New York Daily News “Cherry Picks” its Own Facts on Tim Tebow

The media just can’t stand it when a pro-lifer is popular.  While Tim Tebow was voted the most popular athlete in the nation by an ESPN poll and named #10 on the Forbes Most Influential Athletes List, all the New York Daily News can talk about is how Tim Tebow has received “widespread criticism.”  Here’s what they have to say in a new article where they discuss the pro-life ad aired by Focus on the Family with Tim and Pam Tebow in 2010:

Tebow, who is well known for his staunch religious beliefs, received widespread criticism after he appeared in the 2010 spot. The second-year quarterback, who is the son of an evangelical preacher, discussed in that commercial how his mother was told to have an abortion when she was pregnant with him.

The commercial comes at the tail end of a season where Tebow’s religious beliefs have been often discussed – and mocked – by Jimmy Fallon, Bill Maher and “Saturday Night Live.”

What a lovely invention of facts, inaccuracies, exaggerations, and cherry-picking.  First, if you’ve seen the 2010 commercial, it’s pretty inaccurate to say that Tim Tebow “discussed” anything in it.  His mom told a little bit of their story (though if you didn’t know the facts, you wouldn’t even know doctors recommended that she abort Tim), and Tim came in and tackled her.  If the New York Daily News wants to call a tackle a discussion, I guess a lot more hard discussions go on during football games than I thought.

Now, is it accurate to say that millions of Americans went to Focus on the Family’s website after the ad aired and read the “full Tebow story”?  Yes.  That would be an accurate statement.  Did the ad compel many to rethink their positions on abortion?  Yes.  But please, media, let’s talk about what actually happened instead of just spouting off rhetoric to make your anti-life, anti-Tebow position sound better.

It’s also a BIG exaggeration to state that Tim Tebow received “widespread criticism” without even hinting at all the people who absolutely loved and lauded the commercial.  Naturally, when a public figure takes a public position on a publicly controversial issue, he will be criticized.  But he will also be praised.  The New York Daily News conveniently leaves out that part of the story.

More than anything, I think I love how the Daily News “cherry picks” Jimmy Fallon, Bill Maher, and Saturday Night Live as examples of what people think about Tim Tebow’s religious beliefs.  What a great bunch to choose as examples.  Now, if the goal of the Daily News was to state that these outlets have mocked Tebow’s Christianity, fine.  But, they also state that his religious beliefs have been discussed, and they give no examples except those who have mocked him.  Can you get more biased?  There are many who go out of their way to praise Tebow for his Christian example and to make a point of how well-liked he is, despite those who criticize him.  See here and here.

Forbes reports the facts accurately when they state:

One other thing about Tebow: his reputation for clean living and willingness to show his Christian faith publicly mostly serve to make him popular, though it’s a bit polarizing. The 13% of respondents who say they “dislike” Tebow or “dislike him a lot” is the most of anyone but James (15%), even as many more claim to like him.

While pro-lifers love the fact that Tebow is in the spotlight…and is extremely popular right now…we have to recognize the fact that the abortion industry and the media that supports them don’t love it at all.  They’ll fight tooth and nail to make Tebow look stupid and irrelevant.  However, based on his popularity, I’m pretty sure the average Joe can see through these silly attacks on Tebow’s Christianity and pro-life beliefs.  He is having an influence, no matter who wishes he wasn’t.

Tim Tebow’s memoir, “Through My Eyes” (a New York Times’ Bestseller) gives an awesome testament to the courage of women who choose to keep their babies, despite the risks and hardships to themselves.  And it also demonstrates the influence that one saved life can have on the rest of the world.  Tebow believes in the heart of the pro-life movement.  He’s experienced it firsthand, and he writes, “God challenges us to change the world.  And to accomplish this, He asks us to change it one life at a time.”