Hand Down

Abortionist Claims “Life begins when his mother wants him”

Hand Down
In a Portland, Oregon article from the Willamette Week, abortionist Jim Newhall gives his view on human value:

“Not everybody is meant to be born. I believe, for a baby, life begins when his mother wants him.”

How absurd is this! According to his logic, a person becomes human and real only when someone thinks he is meaningful and valuable. Women who go into abortion clinics are extremely vulnerable and are susceptible to take in any advice from clinic workers. These women are looking for help and for the truth, but to my deepest sorrow, they do not receive it.

What women hear from these clinics are terms used to dehumanize her baby, and turn the women against her child by calling the embryo or fetus “inconvenient”, “unwanted”, and a “clump of cells”. We see this type of thinking on human value in abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood. You can view the undercover investigation videos of the lies that are being said within the walls of the clinics and that are being forced into the lives of young women. I deeply encourage you to pass these videos on and continue to be the light in this dark world we live in.

SOURCE: Why Pro-Life by Randy Alcorn (Download it here), Cited by Maureen O`Hagan, “Cross Hairs to Bears,” Willamette Week,   May 5, 1995

  • Abby

    SO: according to him, life "begins" not at conception, but when the woman who is pregnant, decides that her baby is alive. Here's a question: If I have decided that whatever is growing inside me is not alive, and I feel the baby kick, what does that mean? For normal parents, it means that their baby is alive and growing. This is very sad. We need to continue praying for these people, and demonstrate the love of christ.

    Praying through Christ ~


  • Jessica

    I cannot even believe some could say "not everyone is meant to be born"! I wonder if he's ever stopped to think what would've happened if his mother had decided he wasn't meant to be born, or wasn't alive? We can only pray for people who think like this and for those who believe that what they say is the truth.

    Keep up the good work, LiveAction!

  • Pauline

    And this kind of reasoning is exactly why certain people do not even value their children AFTER they have been born. When I think of all the news reports claiming another parent or guardian has abused, neglected, and even killed an innocent child…ugh! It just makes me sick and so very heart-wrenchingly sad. When people do not value their children BEFORE they are born, how can we expect them to value them AFTER they have been born.

  • We notice that everyone who is for abortion is already born.

    What hurts me is when I think about the womb. It should be a natural safe place for an embryo or fetus, but in today's culture it is one of the most dangerous places in the world.

  • Patte, the point is that women need to hear the real facts and truth about the life inside of her and to know what the abortion procedure does to her child. We have documented undercover videos of Planned Parenthood workers absolutely lying to a pregnant women about her baby being alive. By the videos we can see that Planned Parenthood pushes for abortions because that is where the money is. Of course the mother has the final say, I agree with you, but how can a women make the right decision when the media and the abortion clinics are trying to separate the women from her baby using dehumanizing terms? Abortion devastates the woman. There are many accounts where ladies admit that they regret their abortion.

    Please look at the videos we put out there:

  • I'm afraid that we have to be honest here. Clinic workers do not always lie to the women who call & who come to them for counseling. I had a conversation with several clinic workers over the phone the other day. They told me point-blank that I would have to go through labor and delivery to kill my baby. They said that is was "just like being induced in the hospital" & that it would take anywhere from 24-36 hours to deliver. We cannot blame the clinic workers or abortionists because, let's face it, they would have no babies to slay unless the moms brought them in, plunked money down on the counter & signed on the dotted line.

  • Peggy

    It seems like the PP workers are lieing to young girls who really don't know what is going on. They are at the most vulnerable point in their lives and are being lied to about what is happening with them and their babies, and are not told about the long term consequences of the decision they are being led to make. I think that many older women choose to believe the lies in order to make it "easier" on themselves to kill their child, but I think the teens are just so vulnerable and alone. They think they know what is going on and what they are doing, but they are still just kids themselves, in a bad situation. That's why we need to reach out to all women who are abortion minded–but I really think the teens are so much more vulnerable and open to pressure from the abortionist.

  • Ninek

    So, let me get this logic straight: if a baby isn't alive until or unless its mother wants it, does that apply to other species as well? When a dog has puppies, are the puppies not really alive until or unless the mother dog wants them? Are adopted children in suspended non-living animation until their new family wants them? Is a tomato plant not alive unless another tomato plant that produced the seed that the new plant came from…see how crazy that is? In a culture that claims it values science and facts, there are a lot of people that have only the feeblest grasp on reality. It seems to me that Jim Newhall is certifiably insane. Maybe he thinks gravity is only a theory and the speed of light is a myth.

  • Lucie

    Perhaps Newhall feels this way because it's the only real way he can justify his actions.

  • Abortionist Newhall's thinking is not rare. Human value is not intrinsic for many now. Many people don't even think about intrinsic value anymore. How one functions is what gives one value. And if a fetus functions as a gift to the mother, then the fetus has value. If he functions as a burden, then where is the value to that?

  • How are we to assume "when his mother wants him" happens at birth? Would Newhall kill an unwanted 9-year-old (assuming, of course, he gets paid)?

  • Logic has left the planet and been replaced by deception surrounded by selfishness.