesters in our 40’s 😉 

          • Vajra93

            You blind follerer

      • I think she probably knows that people have sex for reasons other than getting pregnant and probably meant, “If you’re not willing to risk having a baby, don’t have sex.”

      • Aeolfwyne

        Having sex for procreation is NOT the same as acknowledging that all heterosexual sexual contact carries with it the possibility of procreation. Biology doesn’t care about your motives or your “enlightened” sexual views.

      • Notimportnant, I note you are a pragmatic. Regardless of the adjective, God said he will toast every fanny in Hell who murders at any age or does any other sin and doesn’t repent.

        • Vajra93

          Of which God do you speak? I have nothing but contempt for your Christian God.

          • cgoehling

            I’m sorry I was not more specific. My God is Jehovah.

    • guest

      Carmonster64 – don’t listen to those putting you down.  You were right to take responsibility for your actions.  It was not your child’s fault and she shouldn’t have been given the death penalty for it.  Being a young mother is hard in our society, but you can make it.  My husband got his girlfriend pregnant, but one thing I admired was that he took responsibility for his actions.  Both he and his girlfriend finished college, obtained good jobs, and stayed involved in their son’s life.  It wasn’t easy, but I think they would say it was worth it.  Sometimes we’re too narrow minded to see at the time that some of the most difficult times in our life will lead to some of the best.

    • Spring

      Dear Carmonster64,   You are wise to understand abortion is murder. I wish you very well in your role as a mom. Honoring life is a wonderful place to be. I have 6 beautiful grandchildren. Take care, fellow mother!

  • Guess there’s always a way to justify doing something that you know is wrong.

    • notimportant

      These people truly do not think they are doing anything wrong. Either way, being rude and arrogant to pro-choice folks will not engage them into considering anything you have to say. If they will not even consider what you are saying, they will not change their minds….and isn’t that what you want them to do?

      • What’s rude and arrogant about Martha’s comment?

        • notimportant

          It reads with a smugness to it. There’s a certain amount of self-righteousness implied…an “I’m better than you” tone to it. Pro-choice people can pick that out in a second, and the second we (they?) do, that’s the second the pro-life side loses an opportunity to engage pro-choice people to consider things. As I’ve said in the entry “The only question that matters”, I am uncertain which way I lean. However, the person who was able to engage me into the consideration (and now the serious contemplation) never approached me with an air of superiority and always took into consideration the pro-choice views; then was able to refute those views while being respectful and do so with love as the basis for all our understanding. That’s a far cry from a snide comment.

          • EveryonesImportant

            You’re pretty smug yourself.  Keep throwing stones…

      • Spring

        The words from the Abortionist”s mouth were, “I am killing.” Pretty hard to argue that this man doesn’t know that what he is doing is wrong. His own words convict him. At least he’s honest. PP is not.

      • Anonymous

        This doctor admits that he is killing, and says he’s an ordained Baptist minister, which means that he admits to having knowingly, repeatedly, and deliberately sinned by violating the sixth commandment. And yet, he tries to justify it. So, in a nutshell, Martha’s remark was absolutely, inarguably spot on. 

        • notimportant

          Yes, and if you’ve looked at your brother in anger or with hatred, you have committed murder as well.

  • How does someone get this far away from the knowledge of right and wrong? If I walk down the street and kill the first person I see, I’m not somehow more moral if I ask that the spirit of this person be returned to God with love and with understanding.

    This guy apparently believes in God in some way, shape or form – does he think God creates human life just so other humans can end it? Does he think that ANYTHING a woman does is moral if she thinks it’s in her best interest and the best interests of her family? Or is abortion somehow “special” in that way?

    • notimportant

      Relativism. When everything becomes relative, the sense of right/wrong becomes clouded. It’s the old “we’re in a bad situation with nothing but bad choices, so I picked the least bad choice….I think”. Any and every thing can be rationalized when all things are seen through relative glasses- even as I sit here I can see both your argument, and the argument of the abortion providers/women who choose abortion.

      Honestly, humans do a great job ending human life in all sorts of circumstances. It’s rampant everywhere you look…even in our entertainment. It really makes you stop and think there, doesn’t it?

      • Spring

        Yes, it’s all relative. To us. To an innocent, baby snuggled in a uterus, it’s very personal. Our society has been brainwashed to the point that pregnancy is awful, a roadblock on the freeway to self-awareness, an interruption of our plans. Labor is painful and don’t forget some residual breast sagging from nourishing a baby. I don’t even want to know how much more selfish we can get. I hope I’m dead before the day comes when life is so devalued that we will “choose” to kill Grandma at the first sign of Dementia. Since 85% of Down’s babies are aborted we can no longer pretend we even give one damn about our children. Surely we can’t be inconvenienced. I say we have overdosed on SELF awareness. We need to return to being aware of even one person’s needs beyond our own. Lord, have mercy. When is right to kill? It’s not. That wasn’t even difficult for me. No cloud here.

        • notimportant

          You are right on! A lot is how society views pregnancy, and how society treats motherhood. We’ve lost a sense of how we are to respect one another, how we are to relate to one another. Lol- there’s a lot more (and worse, lol!) after effects than simply some “sag”, and we all know this (truly, I am lol as I write this)…however, if society wasn’t so fixated on the external shell, but rather focused on who we are as humans, none of that would even be an issue for consideration. If we didn’t have to prove ourselves to society, perhaps women wouldn’t feel such a need to choose her baby or her life? Perhaps if society would still offer great opportunities for mothers, women wouldn’t feel compelled to view motherhood as the end of her life.

          Just for an example: When I worked in the higher management levels in a major U.S. corporation, there was a clear bias from hiring women of child bearing age. The thinking was she would be less productive because of the distraction of kids, plus (God forbid!) she may need to take maternity leave. This was the unofficial policy, and you can bet your last dollar it was implemented- although completely unprovable, as they did hire the bare minimum of women, and shot for women who did not have young kids and looked to be past child bearing years. Discrimination against moms and moms-to-be is alive and well. Women know this, and that is one of the reasons why they feel pressured into aborting.

          While I think we need to change society’s views in order to make abortion obsolete, no one from the pro-choice crowd will even consider anything the pro-life folks have to say if it’s said in anger, exasperation, or self-righteousness. As I’ve said in other blog posts here, I am from the pro-choice crowd and am only willing to reconsider my long-held views because I was approached in an open and friendly manner from a pro-life member, who never belittled me or said that my ideas were pointless or without merit. Only when I was listened to (and even acknowledged) was I willing to listen in return, and now I am beginning to understand. Although I can’t say I am pro-life…I also don’t think I can say I’m passionately pro-choice, but the slightest shift in my thinking never would have occurred without being approached respectfully. I just don’t want to be a traitor to women, while I also don’t want to be cruel or pompous in thinking some lives may not matter.

          One question though: “When is it right to kill? It’s not.” Then how do we explain war? Should we love our military or accost them for “killing”? It certainly is a shame- humanity is not living up to its’ potential.

          • Great insight, it is a problem that is far more complex than it appears to be on the surface.  

          • Spring

            I’m a retired, pro-life, Christian, ER RN. I agree with you regarding rabid, hateful pro-lifers who judge, name call and condemn. If I were a 16 year old on my way into a PP clinic to get an AB and that type of Christian group greeted me, I promise I would run twice as fast into that clinic. I never aborted my baby but I was an adulteress during my younger years. I am a sinner and am in no position to extend anything but love. Jesus didn’t call for us to waste our time doing God’s job. He called us to love. You are so right. A loving hand extended is rarely rejected. A mean spirited heart draped in a cloak of self righteousness cannot be hidden. 

  • Spring

    Dear Lord, Have mercy.

  • 3girls

    if he’s so concerned about 9 or 10 yr. olds pregnant, why is he not reporting their pregnancy to the proper authorities, their abusers are probably bringing them happily to this surgical center to get rid of the evidence.

  • Anonymous

    It’s really nice for him to pray for the baby (or, in his words, the “pregnancy”), but I’m pretty sure God doesn’t need to wait for the good Doctor’s request to receive the soul of the innocent he’s just murdered. He should probably concentrate his prayers on begging for his own forgiveness and the redemption of his miserable soul instead.

  • Anonymous

    wow.  Just wow.
    And I suppose  “Thou Shalt NOT Kill” isn’t in the Baptist belief structure he holds to??

  • I was 17 and pregnant and abortion didn’t even cross my mind.  Because I DIDN’T CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THOUGHT!!  All I cared about was my baby.  The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • Fishyourheartout

    I was 17 when I had mine and abortion didn’t even cross my mind.  BECAUSE I DIDN’T CARE WHAT ANYONE THOUGHT!!  All I cared about was my baby.  The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • Hutttnertina47

    I hope he burns in hell!!!! He’s such a hypocrite!! He is very very sick!!’

    • Spring

      I pray he repents, is saved, is covered by the Grace of God and becomes pro-life. I pray for his salvation. People prayed for mine. Thank you, Jesus. Lord, have Mercy.

  • BJbt

    Criminals are executed ( wrongly in my opinion) for heinous crimes. Unborn defenceless human beings
    have no element of guilt but are also executed as a matter of ‘choice’.  Evil is evil nomatter how it is dressed up  as being morally ‘correct’. In his heart of hearts this Doctor surely knows this. We pray for his conversion and recovery from blindness. 

  • Woe to them who called bad good and good bad…

  • Spring

    I love my mother. She is 83. She had 7 pregnancies, one misscarried. My oldest brother died at age 9. A few years ago, I said to Mom, “Having 5 kids to raise in 10 years! I can’t imagine. How many of your pregnancies were planned?” She replied, “All of them. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I planned on having them.” No ultrasound, limited knowledge. We didn’t even see a baby inutero until one was on the cover of Life Mag in the ’60s. But, women knew in their hearts that once that baby began, there was a selflessness about them that caused them to know life would now change. It was the same feeling I had 20 years later. I’ve read everything on this page. No one is celebrating teen sex. Selflessness is being celebrated. What a sadness I feel. The day has come when Carmonster is an oddity because she put her baby before herself. I’ll say it again. What have we become?

  • I never take these baby-killers’ claims of compassionate motives seriously, because they never kill the babies for free.  They charge lots of money to kill babies, and if it didn’t make them rich, they would not do it. This killer’s claim that he was an ordained Protestant minister is especially nauseating. How many pulpits harbor a guy like him, pretending to be Christian until somebody names his price?

  • Huntergirl0926

    he’s doing it for the money. period.