Outrageous: Ethicists Argue For Acceptance of “After-Birth Abortions”

According to two Australian ethicists, the baby in that photo should be killed if the parents so wish it, in what they call “after-birth abortion”. It’s not infanticide or murder to them. No, it’s just another form of abortion, because newborns aren’t really people yet. And while it sounds crazy and horrific, this unfortunately isn’t something I’m making up.

Alberto Giubilini with Monash University in Melbourne and Francesca Minerva at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne write that in “circumstances occur[ing] after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible.”

The two are quick to note that they prefer the term “after-birth abortion“ as opposed to ”infanticide.” Why? Because it “[emphasizes] that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus (on which ‘abortions’ in the traditional sense are performed) rather than to that of a child.” The authors also do not agree with the term euthanasia for this practice as the best interest of the person who would be killed is not necessarily the primary reason his or her life is being terminated. In other words, it may be in the parents’ best interest to terminate the life, not the newborns.

The circumstances, the authors state, where after-birth abortion should be considered acceptable include instances where the newborn would be putting the well-being of the family at risk, even if it had the potential for an “acceptable” life. The authors cite Downs Syndrome as an example, stating that while the quality of life of individuals with Downs is often reported as happy, “such children might be an unbearable burden on the family and on society as a whole, when the state economically provides for their care.”

This means a newborn whose family (or society) that could be socially, economically or psychologically burdened or damaged by the newborn should have the ability to seek out an after-birth abortion. They state that after-birth abortions are not preferable over early-term abortions of fetuses but should circumstances change with the family or the fetus in the womb, then they advocate that this option should be made available.

As if that wasn’t sickening enough, there’s also this little gem:

Merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life.

Let that sink in for a few minutes.

So if a baby is born with Down Syndrome, or another disability, then according to these two, a parent should be able to just kill it. Or let’s say that the mother decides that being a parent is just too stressful for her. She should be able to kill her baby then, too. Baby costs too much money? Yep, just kill it. All of these things are perfectly acceptable, because newborns aren’t real people yet. And as for adoption in any of these circumstances? Well, that could cause the mother emotional distress, so the answer would be… kill the baby! The fact that they see adoption as something that would cause a mother emotional distress but not the murder of their own child just shows how sick these two people are.

The sad thing is, that this point of view is inevitable once you start allowing people to define just what a human being actually is. If we don’t value all life, then does it really make a difference when we kill a baby? At this point, what difference does it make if the baby is inside the mother’s womb or outside of it?

And while it sounds incredible that anything like this would ever be allowed outside of speculation in a bioethics journal, keep in mind the horrors of partial birth abortion. Keep in mind that our own president voted in favor of infanticide. And the arguments that these ethicists are making are the exact same arguments that pro-abortion advocates make for abortion every day.

Pro-aborts would surely scoff at this as fear-mongering, but I’d be curious to know what their answer is to why it is acceptable to kill a baby one day before they are born, and unacceptable to kill them the next day after they’ve been born. When we fail to stand for life, this is the inevitable conclusion. First it’s just the unborn babies that it’s OK to kill. Then it’s the newborns, and then the “undesirables”. If pro-choice is all about the choice of the mother, with no protection given to the child whatsoever, then why should it really make a difference when she kills her child?

  • Hitler would be proud  😐

  • Sprankle4

    This is sick!!! There are so many people out there that would love to adopt a baby.  Who are we to say who lives or who dies.. What has become of our society.  Everyone is born with a purpose.

  • Arual

    I heard about this earlier today and cringed, but I figure if you believe life before birth should not be protected, being born doesn’t change much. Until we value ALL life, no life is safe. 

  • kristymom

    Obama’s science advisor believes that abortion is ok until a human is “socialized”, somewhere in the toddler years.

    • Jordan Elizabeth

      According to magic, of course 🙂

  • They mention that it should be okay to terminate those that “might be an unbearable burden on the family and on society as a whole, when the state economically provides for their care.”

    So what about those who permanently live on welfare and provide little, if nothing, to society as a whole?


    The true point: When will people learn that it should never be up to anyone to determine who is or isn’t worthy of life. No person should have the right to terminate the life of another unique individual.

    • Iwba

       What if you’re an impoverished 14 year old girl who has been raped, and giving birth is putting your own body in jeopardy. Stop being so ignorant. People have the right to choose what’s right for them. You aren’t god, and half of this country believes that you’re wrong. If you’re in favor of abolishing a woman’s right to an abortion, you’re in favor of ending the separation of church and state that has characterized our nation’s history for centuries. Then again, i’m sure you’re just another god fearing bible hugger anyways.

      • julie

        if she’s an impoverished 14 year old girl who’s been raped, and giving birth puts her body in jeopardy, i don’t see what killing the baby AFTER it’s born is going to do for her.

        • Wesleysgrl21

           Well getting an abortion can do more harm on a womens body than giving birth its a proven fact. I bet if people watched how an abortion is done they would realize and most women unless they are heartless figure out months after that they should never have done it in the first place.

          • guest

             I’m sorry but that is ridiculous. Having an early term abortion is NOTHING compared to giving birth.

      • a loving mother

        I am not a very religious person at all.  For me it is not about church, and god.  For me it is about a baby. A living human being. There is alot of people out there who believe a child has a right to live that has nothing to do with their religious beliefs.  I have been through different circumstances including a very young teen pregnancy but I chose life, I had a lot of pressure from different people to kill my child. My life will be destroyed, I will have no future. Has my life been easy, no. But  every time I look at my son and how he has become a productive member of society I think if I had given in to the pressure of making things easier on me he would have been thrown in the garbage 20 years ago as “a product of conception”. And you can not tell me they are people, everyone of my children were raised the same and yet they are completely different from each other.  That is because they are there own unique person and that started at the moment of conception. Again it has nothing to do with the church it has everything to do with life.

      • Helpful

         Wow, ad hominem attack much? If you’re an impoverished 14 year old girl who has been raped (less than 90% of all abortions in the US are even close to this scenario) you would already have way more emotional trauma than you could ever hope to deal with. Why add an abortion on top of that?

        “People have the right to choose what’s right for them.”
        OK, then why doesn’t the baby get a choice?

        Oh and by the way, the separation of church and state as we konw it now is actually a very recent development in our country’s history. Believe it or not “In God we trust.” was made our nation’s motto way back when the God-fearing bible huggers made this country. If you don’t like it, I suggest you make an atheist nation. Oh yeah, they tried that in Russia. And the US brought them down.

      • summerlovin’1

        I don’t believe in god but I think abortion is wrong. It’s quite sad that the only way you can defend abortion is to attack others.

      • MoonChild02

        Actually, being pro-life has little to nothing to do with being religious.

        As for impoverished 14 year old rape survivors, according to the Guttmacher Institute, about 1% of women who get abortions do so because they were raped.
        In one study of 2,190 survivors, only 0.6 percent became pregnant as a
        result of rape (Krason, Stephen M., “Abortion: Politics, Morality and
        the Constitution”, University Press of America, 1984).
        Rape is an exception to the anti-abortion laws in many countries, including Ireland.
        Also, a woman who has gotten her period is physically ready to have a child, no matter her age, otherwise we would get our periods at a much later age. With modern medical technology, there are ways to fight any health complications that may come along.

        Studies show that there are many women who consider themselves harmed by abortion. While very few are willing to speak out, and studies can be flawed, the fact that there are those who do say that it hurt them shows that abortion can, in fact, be devastating to a woman who procures the procedure. For studies and summaries, see http://www.abortionrisks.org/

        Furthermore, rape survivors never asked for you to use them in your political agenda. In fact, they have asked for the pro-abortion-choice crowd to stop using them as an excuse. Many of them who had abortions have reported that abortion just made their trauma worse, and, in fact, called it “medical rape”.

        • Wesleysgrl21

           I had a friend who was raped she gave birth to the baby and gave it to another friend of ours that couldnt have children because she couldnt live with killing the baby!!

        • Guest

          Just a minor correction, abortion isn’t legal in Ireland unless the mother’s life is in danger.  I otherwise agree with you.  Although rape is a terrible crime and one of the worst things someone can experience, potentially reducing a rape victim’s suffering doesn’t justify killing an innocent person.  And abortion certainly doesn’t reverse the rape.


          But if we’re going to get into the specific issue of 14 year old rape survivors, I think this investigation is important:


          Even Christopher Hitchens, one of the four co-founders of the “New Atheist” movement, understood that the pro-life position has its merits.  Now, Mr. Hitchens was no Scott Klusendorf.  His own position was somewhat irrational and inconsistent especially in light of his views on circumcision, which he saw as a barbaric practice that should never be allowed (probably because circumcision, unlike abortion, could be linked to organized religion).  But the important thing is, he realized that opposition to abortion could be appreciated even in a secular environment.



        • prochoice

          I actually WAS raped at age 14 ( by my father–and yes that really happened–I’m not claiming it to make a point) and became pregnant and it enrages me when people suggest it would be “better” for incest/rape survivors to continue their pregnancies. It makes no sense, in light of my own experience, to suggest that an abortion would be more traumatic than 9 months of pregnancy, giving birth to the rapists’s baby, and spending the rest of one’s life knowing that person is alive somewhere (assuming the woman doesn’t keep the baby). It’s incomprehensible to me that people argue the points that you do. I’m sure your intentions are good, but from where I sit it’s terribly hurtful.

      • Cheyenekerns

        No but its fucking wrong you sorry son of a bitch.

      • Sugarbug87

        Ppl r selfish because they r putting their own rights over an innocent little child that can’t speak for themselves or defend themselves ppl should be a responsible parent and put their child’s needs before their own. This is just a way for ppl to put the blame and responsibility on someone else. There’s a lot of stupid idiotic ppl that I feel the world would be better off without but we cant get rid of them so why should it be ok for ppl to choose to kill an innocent baby that hasn’t done anything wrong. Start taking responsibility and caring about someone else besides yourself.

      • kaedyn’s&kelso’smommy

        I was a 14 year old girl who gave birth to a healthy baby boy with no complications. then at 17 i was raped and got pregnant again. i’m now 18 with 2 healthy boys living on my own still continuing my education with an income and making time for my boys. its worth it to stick it out… the rewards out-weigh the hardship… if i really thought i couldnt handle it, i would have put them up for adoption… which i seriously thought about doing, but in the end decided that i am whats best for them. sure, i dont get to go to my senior prom this year and i dont get to go out with friends unless i can find a babysitter (which only happens maybe once every other month), but i couldnt imagine life without my sweet, innocent little boys. =]

        • kaedyn’s&kelso’smommy

          and btw my family never had money, ive had to work hard for my boys, but again its worth it. id do anything for them

      • from a medical standpoint

        Please don’t be rude to people for their beliefs. And you may call me a Jesus freak if you wish. I, however,believe it is up to God who should and should not die. I understand there are extenuating circumstances, I actually have a medical condition associated with my current pregnancy that could be potentially lead to extreme blood loss and become fatal, but I also work in the medical field and know there are many technological advances that make such risks few and far between. In addition, I won’t bash you for your beliefs or religion or lack thereof simply because you disagree with me. You cannot say however that this is not murder. Murder is defined as: to kill or slaughter inhumanly or barbarously. There really is no humane way to kill anyone no matter the age.

      • Tappy

        Okay…so we’ve gone from arguing that society shouldn’t allow the eradication of other people out of convenience to the 1/2% of cases where a “14 year old rape victim…blah, blah…”  I think we know we aren’t God.  And why even have any laws against any kind of murder or even stealing?  Or rape? It’s okay in a lot of muslim countries, after all.  Maybe….just maybe…you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to “separation of church and state”…maybe you actually LIKE our laws that protect YOU which are based on the 10 commandments.  You know…”bible hugger” stuff.   🙂 

      • Besame ElTrasero

        Fine. Once you are a “burden” we’ll terminate you. Your standard; not mine or ours.

      • Gloryfindel

        Seriously by your own comment half the country thinks you’re wrong. Bible or no Bible murder is murder. A 14 year old that was raped is extremely sad and never should have happened. However it’s not the child’s fault. It’s not the girls fault. So I could understand if she wanted nothing to do with the child after birth but abortion is never an option. Plus if the girl murdered her child then that is her fault. People can live with stuff they had no control over, but she has control of the life of her child so killing the child is something she couldn’t live with. I think if you look at how many women are messed up after abortion you’d agree.

      • Trish

        The baby should not pay for the sins of the father.  Adoption.  And I am a God fearing Bible hugger. 

      • guest

         They are talking about babies already born. Not babies that might be a threat to the mothers life. I am a Christian but belong to no church. (to me religion is much different than believing in God/Jesus, but by killing a baby a ALREADY BORN (not yelling emphasizing) aren’t you terminating their right to life? Maybe not with the mother (who if they didn’t want a child shouldn’t have been having sex…only way to be 100% safe right not saying it’s against what I believe only that’s it’s the only 100% sure fire way not to have a baby. if the birth mother cannot take care of the child or chooses not to, there are people who are willing.

      • A Pro-lifer

        The thing you do not understand is that the separation of Church and state was to protect the Church from the state not the other way around.  you made a statement that is totally irrelevant and just made you look foolish 

  • Robert Ongetta

    I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.  ~Ronald Reagan, quoted in New York Times, 22 September 1980

    • Brillant! Absolutely brillant!! I vote for Robert as President!!!

    • Kerryferrell1

      Exactly and im sure if their mom ever told them she was thinking of aborting them, they would be upset.

  • Anne Aldrich

    this argument is a very slippery slope. if being alive, especially human, is not enough to give you the right to life, then every idiot with a gun and a grudge would then have the right to kill. think about it!

  • Ginny Bain Allen

    “A person’s a person no matter how small.”  ~Dr. Suess

  • Mgodoyg89

    This is sick!!! how these people can think like that?

  • gabbs

    Maybe someone should kill those sorry scum bags since they are NOT human, if they were human, they would not think it was acceptable

    • Bobby

       Typical. Uninformed, stupid and ignorant people tend to be the most hypocritical. I love when people hunt down for stories like these so they can comment about how the people who believe things contrary to their own beliefs should be killed. You’re truly a moral example to us all gabbs. I bet you’re against fetal abortion as well.

      • DivineL1

        people should not have un protected sex in the first place if you do not want the responsibility of a child than dont have unprotected sex. you wouldnt be here if your mother decided to get an abortion.

        • Joy_honey1984

          no such thing as protected sex…I know many who have had condoms, birth control and still got pregnant….so bottom line is…don’t murder, you jackass ( meaning anyone for abortion)

          • A Proud Mama

             Or don’t have sex!

          • Kerryferrell1

            If your meant to have a baby, God will give you one, protected or not. So take care of and love your child. God gave them to us for a reason.

        • Trish

          Or, they could just keep their pants on until they are married.  Responsible family planning requires defered gratification…not to mention the physical, spiritual and emotional benefits of only ever “knowing” one person, your spouse.

        • WhoAreWeToJudge

          What about rape? They didn’t have the choice to keep their pants on or practice “safe sex”, and maybe didn’t want the responsibility of a child. Not to say that I am for this idea of after life abortion, but all of your responses show how narrow minded you are thinking the only people who would want these are whores who go around having sex with every one. Would you want your daughter to carry and raise the baby of her rapist at the age of 16? Think about it for a little..

          • Kerryferrell1

            I understand your comment but there r other options besides murdering a child. Give them up for adoption so someone who is willing to care for the baby will be blessed with a child.

          • cc

            so make the rape victim carry a child for 9 months and then go through possibly hours of labor and lots of pain…or maybe have a disfiguring scar the rest of her life to give a baby that she didn’t want in the first place up for adoption…makes sense…torture the woman even more. make her more emotionally and mentally damaged than she may already be by having to go through pregnancy, child birth, and the adoption process…seems fair to me….

          •  As opposed to traumatizing her by putting her through the murder of her own child? Because you know… abortion doesn’t mentally damage the woman any further… That would just be silly.

      • Joy_honey1984

        Bobby I can’t believe you…you diss somone who is upset over  someone who wants to murder innocent babies and instead of responding to how horrid that is…you chose to lash out at the one defending babies…so sad and creepy and yes fetuses are lives and it is murder to kill them

      • Kevin Dykstra

        No he shouldn’t have said that, but he’s human and we all say stupid things. Yes he was rash, but nit-picking what bad things he said and ignoring the fact of the point he made is just as stupid and ignorant. We all sin. And yes, I am a christian, but I could probably change your opinion through human thinking too.

      • Purkissp

        No Bobby your remarks would make a believer for fetal abortions your mother should have had one

      • Michelle-4-LIFE!

        What you’re not thinking of is how many innocent lives these people could affect “Bobby”! These people are so incredibly morally wrong to even suggest such an injustice and cruelty on an innocent newborn’s life that it is truly an outrage! Would I feel bad if these people died? NO! They have no respect or consideration for life and therefore none should be sympathized for them,they would be standing for murder,what do we do with murderers? We throw them in jail or execute them under the legal system .If I had my way I would charge them with pre-meditated murder so they could spend all their time in jail thinking about what they stood for.It’s amazing,the ones who ARE living are so completely selfish that they could snuff out a baby’s life ripping the same opportunity to live that was given to the still living person. By the way alot of people are against ANY kind of abortion,yes,fetal.AND???

      • Blake Winstead

        Bobby has a valid argument. Although he interjects his own opinion into his response, his point is that people take these extreme stories and post them just to seem righteous and stir up things. And just in case you didn’t notice everyone, this story took these two permissible people and then related them to our president, and pro-choice supporters. The person who published this is the offset person in this situation, attempting to manipulate the reader. 

        • Debbie Cone

               Well said Blake. 
          I feel we must keep pro-choice available.  Why do Americans always want to control everyone, everywhere?  I don’t believe it is about the baby, it is about CONTROL.  If it were about the baby, we would have more to offer babies in early childhood development programs.  Instead we have divorced, overworked families, institutionalizing their babies into broken-down school systems; and when these babies become teenagers they often drop-out of school, and then we just house them in prisons for their adult life.  Overpopulation is what is wrong with the world now, then religion, followed by government. 

          • Trish

            Umm, all that is due to a breakdown in family values and self service, rather than prefering one another in love.  It doesn’t have anything to do with one group of people trying to be in control.  Overpopulation?  You obviously don’t get out of the city much…

          • ThePaganProLifer

            I totally agree! The world is overpopulated. Let’s nuke China, India, and Africa. It’s a loving sloution for all involved. (education, birth control, assistance? Nah, just kill ’em!”

      • Kerryferrell1

        Im thinking most people in here are aginst fetal abortion or any type of abortion period.

        • Trish

          Probably.  I sure am.

          • cc

            So you would prefer to see a child go into a bad situation…an abusive situation or to a very poor home instead of allowing the mother to abort the child? or you would rather see a rape victim or sexually abused woman raise a child who she will probably want nothing to do with over have the fetus aborted? yes, adoption is a choice, but do you really think a rape victim or a victim of sexual abuse wants to carry a baby around for 9 months then go through the hours and pain of labor for something she wants nothing to do with or didn’t plan to have in the first place?

          • DolceBella2

             So lets just kill everyone who will ever be in a bad, abusive situation.

            Oh wait. That’s like, everyone. Great idea *rolls eyes*

            Seriously, in what world does KILLING someone to prevent them from living their lives, which might include suffering – that, in fact, we do have the power to prevent -, make sense?

      • cc

        I’m with you Bobby…the people here who are following god’s way are truly being hypocritical…is it not stated in the bible in the teachings of jesus that one shall not judge? isn’t it stated that god is the only one who should judge people? and yet, these christians are judging people for being pro-life…saying how wrong it is to be pro-choice and how a life without a god isn’t a life, oh and my personal favorite was along the lines of no belief in god = no morals…oh how i love these scare tactics.

      • I’m pro-choice, at least in the first trimester, but totally against killing a child after he or she has been born. I’m against late term abortion as well, unless its for the life of the mother, the child is already dead or its severely deformed. I really can’t stand extremists on both sides. the “pro-lifers” think aborting a six week embryo is murder and there are pro-choicers who think abortion all nine months and beyond is ok. I think both extremes are sick and I’m disgusted by both.

    • Oldmanbob

      No matter how evil a person is it is not our right to kill them.  Jesus even stated that hating some one was the same as killing.  Our response is commanded to pray for these folks.  This is not a suggestion.  When God wants them dead they will be dead.

      • Pascal Slettenaar

        Too bad your god doesn’t exsist, try again.

        • You obviously have a right to think that, but millions of people disagree with you and it might be nice if you could show our beliefs some respect.  Rather than arguing the point with you, I will just say that if you are right and when we die there is nothing else, then what harm was done to all of us who did believe in God? None.  However, if we are right and there is a God – well, I don’t even want to think of where that will leave you.  I will pray for you, even though you obviously wouldn’t appreciate it.  Couldn’t hurt though, right? 🙂

          •  Gotta love the FOOL who denies God yet they pretend to have morals. Which is illogical.

            That’s why idiots like Richard Dawkins fail.

            The RELIGION of Evolution begat Eugenics. And it is still thriving today. That’s all this is. Eugenics.
            Hitler liked it. Margarette Sanger liked it (Planned Parenthood), Obama’s Science Czar likes it, Bill Gates like it, etc.

          • Father McGuire

            You’re an idiot, you don’t need religion to have morals. Just empathy and compassion for living things. 

            Oh yea, why is it ok for people to kill animals after they are born?   

          •  On what do you base your opinion that you “Just empathy and compassion for living things” ?  And what makes your opinion superior to those who would say that those are weaknesses?

          • T.B

            for food. Aboriginals killed animals and used every piece of that animal for a good purpose. With prayer, those people were able to survive using the land and the animals that made it possible. A natural environment. Even in the Bible they hunted animals…

          • Sable

            So, after-birth abortion is fine as long as all of the baby is put to a good use? 

            Also, are you saying the Aboriginal’s behaviour justifies any killing of animals for food?

            The Bible is mostly set in times and places where not killing animals to eat would make survival very difficult. They also accepted slavery.

          • Anonymous

            Native Americans obviously had to kill animals to sustain themselves, but the never wasted anything, and if my knowledge of history and culture is correct they always thanked the Creator for the blessing of food. In otherwords, they hunted out of necessity, and they never took more than they needed unlike the factory farming of today where everything is fueled by selfishness and cruelty. And no it’s not necessary for one to be religious to be moral. I’ve seen people on both sides who clearly lack any sort of moral compass.

          • JCON

            “then what harm was done to all of us who did believe in God?” – I will admit that in the US in 2012 this may be the case and religion doe snot cause harm to our neighbors, but religious beliefs have been the cause of more deaths and wars than any other single cause by far in the history of mankind. 

          • Trish

            That is not God’s fault, but the fault of people who claimed to be doing God’s while clearly knew nothing about Him.

          • Trish

            I ment people claiming to be doing God’s work..oops

          •  You should likely review the last century before making claims like that.

          • Rocketman

             That would be people acting “in the name of God” who are in fact operating in there own self serving ends NOT people acting in the will of God. 2 commandments Jesus gave. 1. love one another as I have loved you. 2. Love the Lord your God with all your heart…

          • Pressinthrough67

            Oh that was so well said…thank you.

          • Krazebikerchic17

            There are also millions that would disagree with your religion. I myself am one of those. Maybe you should show us respect as well. Just because someone doesn’t share your beliefs doesn’t mean we are wrong. And as for being an atheist, we don’t believe in heaven or hell. So we won’t go to “hell” when we die. Educate yourself.

          • educate your self  God my lord and heavenly Father is alive and well you will find out for yourself about heaven and hell

          • Rocketman

             Standing on the train track and saying a train doesn’t exist wont stop the train from mowing you down. PS Hell is full of Athiests. I hope and pray you wont be one of them.

        • Kerryferrell1

          I feel bad for you, for a life without God isnt life at all…

          • cc

            I’m not a fan of this scare tactic article one bit and am against the whole “after birth abortion” thing, but a life without God isn’t life at all…well then what you are saying is that this baby doesn’t have a life yet because they are yet to be able to accept God into their’s so it would be okay to kill it right? as you stated “…a life without God isnt life at all…”

          • this little baby or any little child or an unborn child is a creation of God and has life in God until it becomes accountable of it actions and chooses not to accept God .He gave each of us a free will when we make a decision not to accept him he will not force himself on us .I believe this baby has a life in God and has a right to life

          • Krazebikerchic17

            I have a life without “god” and I’m incredibly happy being atheist. You have no right to say someone’s life isn’t valuable without a make believe person.

          • Jenn

            GOD is definitely not make believe…what is make believe is your so called life that you claim you are happy with….I shall pray earnestly for you…


        • T.B

          Well, you’ve shown your ignorance. I’m an ignostic.. I believe all those can believe in a faith regardless of that faith. I respect all persons beliefs. I may disagree or not believe in it myself but Never would i be Ignorant and tell them that they are WRONG and that their beliefs and faith is untrue.

      • Caleb Smith

        Capital punishment, though, is prescribed in the Bible in many places, therefore if these ethicists were to perform such abortions (or even encourage them, in my opinion), the government should put them to death.

      • Jesus said not to hate “without a cause”.

        Of course the modern new age bible perversions like the NIV like to omit the “without a cause” part!

        We should love everyone. But it’s righteous to hate workers of iniquity.

        And believe me, a REPROBATE (someone already condemned) who pushed things like Sodomy and Abortion, is a worker of iniquity.
        Praying for such a person would be sin.

        • Trish

          Wow.  Maybe you should take a good hard look at the life and teachings of Christ.  for example, “While we were still sinner, Christ died for us”.  If we hate, we do not know God, for god is love.  Christ’s entire life was an example of loving the unloveables.

          • Sandra

             Thank you Trish. I am not a believer in Christ but I respect Christianity as a religion. Too often I see both sides with messages of hate. If both sides loved their neighbor regardless of their beliefs, this world would be a much more peaceful place. Hating the opposite side is not the answer to advocating for abortion or trying to get rid of it.

        • Djushi

           As I recall, we are to hate the sin, and love the sinner.

          It is righteous to hate sin. It is wrong to hate people. We have all done things wrong, all of us are guilty of iniquity, and God can save anyone he wants to – you can’t limit him. Praying for a person can never be a sin. It is actually working against sin to pray for a sinner – what else would be pray for, but for them to stop sinning?

      • Lisa Moore

        Read my comment.  P.s. Empathy is obviously not your strong suit.
        Where are the real men!

  • Lovebug01269

    that makes me wanna cry thats so horrible ,that someone can be so damn heartless

    • yepp the child might be an interruption in their lives, so just get rid of it!  That is what they are saying. 

  • Lizzyrandolf

    unfortuately, if abortion is morally correct, then why shouldn’t this be? there really isn’t any difference between a baby that was in a mother’s womb the day or month before, and the baby in that picture.  its just a little bigger and in a different place.  it is still dependent for survival on others.  size, place, and dependancy levels don’t make us more human!  

    •  abortion is not morally accepted in my eyes either its still murder

    • Irishblondie177

      Then since a baby is being killed based on its depencence on others should those livin on government assistance be put to death too….I don’t agree with abortion or killing those in need but from the comment those on gov assistance could be killed off too . Just a thought…

    • Typhoonva

       Do you know what abortion is? You are so ignorant. Abortions are carried out to prevent whatever this is. One is murder, the other isn’t. It’s not a matter of opinion. Stop being ignorant and learn the facts.

      • Kevin Dykstra

        To summarize: The killing of a fetus is acceptable because it stops the killing of the same baby later in life…

        Why is killing it later any better? Why is human as soon as it exits the womb?
        The only reason you don’t want it killed outside of the womb is so you don’t have any connection to the child, and so your conscience that God gave you won’t drive you insane.
        If you kill it in the womb you tell yourself it doesn’t matter because its legal and its ‘different’.
        Thats the work of the devil.
        And if your conscience drives you insane, its God’s judgement. The only way to stop that sickening feeling of know that you’re wrong it belief in Christ.

    • mike

       then lets see do u have a depencence on your job in this case u should be put down also.

    • Guest

      Fetuses that are aborted have a time limit in when they can be aborted with out it being a formed baby. These babies are fully born and fully a baby. BIG difference! 

      • Kate

        When I look at my baby girl and ask myself, “When did she begin being herself?” there is no other answer than conception. It is simply the only one that makes sense. All other times are so arbitrary. The time when life begins is the time when, in order to stop it, you’d need to have an abortion. 

      • plv

        actually under the law abortion can be done even when, as you put it, when it is a formed baby. I would ask you when do you think that is? What moral, scientific evidence do you have to support your claim?  

      • summerlovin’1

        You truly think fully formed babies aren’t aborted? Babies survive at 23-24 weeks but can be aborted. In Canada there’s no gestation age

        Check your facts before you start speaking such ignorant things.

        • summerlovin’1

          * gestational age limits set on abortion.

          sorry, I’m on my cell so it acts up.

      • MoonChild02

        Actually, a fetus is fully formed, which is what makes a fetus different from an embryo. They just need time to grow and develop, so that their organs are large enough and strong enough to sustain their life outside of the mother.

        “Day 49 has been elected to be the final day of the scientifically recorded day-to-day diary of development. On this day, the embryo is seven weeks old and is considered to be essentially complete. The creative enterprise of prolific cell division, differentiation, streaming migrations, establishment of new cell communities, and specialization: these come to rest when the foundations for all the working parts of the body are in place.”

        Geraldine Lux Flanagan, Beginning Life, New York: DK, 1996. pp. 55, 56.

        “Measuring one-and-one-fourth inches from crown to rump and weighing about one-thirtieth of an ounce, the (56-day-old) embryo is now all but fully formed. All body systems are in place and elaborated. Architecturally, the organism is more or less whole… Though the energy output is about one-fifth that of an adult, the heart is functionally complete… A great passage has been made.”

        Alexander Tsiaras, From Conception to Birth, New York, NY: Doubleday, 2002. p. 183.

        Furthermore, a baby is still developing even after birth. The skull is not fully formed, as it needs to be able to make it through the birth canal, hence the “soft spot” on a baby’s head. Also, the brain does not finish developing until the early to mid 20’s, which is why, in the US, it’s illegal to drink alcohol until the age of 21. In other words, if you’re going to argue that level of development is an issue, you may as well agree with the so-called “ethicists” mentioned in this article.

      • Kevin Dykstra

        Even if you think they are still ‘balls of tissue’, do you go around destroying your skin and killing animals and plants for no reason? You don’t know what the baby thinks, and when it starts to think…do you think that your beliefs, values and personality are just thought signals in your brain. You are destroying the body that soul should’ve inhabited. The only reason you’re killing the baby, the human, the soul, is your own weakness. If you can’t deal with it you shouldn’t have ‘started it’. And since you made a ‘mistake’, be responsible and fix it. There are thousands and thousands of sterile woman who would love to adopt the same babies you are murdering.

        There is no reason to have an abortion, especially because it is more likely to be painful and have longer lasting affects than giving birth.

        • voiceofreason.

          what does killing animals and plants have to do with it? after all, we all do that, simply because we all eat, regardless of what you think, we all destroy plants and animals everyday….as for this issue as a whole, there are situations where i think abortion would be a reasonable decision for a parent…..lets forget the impoverished 14 year old for a moment

          your WIFE was raped, she decides she will go through with the pregnancy, 9 months in, labor comes, the water breaks, and the doctor tells you: its your wife or the baby….lets say you already have 2 kids and struggle to get by with BOTH of your salaries, then what do you choose? the one who is already alive and helps you support the children already alive, or the one that is not technically born yet? 

          • notimportant

            If it were already at the time of delivery, an emergency c-section would be performed. In all honesty, if there is ever any danger to the mother during a pregnancy, an emergency section can be done. The bigger question is, will the baby be able to survive? And that depends on level of development and/or any other variables (congenital defects, etc). But an emergency section is always available to the mother…it’s always just a question of whether the baby can live through it, or live through holding off the section to allow for more development.

  • Bandshoosiers

    Those individuals are disgusting human beings.  Is that where our society is heading?  

    • newitwascomin

      unfortunately yes, it was our dear president who also said if an aborted child survives and is born, it is not entitled to life

  • Shianneryan16

    these ppl say that baby anit ppl well just to let u know they r nd they have eyes nose mouth and hand and feet and but and privet parts and stuff they r concetered a person there just babys ppl thats all u dumb ass ppl who said they anit ppl ass holes

  • Salazar Felicia

    In this case the people who accept “After-Birth Abortions” should be charged with Murder. God gave u Life, Cherish it.

    • Iwba

       God didn’t give you life stupid. Again, what if you were 14 and your father raped you? Lol. God give you that baby? No, your father raped it into you. Maybe god has made your life easy but other people aren’t able to hide behind the bible for everything dummy.

      • Summersmommy09

        You are a moron. Nobody here even MENTIONED a child born by a sick father. I am against all abortions and feel that even if you are raped that you should have the child and adopt it out. Obviously these people are talking about every situation where a child is murdered through abortion. As in, oops I got pregnant cuz I was an idiot and didn’t use protection… or because the child has a disorder. In that case, should anyone with ANY kind of disorder be put down? Let’s just go kill all the people living with any kind of disorder that might be a burden on society. No! It is not our choice who lives and who dies. I don’t care if you are the parent, a friend, a neighbor, or the messed up government. You have no right to kill an innocent child.

      • Wandaaangel

        God gives us life and a choice on how to live that life. Both things the most amazing gifts that can ever be given.If you dont choose to believe in God then why are you quick to blame him for the choices others make. Every bad thing that happens stems from human interference and human error, and humans wanting to be God like and manipulate life and others. Whether your Atheist , Christian whatever…This is pure murder..and in thought and speech is pre meditated. Its discgusting that the evil Motives of others are even allowed to be published. If a 14 year old girl from a low socio economical background has been raped by her father then has become pregnant, then we need to look at prevention of these situations, rather than talking about how to deal with them after the fact..and a  death of an innocent child should never be allowed as an answer…..PRO LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Besame ElTrasero

        Looks like you’ve murdered someone in the womb and need a reason to terminate another outside and this gives you a good rationalization for it. You’re a sorry “viable clump of tissue.”

  • GodIsTheAuthorOfLife

    All I can do is cry.

  • Lindafromtupelo

    Shaking head in disbelief, yet knowing we were headed this way. God help us!!!

  • Shirley

    Maybe they should make a law to do away with the parents and keep the child?  That would stop some child abuse.  (I sincerely am not suggesting this.  I am just being facetious, though I know they are not.)

    • Smaxair2000

      And who would feed and care for all those children? Surely not the ones crying murder. They only care about the babies till they are born. They dont want any social programs that feed them or care for them

      • Dreamchaser1212

        That’s crap.  There are religious organizations, adoption agencies, orphanages, would be parents who wait for years to adopt and love a child.  Babies are a blessing from God.  I understand that there are circumstances in which a mother would choose not to keep her child.  Sometimes that is the most loving decision a mother can make.  But there are people all over the world who would love that baby and care for it.

      • Tappy

        There’s a big difference between wanting to slow the growth of able bodied people, (and millions of non-citizens) tying themselves to redundant entitlement programs and the ridiculous notion of simply letting children starve to death.  It would also help if the tens of thousands of adoption parents-in-waiting didn’t have to pay nearly $50,000 to adopt an unwanted child. 

      • Besame ElTrasero

        That’s YOUR position. WE would take care of them. Your and the Ethicists position, is the one being espoused here. That this “abortion” keeps YOU, not US, from bearing the burden.

        It’s clear that you neither read the article nor are you informed about ethics, and morals.  You’re a sheet in the wind playing it by hear. Have sex and worry about it tomorrow kind of attitude.

      • guest

         Perhaps my cousin who was unable to have her own children even with fertility drugs. When she finally did get to adopt, she passed away from ovarian cancer. (Her husband take care of the baby now.) There are so many people out there who want kids and can’t no shortage of places for them to go.

      • DB10

         I’ll take them.  Better yet, instead of whining about how we only care about them until they are born, why don’t you check out your local churches to see how many foster/adoptive parents there are?  Or even, gasp! raise the standards of parenting by example so that parents who don’t know what they are doing have a successful model to follow?  Or even reach out and adopt a single mom who is clueless because her own mother was a lousy drunk?  Your “social programs” didn’t do me and my son one damn bit of good…..they would have kept us on welfare roll our whole lives.  Deciding to walk away from all that so-called help and seeking the support of older parents is what helped us.   Now he’s a mostly successful student, active at church and in scouts and a brown belt in karate.  Oh, and he volunteers for everything from weeding the yards at women’s shelters to going into the elementary schools  twice a week to help the little guys learn how to shoot a basket.  So much for your precious social programs.

      • Hiddenkitten84

        Most of the people who I know that are pro-life would GLADLY adopt a child that someone else did not want.

  • What happened to, “First, do no harm.” Hippocratic Oath, anyone?

  • Amkeys93

    people are sick…. all i have to say to this mother is,, your a selfish bitch… give it to someone who cant have kids if you dont want it 

  • ruth morris

    Why not put them on an alter and sacrifice them to your god, you wicked evil scum bags!     What about the Bible saying “Do not kill”   A wild animal would not even do that to their own baby!!      This just shows how LOW the world is getting! 

    • Jordan Elizabeth

      Well, some do… but the point is, they’re ANIMALS.

  • Nevaeh

    OMG This is so sad! A person is a person and what they call a “FETUS” is also a baby to me! 

  • Bannwalk14

    So wait a minute, pro-murder people believe that even when a child is born, it’s not human? That’s so hypocritical! I’ll consider those people monsters instead of people! How can they do that to someone? 

    • Besame ElTrasero

       They are creatures of convenience.

  • Alice

    I think the Ethicists who are arguing for this to be accepted should be put on an ice patch and pushed out to sea so the wild polar bears can eat them!       That’s what they used to do with the old people in the Yukon many years ago.    

  • Ambriel_c

    This is just triphlan. It brings tears to my eyes also. Why carry this innocent human baby for a whole nine months and kill it just for your wrong doings this child hasnt done anything and it didnt ask to be here. I just feel like these parents are coldhearted selfish mean inconsiderate people who needs to b put away from the public. That child is human its the parents that are not.

  • They would have been Hitler’s favorite doctors, they support all of his arguments. 

  • Bannwalk14

    “Aren’t real people”!? That’s disgusting! Pro-murder people have the nerve to kill a child, but outside the womb!? That’s basically saying it’s okay to murder! 

  • I am a labor and delivery nurse. We have to report every Intrauterine fetal demise (when the baby dies while still inside of Mom’s uterus) and miscarriage over a certain number of weeks gestation to the coroner for possible investigation. Although it’s a formality and usually the coroner releases the case if there’s no obvious foul play or negligence on our part–it shows the double standard.  If the baby was unwanted, the parents could have killed him/her legally with abortion but if he/she is wanted it could be a coroner’s case?

  • KhloesMommy

    I would gladly take these babies that these ungrateful people don’t want.

  • Mikejackson

    How about performing an after birth abortion on these two idiots.

    • Iwba

      So you oppose after birth abortions yet advocate murder? Smart. You truly embody what’s wrong with society as a whole.

      • Besame ElTrasero

        Again, you so missed the point. The yardstick being used on you is yours.  All of a sudden it’s not such a good idea after all, is it?

        You’re decidedly slow but you seem to be getting the fallacy of the abortion outside the womb theory.

  • Victoria Watkins89

    I dont agree in abortions after the fetus has a heart beat. There is one exception to this, If the child is going to be born with Trisomie (?) 13 or 18, where they will not live than I agree in the human thing and not letting the child suffer. But i the same outlook, If a child has not been physically born yet that it has not taken its first “breath”. And in all intesive purposes not a human. Something that does not breath can not sustain life on its own. With that being said, I dont agree with the killing of a child before its  born if it has a heart beat, and I most certainly do not agree with killing a child after it is born. 

    • Jordan Elizabeth

      Why would breath have anything to do with personhood?

    • Eberkompas74

      Ok so when the heart beat is heard by a doctor determining what????LIFE!!!!!

    • MoonChild02

      If a fetus is not a human, then what is s/he? A whale? A bear? Humans only beget humans. If you test the DNA of a fetus, s/he will have human DNA. Therefore, a fetus is human.

      As for breathing, a fetus gets oxygen the same way s/he gets food: the umbilical cord. There are many preemies  who are born with under-developed lungs, and have to be put on a ventilator until their lungs are developed enough to breathe on their own. Therefore, should they be killed because of this? Answer: No.

      How about those who have lung problems, and must be hooked up to a ventilator? Are they not human? Answer: They are human. They have human DNA, too.

      As far as a heartbeat goes, the human heart begins to beat during the third week after fertilization.

  • SarahStulc

    How horrifying! not acceptible. No wonder why I have lost my faith in the human race, and can’t wait to live like a hippy somewhere in the mountains!!!

  • Thegrouch4491

    You show me a parent that can honestly say that their children were NEVER a near unbearable burden and I’ll show you a bull-$hitter….

  • “Communism is the final logic of the dehumanization of man.” 
    ― Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen 
    Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you very much; I bed you to spear the life if the unborn child that I have spiritually adopted, and who is in danger of being aborted.



  • murderers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    I’d like to chop up their body part and say it was a an after-birth abortion cuz they are not human!

  • Valerie Robertson

    How fucked up is that?! I am 18 and I have a 1 year old little boy!!! I can not understand why the hell someone could kill their child? If you have the heart to kill a sweet little baby then you can give your baby up for adoption!!! I know of plenty families that want children and can’t have them!!! What gives you the right to choose whether that baby lives or dies?! My son means the world to me. Yes I am young and was 16 when I had my son but I wouldn’t have ever even considered aborting him and sure as hell wouldn’t have MURDERED him after he was born!!!!! And that is what it is MURDER!!!!! Children are people too!!! They have a life that they can live!!!! It’s not your right to kill the child!!!! I don’t care if it’s your baby or not!!!! Obviously you don’t love the child if you are MURDERING him or her!!! May God bless your soul if you agree with this crap!!!!

  • A baby is considered a person after it takes first breath idk bout yall but in the states i would charge both parents with murder2

  • Mommyfabulous

    This is horrible and I cried reading this. I am so against abortion and then reading this is sickening to me. How can this not be murder? Just because they are small and so helpless we have to kill these little precious gifts from God because we either don’t want them or they have health issues or some kind of disorder?? what is this world coming to? What happend to our hope and good in people? God help us all!!

  • Wow…Hitler, much?

  • Flowergirl187

    ouch Lord Jesus be with that baby  and soften those peoples hearts please turn there hearts around to save this precious little baby and change that horrifying law in Jesus name I pray amen this really really brings me to tears

  • Mamarockhead

    Murder is murder…It NOT have exceptions!!

  • Amandaleigh12

    So, according to these two…at what point *IS* it a human?

  • Daydreamer1030

    What about the mother in Hendersonville, Tn who  killed her twin boys after giving birth to them? Did she perform an “after-birth abortion”???? No…she killed her children and is in prison because of it…just like all these other people should be in prison for even considering killing a newborn…you people will burn in hell…these babies did not ask to be born and you think its ok to just kill them cause they are a too much money? Bad for society? Too much for the mother???? In the end, only God can judge you and you will have your day!!!

  • I understand their argument though. It might be “morally” wrong, it might be sick, it might be a bunch of things that the “evolved” society is against. However, you cannot put a child up for adoption if it has birth defects, and if the parents cannot afford to take care of the child, no matter how hard they try…what are they do to? Put their entire family at risk of bankruptcy? Some might argue that they can look for donations every corner of this planet, and they would probably get them. However, that’s a life time of stress that even I wouldn’t want to endure. It wasn’t the child’s fault nor the parents fault, however if killing the child would make life easier for the parents and the entire family, LOGICALLY seems the best option there is. If defected individuals could talk, do you think they would rather be put through the tests necessary to make sure they stay alive, even if they cannot contribute to our society? If their parents decide to commit suicide under stress, leaving the child to the next of kin, who may not even be able to afford the child’s medical bills either, it would be a burden on them as well. If there is no next of kin available, the child becomes a tax burden on society causing tax payers hundreds and thousands of dollars before the child is even of “adult” age. Like I said, morally wrong, but financially and logically the best option there is.

    • For Life

       According to your argument, money is the deciding factor whether one should or should not be allowed to live.  Stress is a factor in raising any child.  Some are easier to raise and others have more needs. 

      • notimportant

        So then we have to wonder: How much money, exactly, should a family be required to have before a baby is allowed to be born? Can we get any more Orwellian?

    • Ebekompas74

      Jay there are many organizations that support groups of children with disabilities that should never be a reason to end a life!!!!~!

    • MoonChild02

      Who in the world told you that you cannot put a special needs child up for adoption? Special needs children can be put up for adoption. In fact, I know a foster family who works with those who are part of that system. One of my friends was born a crack baby with cerebral palsy, and was adopted. There are many people who want to take in a special needs child.  They can’t always, though, because so many of these children are aborted.

    • prochoice

       The best option, of course, would be to abort early in the pregnancy so this situation didn’t occur.

  • Sandyal1968

    This is outrageous. We need to put a stop to this NOW! Are these so-called “people” even human themselves? May God have mercy on their souls, because I do not.

  • Reyfordone

    That’s sick!

  • a life is a life at the moment of conception! Enough said.

  • Boy that slope sure is slippery… 

    Notice how they were careful to include wording about a ‘burden to the state’? I wonder who else would be considered a ‘burden to the state’? Especially with the government getting into the business of ‘providing for our care’ universally… one could argue that at any point an individual may be considered an ‘undue burden’ for nearly any reason, and terminated accordingly.

    Such things seem improbable and ghastly today, but philosophical statements like this are the foundation upon which new policy is built. Two hundred years ago the idea that a civilized society would abort millions of babies annually seemed pretty ghastly and improbable as well. I shudder to think about the road we’re headed down. 

  • I fought to keep my baby alive when they said she would not be “normal” at all!  They pushed me to abort at 6 months, and said they knew a catholic organization that would do it if i had the $$$ up front.  Sick and evil people in this world!  What if they found out that somebody thought about doing this to them as a baby?  Would it not rock their dimented minds?  I should hope so!

  • Johnbhohenstein

    If I remember correctly, the term “fetus” is used to describe a child in the womb, that is to say before birth. After birth, are they still in the womb? No. 

  • Emmy

    This is just sick !! I agree with gabbs. Kill these fools because they are not “people” either. What idiots.

  • Guest

    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  Do you know what I would do to have a baby of my own?  Disgusting!!!  Sorry excuse for a person! 

  • Here’s food for thought, if you are concerned your child is going to be a “burden” on yourself or society…keep your legs closed!

  • Alyssa R.

    This horrific, logical next step has been described to abortion supporters countless times to show them the flaws in their argument. But someone came out and said it seriously?!
    Someone needs to point out to these ethicists that murder is a universal ethical wrong – and that any ethical wrong against another human being grows even worse when that human being has no means of self-defense.
    Someone needs to ask them where they think that they, human beings, obtained the right to strip another human being of the right to life!

  • K.Fenby

    Who is the burden on society? Let’s get this right. I had a younger brother born with a degenerative brain disease. He taught me more compassion and perseverence than anyone in my life to date.

    • Coffeeandc1garettes

       This, I think is, how you argue a point. You don’t get mad and you use examples.

  • Leslie

    This is truly sick , no baby ever asks to be brought in this world. I don’t care if the baby is just born or still in the mothers womb abortion is murder. I don’t agree with killing a baby no matter the circumstance. 

  • Mahalika

    So if a mother decides the baby is gay she can kill it too Hmmmmm?

  • Pro-lifer

    Where are the Pro Choice people now?

    • prochoice

      We’re here!! In throngs!

  • Missasmyname13

    This absolutely hits me in the heart, how could some one say such craziness? A baby is a human. Humans are people! This isn’t a diseased litter of puppies! It’s a baby! Your baby! How could a mother just look at her child after 9 months of carrying them and say I don’t want u so instead of adoption I’m going to kill you!? People are sick, I can’t help but say maybe the people who have done this, are doing his, and find this acceptable need to be mentally examined. I could never look at my son and say your diapers cost too much so I’m gonna put you down like a dog! Horrible! These people are monsters!

    • notimportant

      And we’re not even that callous to a diseased litter of puppies, either! These ideas are sick beyond all imagining, no doubt.

  • This is so messed up. How is a baby not human yet? Someone please tell me. And how would a mother be more emotional distress to put the baby up for adoption then to have it killed? This whole thing just doesn’t make since to me.

  • Prolifer

    How about people with Autism? Do they deserve to die too? 

  • Fasfa

    I find the tone of this article dissapointing and unprofessional.

  • HK0

    “Merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life”  Agree.

  • DivineL1

    those dr’s should have their lic pulled….. it is a sad day when something like this happens…..when i was told I could have a test to determine if my child would be born with “problems” and decide if I wanted to keep “it” i stared at the dr. and said r you kidding me it took me 5yrs. to conceive this wonderful little person I fell in love as soon as i found out I was pregnant if i did not want a child i would not have gotten pregnant in the first place..

  • Hidee_33

    trying to be hitler? I thought we fought against him for a reason.

  • Sumayya98issuper

    “Merely being human is not in itself a reasonor ascribing someone a right to life”
    people can be disgusting and cruel

  • WTF are they serious. I cant even think of a proper reply because I’m so outraged. 

  • Elyssa Barrett

    realy honestly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wake up this is reality newborn babeis are harmless what is so wrong with  BEFORE  birth  abortion there is already arguments about NORMAL abortion  why add more its only common sence to do it not at all there is familys who are more than willing to take a child so there is NO exuse to KILL born BABEIS

  • Jordan Elizabeth

    It makes me sad how much more angry even pro-lifers get when people kill newborns as opposed to fetuses. 🙁 It’s horrible and awful of course, but no posts about abortion make the community this angry

  • There is a HUGE difference between aborting an 8 week old embryo than say 20 week old fetus or older.  Perhaps people would take pro-lifers more seriously if you people didn’t compare embryos to babies.  As for pro-choicers…same thing.  I’m all for early term abortion..but to do late second trimester, third trimester and post birth abortions is disgusting.  You people give more moderate pro-choicers bad names. 

    • notimportant

      There’s no difference from an ethical standpoint. There’s a difference developmentally, but then…there’s also a difference developmentally between toddlers and teenagers. So by your reasoning, a toddler would be a lesser person than a teen. And lesser people are subject to possible elimination? Of course we both know that is absurd- a toddler is a full human, just like a teen, just like an adult, despite their differences in development. Developmentally they vary, but they all are still full human, with all the rights being human entitles them to.

      The only difference between an eight week old in utero, and a twenty week old in utero, is development. They are both still full human, just as a toddler and a teen both are full human. Being full human entitles them to the rights of human beings.

      • They are living off of another human being’s body, that human being has the right to decide if they want someone leeching off them. With modern technology, I hope that one day they can have a late term fetus removed and put on life support, without killing him or her, that way, they both win. I highly doubt they can do so for an embryo though. Embryos don’t even feel pain. Maybe you should concentrate on caring and worrying about those people who DO feel pain and who are suffering. Most people don’t take “pro-lifers” seriously because you people think an embryo,even a zygote has more rights than a woman.

      • They are living off of another human being’s body, that human being has the right to decide if they want someone leeching off them. With modern technology, I hope that one day they can have a late term fetus removed and put on life support, without killing him or her, that way, they both win. I highly doubt they can do so for an embryo though. Embryos don’t even feel pain. Maybe you should concentrate on caring and worrying about those people who DO feel pain and who are suffering. Most people don’t take “pro-lifers” seriously because you people think an embryo,even a zygote has more rights than a woman.

      • They are living off of another human being’s body, that human being has the right to decide if they want someone leeching off them. With modern technology, I hope that one day they can have a late term fetus removed and put on life support, without killing him or her, that way, they both win. I highly doubt they can do so for an embryo though. Embryos don’t even feel pain. Maybe you should concentrate on caring and worrying about those people who DO feel pain and who are suffering. Most people don’t take “pro-lifers” seriously because you people think an embryo,even a zygote has more rights than a woman.

  • Kate

    This is so horrible! Down Syndrome people are so lovely!! It breaks my heart that over 90% of them are aborted each year. 

  • Dannicalliope

    Sounds like eugenics to me. Kill it if it doesn’t fit into our preception of society. Kill it if it’s different. Kill it if it’s inconvient. Next thing you know, we’ll have another Holocaust on our hands.  

  • Sodeliciousbows

    okay so at first a fetus isnt considered alive, now once the baby is born it isnt considered alive? or a person. The whole arguement for abortion is that a fetus has no feelings so therefore is ethical to kill it. But a newborn baby has feelings, so how is not considered murder.  If this was done in the United States it would be considered murder.

  • Pro-Life Forever

    First I would like to start by saying don’t call me ignorant or anything I am sure I have researched this subject more than a vast majority of these other comments.

    Secondly, any person that believes this is right, should be asked what they would be doing right now if, in the off case their parents had chosen to have an abortion, whether that be an after-birth or in the “fetus” stages. No person has the right to say ‘kill it,’ ‘kill him/her.’ A life is a life. No matter the stage of the pregnacy the mother is in. From the time a couple has un-protected sex that results in the creation of a new human being until that human being has fulfilled their life cycle, as according to our Creator’s will.

    Now one may wonder why I used quotation marks around the word fetus. Well think upon this. Their is a breed of cattle named Beligan Blue. A number of individuals in that breed have a set of special genes that results in double muscling of the individuals. Now with these special traits when that calf “fetus” goes through the birthing process, it causes a large stress upon both the cow and the calf alike because that calf is significantly larger than a regular calf. Now to help escape either having the cow or calf die or being seriously maimed animal husbandists and vets have started using Caesarean section, C-section, to remove these calfs. Now this leaves the cow will a scar, but very healthy and fit, and the calf is healthy and able to function like any other normal borvine.

    What was the point of telling you all that. Well these scientists know something is wrong with that calf. According to some of you and these so called ‘ethicists’ it would be totally alright to just kill that calf if it was going to be a burden, whether it be physically, emotionally, or physiologically, upon that mother cow. But they don’t because that would considered animal abuse and take away that calf’s rights. What about a newborn’s rights. Don’t they have the same rights as the rest of us?

    According to the pro-choice point of view they have no rights, well that is until they have the hit the third trimester and are considered viable for life outside the womb but until then it’s a fetus and dependment upon the mother. That calf is dependment on its mother for just as long as a human ‘fetus’ is depended on its mother, but we can’t just kill it can we?

    Thirdly, abortions should not have the slightest thing to do with rape, as that is the very thing that started this mess. A woman was raped, a very sad occurance that happens way to much in our society, and became pregnant from it. She did not want to have the baby so she got an abortion and boom next thing you know the case is in front of the Surpeme Court, and we all know how that verdict was made.

    Sadly, their are millions of people in this world walking the same streets as us that don’t that the ability to have children for whatever reason that may be. But yet they still want to have the same opportunity as a great number of us have of being a parent. Why can’t they adopt these ‘rape children’ or these ‘accident children.’ [As a side-note, no child is an accident if you had sex, protected or unprotected, you saying that you ready for the circumstances and responsibilities that may come from that time of intercourse] But yet every single year somewhere around 1.21 million children are killed each and every year because they might be an inconvience for an irresponsible couple or mother.

    Another quick thing that baffles me on this subject is how any one could be for abortions. If you are sitting here reading this story, this comment, or the tens of other comments, it should be clear. Your mother chose to have you. She didnt have to [unless you are over the age of 35], but she knew of the responsibilities of having a child and whether is was a convience or not she loved her child, she loved YOU. Keep in mind, she had not even met you yet but she loved her child.

    As I depart I will leave you with four quotes.

    The first one is from everyone’s favorite author Dr. Suess.
    “A person is a person no matter how small.”

    My second quote is from who many call one of the greatest presidents, Mr. Ronald Reagan.
    “I have noticed everyone that is for abortion, has already been born.”

    My last two are ones you may have not ever seen, heard, or read before.

    “Only half of the patients that go to abortion clinics come out alive.” [Think about it]

    “If it isn’t an abortion, then you are not pregnant, so I ask you ‘What are you aborting?’.”

    Thank you and have a wonderful day. God bless and God help us.

  • theresa powell

    this is terrible, a baby is a little person who should be loved and treausred, to kill a newborn is MURDER in my book

  • Justinbash88

     Wtf so your saying when u go nine months carrying this baby and its to stressful to raise, kill it cause your unfit to be a parent. That’s bullshit think about that choice a month in your pregnancy when the baby doesn’t have fillings and bullshit. The second thing if u go to your doctor appointments they have test to tell you if your kid will have Down Syndrome or not. This is a unlawful thing it is murder, and abortion Im totally for but this bullshit is inhumane.

  • PLV

    Casey Fiano, You mentioned you quote from Giubilini and Minerva or a secondary source but you do not mention where you found their writings. Is it in a published or unpublished journal or essay

  • Msladyj71


  • Msladyj71


  • makayla

    that is sad and disgusting for some one to be like that its horrible every one is human and how can some one kill there own child once its born or not born yet some people are just plain ignorant and crule so what happens if that becomes ok to kill there new borns if they dont want it ? dose that mean it will be ok to just kill there baby at any moment? its sad and wrong and adoption is better than killing an inacent baby awwww those to people are so STUPID AND THEY SHOULD BE KILLED if they think its ok to kill a new born let alone an unborn child.

  • makayla

    that is sad and disgusting for some one to be like that its horrible every one is human and how can some one kill there own child once its born or not born yet some people are just plain ignorant and crule so what happens if that becomes ok to kill there new borns if they dont want it ? dose that mean it will be ok to just kill there baby at any moment? its sad and wrong and adoption is better than killing an inacent baby awwww those to people are so STUPID AND THEY SHOULD BE KILLED if they think its ok to kill a new born let alone an unborn child.

  • Paul Merimee

    Weren’t we all children once, if so if are parents think we are making wrong choices we should just be killed. How terrible is this!

  • Paul Merimee

    Weren’t we all children once, if so then if our parents think we aren’t making right decisions then we can be killed by our parents. How sick can these people get!

    • notimportant

      I’m sorry Paul, but my reply below somehow ended up here as well as to the person I was responding to. Very strange!

  • How can someone say a newborn baby isn’t a person? This is just sick and wrong!

  • Pinksoxrox83

    Started from a pool of water, it ended up in ice
    Stupid ones as you can see wont make the sacrifice.
    Let it live or kill it, its just another thing,
    It can fly away, yet it has no wing.
    Ice in the veins of the executor it ended up to flow,
    I never thought a child to its mother would end up friend or foe. 

  • The slippery slope just got a lot more slippery. By these arguments, the elderly, the infirm, those that have experienced a life-changing trauma would be the next to be killed “for the sake of the society”. I’m proud to be a Catholic that supports life in all of its forms.

  • Pinksoxrox83

    i made this poem indicating how ruthless and cold the world has become, I’m may only be 11 years old but I understand…a lot, a child would too, if you let it grow

  • Josh Clark

    thats nuts! these people are selfish inconsiderate murderers that don’t care about morals!!! if you kill your pet because you cant pay for its food the humane society will have your neck!! so why should you be allowwed to kill a defenseless human, not to mention your own child!!! these people deserve every ill treatment and more for first degree murder!!!!!

  • Josh Clark

    thats nuts! these people are selfish inconsiderate murderers that don’t care about morals!!! if you kill your pet because you cant pay for its food the humane society will have your neck!! so why should you be allowwed to kill a defenseless human, not to mention your own child!!! these people deserve every ill treatment and more for first degree murder!!!!!

  • Kevin Dykstra

    Why is a fetus not considered human by abortionist? Fetus is just a name for a baby in the womb, nothing else. And If you say its still developing, then we should be able to kill 5-year-olds because they haven’t gone through puberty, thus not ‘fully developed’.

    Think of that all you pro-choice people out there. Where is the line between Killable and not Killable?

    • Besame ElTrasero

      Euphemism, euphemism, and more euphemisms.  It’s a classic approach that  pro-choicers traditionally use.

  • Iltrotters7

    Dr. Kevorkian performed “after birth abortions” on adult human beings, who agreed that their lives where no longer “fit” to live because of cancer or some other affliction. This man was thrown in jail for “MURDER”. Murder defined is the “deliberate, premeditated taking of a human life.Abortion is murder; it is premeditated.Sacrificing children is in the Bible, they sacrificed them to BAAL(satan). This argument will never end, as long as humans have air in their lungs. However the Day will come when it will end and all will give account for their actions and words. It does’nt matter whether you believe it or not, you will find out. Hitlers “reasoning” is alive and well in Australia.He said the jews were sub-human and did’nt deserve to live. Well their still here and he is’nt. I guess he “self-aborted” himself  because he saw he was’nt fit to live.


    • Jlolson

      You don’t come across as a very smart girl when you use such foul language… I’m sure you were just trying to show how passionately you feel about this. I think abortion is wrong too, but I try to keep the $**# talk out!

  • Weai1006

    Abortion is still murder no matter when it happens!

  • Cyndel Jones

    These two guys had better be all for the death penalty.

  • Margo19391

    If you think these parents are wrong then you must also think your politics are wrong too, as it is quite alright for your soldiers to go kill babies in another country, or sit at a computer terminal thousands of miles away and strike a key sending a bomb into a home and killing that whole family.  Don’t even start with me! I’ve had it to the top with people saying who should or should not die yet there are companies figuring out ways to cull the population of the world. The Pope says breed with impunity, but hey you are on your own to raise and school that child.

    • MoonChild02

      Who said that all of us are pro-unjust-war? I’m certainly not. In the case of defense of a country against terrorism, then it is self-defense. However, the war in Iraq was not a just war. The war in Afghanistan is, because they attacked us, killing tens of thousands of Americans. However, killing innocents is not acceptable. All precautions must be taken to make sure that no innocents are in an area, and all targets must be those who present a threat to the lives of others. Self-defense is justifiable. War for personal vendetta is not. Pope John Paul II condemned both Gulf Wars, and told both Presidents Bush not to go in there.

      For Catholic beliefs on war, which are the beliefs I subscribe to, see Gaudium et Spes, #78-82:

  • Okay, I could really do without the pro-choice (what you call pro-aborts) bashing at the end of the article. It makes you sound really ignorant on what pro-choicers stand for. I don’t think anyone’s okay with aborting a baby a day before they’re born (other than these sick fucks and people like them, of course).

  • Wesleysgrl21

    If you dont want your baby there are plenty of women in this world that cant give birth and would pay tons of money to have that baby. I dont think there is a religion out there that would go along with this. Its plain sick if you ask me. Abortion is bad enough but to kill an infant child is blasphemy.

  • Mommy

    It is a woman’s right to make a choice about what is done with the products of her body. The female race has been taking herbs for years in order to force an abortion if she believes that the child will not have a chance to live. Certain civilizations even killed a child after it was born, if that child showed a genetic risk of not being able to live and support itself eventually. It’s all about survival of the fittest. I don’t necessarily support killing a child after it is born, merely because we are a tender-hearted species that can’t bear the unnecessary death of cute things, but I DO fully support abortion. Like it or not, it is a women’s right that cannot be taken away.

    • MoonChild02

      Survival of the fittest? So those who are disabled and cannot care for themselves should just die, as well?  Nice morals.

      As I argued yesterday on a similar topic:
      As for the product of a woman’s body, she helped create it.  The biological reason for sexual intercourse is reproduction. The pleasure aspect of intercourse evolved as behavior modification in the form of positive reinforcement for proliferation of the human species, because, without pleasure, our species would get bored with procreation, and subsequently die out. Pleasure also strengthens the relationship bond between the couple, reinforcing the family structure, and creating a stable environment for the nurturing of children.

      Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy is not a disease. It is a completely natural process. Since the vehicle through which procreation happens is intercourse, then it should stand that one should not have sex until they are prepared for the body’s natural processes to take place.

      Abortion is taking a human life, and taking a human life is always wrong, unless that other person is killing you. Pregnancy doesn’t kill a person, otherwise none of us would have mothers. Due to advances in medical science, there is always another way to deal with whatever problem is plaguing you. Therefore, insisting on the fact that you’re going to fight your body from doing what it naturally does when you were the one who triggered that reaction is completely nonsensical. It’s like doing tricks on a skateboard without practice and without any pads or a helmet, and ending up in the hospital, then killing the doctor in the emergency room for keeping you there, or even insisting that you pay the bill. Unless you are ready to take responsibility for your own actions, you should not be engaging in behavior where the outcome is contrary to your preferences.

    •  I find the implication that an individual human being is reduced to nothing more than “the product of a woman’s body” rather stunning in its utter lack of humanity, as though a human being were little more than expelled fecal matter. I recommend that before you throw around the phrase “survival of the fittest,” you learn exactly who “the fittest” are, and stand prepared to defend your inclusion amongst their number. You might be surprised to find yourself excluded from the Master Race.

      • Besame ElTrasero

         Women’s choice is yet another way of saying “convenience”. These pro-abortionists don’t like real words so they use euphemisms.

    • notimportant

      We all know abortions have occured since pregnancy existed, but that does not make it any more acceptable or morally correct.

      Survival of the fittest is mostly reserved to animals with the inability to reason. It usually revolves around who will be dinner for the carnivore, and who the carnivore will choose to cull from the heard. Animals will nurture their young, as well as kill them for issues relating to disease or starvation. However, animals also lack the ability to reason cause and effect, plus most lack opposable thumbs.

      Do you really consider yourself lesser than an educated and reasoning human? Do you truly place yourself as an equal to wild animals, and no better? Like it or not, you are a human being with human awareness and intelligence. Unfortunately for humans, it also means we are to have a conscience and behave morally, as we are not uncivilized animals.

      Btw, I am an animal welfare worker/rescuer. I have a very deep love for any feeling being, but I also understand my place and responsibility as a human, to those who are lesser than myself. And yes, animals are lesser than humans. We do not ascribe to survival of the fittest.

  • Txarmywife09

    Joy_honey1984 im not saying that abortions are right but is some peoples cases they have no choice for instance tubel pregnancy and things like that so dont judge people for things they cant help! abortions are wrong if you use it as birth control and or like the people are saying above!

  • can’t belive this is real! Who in their right mind would agree with this

  • Zellner516

    Makes me sick

  • Jess

    you know what how bout this…. these sick soulless people are causing me emotional distress so i’m allowed to kill them right? hey its their own skewed “logic”. this literally makes me sick to my stomach… what is our world coming to when this is coming from so-called “ethicists”?

  • Skyjack

    This is the result of sinners in a sinful world. God will have the final say and it will be FINAL. Oh and in case u are not aware those aborted babies will be there on Judgement day as well. No one will escape! The soul is connect to flesh when the egg and sperm unite but do not forget the soul existed before flesh was formed. DO NOT KILL! is the commandment. I would err on the cautious side. 

  • Jordan

    It’s SATIRE.  The fact that their source is the Blaze should be evidence enough.  If you look at the article itself, it’s clearly satire.  Pointing out that a newborn and a fetus are the same and saying “so we should definitely be able to kill babies if we can kill fetuses.”  It’s not an actual suggestion, it’s to make the point that if they are similar, why is it okay to kill fetuses?  Critical reading skills, people.

  • Bjcorradetti

    this is just the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Angelheart5678

    Adoption people adoption …… Let people who cant have children take care of those precious babies …They deserve life just as much as the parents ……. Crazy crazy

  • Afakes_09

    this is sick i am 6 weeks pregnate and my child is a person and yes i know is going to be expinsive and exhausting but its my child and i could never even imagine doing anything to harm it my six week old fetus has a heart beat its alive by allowing this its murder so sick

  • Wemipod

    I believe the Bible has said there will be a time what is right becomes wrong and what is wrong becomes right.  It appears these two nut jobs are trying to make this come through.  I think these two guys studied Nazi Germany a little too long or perhaps Ms. Sanger and eugenics.

  • Tkoont53

    You know as much as some people try to have babys and can’t.. Other have babys and just kill them this is one of the sadest thing I have ever seen and if people think is ok they are just sick. If its living breathing and crying its a baby and should not be killed. I don’t think killing a unborn baby is ok. but its just not the same as killing it after it is born..

    • Gracein11

      Unfortunately it is the same as killing the baby after birth. Because in the womb it has been proven the baby, ‘feels’, has experiences that later can be traced back to that time in the womb and responds to many things, such as music, the mother and fathers voice, noises and MUCH more. It even appears to have a level of Consciousness!  An inanimate object can’t do that!  If you want to understand more about what the foetus can experience in the womb, then read.  “The Secret Life of the Unborn Child’ by Dr Micheal Lieberman, who did extensive research on this topic. If you google it, you will find it.

  • Gracein11

    Where there is NO knowledge or belief in Divine creation and ‘Imago Dei’ [In the Image of God] then there is NO value for human life, pre-born and also born, except for what is considered relative to the circumstances!  Without GOD we are all ultimately subject to Nihilism! What a HOPELESS place! 

    • Thorfeil

      So what about all these God believers who think it’s OK to kill adults?

      • Anonymous

        Not every Christian believes in the death penalty. I’m a Christian and I don’t believe that any person has the right to kill. To quote one of my favorite movies, “…Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends…” I believe in the value of all life human and animal.

  • Kiwi_skin

    NO NO NO this is so wrong. What is happening to the human race when a so called intelligent person is citing this. Let them into a room withparents with down syndrome children and see their happy little faces and the parents. I say NO

  • Guest

    LOL hey guys, these ethicists must be friends of casey anthony’s

  • Laradcham

    The author makes good points!  I’m truly concerned for our humanity!

  • Mary_fenley

    is this really true I’m sorry but that is so sick if you don’t want a baby give it to someone who does 

  • Lisa

    That is evil working…

  • Tinker_bella_99

    This is ridiculous. MURDER IS MURDER!!! It doesn’t matter if the victim is hours old (hence why mother who kill their newborns go to prison) or if it is a 30 year old with a job. These people are simply ageists and think a mass genocide is the way to achieve their agenda. HELLO!! IT DIDN’T WORK FOR HITLER!!!

  • Valb5689

    If u take that innocent child’s life away, remember that God will avenge all innocent blood that is spilled! Now take that to the bank!

  • rae02

    i am pro choice (but do not feel that all of the abortion laws are correct) i think the first trimester should be allowed…. people get raped, have AIDS, have a condition where the pregnancy is threatening their life! it happens… but i think that once a pregnancy hits 14 weeks then an abortion should be illegal

  • Besame ElTrasero

    How is this different from Hitler? Seriously. 

    • Thorfeil

      Um, Hitler wanted the government to decide which babies were to live or die.
      This guy wants to allow parents themselves to make the choice.

      While you may disagree with what this guy is proposing, comparing it to Hitler just takes away all your credibility.

  • Pastorjustinvaughn

    I have two friends who are unable to have children and they would make grey parents. So if people don’t want to be parents, why not put them up for adoption? It’s so self centered, “I don’t want them, but I don’t want anyone else to have them either.” sad really.

    • Pastorjustinvaughn

      I mean great parents 🙂

  • This is an outrage……………… If the people who condone this would stop and take a look at themselves, pinch yourself, you idiots, you were born and your disability didn’t give your parents the option to kill you! And yes, you have a verey serious disability…………..your mind is very very sick!

  • Brenda

    how sad this is, and this is the country i live in.  i can only imagine the horror of falling pregnant after rape, yet should sin be compounded upon sin?? i think its sad when one who sticks of for the unborn gets called a bible basher  or the like.  has anyone thought about the after abortion stress caused?? i am not for abortion, i believe each and every child has a right to life, and No ONE has the right to terminate.  there are many people who could give ANYTHING to have a child and they cant of their own right.  at the same time God also commands us to love those who have done this and there is forgiveness for this.  its interesting how many say its a womans choice yet they have been so mis informed, the guilt afterwoods and all that follows.  no i havent had an abortion i am a proud mother of 6 beautiful children.  im curious though when does it become murder??

  • Amy

    Abortion is wrong no matter what age or stage of gestation- it is still life. It’s sad that the same science that defines a cell as the smallest unit of life, refuses to call a baby forming in the first and second trimester- life. As a Christian and someone who has wanted another child and have been medically unable to have anymore, and I know there are others out there, we would gladly take any unwanted baby and raise them to love. God will be their Judge and the blood of the innocent will be on their hands.

  • tobygal

    Next will be harvesting organs from these babies.  Having one baby to save another sibling.  Taking the parts that are needed and killing the baby.  We are turning into monsters…

  •                                     UN
                                    F U C K I N

  •  1 of the ten commandments is thou shalt not kill…..hello that applies to every single life form in this world…whether it be an unborn child.or a homeless person….

  • This just horrific, once a baby is born it’s a viable human being.  This is plain murder,.  The parents should be prosecuted.  There’s too many people wanting to adopt babies even those with handicaps.

  • libmediasux

    This is just SICK!!! What’s this world coming to???

  • Kayla

    PEOPLE ARE SICK!!!! If a baby is too much money you shouldnt have gotten preganant in the first place!!!

    If your baby has Down Syndrome, you dont just kill it!! It just comes to show how selfish, ungrateful and disgusting people are. I shouldnt even say people because a lot of them (like the ones in this article) are POOR EXCUSES FOR HUMAN BEINGS.

    If these people are given the right to kill their child after the fact that they have already been born, isnt that murder?

    There are so many people in this world that are unable to have kids who would love to have one, and these disgusting things want to just kill it because it has a disability. These people should not have a right to their own lives in my opinion.

  • Nancy

    This is total insanity. I have two beautiful adopted grandchildren and can’t imagine them aborted or killed at birth.

  • Yes, I agree with Ronald Reagan on this one. What right do these people have saying that they would kill a newborn baby because it isn’t a person yet. What makes them a person? They have every single feature that you and I have and even the two that are trying to put the word out about this. What makes them any different? 
    They are ignorant and full of folly. They will surely regret their choices someday,
    Maybe when they hit puberty and grow up!! 


  • Kristingomez

    This practice goes on every day in North Korea.  Infants are stabbed in the skull or suffocated in a plastic bag if there are any signs of imperfection. Their reason:  To have a pure and undefiled race.  Kinda sounds like Hitler.

  • Disgusting.  But when you think about it, if it’s okay to kill the baby before birth, then what is the difference? If this made more news aside from only pro life sites, people might start to understand just how disturbed the pro abortion thinking is.  When there is no value to human life there is no telling where it will stop.  See where eugenics brought Adolf Hitler (and Margaret Sanger) for a prime example.

  • Angyoder

    These 2 sound very similar to a guy named Adolph Hitler……. Hmmmm just saying..I beleive he thought there was a race that didn’t qualify as human ….as well as every child or person born with a debilitating disease ( down syndrome, ect.) this is sick and unjust! It wasn’t right then and it isn’t right now? Have the people really become so selfish and immoral that we would go back to an era of such horrible and disgusting times were the government once again has the right to make this decision for us? I am in a desperate plea to change the way people think when they vote for our representatives in the near future.

  • Jennifer

    Disgusting!!! This is murder! These two individuals are sociopaths and a danger to society! This is completely unacceptable and outrageous!

  • Sydney

    While this is a very disturbing story and everyone is so disgusted about “taking lives that aren’t theirs to take”…No one realizes that they do it too, all the time. I guess animals don’t have “lives” either, then. Only humans? Or are humans the only ones worth observing because that’s what we are? It would be nice if a few people stepped outside of their boxes and showed compassion for species outside of their own. I don’t believe you can truly have a respect for life if you’re only worried about a human’s. 

    •  You can have a respect for all kinds of life and still understand the use of plants and animals for food and other resources. Also, it is necessary to note the difference between human life and other forms of life on the planet.

      I have a respect for other life forms on the Earth, but I think it is despicable that certain plants and animals are fought for and given more protection than the most helpless human child. I will admit that it bothers me to hear people fighting to save the trees or save the whales, but advocating the murder of innocent children by their own mothers.

      • guest

         Maybe it doesn’t have to be either/or?

        • Either/or for what?

          If you are meaning about advocating the life of the unborn and advocating the life of animals/plants, I agree. I have nothing against fighting for just treatment of animals and our planet. I was merely saying that It upsets me when people advocate for plants/animals, but are okay with abortion of human children.

  • Caleb Smith

    Actually, these ethicists are more intelligent than most pro-choice advocates. Since they rightly realize that there is little or no difference between a baby immediately before and immediately after birth, they reason that acceptance of abortion logically permits acceptance of infanticide. That’s why allowing any abortions is evil and deadly.

  • Bltgirl04

    people are sick

  • Kaitlyn

    I am seriously disgusted, I am trying to come up with the words to write a comment, but I am so appalled, I seem to be at a total loss.

    The only good point these two have, is that a baby in the womb is no different than one out of the womb, however, the reality of that is that it makes it still MURDER not acceptable. How long do they expect this to go for? Would they believe that Casey Anthony did the right thing, because of 2 year old isn’t a person. 
    Would they tell me it is okay to kill my 10 year old cousins?
    Would they think that my parents can kill me (I’m 17) because I’m not a person yet? 
    It is impossible to draw a line at what is “human” because we all are. I fail to see how Down Syndrome is unbearable burden to society, however the psychopathic ideas that these two are spreading are not. They say, that Down Syndrome people have”happy” lives, which is a lot more than I can say for most people. If you ever met someone with Down Syndrome they are happiest kindest most loving genuine people you could ever meet, and phasing out their beautiful lessons, way of looking at life and general way of existence would actually be the unbearable burden to society.
    I completely agree with everyone who has likened these two to Hitler, as they is doing the same thing, but to an even more helpless race. If you were to look up the UN definition of genocide, abortion fits in perfectly.
    This actually reminds me of Johnathon Swift’s Modest Proposal, expect that rather than satirizing what is going on, by pointing out how atrocious killing our children would be, they are supporting the horrors, by saying that killing out children is acceptable.
    I can only hope, that this was a satire, and has been seriously misinterpreted across the board, and with any luck has turned some people on the fence away from the pro-choice side, seeing how crazy and unstable they are. 

  • Cadena Adayenci9

    This is the most disturbing article I have read in a while and it just blows my mind how people think its 0k to make these observations and make choices because they can’t deal with what has been put in front of them. These sort of people I consider them weak… To think that someone will even consider something so atrocious as killing a child makes me mental, and the sad thing is that there are people who are so twisted and think they do right by agreeing to this proposition of killing a child after it has been born… My opinion is… if you don’t want a child, please please, keep your legs close! People like you is what gives this world and its society a bad name, Sickening..
    Only God can punish those who sin, but I can also give my opinion…

  • thinkingoutofthebox

    Obviously killing a newborn baby is absurd. However, is their theology really all that illogical considering the current laws and attitudes toward life in the womb? The point is, what’s the difference between killing a baby inside the womb and killing a baby moments after it’s born? None. A baby is a baby no matter where it is. In the womb or out. The theory here is that no “magic” happens during birth that “transforms” the “fetus” into a “person”. Both are “human” and if it’s ok to kill one, then why not the other? Their theology is not at all absurd. Think about it… Obviously until attitudes toward life inside the womb change, people like these and attitudes like theirs will continue to come about. For the record, I am pro-life. I have 4 children and I disagree wholeheartedly with abortion in every circumstance. I do, however, have the ability to think outside the box and realize that these “ethicists” have a “theology” that isn’t all that absurd when it comes right down to it… I am a Christian and I believe without a doubt that life begins at conception.

  • Momof4

    Reading the comments on here is making me just as sad as this article. I realize we all have our differences of opinion. I know that a baby is a baby from the moment of conception. If you disagree with me, that’s fine. I will not say that it would have been better if your mother had aborted you or say that I wish you dead. How horrible!!! People, we should be praying for one another and extending love to one another no matter our differences of opinion. Only God can judge a person (and yes, I believe in God). If we call ourselves Christians, which is to say “Christ-like” then let’s start acting like it.

  • HDB

    There are many many people who would love to have children and for some reason or another they cannot have any, Why not give these babys for adoption?? It is so Un-human to just kill these inocent babys, God is the only one who should make those decisions, not them. I would love to adopt one or more if possible!!!!

  • GRIZZLY0763

    that just fucking murder plain and simple sorry bout the language but it make my blood boil when so many people are tring to adopt and can’t and then we see jerks like these adults that could abort their child for no reason at all MURDERS

  • I can’t believe this crap that I just read and that is putting it nicely……. I have a special needs child and love her so much, she was my saving grace and even though she is a handful, she still deserves the right to live…. I could never dream of killing my own child, no matter what is wrong with them mentally or physically…  IF YOU LAY DOWN AND MAKE THAT CHILD IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF THAT CHILD, EVEN IF IT MEANS THEY HAVE A SPECIAL NEED AND LIVE IN YOUR HOME AND NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE……. ANYONE WHO THINKS DIFFERENTLY CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL ALONG WITH THE PRESIDENT WHO VOTED FOR THIS……… 

  • SummerHuggins

    My husband and I will take it! We have been married for 4 years and we have had no luck yet. And it’s MUDER NOT AN ABORTION!!! Idiots!

  • Momzy

    I wonder if their parents are happy about their so-called “ethics.”  If not, maybe these two should be put out of their parents’ misery.

  • God will not be silent on this one, nor will He be silent on any of HIS children being murdered by the hand of the mother and the sick twisted doctor.  My prayers are, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven”.  Amen

  • Pressinthrough67

    OMG!!! This is just crazy!!!!

  • that sickens me those people who think this is right should be NOT allowed to have a baby their thoughts of killing a innocent life is morally WRONG!!!!I dont agree with this at all period.Weather the baby is a mintue old or a day etc…Doesnt matter that baby is a real person STILL!!!I ask these people one question….How can you look at yourself in the mirror and say you value life?

  • Guest

    This is so wrong!

  • AussieGal

    I wonder how serious the two ethicists are about their claims. I wouldn’t be surprised if them themselves see how their claims are morally wrong, but are simple trying to get people talking and realise that infanticide is really no different to abortion.

  • Tjmcendree

    a baby is a human being he/she is breathing and moving. its called MURDER you idiots. if anyone agrees with this then would it be wrong if someone in your family got MURDERED?? because apparently you think it’s ok to kill a human being so murder is ok to you. if you didnt’ want a baby you should’ve kept your legs CLOSED…or how bout this the day after you had love you should’ve taken the day after pill so this sort of thing didn’t happen….i can’t believe anyone would even consider killing a little innocent baby…if you don’t want the baby give he/she up for adoption don’t kill he/she they did nothing wrong you did don’t blame them they don’t deserve that punishment…plus they feel pain that makes them human they hear and see things….those australian ethicists however you spell it…need to get their facts right…they’re saying a baby isn’t a human then that makes everyone in the world not human as well…so if our parents don’t want us anymore they can kill us then?? you australian ethicists you’re not human

  • apryl

    seriously if anyone thinks of killing their babay as a “last resort” ill take the babay!! lo li know it sounds crazy but i have a 3 month old and she did have a personality as soon as i had her i would rather have 100 kids than to see one be murdered!

  • brenda

    i have been reading alot of the comments made especially about the rape victim.  yes it would be hard to go through all that BUT what about the trauma of abortion?? no matter which way you look at it, it will be difficult, and really the lesser sin would be to have the child and give it up.  for those who say there  is no God, i feel for you when at the end of time you must stand before the Creator of Heaven and Earth and answer.  Scripture is very clear that the end is near when Christ will return on the clouds of heaven.  to the lady who said she is a christian but doesnt belive in the Jesus Christ thing, the word Christian comes from Christ, so in order to call your self a christian you must confess Christ

  • nancy l

    A burden to society?? How ubsurd is that?? We as a society pay for people who have the ability to pay for themselves and to even make or think the comment that innocent babies with disabiliies or not are a burden how screwed up is that?? Shame on you!! And thats just putting mildly!! We are all Gods children and he does not think ANYBODY is a burden …

  • Christin Nicole9

    That’s disgusting. Maybe the writers of this proposed ‘after-birth-abortions’ should be aborted. Just because they are human, doesn’t give them the right to life…

  • Puckette1


  • Krazebikerchic17

    Oh stfu all you bible thumpers. Your people were the ones that killed those doctors for performing abortions.

    • Violet Black

      I’ve never killed anyone. I don’t personally know anyone who’s killed anyone, either, and I’m in a religious school right now.

  • Reb Nineveh

    I believe the article may have been twisted a bit.  While I agree that all abortions are murder, I think you may have misunderstood the article.  Or maybe we’re reading 2 different articles on the same paper.  Anyway, I thought the whole point of the article I’m posting below is that MORALLY, the argument to have an abortion before birth is the same as having an abortion “after” birth.  The point, thus, is that it is ABSURD to think it is morally okay to abort (ahem, murder) a baby after birth.  However, a fetus has the same trajectory of human life as a baby after birth and thus to have an abortion before birth is MORALLY the same as having an abortion after birth. 


  • Opinionated

    Wrong…Just Wrong!!  The parents that decide to do it should have the same thing done to them!!

  • this is just not acceptable that two self style
    d “ethicists” with presumably responsibility for 
     defining medical ethics could state that infanticide of a new born baby is perfectly legal if the new born baby is any hindrance to the pleasure of the parents.. This is the same policy of the Nazi party who murdered thousands of German babies children  and adults who were not of the “master race” ; in turn this  led to the mur
    der of millions of persons whom the Nazis  thought unfit to be left alive. Already in countries like Holland and England Euthanasia is “legal” as these countries are not really Christian any more although they pretend to be for appearance sake. Christianity  brought Europe out of the inhuman savagery of the Roman Empire which eventually self destructed as any civilisation will without real ethics to protect human life especially the sick an the old.

  • Couasco

    that is absolutely disgusting!!!! i support abortions within the first trimester, anything after that is horrible, but to have a baby support your baby for 9 months in the womb and then to hold it in you hands, then kill it. thats murder.

  • Well beyond ignorance!!! They think more like an animal than a human

  • brenda

    some of the comments are terrible on here, what the difference between first trimester, 13 weeks and then second trimester 14 weeks.  does it automatically then become a baby in one particular second?? also to the person who made the comment about what birth does to the body, hey ever since Eve had Cain its the way babies are meant to come into this world, the female body is designed for it.  i myslef have had 6 kids and would love to have more

  • Tamaramaslammer

    Well people should bloody close their legs or like in animal world “DE SEX” then what you want, but dont kill a child that has a heart and soul. HORRIBLE!!



  • cooky92560

    this is Horrible!!!! a baby is a person from the time of conception, PERIOD!!!

  • Aussietew

    That is horrible.  i am holding my 7 month old and thinking, he was a person when i found out i was carrying him…8 months before he was delivered! 

  • Meggo286

    these ppl need help. when u have a child or are about to u dont then decide o is this best for me. that baby is living breathing our air its human if they go thru with this and say its ok they might as well demo all the prisons and let us run wild

  • WTF!!!! I have no words………except whomever believes this should experience and after birth abortion no matter what their age!! A baby no matter how old, preemie or not is a person, a human being…After birth abortion is MURDER!! Jackasses!!

  • Octavious9

    Wow! seriously? What is next? =(

  • Karakadzai

    How long after birth? One minute, one hour, one week, one month, one year or one decade? God have mercy! What an abomination to the gift of life  

  • Jennifer Brown

    These so called ethicists should be fired for this evil sickness that they carry with them and infecting humanity.

  • ali98

    They better be careful after that last line there. If I was going to murder someone, I would totally use that one in court and watch it blow up in their faces.

  • Sweetbibe

    This is horrific! We will stand against this insanity no matter what you say you are talking about MURDERING a human and that is NOT acceptable. These people are sick!

  • SDAngie

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  • I wonder what would happen if people worried about making birth control 100% effective if abortion would be an issue anymore?

  • Dantay85

    I wouldn’t say it’s okay for a baby to be aborted 1 day before it’s born. Sounds like a load of cack. Is there a credibal source for this story?

  •  The rape situation is a mutant situation and to us it to make the point that abortion is okay does a disservice to the victumof the rape.  And yes I would very much ancourage my child to carry the offsprin of a rape to term and let her decide what to do there after.

  •  I’ve never met you and likely never will but after you sharing this you are my friend.  I hope God continues to bless you so richly.

  •  So far our little boy hasn’t ever been an unbearable burden, but he’s only a year.  I expect it to start any minute now.

  • ROSA

    so what doe’s “acceptable” mean? are people fuckin accepting there kids nowadays? this is the stupidest thing i’ve seen! if people don’t want kids DON’T DO IT! if they do and get pregnant then give that poor little beating heart to someone who wants kids but can’t have them! NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE KILLED AFTER THERE ALREADY BORN THATS JUST SAD AND PATHETIC TO WHOEVER WANTS TO DO THIS GO TO HELL SORRY TO SOUND SO RUDE BUT ITS TRUE! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THAT LITTLE GUY OR GIRL! SOMEBODY IN THIS WORLD WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A KID BUT CAN’T THINK OF ADOPTION BEFORE ABORTION!JESUS PEOPLE ARE GETTING PRETTY STUPID WITH THIS KIND OF STUFF THESE DAYS!

  • Panda

    Guys. It’s not a question of religion. It’s a question of whether you are pro-choice or not, for whatever reasons.
    Personally, I have many mixed feelings on it. I believe that there are certain very very very specific situations where abortion might be warranted. Such as a rape victim, or one where the child endangers the mothers life…
    But at the same time….I personally believe that the fetus is a life, the minute that egg was fertilized…it became a life. Every single person who is advocating for abortion, was clearly NOT aborted and was a fertilized egg at one time. My mother was going to abort me because I was not a planned baby…but thankfully, that didnt happen.
    A huge part of me just says….seriously? Just use birth control..be smart about sex. This day and age, we are all very well educated on how to have safe sex
    But at the same time? Its not always that simple…some people don’t have the means of getting birth control, the pill can be very expensive, and condoms can also rack up alot on the money scale.
    I just don’t know, I dont really completely stand on one side or the other
    but I DO know…that this after-birth abortion is just bull. Im sincerely hoping that the author was using it as a reverse psychology thing…somehow? one can be hopeful? I just don’t want to believe that a person could be so ridiculous as to even suggest such a thing.

  • Adopted and grateful!

    Sick! But you can go to jail for killing a dog or cat……..where
    Are we headed?

  • William Lachlan

    And what about love? I read in the Bible that God is love. Not are we just depriving the baby  of love but the parents also for to commit such a heinous crime is to harden one’s heart and to refuse love both personally and as a society if it endorses such heinous crime or however it will be covered up with beguiling words. It is not on nor will it go unnoticed by God and such proponents of such a heinous crime will surely “eat the fruit of their own ways”.
    To those people whose hearts and minds are are swirling in disbelief at our fellowman’s horrific and disgusting words, I would say this. Turn to our God through the Lord Jesus Christ for He alone is the Way, the Truth, the Life and no man can come to the Father but by Him. He is a Rock that changes not and you will find that you “have a leg to stand on” if indeed you decide to stand on that Rock.

  • Susie

    I don’t think that anybody is for these after-birth abortions. Atheists, Christians, Muslims. This has nothing to do with abortion. I’m sure the most radical pro-choice activists are against this as well.

    • prochoice

       Thank you, Susie. I really believe that’s the case.

  •  “The female race” doesn’t exist, it’s the human race, and every human killed before they are born are every bit as human as you and I.  Every human has the right to live and that is a right, like it or not, that can not be taken away.

  • Kristin

    This is not only sickening, and disturbing, but most of all sad..its a live human being period!!! How could anyone kill a innocent little baby…

  • Lmorgan1

    A baby is a human no mater how old it is & doesn’t mater if it’s been born or not it’s still a life !! a song that George Jones & Tammy Wynatt had several yrs.ago,speeks so true,God’s Gonna Getcha for that”!! don’t wanna be in these ladies,Dr.’s or Nurse’s shoes one day because As I just Quoted,”God’s Gonna Gtecha For That” !! & he will,the Bible says,” Bless the little Children” not kill them !! what if someone killed the Mother is that not the same as,after birth adortion ? I think it’s the same !! speaking my opinion !!

    • Cows are alive, and I eat them.

      Lettuce is alive, and I eat it.

      Life is nothing special. Human life is no different. Being human does not make something special; it is being a person – that is to say, an intelligent individual – that makes one “special”.

  • diz

    “The sad thing is, that this point of view is inevitable once you start allowing people to define just what a human being actually is. …At this point, what difference does it make if the baby is inside the mother’s womb or outside of it?”
    OK, everyone think about how old you are, legally.  I am 28, born 8/7/83.  That means that as of 8/7/83, I am a US citizen and have rights and privileges.  The day before, I was a fetus in my mother’s womb.  I had no legal rights.  THAT is why abortions are legal.  This is the answer to the first sentence of the last paragraph.The issue with the ethicists’ argument is that they are speaking on moral grounds when law generally trumps morals.  Until someone passes a law that it is legal to kill a 1 month old, this will never come to fruition.  Once a fetus is born, in that moment it has legal rights like you and I.  The “little gem” that is identified from their stance is indicative of their detachment from this fact.

  • lpm

    “To destroy a human person is to commit an act of murder against humanity. ” – John D. Zizioulas

  • T.B

    The topic here is about post abortion… I dont undrestand why people turned the conversation into a GODLY Topic. God has nothing to do with parents wanting to kill their child. This is an issue of people’s beliefs and the science they have behind this.

  • Utterley disgusted with this, I want to swim to Australia and smack these two ethicists and THEN smack the parents for not wanting a beautiful baby like this one!!  Some people are just fucked up!!

  • Chelsea

    Its a living breathing human being from the time of conception. These people are just sick and obviously have no morals much less a heart. I could never ever kill my baby. That’s worse than adoption. People need to realize that babies are people too and have every right to live regardless of their disability should they have one. Raising a baby is hard worth and does cost alot but the memories you make are priceless.

  • Sarah Preedy

    that’s bloody sick what sort of ppl say that actually right my son is disabled n i would never get rid of him let alone kill him! assholes shud be shot for saying that.. 

  • Michelle B

    I think I remember hearing about someone else that had similar thoughts on killing people who they thought were “undesirable”, I think their name was Adolf Hitler, but I could be wrong…. Who is to decide which child is “acceptable” and which is not, and where does it end. Soon it won’t be newborns, but infants, then toddlers, then young children until we start “after-birth aborting” grown adults because we find them too much of a strain on any aspect of our lives.

  • Elaina

    Disgusting.  Outrageous.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!

  • After reading this blog post, as well as the actual paper, I have but one question: did Fiano read the paper? Did any of my fellow 300+ “commenteers” read the paper by Giubilini and Minerva? If you haven’t read the actual paper, then I strongly suggest you do, before making any comments.

  • Joan

    Abortion is an issue that few are acknowledging that Tax payers are paying the abortion doctors for these procedures. Are these women so stupid, lazy, or undisciplined that they can’t take the pill, or use condoms or foam??? Are these women so mean to kill this unborn or now the born child that they can’t set this baby up for adoption??? How can it be the responsibility of the tax payers to foot the bill for the irresponsibility of these women? How can this even be in the political realm when it is so personal and within the value system and morals of individual women? I just don’t understand how this got into the realm of the government. There are so many women who can’t have children that would love to have one that is being aborted/killed that it is a disgrace. What happened to adoption??? What happened to abstinence or at least important instead of casual sex?

    • Joan, a child has a cost to society of over $100,000. An abortion costs $500. A woman cannot possibly have 2000 abortions in their lifetime. Ergo, abortion is cheaper than having them have babies.

      Of course, free contraception is cheaper still.

  • This issue has been greatly distorted in the media. I strongly suggest you read the actual paper before commenting.

  • Why does my comment constantly disappear?

  • Olwynandian

    I don’t know where these people come from but growing up as a christian you don’t kill babies that is a worse sin than adultry, rape and all the things that people  take as sin. A baby is a person as soon as it is conceived. I have no idea where it says any where  that a baby born is not human in the bible or any where else that says a baby is not a human being as soon as a sperm and an egg combine. Get a life people  you need to rethink  because if your mother or father killed you when you were born you and your stupid remarks would not be of any significance !  I think that the people that have that way of thinking should just not reproduce than no one would have to listen to their stupid   logic. I have 7 children and 9 grandchildren and would not give up  or kill any of them 

  • MAD

    This is horrible Anyone who would ever consider killing a innocent life should be killed my goodness whats this world coming to just like all you people sitting here comparing killing a baby to killing a animal my lord people what is this world turning into!! Animals are here for eating!! Do you this a Tiger is going to sit here and hesitate on eating you?? Do you think a grizzly bear is going to sit there and take up for you!! Its called life if you eat nothing but Veggies did you not know there a living thing also!! Get over it!! A babys precious life should never be compared to a animal and its sad if you think of it that way how about instead of killing babys they start Spaying woman like they do dogs and cats if we wanna compare to animals!! Babys are only made one way!! I think any woman who can choose to terminate a baby after she thought she was responsible enough to lay down and make that baby should have every right of ever having another baby taken away!! When people start losing common sense is exactly when this world is going to end!! And That end is very NEAR!!!

  • Infanticide is a perfectly acceptable practice when carried out on newborn babies, because they are not, in fact, people yet.
    A person is defined by intelligence. That is the ONLY thing that separates us from the so-called lesser animals, and likewise, we define as people in fiction things with human-like intelligence. If an animal we have no special moral compunction killing (and eating!) is more intelligent than a newborn baby, then the newborn baby quite clearly is not, in fact, a person.

    Being human does not make a person. My hair and toenails are human, but they are not people. Sperm and eggs are not people. Fetuses are not people. Tumors are not people.

    I eat pigs. As I am not reprehensible, I do not eat people. Ergo, it would be hypocritical of me to define something less intelligent than a pig as a person, because, as intelligence is what defines someone as a person, it would make a pig a person.

    Drawing an arbitrary line south of the “people line” is acceptable to avoid mistakes (we wouldn’t want to accidentally kill any people) but I don’t see anything particularly morally reprehensible about what they’re advocating. Indeed, in many cases it could save everyone a lot of trouble, resources, and heartache. There are plenty of humans on the planet already, no need to add unnecessarily to them. If a baby is unwanted, it should not exist, simple as that. Unwanted children grow up to become criminals at a far higher rate than desired children, and in any event the world is overpopulated and something that responsibly reduces that burden is not bad.

    There is no clear line between when something becomes a person and when something is not a person. The idea that there is, is simply wrong, and black and white thinking is a bad thing. But there has to be some sort of law defining when something is indeed a person, simply to rule out ambiguity, and that line should be drawn where no people are harmed. I’d say killing a newborn is okay, morally speaking.

    • Nathan, even if I throw out my many levels of objections to what you’re saying and argue on your terms, I need to ask: How do you define “intelligence?”  Is it an IQ score? Please let me know. Because I think potential needs to be considered here, too.

      So, what if we go with my definition of “intelligence” and I think you’re south of the human line? Does that give me the right to kill you? What does that mean for those who are born with disabilities? Become disabled?

      I think you’re dealing with a very slippery slope. I object to it on several levels; This is the least of them.

  • Willchansr

    murder is murder, no matter what color you paint it.

  • I am SO sick. The love and desire to protect my child that I felt from the moment I knew of his existence leaves me unable to fathom HOW a mother could extinguish the life of their own child. The argument of these evil fools is appalling to me as are all arguments on the topic of abortion in terms of PRO-Abortion….so sickening. I need to go snuggle with my little PERSON. Now and remember that there still is good in this world amongst all the evilness….

  • Amanda_kirby2005

    Thats why theres a thing called Adoption

  • greg

    if we were to allow this treatment to domesticated pets their would be such moral outrage you wouldnt believe so how perverse is this dangerous development  and such a callous and gutlless attack on newborn babies is vile to nature to man and God and anyone who lets this happens deserves desexing like a dog or a cat since they operate at that level

  • Danyelblanchette

    Reading some of the post made me laugh. Y’all start with being normal then had to throw religion into the mix. Give me a damn break. We r honestly talking about morals as human beings. There was an episode of 20/20 about how in some country it was the norm for little girls to be killed. There are more men in the country then women cause they are costly. Here in the usa its murder if u kill a newborn. I’m sorry unless u where raped,or the baby would kill u put it up for adoption. Don’t kill it. As soon as its concieved its a human being it has a heart beat. Stop trying to do population control.

  • Lisa Moore

    All I have to say is, “Vengeance is Mine, sayest the Lord” and after what I just read I can’t help but wish He would do something very,very soon!  That’s the christian principled me but the human side of me wishes God would get those satanic sadists and ….   If I was in the hospital room I would do whatever it took to stop those murderers and it would be done with a clear conscience.  Too many people have opinions, especially the politically correct let’s pray and turn away.  If I was the one going to my death I would wish to have a saviour to help me in my hour of need not a bunch of’ cross over to the other side of the street levites’, (as in the parable of The Good Samaritan).  God’s people have warm blood.

  • Frankly, nothing these reptiles come up with can surprise me anymore… It clearly has nothing to do with “in the womb”… just a complete and cold disregard for sanctity of human life (with the exception of a nice death-row inmate for whom the leftist loons will all stand out holding candles).

  • Aundie fields

    Completely sickening and sad 🙁 A baby is a person. If you do not want a baby do not have sex! Plain and simple. And for those who where raped and you do not want the baby give it up for adoption don’ t kill it! And if you are worried about pain during labor get over it they have drugs that kill the worst part of the pain. Women have been giving birth for as long as we have been here. I didn’t want kids at first but when i got pregnant it wasn’t the end of the world i just told myself it’ll be ok, i can do this and let’s see where it takes me. I did not beleive in abortion and i was not killing a baby. I was scared too but i did it. And i am not rich by any means but i work and i make it through with two beautiful children now. There is no excuse for killing a baby. I would not trade my kids for anything in the world. I am thankful for them.

  • Jenn

    I wonder…if the pro choicers are so adamant about their “choice” then why are they still here???….

  • Brandi

    This world makes me sick. I cant believe ppl think this is acceptable.

  • Ana Vizcaino

    I am completely against! It is sad to know that people would actually think this is OK??!! It is sickening. I wonder what kind of moral and values where taught to them while growing up or just how could they get to such conclusions!! Again, just sickening…

  • Mysterious

    I think abortion is good