Not a joke… Planned Parenthood wants to be “your sexual fantasy”

Brought to you by Planned Parenthood of Northern New England which says they are running this new ad campaign online, on buses, and in local newspapers…

Jill Stanek has more on this in her post, “Planned Parenthood’s “cheeky” new ad campaign” which includes photos of some of the other ads like “we’re your friend with benefits” and “we’re your private area.”

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I think they are my sexual nightmare.

  • Your unborn child’s nightmare

  • Kimberly Wedel

    Ok really? We are being punk’d right? Come on where’s Ashton? More of the abortion is “sexy” mentality. There is apparently no low too low for them to sink to.

    • Taxiphyllum

      No one is aroused by abortions. Well, I’m sure I could find 1 or 2 demented people out of the billions (lol at amputee fetishists), but come on.  You’re being ridiculous.  
      In addition, the sign is referring PP as a place where you can get reliable medical information and treatment.  Most of PP’s business isn’t even abortions.’ True though, it was in bad taste, but you’re making mountains out of Argue like you aren’t a zealot.  

      • Taxiphyllum


      • Kimberly Wedel

        Oh Geez, Not you again. Yes I am a zealot. My fight for the right to life of innocent babies will never stop until abortion is once again illegal. I don’t even have any particular views on religion. I don’t belong to a church and am not certain to what degree I believe in God. I just know in my heart that killing a living being is wrong. If that makes me a zealot then I welcome the title. I’m afraid it’s people like you that are trying to take huge mountains and delude them into molehills. Guess what you are now in the minority and it ain’t happening.

      • Susan Towne

        Maybe most of their business isn`t abortions but most of their money certainly is. Abortion brings in a lot more money than what they get for birth control or anything else. Just read Unplanned by Abby Johnson. It`s all in there. She worked for PP for 8 yrs and really knows the score when it comes to their real motives.  Also, “reliable medical information”? I don`t get the impression that they tell too many abortion clients the “medical” truth about the development of the unborn child in their womb(or show the ultrasound) and all the nasty physical and emotional side-affects of having an abortion. They minimize the effects and what`s involved in the procedure because they don`t want her to change her mind and leave(they want that money).

  • Anonymous

    sounds necrophiliac

  • Jackie30yo

    ..then we’ll suck the bothersome little annoyance out of your love tunnel.

  • Saykid

    I’ve seen these ads in my newspaper and on our local buses.  To be perfectly honest they sicken me.  Sex is supposed to be a beautiful, wonderful act that God created for two people to enjoy in marriage.  They are just making a mockery out of it and perverting it even more.  Not to even mention the many lives they take each year within their facilities (and the women they inevitably hurt).  They are not pro-woman, they are pro-profit. 

  • Dude. Aren’t sexual fantasies supposed to be…like…pleasurable? 

  • Rsjjc1

    Films, TV programs, Movies, and many other types of publications promote it I think they were feeling left out. what a better way to promote death! Come on Planned parenthood get a clue… Lets promote sex so that we can kill more people. Planned Parenthood was never a good thing and never will be! The Best Planning for family is found in the Word of God, Abstinence till Married, adoption, LIFE!!!  Planned Parenthood, God has got your # and it is NOT looking good, hells fire is still burning and never will stop; so, repent close down shop, and do something that promotes life and purity!

  • oldmanbob

    Makes me glad I live 60 miles from the nearest city bus (drove one in Chicago for 25 years) and 200 from the nearest mass transit train.

  • Planned Parenthood, discreet?!  Ha!

  • Hovish13

    Okay, guys! This is a perfect time to act!

    When you dislike a product, and write a letter to the company, they often send you coupons in the mail; and if enough people complain about the same thing, they change the product.. 

    So, whenever you see one of these signs or ads, call the bus company, magazine, etc that is promoting them, call or write a letter to the company and tell that just how you feel about it!
    The more of us that do, the less that company will want to associate with PP and their nasty ads now, and in the future.

    A perfect opportunity for everyone to serve, and only takes a few minutes!:)

    • Oedipa Mossmoon

      You’re in Burlington!? Awesome! I’m in Western Mass., not far from the border. Love it in Burlington, very cool city. Lotsa nouveau-hippies and college students. So, there’s the rub. I don’t think that demographic can really get that indignant over an advertising campaign, no matter how edgy.

  • María Inés Benítez Formoso

    Holy dread…

    Even if I tried to, I am very much afraid that I can not write any serious response to this.

    • oldmanbob

      To answer you question:  REALLY REALLY KINKY!