Numbers Don’t Lie…But Planned Parenthood Does

Most people have heard about the lies Planned Parenthood spews into society, which just keep on coming. PP is up in arms about the HHS mandate, and to try to improve their reputation, they’re twisting poll statistics and trying to make it look like America is on their side.

Recently, PP posted this link on their Facebook page, and commented on it saying:

” 67% of Americans oppose the Blunt Amendment, believing employers should not be able to deny health coverage for employees based on their own personal beliefs.”

Okaaay. That’s not too weird sounding, but 67%? Sounds a little fishy, huh? I haven’t been hearing statistics similar to this, and for a good reason. This number does not truthfully represent the context PP was using it in! Whoa. Is Planned Parenthood lying?!?!?! Well, they sure are twisting things a lot.

Remember it was just a week ago that CNN found a very different result showing that the public was against the Obama HHS mandate 50% to 44%.

Looking at the actual poll, you see what the people were asked:

“Q: Do you think employers should be allowed to deny health care coverage to their employees for doctor-recommended health care services if those services are contrary to the employer’s religious beliefs or moral convictions, or do you think all workers should be allowed access to all doctor-recommended health care services, regardless of their employer’s beliefs?”

Here are the choices people were given:

  • Employers should be allowed to deny coverage based on their beliefs
  • All workers should be allowed to access health care services regardless of their employer’s beliefs
  • Not sure

Now at first look, that sounds crazy. A doctor-recommended health service has got to be pretty serious, right? Who in the world would want to allow his employer to deny him access to a service his doctor finds necessary? Hmmm…not many people I’m guessing. We all want access to important health services, which is why 67% of the responders chose answer #2. This is where the number is right, but Planned Parenthood is wrong.

Planned Parenthood didn’t quite get the full memo about this poll because their post (in reference to the HHS mandate) indicated that 67% of Americans are against employers choosing to not cover something like….birth control. Funny thing: we all have access to birth control, even if our employers aren’t the ones paying for it. Did anyone ever tell them that birth control is not a necessary part of health care anyway? And how about the fact that you can get contraception without a doctor’s recommendation? AND you can still purchase the services you want (including contraception) even if you don’t have insurance. WHOA, it’s a revelation!

If PP was like Pinnochio, their workers would all have reeeeally long noses.

PP thrives on lies. They lie about basic medical facts, and twist statistics which are skewed in the first place. They’re skewing this statistic as they have with others recently. I’d be interested to go back and poll those same 1,000 people and see what they’d say to this slightly re-worded question:

“Q: Do you think employers should be forced to cover unnecessary health services for their employees such as birth control and sterilization (if those services are contrary to the employer’s religious beliefs or moral convictions), or should it remain as it is today where workers are allowed to access all health services and supplies, regardless of their employer’s beliefs and insurance coverage?” 

I think the answers to that question might be a bit different.