Planned Parenthood Abortions & Adoptions for 2008

Planned Parenthood: We Performed 134 Abortions for Every Adoption Referral

Earlier this month Planned Parenthood released their 2008 annual report. Yes, they are a year behind in reporting their information. Not so professional of them, I know. That aside, the numbers they put out reveal a shocking reality about their nationwide operation.

For every adoption referral from Planned Parenthood, they committed 134 human abortions.

The full numbers for 2008 were:

  • 324,008 Abortions of Preborn Humans
  • 2,405 Adoption Referrals (Planned Parenthood does not do adoptions themselves)

Planned Parenthood Abortions & Adoptions for 2008

Does this statistic bother you?

Consider getting involved with Live Action in the fight for human life.

  • Alex Perrier

    Yes, this statistic does indeed bother me.


  • Alex Lerma

    They seem pretty proud of it, too. I think it bothers me more than I thought it would… That's disgusting.

  • Christina Parlatore

    Yes, this bothers me. They do sound proud of it. That's just disgusting. Nothing will ever change my view on abortion. It's sickening and those who perform it and/or support it are going to burn in hell. Makes my stomach turn.

  • Vicki

    Yes this bothers me, it is almost like they are proud of the fact that they have done this..What sick people..

  • felicia

    Yes it does bother me I am 120% against abortion. The only reason I could see being understandable is if a women was raped but even at that I dont like the idea of us killing our babies they are APART OF US this is murder and this is wrong. They seem proud that they have killed thousands of innocent babies.Im disgusted in the pride they take and the men and women who have went through this becuase they were irresponsible and careless and arent ready. you dont want kids dont have sex. even birth control cant fully protect you from getting pregnant but it can help prevent it.

  • Kelsey


    Even if a woman is raped, there is no reason to punish her child with death. Rape abortions are practically a moot point anyway, because they happen so rarely. The vast majority of abortions are for other reasons, such as finances or because the baby ould interfere with the mother's life goals. In Caroll Everett's auto-biography, _Blood Money_, she tells about her suggestion to offer free abortions for rape victims. It got her abortion clinics some good press, but thy never gave away a single one.

  • andrea bergen

    Abortion is wrong, it is against God and nature. And while i compleatly oppose the act and desicration of human life, christians must remember that the women reciving these abortions and the doctors preforming them, and people who endorse and profit from this unholy industry, are buying into the lies of satan, but Gods desire is to bring all of these fallen people to a place of repentence. That he may offer them, and they may recive his grace, redeeming love, and gift of eternal salvation.

  • David Schmidt

    Laura, we have calculated how much of their money comes from abortions:

    DATA: 36.7% of Planned Parenthood’s “Health Center Income” is from Abortions

  • Laura

    Interesting and sad statistic. Unfortunately, I think what the pro-choicers are going to point to is that abortions were "only" 3% of the total services they provided. I think a more interesting statistic would be how many of the people they did those other services for were actually ALSO abortion clients, because that would show more clearly whether or not they really see that many more people for things other than abortion. Also, I would like to see how much money they earn from abortion vs. the other services. What are the odds they will publish this kind of info?

  • ninek

    Say, I own a candy store, and I sell both chocolate and fruit flavor candies. The chocolate is $5 a bar and it nets me the most money. But the fruit candies are only a 50 cents, and I move more pieces of fruit candy than I do pieces of chocolate. A Planned Parenthood supporter would tell you that fruit candy is the biggest part of my business. My accountant would tell you that I make my living selling chocolate.

    Planned Parenthood thinks that we are so bad at math, that we'll believe them when they say a handful of penny condoms are a greater part of their business than a $500 – $1,000 abortion. But their accountants know how they make their living, and so do we.

  • April

    Notice the Abortion portion of the chart is BLOOD RED! How can they sleep at night?

  • HammerDoc

    Papa said it best:

    ‎"We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary."

    -Pope Benedict XVI at the inauguration of his Papacy.

  • Jane

    Susan G. Komen, Race the for Cure, supports Planned Parenthood with millions of dollars. 2004-2009 Komen affiliates contributed about $3.3 million to programs sponsored by Planned Parenthood and in 2009, $731,303.

    Don't buy PINK and don't support abortion!

  • HammerDoc

    Amen, Jane!

    Let's set aside the IDIOCY of a charitable organization giving its funds (which were donated to it by well-meaning people) to an organization that makes almost a billion dollars a year. Let's set aside the LUNACY of a charitable organization giving its donated funds to an organization that already gets over $300 MILLION dollars in taxpayer money, and let's set aside the questionable LEGALITY of an organization taking donated funds given by donors for one cause, and given to a FOR-PROFIT organization having NOTHING to do with the cause to which people were mislead into believing their donations would be going.

    Setting ALL that aside, the real crime, and the thing that bugs me the most, (About the Komen thing–abortion bugs me the worst overall.) is that Planned (un)Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in America. Abortion has been PROVEN to substantially increase the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, Komen, which purports to want to solve the breast cancer problem, is providing money to help greatly increase the number of breast cancer cases! (Intentionally or unintentionally, I don't know, nor do I presume to guess.)

  • J. Car

    I think it has more to do with the fact that they are so well known for providing abortion services that I bet most pro-choice women in that predicament pick PP first. So they probably made the choice already before they even called to schedule an appointment. If I were pro and wanted one that's the only place I could think of to go. So no, it does not surprise me at all that those are the numbers they have posted.

  • Jane

    HammerDoc, So well said, I completely agree with your expanded points and will remember those when educating the public.

  • HammerDoc

    Most studies find between 150% increase and 200-300% increase.

    Depending on the age of the young lady and the age of the fetus, one study found up to an 800% increase in the breast cancer risk compared to age-matched women/fetuses who delivered the baby!

  • Tayla

    This is really heartbreaking to someone who is trying to adopt 🙁

  • MRuehs

    Not only do I find the following statistics disturbing, it also breaks my heart. To see the pride of claiming the lives of so many innocent babies is so horrible, and to know that our tax dollars support this organization is mind-bending. In response to the post about abortions due to instances of rape: I was raped when I was 20 years old, and it stole so much from me. Was I scared that I may be pregnant? Absolutely. Did I, for a minute, think of abortion as an answer to my situation? No. A rape victim is already stripped of personal dignity and left very vulnerable in the aftermath. How would stripping them of a child from their womb add to any healing from the rape itself? Not only would they be victims of rape, but also a victim of abortion. It would add years to the healing process, and then there would be two dates seared into the memory of the woman.

  • Marie E

    Hi Lila-

    I am 110% antiabortion, but I am also against adoption. I lost my dear boy to adoption 21 years ago and it crippled me psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The solution isn’t adoption, it’s women respecting their bodies and accepting responsibility for their fertility.

    That said, I’m not surprised by the report. Keep up the great work!

    • Essie


      You didn’t lose your baby to adoption, you gave your baby LIFE, and you helped create a family.  You did a brave, wonderful and selfless thing, and for that you are to be commended.  You did what any good mother would do: protected the life of your baby, provided a stable, 2 parent loving family and made sure he was OK. 

      I am not saying it was easy (doing the right thing rarely is), or that you were/are not hurt and suffering from it (I’m sure it was AGONIZING), but you made a respectful, mature choice and I’m sure your boy and his parents are eternally grateful to you..

      Without knowing you or your life’s circumstances at the time, I’m sure you did what you thought was best for your baby in that you were, for whatever reason, incapable of providing him with the life and opportunities he so deserved.  So you did the mature, motherly thing and gave him to a family that wanted him.  They CHOSE him.  They love him.

      On the flip side, I was a young teenage mother to a wonderful boy.  I chose to keep him, and I didn’t do the best I could.  I was young.  Selfish.  Immature.  My boy deserved a much better mother than I.  Thanks to God, he is a well adjusted, happy young man now, but I live with regrets every single day of my life.  He deserved better.

      BTW, I whole-heartedly agree with your position of women taking control of their fertility, dignity and bodies.  I am a firm believer in no sex until marriage.  This prevents a myriad of psychological and physical hurts (and I am single once again in my life.  I do not “hook up”, and maintain my dignity).

      Prayers and blessings to you.  You did a very wonderful thing.

      • Sunneedaze57

        How I wish I had released my baby for adoption instead of being talked into an abortion. Marie, You think you suffered not knowing where your baby was, but trust me, it doesn’t hurt anywhere near knowing you ended your baby’s life because it was inconvenient for you.  I suffered from Post Traumatic Syndrome for 9 years before accepting God’s forgiveness for myself.

    • awakepatriot

      I am an adoptee. I am alive! My adoptive parents became parents only because a teenage girl selflessly chose life. It gave that couple great joy to be parents (not saying I was a joy the whole time – far from it, lol). The gratitude I have for being alive to type this cannot be expressed. Yes, my birth mother had years of pain & struggle dealing with it, but it’s an unfortunate and indivisible part of giving up a child.

      I wasn’t that selfless. I refused to give up my oldest child for adoption because I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing my child growing up. College was forgone, I worked hard, money was tight but my child became a wonderful adult. Like Essie, I often wonder if I did the right thing (I often wonder about being financially comfortable if I had that degree or if my child should have had a a more secure childhood).

      You, Marie, have done something selfless and have made a difference in the lives of others. It takes a courageous person to endure what you did despite the pain and regret. God bless you.

  • Marie E

    Oops, sorry David. That’s what I get for not reading the tag line.

  • Tiffany Marshall

    I am a person who regrets aborting my baby: PEOPLE WHO WANT TO ADOPT: Go to abortion clinics. Sit outside or inside and when a mother comes in tell them your story make them feel like you love them. <333 The mothers are scared and feeling unloved and confused. Give them the choice to adopt their baby to you. Bring pictures.

  • Guest

    I would like to see you add the number of prevented abortions (a.k.a. contraception) to that pie chart. This is just way too one sided.  Oh wait a minute, so is this site…

  • logic rules

    The statistic that bothers me is that over 300 thousand women got pregnant when they didn’t want to. I’d love to see the statistic of how many of them had proper education, how to use birth control, how to have safe sex, etc. Pre born humans, indeed. You want to end abortion? Teach people how to have sex without getting pregnant.