Med Students No Longer Forced to Assist in Abortions

Last fall, Vanderbilt University informed Anne Marie Dust, that in order to apply to its graduate nursing program, she would have to pledge to help perform abortions as a student. Instead of compromising her values, or walking away disappointed, Dust fought back and won. A powerful new film tells her story.

Annie Marie Dust and David Cortman are modern day heroes who are changing our culture and protecting lives. Please pray for them, as well as for the other lawyers at the Alliance Defense Fund, who are using their talent to defend the unborn.

ADF is also currently litigating a case in which a nurse was forced to assist a late term abortion procedure at New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. ADF has an excellent record of protecting pro-life Americans, which includes playing various roles in seven supreme court victories for the pro-life movement. Please include ADF in your prayers, follow them on facebook and twitter, and donate so that they can continue to stand up for the rights of those who are not able to stand up for themselves.

  • Jobin Thomas

    Thanks for being a bad-as* Ann Marie. You are an inspiration

  • Anonymous

    I am appalled that Dust had to fight that nursing program requirement in the first place. What’s the point in Vanderbilt forcing nursing students to participate in abortions anyway?

    Wait a minute, forget I asked. Ultimately, their point is to try to “normalize” the abortion procedure in the helping professions. Nurses like Dust conscientiously objecting to assist in abortions might encourage other medical professionals to question the morality of the procedure themselves.

  • God Bless Annie Marie Dust and David Cortman! Watch out some Red Crosses work with Planned Parenthood and so does Save the Children! If you are prolife and want to stop funding Planned Parenthood friend me on facebook. Let me know that you are prolife and against PP.

  • Lthorn

    Ann Marie, you are a hero!

  • Ashleymooney

    one of the most amazing stories i have heard, AMEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS, AMEN 🙂 

  • So strong… So strong… I salute her.

  • oldmanbob

    All evil needs to win is for good people to do nothing.   Anne Marie Dust lyou did quite a bit of something.  You are the sort of nurse I want taking care of me and those I Love.
    May Jesus keep on holding you as He will.

  • Lily

    Wow, great courage! I honor you Ane Marie. Wish there would be more nurses like you willing to stand up for what you believe and fight. Being a nurse, your story gave me an idea to look into the nursing program requirements in my country today, too. Thank you. God bless you and the work that you do! Praying for you.

  • Bernarda

    Praising God for young nurses such as Annie Marie! Go…you are the proof that Lord is faithful always! God bless!

    • Pete

      I agree Bernarda, The Lord is Faithful Aways…we need to be faithful as Annie Marie was.

  • indnprd

    You go girl, you never should have been forced to do that.  I don’t see how that would be a requirement for the program anyway.  There are so many other things you could have done, like  assisting Dr’s in the operating rm of a major hospital.  Surgical nurses are always needed there.  May God keep you in his care always!!!!!

  • As a nursing student, it scares me that performing abortions is part of nursing school training. Like Dust, I will fight if I am expected to assist in murdering unborn children. I am becoming a nurse to care for people…not kill them.

  • Alan

    My son will be a BSN in May of 2012.  I am going to forward this to him.  Thanks

  • Clarose

    Does this mean no nursing student has to participate
    in abortions or just those at Vanderbilt?

  • Pford

    Praise God for her courage!! 

  • Mrs. Beth Sykora

    I was right there agreeing with A. D.F. and Annie Marie Dust until near the end.  
    I had to pray to God to apologize for them and say that I am sorry that God was not respected, and no one said that God has been the most pro life, the longest pro life , the most educational pro life being, and so if He had not done all of this for centuries, then there would have been no pro life victory at all!  The video left IN religion and left OUT GOD!In Christ,Mrs. Beth Sykora

  • MJ

    Amazing, Anne Marie! Keep fighting for what’s best for women… and their children, born and preborn! I think it’s really important to talk about both. If we only say abortion is wrong because it hurts women then people will still do it, because it may be a positive experience for them or because it still seems better than the other options. Abortion is first of all wrong because it kills children and therefore also hurts women.