Planned Parenthood in 1952: Abortion “kills the life of a baby”

The scientific fact that an abortion ends the life of a living human being isn’t so convenient these days for Planned Parenthood – after all they are now the largest abortion chain in the country. Back in 1952 before Planned Parenthood was an abortion operation, they sure had a more accurate understanding of science before their twisted abortion ideology of today took over. Just look at their pamphlet below that states that abortion “kills the life of a baby after it has begun.”

Planned Parenthood Pamphlet - Abortion is Killing a Baby

Planned Parenthood Pamphlet

  • Natalie

    Great find, their answers have changed now for their own brainwashing tactics. "Plan Your Children for Health and Happiness?" or "Kill Your Babies for Your Own Health and Happiness."

  • Planned Parenthood has always been pro-abortion– Margaret Sanger famously said "The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." But back in the 50s, the pro-life majority was so strong that PP had to pretend they opposed abortion in order to get anywhere. Let's bring that pro-life majority back!

    • magicbroom

      If you actually read anything about Margaret Sanger instead of just repeating what you have been told, you would know that she’s also said “It is apparent that nothing short of contraceptives can put an end to the horrors of abortion and infanticide” and calls abortion “an abhorrent operation which kills the tenderness and delicacy of womanhood”

      • Jeepers

        You must understand that use of contraception REQUIRES abortion. As soon as a woman believes she is the only one that “controls” a new life, when the contraception fails, she must kill the child by any means. It’s the same thinking that leads to euthanasia. Sanger wasn’t intelligent enough to see this outcome, but she sure started us down the path.

  • Mira

    How does one find a copy of this pamphlet?? I would love to have a copy to use in my discussions and debates with pro-aborts!

  • Sanger also said "To each group we explained what contraception was; that abortion was the wrong way—no matter how early it was performed it was taking life; that contraception was the better way, the safer way—it took a little time, a little trouble, but was well worth while in the long run, because life had not yet begun.".

  • Also, Gallup says the pro-life majority IS back! 😀

  • The reality people don't want to face is that they rationalize, justify and excuse the taking of life every day – one value or priority placed over another and then acted upon

    it's so easy to stand on the soapbox of sanctimony and self-righteousness

    yet it is hypocritical

    where did an individual get his ideas about the value of life? any life? how does he decide the value of a life? like a free market principle, each decides the value of a life before it's taken, then either leaves it to live or takes it – for whatever reasons the individual justifies.

    my favorite question to the anti-Iraq war folk: you dislike "why" we went into Iraq, okay. Is there any reason you WOULD have gone into Iraq?

    whatever their reason, it reveals the free market principle of individual value placed by which to act in one's self-interest

    in other words: it's all subjective

    all interest is self-interest

    the taking of life is the taking of life – irrespective of an individual's rationalizations, justifications or excuses

  • Kelsey, prior to the acceptance of abortion in the late 60's, you are right to point out, that it was because of societal norms that Sanger and Planned Parenthood held the position that abortion was bad or wrong. There are claims of Planned Parenthood notes indicating that this was an intentional position, admonishing Sanger to not publicly support abortion in the 50's. But long before all of this, in the 20's and early 30's, Sanger was an avowed eugenicist. She and her Planned Parenthood organization had always been committed to eradicating the "disgenic" and "human weeds" of which she often spoke, a primary force behind her contraceptive efforts. Abortion is simply a logical outgrowth of that eugenic movement.

  • This amazing archival find should be published very widely. It also underscores how important it is (in a democratic society) that the culture be challenged to place its sexual ethics on a stable platform. Clearly, PP in 1952 could not dare, or didn't even THINK of daring culture to abort children. It could not politically afford to run counter in a culture that was profoundly more pro-life in its attitude. Evidently, in the 1950s, there was enough (at least) vestigial Christian belief to keep the secular wolves in their place. Hence, we need Revival among our populace in order to achieve this life-affirming sanity again.

  • southdenverdave

    WOW, great archive material, keep up the great work!!!!!

  • Sean

    Although the paragraph dealing with abortion is refreshingly honest, doesn't anyone notice the other misinformation in this handout?

    "The method your doctor prescribes for you is completely harmless."

    and –

    "birth control cannot hurt you in any way."

    Now that was really some wishful thinking!

  • Med Student

    Sean, you said it perfectly: "doesn't anyone notice the OTHER misinformation in this handout?"

    You just pointed out that along w/ the info on birth control, the info on abortion was also incorrect.

    Obviously, we have come a long way w/ many things, people. If you are a surgeon, are you going to go grab a book on how to do surgery from the 50s/60s? I sure hope not.

  • Joe

    Med Student, enlighten us all… Does abortion end the life of a fetus or not?

    AS for using a book on surgery from the 50s/60s…. This is not old technical data but a basic stance on the beginning of life. If modern medicine has any effect on our opinion of when life starts, it would only lead us to believe it starts earlier. We have ultra sound images and fiber optic cameras, surgeons operate on these little ones in the womb. When then this pamphlet was written all the evidence we had was that the heart beat could be detected and the mother could feel her baby stir (and really that is enough isn't it).

  • Wolffe

    Excellent find… its about time that someone tells the truth about abortion. Its not just a fetus (meaning offspring) inside of a woman, its a real baby.

    Thank God and those who uncovered this pamphlet

  • Roland

    Could we have a link created to a full size pdf copy ot the document, so that one can print, blow it up and publicly display it and explain how PP had to pretend they opposed abortion in order to get anywhere…i.e. they are deceivers.

    • BobTrent

      There is no copyright notice in the brochure, which was published 64 years ago.
      Let the Planned Parenthood crime syndicate find out who has reprinted the brochure and take them to court. The more publicity the better.

    • BobTrent

      There is no copyright notice in the brochure, which was published 64 years ago.
      Let the Planned Parenthood crime syndicate find out who has reprinted the brochure and take them to court. The more publicity the better!

  • Sanger/PP wanted "more from the fit, less from the unfit." Abortion was okay for the poor, the mentally incompetent, etc., but not for the well-to-do, the elite, etc. It was a double standard based on eugenics. Hitler loved it. See….

    • thomas

      you have put into words the way i have felt about abortion for a long time. it’s survival of the fittest. let’s give the fittest a better chance to survive. i don’t weep for the 20 million (plus however many those people would have created) or however many it is that have been aborted since 1/22/73; i praise god that my children and i don’t have to compete with all of them.

  • Context please!

    Notice to SEAN who quoted certain stuff as incorrect information:

    As to your first point, READ things in context, the sentence before places where the stand is: Birth control means the use of medically approved methods to POSTPONE pregnancy. It does not say TERMINATE. Birth control and abortion are two very different things. Birth control STOPS you falling pregnant, where as ABORTION kills a child because you were so careless as not to use BIRTH CONTROL.

    As to your second point, apply the principle of context – Birth Control refers to methods that STOP you falling pregnant, and different methods suit different women, for example the pill may cause severe side effects for the one women, while it is perfect for another.

    Notice to MED STUDENT: Exactly WHAT information is incorrect on abortion? If you watch the National Geographic video on Conception to Birth, you will notice that within four weeks the child is already physically visible. Not to notice what happens spiritually, as if you are not a committed Christian or Jew, you will not be concerned about what God thinks.

  • Kelly

    I really hate when people refer to Pro-Choicers as 'Pro Abortion' no one is PRO abortion. Nobody wakes up and is like 'Man, I could really use an abortion today!' or 'Hmmm how can I get me some MORE abortions!!'

    It's an unfortunate situation and while I would probably not ever get one myself, I do not think it is my place to say what someone else chooses to do with HER BODY.

    Instead of arguing over what's right and wrong why don't we work on reducing the overall number of abortions that occur?

    • Rachel

      Kelly, its as simple as this, either you are for(Pro)abortion or not(Pro-life). There is no in betweens when it comes to the lives that are being lost because of abortion. States are trying their best to find ways to reduce abortions. But they are constantly being shut down at the last minute because this judge or that judge doesnt agree or this bill or that bill is unconstitutional.

    • disqus_zLY0jsDmax

      I agree with you, Kelly. Although I am pro-life, I also think the best way to address this problem is by improving the lives of women, helping to empower and educate them, raise their economic status – in short, full equality with men so that abortion will, as the original intent of the law stated, will be EXTREMELY rare.

      • Jeepers

        Truly silly, feminist ‘logic.’ How does “full equality with men” keep women from believing they can kill their pre-born child? If you were right, no well-off woman (for example, Hollywood?) would ever have an abortion.

  • "I really hate when people refer to Pro-Choicers as ‘Pro Abortion’ no one is PRO abortion."

    — Have you seen: "I'm definitely pro-abortion"

    "I do not think it is my place to say what someone else chooses to do with HER BODY. "

    — So you are against abortion because you believe someone shouldn't for a baby girl against her will to be ripped apart?

    Watch this video:

    "Instead of arguing over what’s right and wrong why don’t we work on reducing the overall number of abortions that occur?"

    — If something is right then why reduce the number? If something is wrong like murder or slavery, simply reducing it is not enough. Would you be content to have a goal simply being the reduction of slavery?

    If you believe abortions should be reduced, I ask you, why?

  • Julie

    @Kelly. I don't think people should tell women what to do with their bodies, either. The fact is, however, that the fetus is not part of her body. It has different DNA, may have a different blood type, and may even be a different sex. His mother's womb is his temporary place of residence. He is not part of her body, only dependent upon it and living in it.

    • BobTrent

      Women, like men, ARE told what they may and may not do with their bodies.

      The child is not an alien trespasser in her mother’s body. The mother had an active part in generating the baby. Not a single spermatozoon can go through her cervix without the mother’s bringing it through.

  • Susan Larmour

    @Context please! – You are wrong. Birth control works by stopping ovulation but it also keeps a fertilized egg from implanting in the endometrium in the uterus. If the fertilized egg can not implant, it starves and dies. This is a medical abortion. It is no different than the morning after pill which is a high dose birth control pill to prevent implantation. In both, a fertilized egg, a baby, dies.

  • HeatherRadish

    "no one is PRO abortion"

    Except for the people who make money by performing abortions, of course.

    • Tyne23

      even some of them aren’t pro abortion

      • Racheldtroyer

        I used to think no one was pro abortion for a long time and then I met the workers at Planned Parenthood and have seen first hand when women choose to NOT have an abortion, how they quickly kick them off the property and won’t give them help, how women screaming and crying and being literally drug into the PP doors by older men are just patted nicely on the head by a PP escort and told to have a good time, and when I have talked with these escorts about children how they talk about how evil children are and how it’s a good thing to have forced abortions in China and how we need to do that now. 
        COMPLETELY PRO-Abortion. 

        • jazzy

          wow. ohmygosh. that’s horrible. may I ask how you got to hear/talk to these women..?

        • magicbroom

          I’m not sure if you’re trolling and outright lying, or just repeating something someone else said. Planned Parenthood offers full pregnancy support for women who choose to complete their pregnancies, which is MOST of the women who enter the clinic. Not to mention “they talk about how evil children are and how it’s a good thing to have forced abortions” That comment is so ridiculous and over-the-top. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say maybe you met a receptionist there or something that happened to be a royal b*tch, but to just sum up that this is the attitude of the organization is totally inaccurate.

    • Noellegrace92

      people who support the choice to have a gun are pro gun. they support the choice to own, sell, or refrain from having a gun. same thing with being pro abortion. they support your choice to have an abortion, not have an abortion, or give up for adoption. “choice” is a word to sugar coat the word abortion.

  • Demolishun

    Lie to me once shame on you, lie to me twice shame on me.

    The pursuit of getting public buy-in for contraception was always a means to the end of getting public buy-in for abortion. If you cheapen a sacred act then you can cheapen the result of that act. Thank you for posting this information. I learned a lot from the flyer and the resulting posts.

  • Deb

    Kelly~ Like everything that becomes unpopular they have to change the name to hide the truth. So keep Pro-Abortion in the mix. There isn't any hiding of anything, you know what it is. As for your other point, yes people DO wake up and say, I think I'll have an abortion today. When I worked in the doctors office a patient had an appt because something still wasn't right 2 weeks after an abortion (and NOT done by us). Later in the day she called back to see if she should still come in. Of course I had to tell her yes. Then she proceeded to ask me if we could also do a pregnancy test because she was still sexually active. This girl was 18, black, and didn't want her parents to know. We need to educate these people with the truth and not pussy foot around it!

    As for a woman's right with her own body… who the h*ll is speaking out for the baby? This baby has no voice unless WE give it one! The woman already made her choice to drop her pants!

    • thomas

      rape and incest victems made that choice, too, i guess.

      • Donna Marti

        @ thomas: Most women today that have abortions are promiscious because of the disallusion of the sexual revolution( free love) they choose to engage. the rape/incest are the few cases and NOT the norm. god forbid if someone gets raped/or forced to engage in incestous relations the victim must report it right away. don’t wait until you find out that your are already pregnant. It is NOT the baby’s fault. the child does NOT lose its value because of the circumstances of his birth. please have the child adopted.

      • Nathan4321

        The baby didn’t do the crime.

      • Wendelynn

        Less than 1% of all abortions take place because of rape or incest….

        • BobTrent

          If an incestuous intercourse isn’t rape, why is a baby resulting from incestuous intercourse to be killed?
          So the real question is, “should a child conceived in rape be killed?”
          And, “Who should be the one to choose to have the child killed?”
          It is very common for a pregnant rape victim to want to bear her child but someone else, often the rapist, to coerce or force the mother to submit to having her baby killed.

      • Jennifer Markham

        Only 1% of all abortions are due to rape or incest Thomas, that line is all played out. Educate yourself.

  • Teena

    For those of you who are argueing back and forth about pro-life/ pro-choice, if we would teach our children better we would not have to discuss this in the slightest. Our children are being led by our examples. I remember a girl in my youth group telling me how her parents found out she was pregnant, this was late 80's. They woke her early in the morning and drug her to a doctors office in another town for an abortion. She wanted the baby, but mommy and daddy were totally ashamed of the fact she was young and pregnant and lived in a small town. She has yet to get married and have children at all. I believe it is out of spite towards her parents and she is in her late 30's. IF our children are taught right from wrong, spoken to about birth control and consequences – then the abortion rate will drop. But, this will never happen.

  • Helena Lawson

    Check this out…. The Susan G. Komen / Planned Murderhood Connection Exposed

    Susan G Komen Uses Donation Money to Murder Children