Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp’s Underage Sex Ring – Full Footage Released

This is the full, unedited video is 22 min in length. It is separated into 2 parts because YouTube only allowed a maximum continuous video length of 15 minutes.

Part 1:

Part 2:

BREAKING: Central Jersey Planned Parenthood fires worker after release of undercover video

Tonight, Central Jersey Planned Parenthood fired the manager, identified in the video as Amy Woodruff, and beefed up security around its clinics.

“We were profoundly shocked when we viewed the videotape released this morning, which depicted an employee of one of our health centers behaving in a repugnant manner that is inconsistent with our standards of care and is completely unacceptable,” Phyllis Kinsler, executive director of Planned Parenthood of Central Jersey said in a statement released at 10:20 p.m.

  • BO

    What I don't understand is, what this woman is getting out of this? She is of low moral fiber. As far as the negitive comments about Planned Parenthood go, I am 26 years old, I own my own business and cannot currently affort Health Insurence, I use P.P. and would NEVER expect anything like this to happen… I still get lectured to stop smoking, and get reminded to practice safe sex.. totally embaressing for me.. but they care. I don't even have a specific nurse that I see, the Planned Parenthood staff in general have been awesome and totally professional.

  • Storm Christopher

    Like the so-called "expose" of Acorn, this is totally faked. Lila Rose, like her pimp mentor, James O'Keefe, have no crebility at all.

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  • The Midnight Review

    huh? wrote: "The longer a “business” waits to report information like this the more complicit they are in the activity itself. And no CEO wants that."

    So what took Lila Rose so long to release her videos and contact authorities? If she believed such illegal actions were taking place, she should have skipped Breitbart and Fox News and gone directly to the FBI and AG.

  • David Schmidt

    @The Midnight Review

    Just like any professional investigation, some reasonable time is needed to prepare footage, transcripts, legal counsel, etc for distribution to legal authorities.

  • Chuck

    "This is all confidential, right?" Sez the Live Action plant.

    I hope, Ms. Rose, the next time you go see your gynecologist, you don't mind if they tape your visit surreptitiously and then post it on YouTube. Maintaining the same level of "confidentiality" your plant gave this poor woman, who is obviously only trying to get medical care to the poor girls under this man's employment. And who will lose her job as part of your brave reporting

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  • Christian Warrior

    This is eexactly what you need to do to stop abortion. Lie if you must lie in the namere of god so that no unborne child willhave to feel the rath of the dumb mother and evil doctor who is sucking the baby out of the woman's vagina whrere the baby should be born to life and god bless you live action because without you even i could not exist if my moptherdecdid to abort me because she was a crazed muslim or jew or catholic or liberul.

  • SoCal

    God bless you guys. Keep up the good work. Not one penny of our tax money should be going to Planned Parenthood!

  • aaron burns

    planed parent hood had already contacted the fbi.

  • David Schmidt

    @Aaron 6 days later after a different clinic visit. That isn't immediate reporting. By the way, if the staff had done the right thing, why was the manager in this video fired?

  • Barbara

    As the saying goes: you get what you pay for. PP is evidently not hiring the best, and she seems to be on drugs, and mentally unstable. PP is a good agency, in that it does offer services that was lacking over 30 years ago. Before the 70s, so many poor and young women of all races lost their lives to back alley abortionists. PP also offers excellent counseling and preventive services.

    • Anti-Genocide.

      bullshit. planned parenthood is a evil agency founded by racist, and is still carrying out genocide. 

      • Chris

        Margaret Sanger… Was extremely racist, Planned Parenthood was started for eugenic purposes. In oder to eliminate the poor and mentally inferior classes. Sound familiar… Hitler/Nazi’s ring a bell? I don’t mean to call Margaret Sanger a Nazi, but her view and work is definitely in the same vein… Don’t believe me? Check out the Birth Control Review. Her eugenic newsletter… I’ll have a link up here as soon as I can.

    • Socrates4God

      Yes… wonderful services. So, metaphorically speaking, let us say people used to die throwing other people off of bridges because they would lose their balance and fall off. So, we invent barriers to prevent the murderers from falling off. Yay! We saved lives!

      The problem was not the murderers who fell off. The problem was the murderers throwing people off in the first place. If they had stopped that, instead, they would of saved both the thrower’s and the victim’s lives. Same with abortion. The main problem was not that people were dying from back alley abortions. The problem was people were having abortions in the first place. You can’t die from an unfortunate mistake like that if there was no opportunity to make the mistake.

      And finally, let me ask: were you born? What makes you think you have the right to decide who is born, and who does not get to be born? If you don’t have the right, then do the parents? Do they really? We are not in charge. We are humans, we screw things up. It is inevitable.

      You do realize that all the times in the past where we have taken away somebody’s right to be a person (African Americans with slavery, Jews with the Holocaust (among many others), etc.) we have been wrong. We should not be saying “prove the fetuses are human” but rather “prove they are not”. It is better to make the mistake of letting them be humans than mass murdering actual humans who we have degenerated with our propaganda. (Hitler used propaganda too, and it did work.)

      So, here is some questions to think about: Why are fetuses considered non-people? What makes us so sure that the parents have the right to kill their fetus, especially seeing how many children are abused now-a-days? Do we really want to trust abusive parents with the lives of their offspring? What things in your life have made you particular to one side of the argument over the other? Is it fair to judge all the fetuses on those things? What statistical evidence is there that proves legalized abortion is the healthiest solution? Should we not pay for our consequences? (Fact: a lot of the time, it is rich white girls who come in to get abortions because they chose to have sex with their boyfriend) Wasn’t the choice of the baby right before having sex, knowing full well that sex could lead to pregnancy? So, we have taught the younger generations to not care about consequences, and we wonder why they don’t respect their elders? We wonder why some don’t care about their grades? Don’t do their homework? We wonder why they do drugs? They have no sense of consequence. We protect them constantly from themselves. Let me ask you, if you put your hand on a hot stove and it gets burnt, how many times are you going to purposefully put your hand on the hot stove again? Falling is often times the best way to learn. Without consequences, their is no learning. And this is why the youth of today have such a hard time. They are not given the opportunity to learn.

    • DianaG2

      That’s not true. They didn’t lose their lives in illegal abortions. Abortionists were doctors pre-Roe.

      How many have lost their lives in LEGAL abortions?

    • DianaG2

      No, that is NOT TRUE! Have you ever actually been to a PP clinic?

      It’s also not true that so many women lost their lives to back-alley abortionists. It’s also not true that women DON’T lose their lives to legal abortionists now.

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  • Hannah S

    I can see why this woman would think that being a minor shouldn’t exclude one from abortion. It is the baby’s young age that permits it to be killed. Why should young age, then, keep these girls from going through this emotional pain?

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  • thequeeenbee

    Don't get me wrong, this woman deserved to lose her job. However, let's not pretend that most large organizations and political parties don't have theire fair share of corrupt people within them. C'mon, how many horrible uncover videos, emails, ect. have been discovered that show republicans in just as negative of a light? Hrm?

    • Jett777x

      your ignorant

      • Mike65057

        i think ur the ignorant one jett if you think its only liberal organizations that do this or liberal politicians.  Shall we start with David Vitter who slept with prostitutes? Or maybe John Ensign? Or maybe even the ex SC governor who flew to Argentina? lol people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones is all im saying.

        • Anonymous

          @Mike65057 Somehow, I don’t see anyone”exposing” people of this ilk at an Elizabeth New Life center (a true thing that’s comperable to PP on the pro-life side). You’re right that it’s not a political party issue, but you ignorantly confounded your argument by going on an anti-Republican rant as if it were an issue of Dem vs. Rep. No, it is an issue of those able to recognize and respect the sanctity of life, and those who don’t. Those who do won’t be like this woman… those who don’t easily are, hence the ease in creating videos such as this.

        • DianaG2

          Those things were all among and between consenting adults.

          No babies were killed. No underage girls were used.

    • Paradiseangel

       Of course it goes both ways but that’s not the point, the real issue here that children are being sacrificed and kids are being sold to sexual slavery and that’s what matters to me now.

    • Educated.

      I’m sorry, why would you even say this? You must be kidding. You think that because republicans and other individuals/groups also have dirt on them, that it lessens the complete immorality and illegal behavior of this sad excuse of a woman? “this woman deserved to lose her job. However…” lose her job?!?! She should be in federal prison and it’s really disappointing that your reaction to this footage is to point out that ‘other people do bad stuff too.’ How very mature of you thequeeenbee.

      btw, you spelled queen wrong and based on your choice of name, I hope you’re around 12. Which would explain alot.

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  • Reesee96692003

    They just fired her thats all…what she did was criminal.  WOW!!!!  When are we gonna start standing up for children???? 

  • Jlrodes

    as of 2005, overm 93% of those that went into pp, received an abortion. doesn’t seem like much other “family planning” than abortions go onthere.

  • PatriotX

    The horrifying question that comes to mind is, What other programs have taxpayers payed for that’s as evil and digusting as what I just watched on this video?

    This isn’t much of a shock (or shouldn’t be) NAMBLA is an organization whose existence is exlusively for exploiting or victimizing young boys. They have an office building amongst totally legitimate buisinesses. Depravity is a degenerative disease that only worsens. I mean, hey, we legitimized murder…um…I”m sorry, abortion, by arguing that, “it’s not really a human being”. Yet, miraculously, these women, once they have children the same crowd is calling it a miracle of life.               

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  • a major pain

    may The GOD of all mercy and goodness bless this lady and anyone who helps her.

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  • Booger

    beefed up security?as a neighborhood “assistance” non-profit their acts are and should be open to public scrutiny.All their e-mails all their political actions all their crimes it should all be openly accessible to all.If UNICEF has a dozen people making 7 figure incomes and only 3 cents of every dollar get to the charity we should know,just as we should know a non profit is donating money to political causes and misdirecting funds we should know and people should be convicted if they are.

  • Chloe Blue

    How is it possible that these monsters are not all in prison with their evil business shut down forever! There are TONS of videos exposing these scumbags all over the internet. Most recent —