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Local Example: How United Way Funds Planned Parenthood, Advances Abortion

During the fight in Congress over Planned Parenthood, we repeatedly were told defunding the nation’s largest abortion provider would harm women’s health. Case in point, the Senate vote was dishonestly called an attack that would “take away cancer screenings and birth control from American women.” While Planned Parenthood and its supporters are desperately trying to bury the truth under a mountain of false statements, a closer examination of what’s really happening on a local level exposes a number of facts about the abortion industry.

Glenwood Springs in Garfield County, Colorado, has one Planned Parenthood and one federally qualified health center. Mountain Family Health Center, the federally qualified health center, provides more services than Planned Parenthood. There is, though, an exception. Abortion. Why is that important? A few reasons.United Way

Along with the more than $300 million Planned Parenthood receives in federal funding, some Planned Parenthood clinics, including the Glenwood Springs clinic, receive funding from the United Way. As mentioned already, Glenwood Springs has its own federally qualified health center. So the argument that Planned Parenthood is the only health care provider available to women is false. The only reason for the United Way to fund Planned Parenthood in Glenwood Springs is to fund abortion.

Yet the United Way of Garfield County website doesn’t even mention abortion. Planned Parenthood is described in a single, deceptive sentence. Planned Parenthood: “Provides affordable, confidential reproductive health care that includes education, screening for breast and cervical cancer, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and contraceptives.” That’s it.

A little background information here is helpful. Every local United Way is separately incorporated, with its own board of directors that make the funding decisions. Some decide in favor of funding abortion providers. Some decide against. By funding Planned Parenthood, the United Way of Garfield County is strengthening the abortion industry.

Glenwood Springs provides a good example of how the public is being misled on this matter. In the all-out attempt to save federal funding for Planned Parenthood, women’s health isn’t the issue, abortion is the issue. The 8,000 federally qualified health center delivery sites compared to only 800 Planned Parenthood clinics illustrate this fact on a national level. And regarding abortion, even if federal funding for Planned Parenthood is cut, private funding is still there supporting abortion providers. Unfortunately, the United Way isn’t alone.

  • 12angrymen

    United Way is still a great charity; they have done wonder things in my community, as I am sure they do all around the United States.

    • That is why it is important to hold them accountable so they can do the most good instead of mixing bad with good.

    • Bill

      You might have a great school teacher in your area who devotes their life to the education of our youth and inspires them wonderfully, but would you defend their right to teach if they were also found to be having sex with their underage students?  Yes, UW serves many charities but as long as they support abortion proividers, they are not worthy of your support.

      • MyUWdoesNOTsupportPP

        Bill, Bill, Bill –  Hold on there partner.  No need to mix bad apples with bad oranges; your comparison doesn’t even make sense.  If your local United Way supports PP, then I would join you in NOT supporting it.  Most UW’s do not support PP. 

        Every United
        Way organization is locally governed; they support
        what you and your fellow board members approve. It is too bad that many  will throw the baby out with the bathwater by making irresponsible
        assumptions that ALL UW’s support PP. In so doing, you endanger children, the abused, the hungry, the
        less fortunate from receiving the help they might have received if certain
        Christians would see the United
        Way as an opportunity to show acts of pity instead
        of false piety. Lev 19:16 NIV – “‘Do not go about spreading slander among your
        people. “‘Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life. I am the LORD.

        • Aveline C.

          United Way is one company, they may be locally governed, however, there is one person at the top (CEO) responsible for everything/every chapter. 

          So even if United Way supports Planned Parenthood/Birthright in any chapter in any country, they will not see 1 cent of my money.  If United Way cannot stand “United” on one issue, they don’t have my support. An Organization such as United Way to fund the largest provider of abortions in North America is disgusting.  Even if my local chapter doesn’t fund Planned Parenthood, some chapters of United Way do.  If United Way as a whole cannot discontinue funding of Planned Parenthood they do not have my respect.  

          There are many other ways to help your neighbour and support your community.  You do not have to go through the United Way for that.  If you put a minimal effort into looking, you will find many independent charities and businesses doing good in and around your community.  You are not endangering the children (the ones that get to live), the abused, the hungry or the less fortunate by donating directly to the charities themselves or looking for other avenues to help.  The United Way certainly isn’t the only way.  

          A true Christian would stand up for what he/she believes in and would not support an Organization that funds abortion.  Ever.  Period.  A true Christian would hold the Organization as a whole accountable for their actions not just the local chapters.

          Take your money away from the United Way until they can see how the actions of their Organization as a whole are abhorrent.  They will only stop funding Planned Parenthood all together when the money stops coming in.  

          Unfortunately, even for an organization trying to do good for your community, money talks over good morals and values and doing the right thing.  

  • Elaine

    How can people find out about their local United Way Fund? When I make my annual contribution, at least I know where my donation is directed. Our local board lets you choose specific programs for the money you donate, because as 12angrymen states they do wonderful things.

    • Elaine

      However–I still would want to know if my board has an abortion provider as a recipient.

  • Alex Perrier

    United Way Ottawa no longer funds Planned Parenthood in Ottawa. My mom and i did not donate to UW while they were supporting PP. Now UW is aware that there are more worthy causes than PP! Yay!

    (TELUS and Best Buy donate to UW Ottawa but thankfully not PP.)

  • Alex Perrier

    United Way Ottawa no longer funds Planned Parenthood in Ottawa. My mom and i did not donate to UW while they were supporting PP. Now UW is aware that there are more worthy causes than PP! Yay!

    (TELUS and Best Buy donate to UW Ottawa but thankfully not PP.)

  • thankfulinal

    Good expose. It’s important to understand how Satan works. OOPS. Satan is out to kill,
    maim and destroy. Jesus Christ gives life and life more abundantly. Look out for those
    “wiles of the devil”.

  • Phylicia Aguilion

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