New Jersey AG Asks the Division of Criminal Justice to Investigate Whether the Manager Broke Any Laws

Attorney General Paula Dow asked the Division of Criminal Justice to investigate whether the manager broke any laws. “At first glance, I find these allegations to be very disturbing,” Dow said in a statement. Her spokesman Paul Loriquet said Gov. Chris Christie’s office and some legislators had referred the matter to her attention.

Source: National Review

  • Jay Dawg

    This Woodrow person, manager of the clinic is sick. She was going to take bribes to give out abortions and std tests with no questions asked. Take away her job and give her some jail time.

  • Kell Brigan is the clinic mentioned (Thank you, "Pimp" dude for reading that out loud!) as doing abortions on 14 and under kids, no questions asked. Sounds like they need a visit from some investigators, too.

  • John Ficker

    What is wrong with the justice system in this country? This young courageous college student is making a fool of all those in our society who are supposed to protect us from such predators.

  • Jen

    So, what happens to this person now now? Does she go to jail? Does anything happen to her besides getting fired?

  • Unfortunately, there is so much more planned parenthood has been doing that is unthinkable. Have you seen the independent christian film documentary: "The monstrous Regiment of Women"? ( They have a former planned parenthood worker tell how they purposely gave low dose bc pills to increase their abortion numbers…more money to be made. Also, PP was going to gradeschools and had a slumber party themed booth with a bed. Disturbing what PP does.

  • Clarissa

    Do you realize that if you make abortions illegal or too difficult to obtain, you will simply drive it underground and then abortions will be performed under septic, unsanitary conditions with tools such as coat hangers. But if that is really what you ignorant misguided people want, you will have on your hands, the blood of all those killed by underground abortions. Hence, you are making yourselves killers so you had better prepare yourselves to face everything that you people claim that killers will face because you WILL be among them as killers yourselves.

    • Sarah

      I rebuke this statement Clarissa!! It’s a lie! If we as a nation refuse women the right to an abortion, that is in fact taking the blood OFF our hands! If young women chose to kill their unborn child illegally, it’s all on them! Obviously I’m not meaning to be cruel, but the sad truth is that these young women need to wake up and accept the consequences of their actions. Abortions are physically and emotionally painful! Why should we, as a nation, support such destruction? Your comment shows complete ignorance, and that’s the truth.

  • Clarissa

    No David, Poland and Ireland are not working out. Don’t spread misinformation just to further your misguided special interest.

  • Clarissa

    The catholic church and organized religion are the entities MOST responsible for why abortion takes place in the first place! If organized religion had chosed to face reality rather than bury its head in fantasyland they would have promoted and encouraged PREVENTION OF CONCEPTION. But no, religion refused to accept the simple fact of biology that PEOPLE LIKE TO DO THE NAKED PRETZEL -> FACT, solid fact. Nobody will ever change that fact. Hence, a vast many people do not use contraceptives because the vatican and other religions do not promote use of condoms and other methods to prevent conception. Not a very bright move on the part of organized religion, at all!

    • Sarah

      You need to get your facts straight! Don’t run your mouth like an ignorant fool. Think about what religion says about sex. DONT DO IT OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE! why would you need contraceptives if you are building a family?! If people want to sleep around and have sex outside of wedlock, then they need to reep the consequences. You talk about people being killers for wanting to end abortion… Really?! What would you call yourself sitting here fighting for it?!?! Are you promoting life? I’d have to say not.

  • Kevin

    Wow Clarissa, that’s some pretty good justification for child slavery. You’ve inspired me to start smuggling 14 year olds from Thailand and force them to have sex with middle-aged bald fat guys! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • CityDude

    Yep, lets waste resources, and time on making it harder for women to control their body, their health. The more time and resources we spend on this matter, the less time and money we have for teachers, police officers, jobs to rebuild our infrastructure, health care, regulation of corporations that will abuse humans, and the environment if they aren't penalized for it, create green economy jobs. Not only spending time on abortion takes money away from the real problems, it also, if succeeds, will cause more unwanted preganacies, which leads to faster population growth, which is stongly correlated with high poverty, high unemployment, high crime, and many other negative consquences. The real problems are finding cheap, clean, ubundant energy to run our economy, and to allow it to keep growing, creating good paying jobs since so many have been lost to cheap labor abroad and automation the last 30 years, and keeping health care and higher edcuation affordable, and making sure we hire more teachers, pay them a good salary, and keep class room sizes smaller.

    • Sarah

      Do you realize how much money is given to fund organizations like planned parenthood? If this funding was cut and abortions were made unavailable (legally) that would, in truth, make available MORE funds for underpaid teachers, police officers, and so on.