VIDEO: Do Women Need Planned Parenthood?

Medicaid Misinformation: Planned Parenthood Caught on Tape Lying About Indiana Healthcare

Live Action Launches “Standing with Indiana” Petition

June 29, 2011 – Undercover phone calls released today show Planned Parenthood of Indiana clinics admitting that they are not the only source of women’s health care for women on Medicaid. Planned Parenthood and its supporters have recently argued in support of restoring their Medicaid funding in Indiana that poor women will lose access to vital health care services if they cannot go to Planned Parenthood. Live Action, the group that recorded the calls, says its footage shows the reality is quite the opposite.

“Indiana has become Ground Zero in the national battle to defund Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion business in America,” states Live Action President Lila Rose. “As more and more states, most recently Wisconsin and Texas, continue to defund the abortion giant of millions of dollars, Planned Parenthood wants us to believe they are the only game in town when it comes to providing care for Medicaid patients. In reality, their own staff admit that they aren’t the only option for women in need.”

In an official press release, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards claimed that Indiana’s defunding of Planned Parenthood would “take away health care from thousands of women in Indiana.” Last week, Live Action’s undercover investigators called 16 of the 28 Indiana Planned Parenthood clinics posing as women on Medicaid concerned about where they could receive services if Planned Parenthood’s funding was not restored.

Planned Parenthood staffers at all 16 locations admitted that Medicaid women would still have access to medical care after the defunding. Staffers suggested local health clinics or state-assigned primary care physicians for Medicaid patients: “Your primary care doctor should be able to do [a Well Woman exam,] I mean, that’s what they’re there for,” said a Planned Parenthood in Michigan City, while the Merrillville Planned Parenthood said of a local community health center, “They have the same services we have.”

“According to Planned Parenthood’s own statistics, their 28 clinics serve less than 1% of Indiana Medicaid patients, yet they do more than 50% of Indiana abortions,” notes Rose. There are over 800 other Medicaid providers available to these women in the counties with Planned Parenthood clinics alone.”

Even Indiana doctors agree that defunding Planned Parenthood in Indiana would have little to no effect on the care and services provided to Medicaid patients.

“If Planned Parenthood only sees 1% of Medicaid patients in the state, and that’s their statistic, it doesn’t seem like they are making a big imprint in the first place,” said Dr. Geoff Cly, at the Northeast Ob/GYN Women’s Health Group in Fort Wayne, IN. “I know in our group, we currently have capacity to see more patients and I’m sure many other groups could easily take care of the 1% that’s left if Planned Parenthood no longer took care of those patients.”

However, President Obama has come to Planned Parenthood’s aid by threatening to deny billions in low-income healthcare funds unless Indiana starts contracting with them.

“The Obama administration is holding patients’ health hostage in return for funding the largest abortion provider in the country,” asserted Lila Rose. “This abuse of power is a threat to every other state – that no matter the cost or consequences, this Administration will sacrifice healthcare for the needy to continue pouring tax dollars into Planned Parenthood.”

“Today we launch a ‘Stand with Indiana’ petition exposing Planned Parenthood’s deception and demanding that President Obama revoke his intervention on their behalf,” continues Rose. “Planned Parenthood has lied in covering up sex trafficking and statutory rape, lied about abusing taxpayer dollars, lied about mammograms, and now lies about Medicaid–all in the interest of protecting the taxpayer subsidies of their abortion business. States and their citizens no longer want to fund this corrupt organization.”

  • Access the “I Stand with Indiana” petition at:
  • Fact Sheet with statistics, sources and figures available at:

To speak with Lila Rose, please contact Kate Bryan at (323) 454-3304 or [email protected].


  • Dolphintutu8

    You are my new heroine!  Keep up the good work, the exhausting fight and know that those of us that live as Jesus asked are behind you!  He will prevail!

  • Birthingheartroot

    Every journy begins with a baby step, and we may fall, as Christ and get back up by Gods’ and Mother Mary’s Grace….I have 7 living children, and pray we are united with little ‘rainbow’ my 8 who died in uter…..Novena starts after or during 4th of July….’”

  • Esculp

    This is phenominal evidence!  Keep up the good work!  Lets pass this on all over Indiana and beyond!

  • imom

    Obama wants to bail out Planned Parenthood in Indiana?  Enough of government intervention and bailouts.  Let him donate his own money, not our tax dollars!

  • Dcharrismd

    I had to read this a couple of times because I could not understand what the hell you were talking about. Planned Parenthood never said that they were the only choice for women,however thousands of women choose to use them as their primary provider. All you have done is to get between a woman and her chosen health care provider. Isn’t that what you folks on the right said about the new health care law?? If only the government could get in between you and your mental health provider because you are still crazy!!!

    • guest

      Is it possible that poor women might choose them as a primary provider because they don’t know there are other options?  Why would a person choose a clinic when she could choose a primary doctor who could work with her health from a broader perspective and give her good referrals to specialists.  I just wonder if all women know about that option.

      • Guest

        Poor women probably know about other options but can’t afford them. Even primary care doctor visits can be pricey.

    • PatriciaM

      Planned Parenthood Providers murder BABIES! it’s all they know how to do! They beg for BILLIONS of dollars from the tax payers such as yourself and they murder babies….INNOCENT BABIES….Not globs of tissue, they are human beings like yourself.

  • Guest

    Stay the hell out of Indiana!

  • Dcharrismd

    Why is it okay in Indiana for the government to take away a patients right to see their chosen healthcare provider? Lets be clear about what this is about. You are advocating that the State of Indiana become involved with deciding who a patient decides to see for their care. Yes there are other medicaid providers who would be willing to see patients but that is not the point. You have no right to decide who I go to for my medical care. Maybe I want to see a nurse practitioner or a midwife, healthcare providers typically staffing low income facilities.

    • guest

      Actually, isn’t it true that any insurance company, including the government funded medicaid has specific lists of partnered physicians?  I couldn’t take my son to the dentist I chose because he wasn’t a BC/BS partner, but that’s the breaks.  In fact, he was on medicaid for a brief time when he was born and we had to pick a physician from a list.  Our first choice didn’t accept medicaid.  Isn’t this the same?  The government, who funds the plan (on behalf of the taxpayers), is simply saying, this provider is no longer partnered with us?

    • Vmr

      Why should medicaid patients be any different than those of us who have to pay for medical insurance.  There are many health plans that dictate which doctors, hospitals, etc that patients can see or the services will not be paid for. The government is now doing the same thing and because it affects you and Planned Parenthood it’s wrong?  Give me a break. Stop hiding behind the “poor on medicaid”.  Bottom line is that you, Obama and Planned Parenthood want to make sure that abortions are still available. You have no right to decide that my tax dollars should go to fund abortion.  Why is it that Planned Parethood refuses to seperate the funds that go to abortion and that provide other medical care?  I am sick of the government thinking it knows better than the people.  Keep the government out of my wallet and out of my faith.  I do not support Planned Parenthood and I don’t like being forced by my government to do so.

    • Wedowek

      Dcharrismd – you are not a physician. You are pretending to be one. I am calling you out as a troll for Planned Parenthood.

  • Kati Gemmaka

    Did the “patients” call the other providers and see if they would see them??  It’s easy to say that there are 800 other providers, but it’s not so easy to actually get in to those providers.  Unless you’re Dr. Cly.  And if the PP employees had said that there weren’t any other options, then you would have attacked them for not giving out truthful information.  So you’re silly calls were so obvious and worthless to PPIN that I hope it was worth all the $$ you’re getting from your sheeple!!  Lila, just wants to be a star…. not on PPIN’s dime Lila!!!  Move on girlie!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s not like people on Medicaid are simply left to find their own health care. Medicaid recipients are given a list of providers that they can choose from as well as a number they can call if they need further help.
      Also, any office that accepts Medicaid must accept a certain number of patients and cannot turn anyone down unless their patient list is full. It can actually be easier to find a doctor when you’re on Medicaid BECAUSE you cannot be turned down.

  • sugar2s

    Lila Rose is a deceitful, misleading wannabe journalist who has been shown to selectively edit her videos and tapes in order to misinform. Here she continues her campaign of lies against Planned Parenthood. What a pathetic loser she is.

    • guest

      What precisely do you consider misinformation?  Is it not true that a medicaid client can go to his or her primary doctor for well visits?  For STD tests?  For birth control?  Or referrals to any other kind of doctor?  You can disagree with her message, but Lila Rose is absolutely correct on that point.  She is simply showing here that other doctors covered by your medicaid can provide the same services that Planned Parenthood does.  That is a fact.

    • Ann

      sugar2s, I see you are making personal attacks stating your opinion about Lila.  But Lila provides facts, details, and evidence.  Anyone can call names and make assumptions, but it doesn’t mean what you say is true.  You cannot argue facts.  You may not agree with Lila’s facts, but if you disagree with her facts, you are disagreeing with a whole, large body of facts that support Lila’s facts, facts from research that is not related to Lila’s research. In other words, her evidence matches larger research done by others, including those who are not pro-life.  See reference below (copied and pasted from site) as the cited reference comes directly from Planned Parenthood’s own files and they certainly would not call themselves pro-life.  Abby Johnson also was once a PP clinic director–she stated that PP is underreporting and abortion was the promoted way to make money no matter the cost (her books is called Unplanned).  You can’t argue your point unless you study the facts. 

      Aren’t Abortions only a small Percentage of the Services Provided by Planned Parenthood?While Planned Parenthood officials claim that abortions constitute only 3% percent of their services, this figure is misleading. Out of the 10.5 million individual services they provided in 2006, 289,750 were abortions—roughly 3%. But this figure fails to account for the fact that a woman visiting Planned Parenthood for an abortion will receive several services—from a pregnancy test to some manner of counseling to the abortion itself—each of which is counted separately. A closer look at Planned Parenthood’s client and income numbers shows that the abortion figure is actually three times what they claim. Of 3.1 million Planned Parenthood clients in 2006, 9% got abortions. Moreover, abortion accounts for at least a third of Planned Parenthood’s total income from clinic services.Source: Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2006-2007 Annual Report.

    • PatriciaM

      If there’s anyone here who’s pathetic…it’s Planned Parenthood! Get it right!

  • Dcharrismd

    As an OB/GYN I can tell you that there are not physicians lining up to take on medicaid patients. The reimbursement is hardly worth the effort that you have to expend, especially when you factor in malpractice insurance. The goal of every physician is to one day be in a position that they do not have to take medicaid patients, we only want insurance especially PPO and cash. When poor women start showing up in ER’s with ectopic pregnancies, PID, un-diagnosed cervical cancer will you blog about the sorry state of affairs for women in Indiana. Will you do undercover stings to ask why certain primary care providers refused medicaid patients?

    • Ian

      Well all they have to do is stop murdering babies and there wouldn’t be a issue. The babies being killed don’t have a chance to grow up and get cancer.

    • guest

      My child was on medicaid for a brief time and I never had any problem getting adequate care for him.  In fact, doctors were very helpful and I never saw a shortage of people willing to take him.  Prescriptions were super easy from just about any pharmacy.  I’m surprised you say you want cash, because where I have had trouble before is finding a doctor who will accept private pay.  In fact, when he was on medicaid for a time, the list of providers was MUCH longer than the list who are partnered with our current insurance plan.  In addition, this video illustrates that there are other clinics out there that will provide women’s health services that aren’t abortion providers.  In my mind, from the standpoint of a patient, why would anyone want to go to Planned Parenthood when she could go see her primary doctor who can address her health from a more holistic point of view? or to her own OB/GYN?  I think women go there because they don’t realize they CAN go somewhere else.

      On another note, I would love for someone to do a story talking to doctors about why they won’t accept medicaid patients.  I think it would expose some flaws in the system of which many are unaware and might highlight some of the doctors’ concerns with President Obama’s new health plan.

      • Dcharrismd

        Specialists tend to stay away from medicaid patients because the reimbursement is lower and the potential exposure is higher. I am coming from the point of view of an OB/GYN and my relationship with medicaid is much different then the primary care physician who receives a set amount of money for every patient assigned to hm/her. As a specialist I get reimbursed only when care is rendered. For example in Texas the average reimbursement for a vaginal delivery is $710.00. That same delivery with an HMO $3,000.00 and a PPO $4,000 or higher.
        An office visit with medicaid $12.00 an office visit wth insurance $75-$150.
        You mentioned a more holistic approach to medicine with a primary care. What make you think that a provider is more or less holistic because of the clinical setting.Most planned parenthood’s are staffed by mid-wives or nurse practitioners, and I can guarantee you that when it comes to women’s health they are as holistic as they come.

    • GMSZ

      I hardly believe that defunding PP will cause women to show up in the emergency room for the problems you stated.  Clearly if PP only provides 1% of the services there are plenty of other options for the women to find appropriate health care services.  There are hundreds of other medicaid providers available in the state of Indiana. PP thinks and want us to believe they are necessary to health carewhen really there main practice is providing abortions.

      How sad that the goal is to be in a position so doctors do not have to take medicaid patients.  I thought as a doctor the goal was to take care of patients.  Unfortunately the government does a horrible job and has no business being involved in providing health insurance.  Why anyone would want to give more control to the government that already has proven they are not competent is beyond me.  The current health system has pushed the patients out of the picture and has become all about the insurance co and the doctor.  The patients no longer have a say on the services needed or wanted or the doctor providin them.

      But given the current system we have Indiana certainly has the right to tell medicaid patients which providers they can or can not use; just like private insurance does.  Just because it may affect the abortion mills is not a good enough reason for me or for Obama to defend Planned Parenthood.

  • Jonesrita74

    I think it is really sad that people are so worried about other people’s business.

    • Twilder7

      I think if it’s MY tax money going to pay for these abortions, it’s “sort of” my business. I have actually worked hand-in-hand with Planned Parenthood and think it can be “sad” how they mislead  some young girls in to making a bad choice, to abort. A choice that may cause them REAL SADNESS for a very long time.

    • Ann

      We have to worry about other people’s business, for example, we worry about allowing stealing in your town, because it will either directly or indirectly affect you and your safety.  We are not an island, we are all connected.

  • Nedz1478

    Abortion should not be legal in any state in any country. Abortion is not cleaning a clot it’s murdering a life. Either abstain from sex until your ready for a baby or adopt.Let’s go to rape, I’ve been there and a child from a rapist is still part of you and god must have a plan for that child if you can’t bare to raise that child place the child for adoption. Everything in this life is a test and everything in this life happens for a reason don’t take the easy way out don’t murder these blessed gifts from your creator. Please reconsider.

  • WheresTheLie?

    I don’t see the lie… PP CEO only said people that had always gone to PP will now have to go elsewhere. She didn’t say there were no other options.

    Where’s the lie?

  • Dcharrismd

    What I find ironic is that none of you has responded to the government getting between a patient and their chosen healthcare provider. Isn’t that what you conservative types have complained about regarding the Affordable Health Care Law? Most of you keep saying that the woman has options to go elsewhere. What if she wants to stay with her provider who has taken care of her for years? How would you respond if you were told that you couldn’t see your provider because he performs a procedure the the government does not agree with. Would you be ok, I’ll just find someone else. Hell no!!! If you are a woman you would lose your mind. The relationship between a woman and her OB/GYN is unlike the physician-patient relationship that most people have. Lets be real clear woman find an OB/GYN that they are comfortable with and they stay with him/her until circumstances dictate otherwise.

  • JB

    This is the best case for why PP needs to be defunded.  Simply show why women dont need to rely on PP and then PP supporters cannot make the case that defunding them is hurting women.   Those who want to defend federal funding for PP have to first explain what the org. offers that other health care providers don’t, whats the advantage of PP over other places? 

  • Mgansen

    Continue to fight the good fight.  We will and are winning. Expose P.P. and Obama for his role in P.P.  We support you all the way God Bless all  your hard work

  • Heinous. Abortion kills 1,000 black babies every day in the United States. Over
    15,000,000 have been killed since 1973. That’s more than the entire
    populations of Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Washington
    DC, Oakland, Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, and Baltimore
    COMBINED. In New York City, home of Planned Parenthood, 60% of all black
    pregnancies are aborted…
    See Life Issues Institute or the National Black Pro-Life Coalition (NBPC), both on Facebook

  • agitated101

    I am just amazed with the number of undereducated people that willing speak out. I know about Planned Parenthood and their mission and I also know how it feels to be a medicaid patient seeking a PCP. I once was a medicaid patient and I chose to go to Planned Parenthood not because I had no other choices, but because when I was there I got quality care. I had a PCP and I chose not to see him for a couple of reason: (1) I had positive test results that I was never informed of and (2) I was in for a visit and while talking to the Doctor he cut me off, got up, walked out of the room and that was the end of that visit, I had taken up ten minutes of his time so he had to go. Now I have PPO insurance and I still go to Planned Parenthood. I will continue to support Planned Parenthood because it’s about more that abortions. I have two children and am pregnant with my third they NEVER tried to convince me to have an abortion, the word abortion never even came up. So…………………. What I say is, you see what they (Live Action) wants you to see; why read about it, go see about it. Educate yourselves, do not let someone else educate you when they, themselves don’t have the facts.

  • Gary Jelich

    Dear Ms. Rose and Live Action staff:

    I very much LOVE what your organization is doing in exposing Planned Parenthood’s outright lies and deceptions!  Keep up the excellent work!  God bless all of you!

    Gary Jelich

  • Planned parenthood not what they say. Hm-m-m-m!

  • Guest

    Not all low-income women receive Medicaid. Those who do not often have a tough time finding options that are financially within their reach.

    Planned Parenthood Indiana probably only covers 1% of the state’s Medicaid recipients because there are already other providers that accept Medicaid. 

    Self-pay patients, on the other hand, are probably the majority of Planned Parenthood clients because it costs too much to be seen at a private clinic (many of whom do not do installment plans and require payment up front). 

    The focus on Medicaid patients isn’t very useful, because that’s not where the coverage gap is. They are publicly insured. People who are privately insured get reduced pricing even if they have to spend more than the co-pay. But people without insurance will have very limited options if resources like Planned Parenthood are no longer available.