Planned Parenthood Abortions vs. Adoption Referrals

JUST THE FACTS: Planned Parenthood in 2007: 305,310 Abortions, 4,912 Adoption Referrals

In 2007, Planned Parenthood made only 4,912 adoption referrals yet aborted 305,310 lives. For those who believe those numbers are simply unbelievable, you can read it for yourself in the latest Planned Parenthood Annual Report.

Planned Parenthood Abortions vs. Adoption Referrals

That’s sick, man.

These numbers are no surprise when this is the sort of routine counseling going on:

  • John

    I just have to say that as disturbing as this is to read, I'm happy to know that there are young heros such as yourselves to bring this to our attention. I think the world is slowly waking up to the reality of these atrocities. God bless you all.

    • Simmy

      You’re not heroes. You’re the villains here. You base your lives on the fiction contained in the bible and use it to torture people. When you’re ready to help these women through their pregnancies and to raise those children, then you get to have a say. Until then, you’re nothing but an evil hypocrite.

  • I know you mean "that's disgusting" when you say "That’s sick, man", but some people may interpret it as "that's awesome". Maybe you want to change it to "that's disgusting"? Because it is.

  • Mary

    And that doesn't include the 1,423,365 emergency contraception kits (would that include both Plan B and RU-486?) that PP issued in 2007 — additional abortions, regardless of the semantics.

    Keep on exposing the evil, folks. God bless you.

    • That would be Plan B. RU-486 is included in their about number about is about 10-15% of it. The rest are surgical procedures.

    • Simmy

      The only evil here is you and people like you. This is none of your business. When you’re ready to financially support those women and their children, then you can have a say. But you won’t do that. You’ll sit back on your bible and judge them, all the while denying them basic health care, emotional and financial support. Religion = Hypocrisy.

  • Med Student

    n =1 on the type of counseling you have in that video. Plus, no where in that video did the doctor or counselors demand that woman have an abortion.

    Ever think that the number of abortions is much higher than that of adoptions because that is what the women chose?

    • Simmy

      I’m so glad there’s one intelligent person here. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Regena

    "This is not a baby" "its not a baby" yet all you hear in the background is the heart beating?

  • This is utterly evil.

  • Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Med Student, many women choose abortion because they feel they have no alternative. They go to abortion mills naively thinking they will get real counseling. Instead, Planned Parenthood and other abortion promoters play on their fears to magnify the woman's panic so she will, in fact, choose abortion. Read Carol Everett's book Blood Money about how the abortion center she ran used marketing techniques to sell abortions. This is not about "choice;" it's about the hard sell.

  • Simmy

    Stupid, stupid, stupid religious people. PP does not have a responsibility to tell women seeking an abortion how they can give their babies up for adoption. It’s the job of the religious idiots to tell women to carry to term but not give them any support after that. Great job.

    • Dhjjhll

      I know somebody who’s going to hell

  • It’s 2013 for Christ’s sake

    This makes no sense at all… Planned Parenthood is a health clinic, not an adoption center. They are not in the business of referring adoptions; why would they? I don’t go to adoption centers and ask for their numbers on women receiving abortions. Make judgments on these decisions when you have a uterus, David.