New Planned Parenthood Annual Report Confirms Abortions Total 91% of Pregnancy Services

Last week the 2009-2010 Planned Parenthood annual report was released and the data shows that abortion remains the overwhelming pregnancy-related “service” provided. The chart below visually reflects the 329,445 reported terminations performed compared to 31,098 prenatal services and 841 adoption referrals.

The following chart breaks down this same data by type of service performed:

This new data confirms Planned Parenthood’s position as the largest U.S. abortion provider and shows that more than ten terminations are performed for every instance of prenatal care provided. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood aborted 391 children for every adoption referral made in 2010. This data covers all Planned Parenthood affiliates within the United States.

  • Bri young

    That’s seriously sad.

  • Tom

    Wow, people seeking an abortion go to the largest and best known provider of abortions for…abortions!

    What about the non-pregnancy related services?

    • Anonymous

      What about using my tax dollars to kill your baby?  What about partial birth abortions? What about…what about…what about…….

      • Loginyoureye

        What about the ONLY place a woman can get an abortion nowadays is planned parenthood bc many obgyns are afraid to perfom the procedure. What about not all women use abortion as a means of birth control! What about my friend who has been married for over 20yrs to her husband, who has 4 beautiful children who at 43 found out she was pregnant(her body cannot tolerate bc so they used condoms  and charting, but still got pregnant.) she became ill from the moment she concieved, shes she went to several specialist but because of previous medical conditions her body is rejecting the pregnancy.She is only 4 weeks and she has been hospitalized 2x already. She has basically been told that if she continues she is putting her health/life in serious in jeapordy and it is highly unlikely that she will carry her baby to term. Yet she is not at high enough risk YET for it to be deemed medically necessary. What about her??!! Ive sat there and held her hand for days as shes just cried and wrestled w/ this choice. She is still weighing her choices, but i will not judge her. I ask what about you?? If you had 4 other children who still needed a mom and a husband who needed a wife. if your life itself was on the line…Would you think the choice was so easy? And btw YOUR STATEMENT IS WRONG! Your tax dollars arent paying for her abortion if she choses to do so. The sad fact is her that even though she had good insurance, hers, and many others insurances will not cover the procedure. Because she is married,becauseshe is middle class, She has to pay out of pocket. So before you are so quick to judge people maybe you should try walking in their shoes and get your facts straight!

        • BeccaCupcakes

          There are other abortion centers other than Planned Parenthood out there, so no Planned Parenthood is not the ONLY place that a woman can get an abortion.PP is just a major provider. There are OBGYNs that do perform abortions and the ones that don’t shouldn’t feel bad and to expect them to in the first place is ridiculous. If tax dollars are going to PP then yes, they are pay for abortions, if not directly they are indirectly. The money pays the doctors that perform abortions, it pays for the building that they are done it, it pays for the instruments used for abortions. I actually know a woman that had an abortion funded by tax dollars. And I suggest to women that don’t want/are not able to have children to look into sterilzation, it helps prevent woman from ending up like your friend. It’s so quick and easy compared to when my mother got her tubes tied years ago. Some insurances do cover it but even if they don’t it’s an investment that lasts forever (except in very rare times) and compared to getting an abortion (a temporary “solution”) and using birth control which also cost money it’s a very logical solution.

          • Anonymous

            You sound just so full of compassion for that woman. 

          • CanofSand

            Compassion for baby murderers is hard to muster.

        • CanofSand

          1) They’re not the “only” place someone can go, you liar.
          2) There should be ZERO taxpayer-funded abortion clinics. ZERO.

        • Ana

          I love how people use extreme cases (the exceptions)  and apply them as though they were the typical scenario (the rule)

  • Kimberly

    I’m 16 and though I myself have not gotten pregnat, even if i had/was I would never kill my child. I think that abortions should be considered murder because once that one tiny cell begins to grow into two cells, it is NOT a fetus, it is a baby. A living being that will one day become somebody you will love and cherish, whatch then grow and maybe even find the cure to a disease. And if you don’t wish to raise your baby, then give that child to someone who can’t have a baby of their own. They will give it love for you. They will cherish that child and thank you for giving them a gift that they themselves could never have dreamed about having. As i said before, though I am 16, I’ve seen mothers love their children and I have seen others who have adopted a child who’s mother could love them, but still chose to give them life. If anyone wishes to abort their child, please think of all the wemon who would love to feel that little baby growing in you in their arms. TO see them ride their bike around the park and to wish them a happy birthday every year. Please, stop the spread of abortion and start the spread of life and happiness instead.

    • oldmanbob

      God bless you Kimberly, you may be only 16 but you understand what is going on. 

      • tommyk

        The priests in the old testiment were the ones who gave the “bitter water” to induce abortion. It has always been and will always be. Because of men,not woman…grow up!

    • Lone

      Oh yes. When the world becomes overpopulated and while the kids that are here today suffer from starvation and loneliness, let’s just repeat your false mantra of “Spread the life and happiness instead” If you do not want to get an abortion, don’t. But do not sit there and tell others that they can not do what they want with their own bodies. There is this women I know who is deeply addicted to meth, and she got pregnant, her friends convinced her to get an abortion. You are telling me it would have been better that the kid be born in a terrible environment like that?

      • pepjrp

        It is the babies body, not the woman’s. Yes, it is better for that baby to have a chance at life that to be killed for inconvenience. Plus, much better that the mother not have to answer for that murder on judgement day, because they surely will. Being an atheist doesn’t get you out of it. Don’t you think that it is better to put down old people who are a burden and drain on our economy and society. Wouldn’t it be much more humane to end their suffering? I mean old have used up their worthiness, don’t you think?

      • She was not suggesting the baby stay in the environment, but rather be adopted by a loving family who may not be able to have a child of their own.

        • AC

          Today there are 397,122 children in “foster care” (read orphans) in the US and 17,900,000 world wide.

          How many have you adopted?

          • Kaleb Piper

            Additionally there are 36 couples waiting to adopt an infant for every 1 infant that gets adopted.

    • pepjrp

      You are wise beyond your years.

  • 1234

    this is an obviously fake statistic. try doing UNBIASED research, instead of just making up a number and calling it a day.

    • Anonymous

      Who do you think made up the numbers??? Planned Parenthood or Live Action? Sadly, these numbers come from Planned Parenthood’s own warped data..and although PP is known for fudging numbers and bundling services for medicaid, admitting doing 329,445 abortions is a Lot OF DEAD BABIES! Planned Parenthood is apparently PROUD of these numbers..but notice they do not show the statistics of how many of these women suffered after the abortions were done, how many needed medical services from botched abortions. It doesn’t show how many of them were teens whose parents had no idea they got one, whose boyfriends left them after they got it, nor how many of them are rape/incest victims whose perpetrators got to hide their crime b/c PP did the secret abortion. Abortions do more than kill a child, it kills a woman’s sense of dignity, hides her shame so she is not going to report PP if they screw up, and of course, after she regrets it, there is NO WAY to bring that baby back and no counseling from PP for her regret and damaged emotions so the cycle of depression and denial continue until someone is there to help a compassionate prolifer or a visit to a crisis pregnancy center) PP surely doesn’t help them…they just give them more low dose birth control so they can continue to get pregnant and come in for more abortions. (and encourage women that the free expression of their sexuality will make them true women and give them power) NOT! All it gives them is dead babies and teaches them that there is shame in motherhood -which is a lie.

      NO, sadly these statistics are probably Planned Parenthood’s “close to reality” numbers. However, Live Action knows that a picture is worth a thousand words…so the graph says it all in a way that we get it! Praying for an end to Planned Parenthood and abortions.

    • Anonymous

      One dead baby is too many.

  • Never mind that abortion is still only 3% of all their TOTAL services which also include: cancer screenings, STI tests, access to contraceptives, etc. 

    And, never mind that PP never advertises their facility as an ADOPTION service. 

    But, who cares about FACTS.

    • Anonymous

      One dead baby is enough to shut them down.  Taking innocent life can not be justified no matter what words you use to justify it.

    • And never mind that when you make any effort to get taxpayer funding out of their organization, they haul out everything BUT abortion as justification for their existence, and they always tout how they offer education on adoption, prenatal care, etc.

      It woud be the equivalent of a car wash saying they’re a restaurant because they provide donuts while you wait for your car to go through the machine.Oh, and cancer screenings?  Yeah that one’s already been debunked.  Right here, in fact.

      Thanks for playing.

      • Anonymous

        Actually Vinny they do provide certain cancer screenings; just call a PP clinic if you want to check that out. It was shown that PP does not provide mammograms, but in actuality they do provide other cancer screenings. Mammograms are not the only way to discover cancer ya know. 

        • Anonymous

          The types they do are pap smears which can detect cervical cancer and manual breast exams.

        • Ana

          That’s not the point. The point is that if Cecile Richards lied about mammograms, what else don’t you think she could be lying about?

        • Your local HEALTH DEPARTMENT can do that…and they don’t kill babies.

      • Anonymous

        I used to work at Planned Parenthood and yes, they did cancer screenings. We also treated cervical cancer with cryotherapy. PP doesn’t do mammograms because they don’t have x-ray facilities. Not sure how the rumor started that they did mammograms. The PP clinic where I worked didn’t do abortions–there were doctors in the community who did them and we gave referrals to those doctors to clients who wanted abortion referrals. I’m not sure what percentage of PP clinics do abortions now–it was a while ago that I worked there.

        • You’re not sure how that rumor started?

          Jesus, at least TRY to put in an effort, will you?

          • Anonymous

            So  you will concede that they do in fact do certain cancer screenings?

          • CanofSand

            Who cares? They’re baby murderers. Shall we praise Hitler because he made the trains run on time?

        • Anonymous

          Rumor? It was started by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards who made a false claim about mammograms. And even Senators like Barbara Boxer even repeated it!

        • please give us the name of location and phone number of where you worked. I would love to talk to the supposed only PP clinic doing cancer screenings and actually treating cancer, as you say. Waiting……

        • Ask Obama how the “rumor” started. From the mouths of PP officials, who are giving MILLIONS to his freakin campaign!

    • PP does NOT do cancer screening of any kind. just call any PP clinic and ask and they will erfer you elsewhere. THOSE are the facts. Even Biden is on board:

    • 3% = millions of dead babies since PP began. FACT. Sick, horrifying FACTS.

  • Newanarchy

    You anti abortion nuts never met a lie you wouldn’t promote…

    • Anonymous

      What is false? This is Planned Parenthood’s own numbers. Facts based!

    • Bgolorders

      these don’t include all the non pregnancy services planned parenthood gives like mammograms, pap smears etc…………of ALL planned parenthood services ABORTION counseling is only 3%  check that one out

      • CanofSand

        Who cares? They’re baby murderers. Shall we praise Hitler because he made the trains run on time?

        • CatholicsForChoice

          You forget that the Catholic church backed Hitler and the past time of the current Pope.  Me thinks your argument doesn’t count.

          Maybe if we could impove contraception for all women, especially the poor, we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.  Why is it that no attends to that idea?

        • StephenRoughton

           Who cares?? So disgusting distortions of facts like this are fine then?? Who cares about the truth.

        • yes we should, actually Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot killed more but who’s counting

      • NotSoShocked

        Actually it is a statistical spin put out by Planned Parenthood to deflect attention from their actual abortion record. Rather than state it myself I’m providing an excerpt for you….

        “Planned Parenthood continues to claim that abortion is
        three percent of its services in the 2010 report. By comparing the number of
        condoms, birth control pills, and other low cost items distributed to the
        number of abortions it commits, Planned Parenthood intentionally misleads the public
        and those in charge of providing government funding for its grisly business by
        painting a grossly inaccurate picture of what its business is all about,” the
        group says.

        It adds: “By
        comparing PP’s abortion income with its clinic income, we get a much more
        accurate picture of Planned Parenthood’s business model. In 2010, Planned
        Parenthood’s abortion income was 51.5 percent of its clinic income.”

        Government funding accounts for 46.5 percent of Planned
        Parenthood’s income — to the tune of $1.3 million per day, STOPP

        Excerpt: article by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 1/5/12

      • Get your facts straight. How many mammograms does PP do a year? It turns out the answer is… zero! No one was going to lose access to mammograms because Komen stopped giving Planned Parenthood money, because Planned Parenthood doesn’t do any mammograms. There won’t be any “sections” of the country where women can no longer get mammograms if Planned Parenthood lacks Komen funding, because Planned Parenthood doesn’t do anymammograms

      • PP does NOT give mammograms! Your local health department or family clinic can give referrals for mammograms, provide pap smears, etc.

    • Hello! FACTS from PP! Check ’em out yourself. Duh.

    • pepjrp

      And you are pro-murder and death. Enjoy having that on your resume when you pass on. You are the nut, who belles that killing is cool.

    • It’s Pro LIFE.

  • Hatesabortionlovesfacts

    I completely respect negative feelings on abortions and it’s a terrible number to look at, but I do have to point out those percentages in this “article” are extraordinarily skewed. A thing to consider, they are not a service for birthing babies. They can’t report the number of pregnancies not terminated through their services they don’t handle that end of it. They don’t report what babies were adopted or were not even adopted, but kept through their services.You don’t have to stop fighting the services they provide that you and even I don’t approve of, but even so they provided 3.8 million+ contraceptive services as well as 1.5 million+ cancer screening and prevention services. And although they provided low numbers in prenatal care services offered, the services they offer are limited. Those keeping their babies end up getting that care elsewhere. But they might not have gone to get care for the baby without having had a pregnancy test at planned parenthood. I don’t even use planned parenthood services, I am not pro-abortion by any means. But to reconfigure data just to back a view is wrong. I had to speak up. They DO provide other really wonderful services for those who can’t afford it. They should be praised for that and encouraged to provide those services. If you want to discourage their abortion services, by all means more power to you. It is a sad number they reported, but it was 3% of their total services and wiith over 1 million pregnancy tests preformed, where on earth did this 92% of pregnancy related services figure come from? That’s inaccurate, it’s math even I can figure is wrong by a glance. Or is a pregnancy test not pregnancy related? The report is available for anyone to see. Why not support the cause in a better way?

    • Anonymous

      What part of 329,445 abortions in 2010 alone did you not get? Nothing they do on any level could justify there existence.  Not to mention they get federal funding  for the taking of innocent life!  Unbelievable!

      • Hatesabortionlovesfacts

        What part of cancer screenings and prevention do you not get? Can the focus be trying to end them giving abortion services, WITHOUT trying to end all of their services. Insanely unbelievable, right? …

        • CanofSand

          Is that seriously your argument? Are you really that stupid, or do you just think we are? Shall we let murderers out on the street now if they happen to help an old lady cross the street sometimes?

          And suggesting that we’re attacking all of their services?? PP are the ones who decide what the services are. All “anti-Planned Parenthood” bills have ALWAYS been anti-abortion bills; PP is not directly referenced, you hack! They could drop abortion from their services themselves, but they CHOOSE not to because they’re ideological descendants of Margaret Sanger, the racist eugenicist, who they praise and honor. They don’t deserve a dime of taxpayer funding.

      • Kat

        Do some research before you preach.  The part YOU are not getting, is that of that 329,445 “abortions”…not all were actual abortions performed…they were lumped into the category of “abortion services” such as pregnancy testing and single (non-returning) visits and from what I hear, even condom consultations.  

        • You’re kidding me, right? PP would NOT lump all services into “abortion services” if those “services” were not in fact the “Service” (gag) of abortion.

      • Kat

        Do some research before you preach.  The part YOU are not getting, is that of that 329,445 “abortions”…not all were actual abortions performed…they were lumped into the category of “abortion services” such as pregnancy testing and single (non-returning) visits and from what I hear, even condom consultations.  

    • Anonymous

      very good points.

    • BeccaCupcake

      But like you said, for woman that need prenatal services they can go elsewhere. The same applies for all the other services that you mentioned. The ‘wonderful’ services that PP provides aside from the abortions can be found at many clinics that help those that are unable to get services because of the cost and/or lack of health care.

      • Hatesabortionlovesfacts

        Not can, do. It is not a prenatal care center. They do not provide those extensive services. As far as other clinics are concerned, they are out there, too. But why not have the, yes, they are wonderful services, provided by planned parenthood out there, too. Some clinics do turn people away based on things other clinics do not. Any of the services they provide that do not offend the beegees out of me should continue to be provided. My point isn’t to support them as a whole. I just think common sense says, let’s prove a point facing the facts and using them accordingly so even those who oppose us understand and can respect a prolife view. Abortion ends a life, cancer screenings and prevention save lives, pregnancy tests and honest information help women make decisions to keep their babies and get care so they have a healthy baby. That saves a life. And I’m not at all saying sacrfice to save, just fight the good fight. Not fight everything at all costs using every mudslinging level out there. Don’t put people off supporting prolife causes, by being intolerably inaccurate. It won’t help.

    • Anonymous

      If Planned Parenthood is “pro-choice” then why do they put all of their effort into only 1 of the choices?

    • Amy8

      I don’t give them credit for pregnancy tests – they cost $3-$5 dollars at Wal-Mart and they cost $3 – $5  at PP.  And their cancer screenings consist of feeling for lumps then sending the woman somewhere else to have a mammogram which is not covered by PP.  No PP does mammograms in the US. 

    • please site a reference for your numbers. Give an actual source….waiting….waiting….crickets…chirp chirp….

  • Mrclark313

    I read through PP’s annual report that was listed in the article.  Sadly, PP didn’t offer a pie chart for everyone to view in their report.  Even if only 3% of the services offered is abortion, that is 300,000+ baby deaths.  They only list the numbers because it’s easy to over look – it’s hard to overlook a pie chart when you see the comparison.  You can’t justify death because you offer STD testing too.  And WOW, only around 800 adoption referrals?!  If those 300,000+ mothers had been given adoption referrals that would have been 300,000+ lives saved.

  • Rose

    Planned Parenthood misleads consumers by saying that providing someone with a single pregnancy test “service” is equal to completing an abortion procedure. This would be like saying that when someone goes in for an annual physical it is equal to someone who has to have a major heart surgery. The medical community knows that pregnancy tests are often done as part of the routine when someone visits a clinic, kind of like listening to someone’s heart beat. It is insulting that Planned Parenthood thinks Americans aren’t smart enough to see the biased presentation of these numbers.

    They also seem to be providing a lot of reversible contraception without actually providing enough pap tests to all of these women. Of course, it might be that the contraception number is counted for each individual (i.e. monthly) prescription handed to a woman. Meaning that these numbers were be extremely skewed as well. We know that 1 abortion = the death of one child. But these may a lot more inconsistencies in the rest of the data that are misleading. I remember the last time the annual report was released it was noted by pro-life groups that Planned Parenthood counted it as a service each time they provided condoms to someone – which obviously skews the data further by inflating how many contraception services were provided. Handing someone condoms isn’t a medical procedure the way abortion is and should be counted differently.

  • RN

    It is all the work of the devil, why not it is big business… what happened to shame?

  • Anonymous

    This is so skewed because it suggests that 91% of what PP does is abortions. PP is not set up to do prenatal services (though when I worked there they did provide prenatal services to women who couldn’t afford it anywhere else). At the PP clinic where I worked Adoption referrals were given routinely to anyone who wanted them or anyone who was confused about their decision. PP has no control over the number of women who actually seek adoption services. It is fine to be against Planned Parenthood, but please do it under the guise of actual information. Articles like this so discredit your movement.

    • “PP is not set up to do prenatal services.” Duh. I think that’s the point.

      If they have no control over the number of women who seek adoption services, then why are women who go to places like PRC so much less likely to have an abortion?

    • bubbalouwee

      Planned Parenthood is one huge butcher shop.  They make lots of money by killing human beings.  Nothing Planned Parenthood does that might be beneficial to women makes up for the millions of human beings they kill.  They lie to women, pressure women and coerce women to kill their children.  Planned Parenthood is a killing machine.  Why do you think the numbers are so skewed?  To attribute the skewed numbers to inaccurate reporting so you can discredit pro lifers is ridiculous.  Planned Parenthood is a huge butcher shop and their numbers reflect that they are a huge butcher shop.  Perhaps Planned Parenthood should start offering CAT scans for people that are pro choice and test their brains to see if they have a brain wave. 

      • CatholicsForChoice

        “They make lots of money by killing human beings.”  Kinda like the whole Department of Defense huh?

    • Why NOT ????

    • Why NOT ????

  • Loginyoureye

    judge not lest ye be judged!

    • CanofSand

      Ah, the “judge not” fallacy. Asinine. I doubt you’re even a Christian, but just in case you are and you want to learn something about your faith (any denomination except the perverted Progressive ones which don’t really believe in scripture anyway), read this:

      So, yeah, I’ll go ahead and judge baby murderers as evil. Then that same standard will be used against me and – hey – I’m not a baby murderer, so I’m clean on that count.

      Even the devil knows scripture and uses it to his own ends. Thanks for the demonstration, abortionist.

  • Ronin

    It is so entertaining that your article has a link to the PPFA annual report, which does not back up your assertions. Thank you for the link, I would recommend that your readers follow up, then go elsewhere for the truth.

  • The other side

    Planned Parenthood is not solely focused on pregnancy. Planned Parenthood provided full screenings for reproductive health (which is not the same as pregnancy). They provide counseling services to help people choose the right birth control for themselves.


  • Nancy Bradshaw

    This chart is a good example of how statistics can be twisted to suit a particular purpose. Where are all the other services PP provides to women and MEN?

    Where is the information for abortions that occur in other venues….private hospitals, doctor’s offices, other clinics?

  • A
  • Fraudulent Hollywood harridans and their hero in the White House have been deliberately deceiving women into thinking that eliminating Planned Parenthood subsidies would mean a catastrophic end to affordable cancer screening services. But the abortion provider’s purported “referral services” to outside mammogram facilities are negligible — especially given the widespread availability of free and low-cost breast and cervical cancer screening services across the country supported by both private and public grants.
    Planned Parenthood does not provide women with mammograms. PP’s “women’s health” mantle is a sham. An undercover investigation of 30 Planned Parenthood clinics in 27 different states, conducted by pro-life group Live Action, confirmed that the abortion provider does not perform breast cancer screenings. “We don’t provide those services whatsoever,” a staffer at Planned Parenthood of Arizona admitted. Planned Parenthood’s Comprehensive Health Center clinic in Overland Park, Kan., acknowledged: “We actually don’t have a, um, mammogram machine, at our clinics.”

  • amanda

    First of all… for those of you saying Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms… I just spoke with a friend literally 5 minutes ago who said they helped her find a lump on her breast and she would not have found it without them. Second, have you not considered all of the PRO ACTIVE things planned parent hood does like provide AFFORDABLE access to contraceptives which could prevent pregnancy and there for in many cases prevent an abortion from needing to happen in the first place… THIRD of all, you know what… yes once a cell grows past a certain point it is a living cell, and I, on a personal level could not do that, if I got pregnant I would keep the baby under MOST circumstances. But you try telling a rape victim to keep an unplanned baby by her rapist… true there are probably those brave and strong enough to do that, but I know I could not carry around a baby for nine months that would remind me of such a traumatic incident. Secondly, have you ever considered the fact that in some cases (true they are not quite as common) it is harmful and sometimes life threatening for the mother to continue the pregnancy. You’re all so quick to judge, and yes I am willing to bet that MOST abortions are probably just “oops I forgot a condom guess I’ll go have an abortion,” but who are we to tell a woman she does not have the right to choose? I think people need to mind their own damn business

    • greekdish

      Thats not a mammogram you dunce. They are not licensed to perform mammograms by the Dept of health and Human Services.

      according to the Department of Health and Human Services, no Planned Parenthood clinic in the country is authorized to perform mammograms under the federal Mammogram Quality Standards Act,”

      Read more: Inside the Beltway: Mammogram mythology – Washington Times

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