Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp’s Underage Sex Ring – Full Footage Released

This is the full, unedited video is 22 min in length. It is separated into 2 parts because YouTube only allowed a maximum continuous video length of 15 minutes.

Part 1:

Part 2:

BREAKING: Central Jersey Planned Parenthood fires worker after release of undercover video

Tonight, Central Jersey Planned Parenthood fired the manager, identified in the video as Amy Woodruff, and beefed up security around its clinics.

“We were profoundly shocked when we viewed the videotape released this morning, which depicted an employee of one of our health centers behaving in a repugnant manner that is inconsistent with our standards of care and is completely unacceptable,” Phyllis Kinsler, executive director of Planned Parenthood of Central Jersey said in a statement released at 10:20 p.m.

  • Natalie

    Glad you are releasing the full video. Maybe this will close the mouth of the detractors, though I doubt it. They aren't really for protecting women if they are still okay with PP after seeing something like this.

  • tjtaygee


    Video shot @ PP in New Jersey on Jan 13, 2011.

    Cecille Richards of PP mails Eric Holder, Att. Gen. of the U.S., notification of suspiscious activities – including in New Jersey.

    Feb 1, liveaction releases this supposed damning evidence – without mentioning that planned parenthood notified the FBI and US Attorney General. Including in direct reference to New Jersey.

    Posting this video as evidence without noting that planned parenthood contacted authorities 5 days after the video was shot (and 2 weeks before this article was posted) seems – at the very least – an incomplete story.

  • Bob

    The video appears damning, but it's also highly edited and you cannot see the man asking questions. Similar videos, including O'Keefe's 2008 ACORN videos, eventually proved not to show any actual wrongdoing; they were edited to make it appear that way.

  • Marie C.

    It took 12 PP to be visited by the pimp for PP to contact anyone regarding these actions. TWELVE. Ha. Show me local and immediate reports that were filed by each PP after they were visted by this man (and tricked) who they should be reporting. It wasn't until 12 were visited, that it all started making sense to PP so they immediately and embarrassingly reported it to the media. They've been duped. This will not be the first time in these new investigation that you will hear a PP employee aid in this pimp's work.

    And you can hear very clearly the advice from this manager on how they can cover their illegal tracks, it doesn't require editing.

  • Sayan Neviot

    @Bob – Actually, that is a fabrication on your part. The O'Keefe videos were never shown to be factually incorrect or deceptively edited, despite the repeated attempts by disinformation scammers like you to say they were.

    O'Keefe's problems stemmed from taping without permission, NOT the content of his tapes. Try again, liar.

  • Susan

    Who/what is anyone trying to protect and why? PP is busted, period. Its' about time some of this is getting out. Good job Live Action!

  • Brad G

    Frightening that some people take the time to post here DEFENDING Planned Parenthood. Couldn't they at least say "Gee, this looks bad, I hope there is an innocent explanation for what appears to be horrific behavior by Planned Parenthood"? No, instead, they personally attack the people exposing PP without caring whether the video is true or not. Amazing.

  • Johnny

    Since they reported possible criminal activity to the FBI then you've failed to prove they're covering up or participating in criminal activity. You're nothing but a failure.

  • Planned Parenthood has tried this time to close the barn door, after the horse has run away. What is happening here is that we are supposed to believe that each instance of abuse and possible illegal activity is an isolated incident, again and again and again. As many times as we have seen these things, this reveals not isolated incidents, but a definite systematic pattern of behavior. This video is what it is. The words of the Planned Parenthood employee are what they are. There are Planned Parenthood's planned public statements and policies and then there is apparently the real way they do business, behind closed doors.

  • Jayson


    They should have detained the "pimp" and his employee. Called the police. And, have him arrested. But, then they would have to testify in court and their a potential re-curring client (more like a revolving-door client).

    Waiting until they leave shows nothing. except they routinely aid and abet criminals.

  • S.J.

    What exactly is your endgame? If it's outlawing abortion, guess what: Abortion will continue to go on no matter how many schemes you concoct to try to smear organizations that actually help poor and under-served women/families in America. The results of your attempts to "take down" Planned Parenthood will be: 1) Women who don't have access to or can't afford private healthcare will go in search of other, far more dangerous methods to end an unwanted pregnancy; 2) Women who have no other choice but to use the many other services provided by Planned Parenthood (including free/low-cost OB/GYN care, birth control, and—most importantly—ACCESS TO INFORMATION) will be forced to forego that care completely, endangering many more fetuses, babies, children, and women. It's obvious that you're enjoying what you and your organization perceive as a "gotcha" in the case of one employee in a large national organization, but do you understand that there is a deep, disconcerting flaw in your logic—one that will harm far more people than this smear campaign could ever, EVER save?

  • JT

    I'm curious which PP finally reported. Anyone know? I hope the FBI nails the other 11 and shuts them down.

  • S.J. Is this the threat of the pro-choice/pro-abortion movement in America? That if safe legal and sanitary baby killing is not allowed that people who support and desire abortion will simply do it some other way? Would you offer Kermit Gosnell as an alternative to Planned Parenthood? In 1973 abortion was sold to the American people as being safer than back alley abortions; safe, legal and rare. America was sold a bill of goods. Today in 2011, abortion is a massive publically funded institution which can claim to have killed at least 50 million unborn children, possibly many more. Planned Parenthood provides health care the way that car dealerships provider other services; it may be something they do, but abortion is their real business. Abortion is where the money is and where Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers priorities are. Let's not be coy and pretend otherwise.

  • Laura

    S.J. — There are hundreds and hundreds of pregnancy care centers throughout the U.S. and (if crazy legislation doesn't shut them down), they do and will continue to provide support for women facing an unintended pregnancy with the end result being life instead of death. If a woman can get to a PP, she can get to a pregnancy care center. These people TRULY care about women, not about making money. Please stop trying to rationalize murder. There is always a better way.

  • Jayson


    by "poor and under-served women/families", do you mean the prostitutes and their pimps? "family planning" & gynecological services are a very small portion of PP "business".

    And by the "other services", are you referring to the free pregnacy clinics that run by pro-lifers?

  • Bob


    Last December, former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger, commissioned by ACORN to independently review the facts surrounding the scandal, released his findings. Highly critical of ACORN and its employees, Harshbarger nonetheless concluded the undercover sting did not catch any employees breaking the law.

    Harshbarger also shed light on the controversial videos, noting that portions had been "substantially" edited, including some voice overdubbing. And because O'Keefe and Breitbart refuse to let any outside observers — including journalists — view the full collection of unedited tapes, it's impossible to tell just how significantly the tapes were manipulated prior to their release.

    Try again, liar.

  • ProLifeFeminist

    Once again, the defenders of the abortion industry chose to attack those who exposed PP's corrupt, anti-female, illegal, and by the way anti-choice (children being used as sex slaves have no real 'choice' when the pimp who owns and controls them makes them get an abortion) complicity in CRIME.

    Hmmm it sure makes 'em hostile when they can't get away with using females for sex minus concern for the dignity, rights, safety and lives of females,eh?

    They don't care about those victimized by the pimps and the abortionists but they sure get riled up if such news threatens to spoil their 'free sex' fun.

    Apparently there is NOTHING the abortion industry can get caught doing that will bother them BECAUSE what they REALLY care about is protecting baby butchering so they can continue to have sex minus responsibility.

    Seriously, why should anyone be surprised that those who openly defend baby killing just so they can have irresponsible sexual fun with females they don't care about, also excuse the enslavement, rape, and forced abortion partnership between the pimps and abortionists? They are being consistent in placing a higher value on their selfish sexual habits than on the value of women and babies.

    Shamefully, disgustingly anti-woman.

  • Jessica C

    I would like to ask all of you murder loving people to get a job and you pay for all these murders of innocent children. I've seen the body parts outside in dumpsters behind planned parenthood and all I can say is this….you have NO clue and keep your head in the clouds that these practices arent done on a daily basis not only in New Jersey but in California and across this blood smeared land of ours. Obamacare in its 2500 pages does have taxpayers paying for baby murders such as partial birth abortion and live birth abortion as well; so UNLESS you've read the entire bill shut it! This happens I should know….it happened to me at 15 years old in a California planned parenthood and guess what I hadn't even had sex yet I was told I needed an "abortion"/baby murder to "fix my problem"…I left there with a greater knowledge of who planned parenthood is…Its is a place that is located in minority areas specifically targeting the Black population…did you know 1 out of 4 black babies are murdered daily by abortion…..did you know 1 out of 7 Hispanic babies are aborted daily. You tell me when you have a 60% infant death rate in blacks in New York and in New Jersey because of abortion that there isnt a problem!!!!!! You want to talk about abortion bring it…I know more on this subject than any other!….

  • Vanessa

    PP did report this.


    How, exactly, do you expect them to "detain" the pimp? That would be vigilantism, which is illegal.

  • Bob

    How many pro choice doctors will you twisted fucks murder?

  • ProLifeFeminist

    Oh please – so the crime was finally reported FIVE DAYS LATER is somehow a defense of PP?!?

    Obviously that was NOT done in any way to protect children from sex slavery and you know it.

    THE reason was because PP started to worry about covering their own butts and you know that too.

    I wonder what formula PP uses to try to calculate just how far they can go in their collusion with the pimps' crimes before they finally decide to report?

    Obviously they don't want to report immediately every single time…

    They are in it for the profits after all.

    So only when they start to worry that a particular pimp may be involved in an undercover operation, instead of a new repeat customer, do they go through their belated pretense of concern for the victim.

    IF they really cared about the victims they would immediately report it every time an underage girl was brought in for an abortion, as required by laws regarding statutory rape and child abuse.

    The only logical conclusion is they are willing to break the law and endanger girls for profit – which makes them just as vile as the pimps.

    (BTW not reporting IMMEDIATELY is a crime in itself)

  • David Schmidt

    @ Bob, you said "The video appears damning, but it’s also highly edited" This video is 100% not edited. This is the full raw footage. I think you are stuck spewing Planned Parenthood talking points.

  • ProLifeFeminist

    So in your opinion, 'vanessa', temporarily detaining somebody who has just confessed illegal sexual abuse/slavery/selling of children, until the police arrive, would be doing something wrong?!?

    something supposedly worse than aiding and abetting such a creep, giving him advice on how to continue his sleezy exploitation of his victims, allowing him to leave without even alerting authorities (until days later)?!?

    You're not fooling us. You are defending illegal activity and want us to believe that the many PP employee$ (not just one) cooperated with the pimp because they were more worried about possibly being seen as a 'vigilante' than they were worried about illegally enabling the child abuser?

    Does that seriously make sense to even you?

    complicity in endangering children AND breaking the law


    being a hero or at the very least obeying the law by IMMEDIATELY reporting

    There is no excuse for failing to report immediately, no excuse for offering tips to help the pimp continue to use his victim, so you focus on a flimsy excuse for not trying to detain the perp until police arrive?

    Weak and incredibly cowardly.

  • keith

    This is pretty awful and I disagree with the folks that say it was highly "edited". Frame it. Take a hex editor and decode it yourself. Real time comments with normal audio sync issues in mov format. Look for the sync marks.

    If it's a fake, these guys should do a manned Mars landing next.

    Why were the police not called immediately after the guy left. I'll even give you confrontation when the guy was there.

    911 baby — leaves a tape. Also leaves a report. If you call 911 and say "hay, I got suspicion of sexual slavery and prostitution involving underage illegal immigrants and I can provide a full description" — Cops to busy to send someone to take a report? I don't buy it… all.

    I think they caught wind of a leak and tried to "cover". A crime all by itself.

  • Tj

    Thank you live action for doing these things. These places are crooked big time. Sad that

  • Tj

    Jessica C-… you go girl!!

  • ProLifeFeminist

    Defending abortion is such a high priority to choicists that children being exploited as sex slaves just doesn't matter so much.

    They don't care if PP employees get caught helping pimps.

    And PP is well aware of the choice cultists blind devotion.

    PP knows they can count on choicists excusing whatever they do.

  • K

    There is another fight taking place against abortions. Rep. Chris Smith has a proposition to redefine rape as being recognized only when it is forcible rape.

    This means that any situations where the act was not physically forced on the victim (a man has sex with a women he drugged without her knowledge or a 60 year old man has consentual sex with a 12 year old girl) will no longer be able to qualify for any governmental financial aid for an abortion (including using money from a tax-exempt health savings account).

    Since the definition of "forcibly" varies as there is no clear legal definition, a woman have to submit her rape situation in for government approval if she wishes help financial help with her abortion.

  • We need to get Lawmakers on Record like this seeking to pass Unconstitutional laws.. saying things like, "I don't really care if this new proposed law violates the constitution.. let's just pass the law and let them litigate if they do not like it". I have that as a quote from a politician… but we need stuff like that ON VIDEO, and believe me, they say it plenty of times.

    Citizens for Legislative Change, America
    Note, You guys watch for black Escalades pulling up and surrounding you, it will be backed by Librals… and you may be whisked away for illegal use of a Camera Lense.. or filter or some bull shirt technicality… yeah, those doing wrong do not like to be found out.

  • Dawnzerlylite

    GREAT job with another sting operation, Live Action! You are all so courageous. After more than 25 years of pro-life work, I didn't think I could hear anything come out of an abortion clinic worker's mouth that could shock me. I was wrong. Amazing & sad!

  • Danny

    Ok people enough with the attacks at Planned Parenthood… they help sooooo many people every day with so many different serices beside abortion. Why don't you guys show some of the good that they do too. They provide birth control, STD testing and treatment, counseling servises, they also provide PRENATAL services for those mothers to be… they have educational services and sooooooo much more that just abortion. Just because one employee didn't have the proper knowledge you can not go around saying such bad thing about such helping agency.

  • tiffany

    @Danny- "Just because one employee didn't have the proper knowledge" dude, she was the manager of the office!!!! She was not the 17 year old high school student hired part-time!!!

  • Steve

    It is shocking that at 1 out of the 12 Planned Parenthood clinics you visited the employee did not show disgust and try to get info useful to the police. That N.J. office visit was one that Planned Parenthood reported to the FBI, prior to Live Action releasing video, as potentially part of a multistate sex trafficking ring. Does Live Action know if the office reported the visit on its own initiative, or whether it only reported it when Planned Parenthood starting polling offices to find out the who had been visited by the potential ring?

  • Daniel

    Ok my question is, have anyone seeing Lila Rose, Sarah Contreras or Ana Benderas in any of our schools classroom teaching our kids about prevention and how to engage in safe sex. Teaching them how to properly put on a condom or teaching them about all of the STDs out there. I know I haven't seeing them, but you know what I have seeing, I've see Planned Parenthood employees in our schools and in our community teaching our teenagers all of these things and educating our teens so that they are well inform. It makes me feel very happy when my teenage son comes to me and tells me that when he engages in any sexual activity he will make sure he uses a condom because he wouldn't want to get a disease or get his girlfriend pregnant. Thats thanks to Planned Parenthood!!! So please all you Live Action people use your money for better things… things that would benefit our teens not harm them. You can start by donating some to Planned Parenthood. 🙂

  • Danny

    @ Tiffany… Ok my point is that it's not right to judge an entire organization just because one empleyee did something wrong.

  • Alycia

    Jessica C.- Kudos!! For all you pro-murder people out there I am reminded of a qoute by Peter Kreeft, "Pro-choice people will not-indeed, cannot-listen to reason. Pro-choice people are insane and will not convert to reason-they will attempt to convert reason".

  • David Schmidt
  • Alycia

    Daniel- Thanks for encouraging your son to use women sexually at a young age rather than respect them and honor them as persons. Promiscuity is the modern day oppresion of young girls (and boys). Study after study reports that young girls get involved in sex because they feel that it is the way they can keep there boyfriend and/or because they are pressured by them. The next time your son has sex maybe you should ask him to think about how able he is to be a father and provider to his family since the almighty condom is in fact not perfect. Or maybe you should ask him about the emotional harm he is doing to himself and his girlfriend, by giving himself to someone so intimately he probably won't spend two years with.

  • Karacek

    All you defenders of abortions listen up. If Planned Parenthood was on the up & up, they wouldn't have to have to perform abortions. But they make billions on them. The name of this corporation is PLANNED Parenthood, get it. Birth control for unwanted pregnancies is less expensive than abortion, and there is no murder involved. Yes, murder. That's a live, small human being murdered. Take birth control if you do not want a child or keep your legs closed. It's that easy!

  • S.J.

    @Brian: First of all, Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, so they aren't profiting from any of the services they offer. The money they receive goes back into the organization. You can view their tax forms on the Planned Parenthood website. And, yes, you're exactly right about Gosnell! That sort of operation IS the alternative to Planned Parenthood, and if safe, clean, nationally-run places like PP shut down, guess where women who need abortions will be forced to go? Thank you for proving my point so succinctly!

    @Laura: A "pregnancy care center" is not a non-judgmental place where a women can go for help. Some women are not in situations where they can carry a baby to term, for a wide variety of reasons. And some women are uncomfortable with (or opposed to the ideology behind) church-run clinics. If you were in a country where the dominant religion was NOT Christianity, would you want to go to a place where they tried to indoctrinate you when you needed medical help and assistance? In addition to that, these "pregnancy (s)care centers" do not offer ongoing treatment or financial assistance for women who cannot provide for a child. They also, usually, don't offer OB/GYN care. If you have statistics or websites to refute me, please, post them here.

    @Jayson: Please take some remedial English classes and learn how to construct a proper sentence. In the meantime, I'll say this: "pimps and prostitutes" are people, much like the fetuses you are all so eager to protect. Are you volunteering at or regularly sending money to halfway houses and programs for recovering drug addicts? Do you actively work to improve the laws and statutes in your state that keep nonviolent offenders locked in the vicious cycle that is America's grotesque, for-profit prison system? If you (and any of you pro-lifers who are reading this) don't help to solve the problems that lead to putting a woman in a position where her only option seems to be an abortion (i.e. widespread income inequality, poor access to and education about sex and contraceptives, unfair wages and horrible working conditions… the list goes on and on and on), then guess what? You're part of the problem.

    Does this organization (Live Action) actually DO ANYTHING to help women in need? From what I see on this site, it doesn't appear that they do. It seems to be mostly about pushing a political agenda and gaining publicity for the founder. If half the time and energy (and let us not forget the Almighty dollars!) that Live Action put into this scam was directed toward ACTUALLY HELPING PEOPLE—people who are alive and breathing and struggling every day of their lives to make ends meet—then perhaps they would have a leg to stand on when they pull these stunts. Call me when this group starts doing something productive, and/or when "pro-life" starts to mean "pro-people"—and not just "pro-fetus."

  • Ben Finney

    Congratulations on the sting operation. I'm not familiar with the law, but if the law requires these employees to report evidence that a crime is going on, and if the evidence supports the claim that they filed to do so, those charges need to be levied against them.

    None of the applicable charges, though, are anything to do with supplying reproductive planning services. There doesn't seem to be anything here that argues against supplying those services.

  • Some people are forgetting that abortions cause major health issues and it's SCIENTIFIC and LOGICAL to keep the child. If it's not about morals or religion…go through labor and delivery because it's written in our biological form to go through it. Killing new life is not genetic code, especially the way abortions are done. It's mentally and physically taxing on a woman's body to go through an abortion. There are so many options that are safer than a cut 'n' run. EVERY WOMAN THAT HAS GONE THROUGH AN ABORTION HAS REGRETTED IT. And their mentality is never sane for it.

    And I don't even want to start on ACORN.

    At least Live Action stands up for what they believe in and are not riding the fence like I see most of these trolling comments. You gray-scaling humans are not the ones that will move mountains. Those with the power to face black and white beliefs and desires will be remembered for eternity, and will change the world, whether you think it's good or bad. At least it's something that you seem to NOT be doing.

  • Learn to Read

    They knew. They reported. You lied. What's the issue here?

  • David Schmidt

    BREAKING: Central Jersey Planned Parenthood fires worker after release of undercover video

    Tonight, Central Jersey Planned Parenthood fired the manager, identified in the video as Amy Woodruff, and beefed up security around its clinics.

    "We were profoundly shocked when we viewed the videotape released this morning, which depicted an employee of one of our health centers behaving in a repugnant manner that is inconsistent with our standards of care and is completely unacceptable,'' Phyllis Kinsler, executive director of Planned Parenthood of Central Jersey said in a statement released at 10:20 p.m.

  • Pete Nice

    This hoax is a criminal act. Wasting tax resources as PP acted absolutely appropriately to turn in the offending dirty trickster well in advance of the release of this manipulative video. Depraved, deeply depraved and pathetic… For shame. Shame on you!

  • I would dare wager that Planned Parenthood reported this when, and only after they suspected that Live Action might have been behind this visit. Note that Planned Parenthood did not have evidence that Live Action was behind the visits to Planned Parenthood. This suggests to me that Planned Parenthood had more of a concern that their reputation was in danger rather that any real concern for the alleged minors in question. Knowing that had Live Action been behind these visits, their actions would not have been illegal, so why would they report these visits in the manner which they did, other than if they had known that they first had possibly acted inappropriately. The FBI report on their part was in my opinion little more than an attempt to veil and portray in a more favorable light what they knew could become public anyways. And suppose for a moment that Live Action had not been behind this visit? I ask you, is it customary to continue to offer services and counsel someone who may be involved with an illegal activity? Wouldn’t the worker have more appropriately simply asked the gentleman to leave the facility at once? The man had already filled out paperwork with his name and he would have been easily identified on Planned Parenthoods own internal cameras, which nearly every Planned parenthood has. His apprehension would have been a slam dunk. No, I tell you, this was Planned Parenthood getting caught with their pants down and trying their best in a worst case scenario to make one of their most vocal opponents appear to engaged in something unlawful. It’s the public equivalent of “I know you are but what I am?” Childish behavior for a so-called healthcare provider which receives vast amount of public and private funding.

  • K

    Can Live Action say when the other dozen videos will be availble? You spent nearly 3 weeks with them, I think it’s time we see all of them.

  • Ray

    Wow, I'm glad the employ was fired. Saying that, Planned Parenthood should not be thrown by the waste side for this. They provide a valuable service. As a future father I would not won't my 14 year old to be sexually active, but you can be damn sure at 16 I will take her to the clinic to get birth control pills.

    I think most of the people commenting on this post are living in fantasy land. How many of you participated in pre-marital sex? I would say about all of you.

    Also, the idea about being completing pro-life is fascinating to me. How many of you would want (and accept) your 15 year old baby girl having a baby? No, none of you would. A while ago we would make girls go away for a while and then they would come back. Sans baby and then no one in the family would talk about it. You don't think that would damage a girl?

    Clinics like Planned Parenthood provide a much needed service. A service that most women could not get any were else. Your alternative clinics are mostly a farce in that many provide little to none prenatal care. Adoption is an option but there are thousand or kids already in the system waiting for a loving family. The problem is that they are not white (Act like in lying pro adoption people, why is it that wealthy families are adopting from Asia).

    I also agree with the previous comment. If this website truly cared about this issue, where is there money going?

    • daddysgirl

       Yeah you being a so called man would say that since it’s not you on that table having a life ripped out of your body, I would hate for you to be my dad!!! You have NOOOO idea what your talking about!

  • ProLifeFeminist

    I agree Brian, this is definitely another case of PP getting caught with their pants down AND it is also revealing how some pretenda-pro-woman posters are shamefully defending the complicity between PP and those who use female bodies for sex and profit.

    No matter what PP gets caught doing, no matter how sleazy, dangerous, illegal, or frequently, there are choice cultists (choicists) who will forever continue to defend them instead of showing any genuine concern for those victimized.

    That is a big part of HOW PP keeps getting away with it BTW.
    There is big buck$ to be made by the abortion indu$try employees involved in the complicity, other self-serving motives and agendas by the politicians and media involved in the cover-up and enabling, but possibly the most vile and pathetic participants are the devoted fans of the abortion industry who don’t get a dime for their defense of the illegal and sleazy exploitation of women and children. They just want to participate in the adult activity of sex minus growing up and taking responsibility for the innocent lives they create.

    If it doesn’t bother them when they pay a prenatal hitman to kill their own babies so they can have their sexual fun, then they just don’t get it why we have such an issue with children being abused as sex slaves, it’s just somebody else getting their sexual fun, right? The value of the children’s lives just doesn’t compute to them like it does to us. Def

  • TC

    You folks and your disdain for the legal right to have an abortion have a great disdain for women. The reason why "pro-choice" is the term used to describe the movement you dislike is because no one wants an abortion. Women are not just saying to themselves, "we're going to behave sluttily tonight and have some guy f&ck us because we can have abortions and they're pleasant". People only want the RIGHT to have an abortion. Many women who have abortions are the victims of crimes. That you want to deprive them even of the right to decide their own fate makes a mockery of the notion that you have respect for women. And the fact that the founder of this organization was affiliated with James O'Keefe speaks to her integrity, or lack thereof. I will not cast aspersions on her character, but that she was willing to co-operate with him, when it's been proven by independent organizations that his claim that he went into ACORN dressed in stereotypical pimp dress, suggests that Lila Rose has an extremely cynical, ideological outlook not at all swayed by facts or truth.

  • For those who would believe that Planned Parenthood is not a money making venture, I would advise them to read Abby Johnson's book UnPlanned. Abby ran a Planned Parenthood, a very large and lucrative Planned Parenthood, but enough so for her superiors. When things went south with the economy, Abby was compelled, contrary to her conscience, and contrary to what she had believed that Planned Parenthood was about, to increase the number of abortions performed in her clinic.

    One would think that Planned Parenthood, which deems itself the defender of woman's rights, would be more prompt to comply with laws that are intended to protect women from predators and exploitators. Instead, what we see, is much dallying about for the sake of keeping abortion safe and profitable. In addition, all the so-called services that Planned Parenthood offers as legitimate health care can be procured in other places. Believe it or not, there are real health care providers who don't kill babies as an alternative having a child. Abortion isn't a service, it's a dis-service.

    Life is always a preferrable and profoundly more meaningful choice that abortion. As it has been said, having an abortion doesn't make you un-pregnant, it simply makes you the parent of a dead baby. Also I would add to birth control advocates, the evidence has shown us again and again that birth control increases the number of abortions since birth control, all forms of birth control, have a failure rate. Birth control with its false promise of conception free results, naturally increases the rate of sexual activity, especially among young people who otherwise aren't prepared to become young parents. This in turn, increases the number of abortions.

    I ask people, is abortion so sacrosanct that even Planned Parenthood should be above the law? The natural reaction among abortion supporters seems to be that we should not care if a few laws are broken here and there, as long as the right to choose remains intact. If only abortion supporters were as passionate about the obligation of the individual be engaged with responsible behavior and personal acountability. Abortion kills. Abortion degrades. Abortion destroys.

  • G.W.

    As far as I knew, Planned Parenthood is not actually a non-Profit. They have more than one section. -One- part of their organization is non-profit. The other part is a normal business with profit motives and a board of directors that looks to how best to increase profit through their flagship business.

  • MrObvious

    To all of you saying "How come it took 12 visits before there was any action?" or such, is it possible that the 5 days was the time it took for the reports to work their way through the organizational structure, and when confronted, appropriate action was taken? This is how something like this would work in any large business organization…..

  • Educated and Pro Cho

    Why do many of you, who probably believe in smaller government, want the government to rule over women's bodies once they reach puberty? I can't believe that you would deprive a women health services so that you may feel powerful and in control of others health and behavior.

    I simply don't believe that you would personally reach out to all of the crack mothers, teenagers, prostitutes and poor should they follow your suggestion and give birth to all of these unwanted children with money, education, housing and healthcare.

  • commonsense

    This video is highly disturbing, however, I don't believe for one minute that this is planned parenthood policy, that is condoned behavior, or that this type of behavior is rampant within planned parenthood. Hint #1 to this, would be the fact she specifically says "you didn't hear this from me" (so must know she would be in trouble if she were heard saying any of this), the fact that she calls the nurse who actually treats the girls a c*nt, (I feel pretty safe presuming that nurse would not condone this behavior) and that there is no one else around.

    This is disgusting, this is alarming, and this women should be dealt with swiftly and harshly, but there are bad seeds everywhere in life, as well as good ones. Planned parenthood as a whole should not be condemned for this.

    I was young and poor many years ago, and the only female health care I could afford was planned parenthood. I found them to be very concerned, legitimate, and attentive to my health needs. I am quite certain if anyone in the office I went to thought I was being pimped, they'd have addressed it properly. This women didn't call anyone right away and report it, because she is garbage…but someone else did!

  • commonsense

    ugggh. the level of ignorance in this thread is painful.

    Maybe we could solve the abortion problem by just paying Bristol Palin her $20,000 speaking fee, and she can go preach to all our children about abstinence.

    Furthermore, I'd really hate to see what's hiding in some of these people's closets…you can't be that big of a blowhard without hiding some seriously dirty secrets of your own.

    ..and to the person who said every women who has ever had an abortion has regretted it, and never been mentally sane since?? Congratulations, you win the biggest idiot on here prize (so far anyway)

  • huh?

    @MrObvious, huh?? I'm sorry, but show me one bit of evidence that there is a ladder of reporting. As far as I know, the law is clear in this respect. They have to IMMEDIATELY report ANY possible instance of sexual abuse of minors DIRECTLY to law enforcement. I'm sorry, but I've worked for a LARGE organization and it was stated for us to comply with laws by reporting any suspicious or illegal activity directly to law enforcement. This was not only for our own safety but also to cover the behind of the business by taking it out of their hands. The longer a "business" waits to report information like this the more complicit they are in the activity itself. And no CEO wants that.

  • timmy2

    This P.P. worker is obviously an undereducated piece of trailer trash. I mean we're talking about New Jersey people. It's the armpit of the country.

    I know someone who worked for P.P, for several years and I KNOW this is not how they do things. I'm not pro-life nor am I pro-choice, because I am not a woman, and because I've never been faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

    There is one thing I have seen enough of, and that is the left battling the right day in and day out. This video is being used as a weapon in the conservative vs. liberal civil war in this country and it sickens me.

    Our country is deteriorating right before our eyes and our steaming turd of a government just wants to bicker and make each other look bad like children.

    Oh, and it has done a good job of turning the citizens of this country against one another as well. I for one will not be a pawn in the government's back and forth waste of effort and time. The U.S. government is ALL LIES and SPIN, both sides, bullshit across the board. They even have the audacity to extort/steal our money to continue to play their little games.

    Let's do something positive people!

    Stop getting hung up on the load of dung the government and media feed us EVERY DAY!

  • Michael Brown

    The truth (wonder how long this will stay up)

  • Anyone who participates in butchering babies has no solid basis for morals or ethics. This is not a bad example of a PP employee, this is what is expected.

  • Storm84

    @Timmy2 Thank you for your non stance on abortion since you are not a woman. I'm tired of men always having to put there two sense in when they can have sex w/as many women they like not be called a "whore" for doing so. & with that ability a man can impregnate a woman a day for the entire year (hypothetically of course) &simply walk away w/the women stuck w/the responsibility of caring for a child. What about the unwanted children who get raped &murdered by there mothers,fathers setpparents or caregivers? Why don't they put more effort on getting stronger convictions for pedophiles&neglectful parents? Some one can abuse my child &be let go in less than a year to abuse another child. But these ppl are worried about women they don't know from Adam who they don't pay their bills or understand what these women have gone through. These are insane ppl who really need to get real jobs &mind their own business. As many children who get trafficked &raped in real life &these ppl who supposedly care about children use children's real suffering to win propaganda. That's sick &twisted. Look up the story of baby briana lopez. That's what happens when ppl who shouldn't have kids have an unwanted pregnancy. Where are the activists fighting for the abused children who are here alive living a real nightmare rite now.

  • Storm84

    &this lady is a real disgrace to the real services planned parenthood offers. It goes completely against policy. She shouldn't be providing such information &why would a real trafficker talk about all this to a doctor's office. All Planned Parenthood employees are mandated reporters.

  • imaprolifer


    This isn't just one video where a Planned Parenthood is doing something wrong. Live Action has other videos, perhaps you should also take a look at those. This happens everyday. Did you know that women who also can't afford birth control can go into a Health Dept. in their area and also get cheap to free pills. And it is sad that people do abuse their children, but exactly what do you think abortion is? Is that love to kill that child? How about adoption?? That is a choice, but why do pro-aborts frown upon it? Is it really bad to give that child to someone who will love it?? You all think that every child that goes to be adopted will be abused. I think abortion is a hell of a lot worst than killing your child thru abortion. It is a child. Stop the lying. It makes you look very ignorant especially with all the wonderful technology that we have today! Babies hearts in the womb are beating at 21 days of conception. The excuses you use to justify abortion are really sad.

  • imaprolifer

    excuse me. What I meant to say is I think abortion is a hell of a lot worst than letting your child live with adoption. MY BAD!

  • rena

    It's disgusting. . . . She wanted a cut on the sex slave trade from the13 year old prostitutes proceeds! A kick back. She gives advice on how to exploit the little girls until they are healed up from their abortions….'waiste up', she says!!!… This is what baby killers are in their black hearts. & Those w ho say it's their choice, this is really what they are. Not the poliished, well spoken arguments they offer. More black children are being aborted right now, than are born in the USA. This is mass genocide like Margaret Sanger hoped for. How do you like your democrats now? This is them in a nut shell. Thanks for exposing it.

  • Don't Tread On

    I love how pro-choicers claim that this must be the only case or not widely accepted. It's been reported in every major city where PP is located. Regardless of whether or not it is "accepted", it is "practiced".

    One day science will prove that abortions are unethical. Liberals cling to their "science", yet science proves that the fetus feels pain, the fetus flees from foreign instruments in the womb, and will one day prove that a fetus is a human being.

    Liberals think a fetus is valued or worth anything only when THEY WANT it.

    Conservatives ALWAYS think a fetus is a valued human being!

    Keep on killing you liberal bloodhounds.

  • We need you to investigate all the insane sex offender laws…People who committed 1 crime decades ago.. served all their time.. never committed another crime.. now have families.. branded as Sex Offenders, put up on the registry.. cannot get a job, cannot support their innocent children… Look at our Petition.

    People can change, People can do a bad thing, get punished and learn from their mistakes.. these laws do not allow that.

  • Look at this video:

    What could Obama ever teach a child about Values and Morals…Punished with a baby? Video, Warning Graphic Content… Parental Advisory.

  • My question, If you out there are pro choice.. You want the woman to be able to choose to murder a baby in her womb… I ask you, in late term abortion, when does the BABY get to choose to either have a steel instrument rammed into the base of it's little scull, or NOT.

    When does the Baby get to be Pro Choice.?

  • lilly

    The employees of PP are all contributing to murdering unborn infants. Don't believe me? Go to the website of a woman who happily worked for PP for 8 years until she saw the 13 week infant on the ultra-sound fight for its life!

  • Educated and Pro-Choice;

    Planned Parenthood IS the government ruling over women's bodies. Free condoms, free birth control pills, free morning after pills – and in some cases, free abortions and even do-it-yourself video abortions!

    Planned Parenthood takes hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. This is the government interference. Margaret Sanger created this organization to eliminate the poor, the weak, the 'unwanted'. I am sure that you will trot out the Hyde Amendment – after all you are pro-choice and indoctrinated. A quick and simple economics lesson;

    For every dollar that the government gives to Planned Parenthood to be used for non-abortion related 'treatment', that's a dollar that is freed up to subsidize the abortion of an underage prostitute in New Jersey.

    For those who think that this was an isolated instance – the unedited footage is clear. If the case worker was really that concerned, why didn't she step out and have someone call the cops? No, instead she expedited a pimp who was seeking to keep his merchandise in circulation.

    I love how you moralize – deprive women's health? Conservatives and religious groups are the backbone of charity in this country. The Catholic church alone provides more social services than most state governments. Catholic hospitals, clinics, shelters, and a slew of other Catholic-sponsored initiatives help a lot of people. I HAVE worked with the homeless, the hungry, the poor, the outcast.

    PP was caught, revealed once again for what it is.

    Next you will be defending Kermit Gosnell.

  • Gbird

    @huh? "As far as I know, the law is clear in this respect. They have to IMMEDIATELY report ANY possible instance of sexual abuse of minors DIRECTLY to law enforcement." Huh? Define IMMEDIATELY. As far as I know the police have always advised the public to not interfere with criminal for their own safety. If this were someone trafficing in children (instead of someone else jumping on the etrapment/framing bandwagon) & the worker IMMEDIATELY picked up the phone to call the cops she could have been killed. And just because it was the policy of the LARGE company you worked for to report directly to the police, that doesn't mean it's law, just company policy. Other places do indeed require employees to pass the information to their superiors. I work in education, I am a manditory reporter. If a child indicates to me that anything inappropriate is going on with anyone I am required to pass that information on to my boss; not the cops. Now, it does depend on the situation, if I recieve the information off the job; then I call the cops directly, failing to do so would get me fired. But if I recieve the information while on the job, I am supposed to pass the information off to my boss. That's how it is in education, and I wouldn't be surprised if the same requirement exists in the health care field.

  • OnePerson

    "did you know 1 out of 4 black babies are murdered daily by abortion…..did you know 1 out of 7 Hispanic babies are aborted daily."

    So in 4 days every black baby is dead and in a week every Hispanic baby is dead. The amount of people spewing bullshit is sickening. The amount of intentionally misleading statistics that anti-abortionists quote as evidence is almost as disgusting as the worker on this video. If you claim that creation of human life is sacred above all else, why aren't you pregnant? Refusing to get pregnant is no different than getting an abortion.

  • huh?

    @Gbird, by Immediate I mean that when the person left the building she should have been on the phone to the police reporting it and THEN contacted someone higher up so they could have a heads up. She is the local office manager. The buck stops with her. That means she has the ability to make that decision. I'm not talking about internal issues reporting another co-worker or student, I'm talking about reporting someone not related to the organization. They aren't even patients. They are asking about services in the future. Besides, if it was reported to someone higher up then they would be responsible to report ASAP. 5 days is NOT immediate or responsible action. As a supervisor or such, I would fire someone for not having that illegal activity lead reported to the police within the remainder of that business day.

  • Gary Henderson

    I've crossed paths with Planned Parenthood and their efforts to bond innocently,(as friends of the Girl Scouts), with our young girls at the elementary, middle school and high school levels.

    Amy Woodruff is a true sleaze bag. If charges can't be filed against her then at least she should be marked in some way so as to make her easily identifiable in any setting that offers socially redeeming values.

    She won't suffer, one of the George Soros Cartel groups will find employment for her, ala Van Jones.

    Those who take up Margaret Sanger's abortion legacy should expect some of their ilk to have slime on their hands. Planned Parenthood has undergone some repair but the stain will always be there. The same scenerio is true of the Communist tattoo that will forever brand the American Civil Liberties Union

  • way to spell aides


  • SJ – PP is a non-profit organization that makes – and spends a lot of money. They dump millions into politics – mostly democratic candidates. They get hundreds of millions back. The upper management make a lot of money. In fact, a remarkable number of highly educated lawyers and executives have left NARAL and PP to go work for the White House.

    I am tired of hearing about their non-abortion services. Similar services can – and are – provided in settings that don't include the destruction of an unborn child. Sanger founded PP on the principle of reducing – ideally eliminating – the 'undesirables' in society. She targeted the inner city poor, immigrants, and minorities…and surprise, surprise! PP still targets the inner city, immigrants, and minorities.

    This story is about sex traffickers and Planned Parenthood. This organization – this "professional, caring organization" – has been caught offering to abet aborting a child conceived by statutory rape, conducting abortions using improper procedures, performing abortions without confirming that the patient was even pregnant…need I go on?

    PP workers should have immediately reported the 'pimp'…he was there for a half hour. They could have concluded the consultation and had police waiting in the lobby. Why didn't they? They wanted the money.

    Interestingly enough, the clinic that was recommended to the pimp is under investigation for unethical practices.

    Your moral posturing wears thin. Buff the cheap gilding off your arguments and you reveal that you don't want to deal with inconvenient children. That you think it's better to abort a child than to work to educate people to be responsible.

    And – I spend a lot of my own personal wealth and a fair amount of time helping those in need. Never do see your ilk at the shelters and soup kitchens.

    • DianaG2

      Bless you, Catholic Citizen.

  • Len

    Wow.. I'm glad you caught ONE bad employee with these. Let's hope that planned parenthood will be better ran in the future so they will have the ability to continue helping young women who can't afford to go somewhere else.

    • Anti-Genocide.

      if you got ride of all the bad employees there would be no one left to “continue helping young women who can’t afford to go somewhere else.”

      PP is a evil racist organization at its core.

  • freezfire

    @commonsense: she said "you didn't hear this from me" as she pulled out information for another abortion clinic, after she had already given them plenty of despicable advice. she was more concerned about getting in trouble sending potential clients to another clinic. in addition, it is obvious that no respectful company would condone this sort of behavior or have such a policy. however, i question whether or not planned parenthood made much of an emphasis to their employees during training on how to deal with sex traffickers, anticipating that they would be a potential client base.

  • Versie Taylor

    That's horrible and I'm glad she was fired. That's not how she should behave! I've brought this up with Brandy Shiloh, and important member of our community and we're trying to find ways of keeping our neighborhoods safer.

    • Anti-Genocide.

      try kicking out PP.

  • Meredith Eugene Hunt

    PP is the best there is in the lying business . . . If they can get away with murder, they think they can get away with anything. This lady on the video is their poster child.

  • Roger Snowden

    If the video is a hoax, as everyone seems to insist, then why was it necessary to fire the worker?

  • Joe

    I can't wait to check out what happens next with both sides. Here's an interesting discussion going on at MyGov365.

  • Joe

    "…rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind."-1 Peter 2:1. God does not condone lying.

  • BO

    What I don't understand is, what this woman is getting out of this? She is of low moral fiber. As far as the negitive comments about Planned Parenthood go, I am 26 years old, I own my own business and cannot currently affort Health Insurence, I use P.P. and would NEVER expect anything like this to happen… I still get lectured to stop smoking, and get reminded to practice safe sex.. totally embaressing for me.. but they care. I don't even have a specific nurse that I see, the Planned Parenthood staff in general have been awesome and totally professional.

  • Storm Christopher

    Like the so-called "expose" of Acorn, this is totally faked. Lila Rose, like her pimp mentor, James O'Keefe, have no crebility at all.

  • huh? wrote: "The longer a “business” waits to report information like this the more complicit they are in the activity itself. And no CEO wants that."

    So what took Lila Rose so long to release her videos and contact authorities? If she believed such illegal actions were taking place, she should have skipped Breitbart and Fox News and gone directly to the FBI and AG.

  • David Schmidt

    @The Midnight Review

    Just like any professional investigation, some reasonable time is needed to prepare footage, transcripts, legal counsel, etc for distribution to legal authorities.

  • Chuck

    "This is all confidential, right?" Sez the Live Action plant.

    I hope, Ms. Rose, the next time you go see your gynecologist, you don't mind if they tape your visit surreptitiously and then post it on YouTube. Maintaining the same level of "confidentiality" your plant gave this poor woman, who is obviously only trying to get medical care to the poor girls under this man's employment. And who will lose her job as part of your brave reporting

  • Christian Warrior

    This is eexactly what you need to do to stop abortion. Lie if you must lie in the namere of god so that no unborne child willhave to feel the rath of the dumb mother and evil doctor who is sucking the baby out of the woman's vagina whrere the baby should be born to life and god bless you live action because without you even i could not exist if my moptherdecdid to abort me because she was a crazed muslim or jew or catholic or liberul.

  • SoCal

    God bless you guys. Keep up the good work. Not one penny of our tax money should be going to Planned Parenthood!

  • aaron burns

    planed parent hood had already contacted the fbi.

  • David Schmidt

    @Aaron 6 days later after a different clinic visit. That isn't immediate reporting. By the way, if the staff had done the right thing, why was the manager in this video fired?

  • Barbara

    As the saying goes: you get what you pay for. PP is evidently not hiring the best, and she seems to be on drugs, and mentally unstable. PP is a good agency, in that it does offer services that was lacking over 30 years ago. Before the 70s, so many poor and young women of all races lost their lives to back alley abortionists. PP also offers excellent counseling and preventive services.

    • Anti-Genocide.

      bullshit. planned parenthood is a evil agency founded by racist, and is still carrying out genocide. 

      • Chris

        Margaret Sanger… Was extremely racist, Planned Parenthood was started for eugenic purposes. In oder to eliminate the poor and mentally inferior classes. Sound familiar… Hitler/Nazi’s ring a bell? I don’t mean to call Margaret Sanger a Nazi, but her view and work is definitely in the same vein… Don’t believe me? Check out the Birth Control Review. Her eugenic newsletter… I’ll have a link up here as soon as I can.

    • Socrates4God

      Yes… wonderful services. So, metaphorically speaking, let us say people used to die throwing other people off of bridges because they would lose their balance and fall off. So, we invent barriers to prevent the murderers from falling off. Yay! We saved lives!

      The problem was not the murderers who fell off. The problem was the murderers throwing people off in the first place. If they had stopped that, instead, they would of saved both the thrower’s and the victim’s lives. Same with abortion. The main problem was not that people were dying from back alley abortions. The problem was people were having abortions in the first place. You can’t die from an unfortunate mistake like that if there was no opportunity to make the mistake.

      And finally, let me ask: were you born? What makes you think you have the right to decide who is born, and who does not get to be born? If you don’t have the right, then do the parents? Do they really? We are not in charge. We are humans, we screw things up. It is inevitable.

      You do realize that all the times in the past where we have taken away somebody’s right to be a person (African Americans with slavery, Jews with the Holocaust (among many others), etc.) we have been wrong. We should not be saying “prove the fetuses are human” but rather “prove they are not”. It is better to make the mistake of letting them be humans than mass murdering actual humans who we have degenerated with our propaganda. (Hitler used propaganda too, and it did work.)

      So, here is some questions to think about: Why are fetuses considered non-people? What makes us so sure that the parents have the right to kill their fetus, especially seeing how many children are abused now-a-days? Do we really want to trust abusive parents with the lives of their offspring? What things in your life have made you particular to one side of the argument over the other? Is it fair to judge all the fetuses on those things? What statistical evidence is there that proves legalized abortion is the healthiest solution? Should we not pay for our consequences? (Fact: a lot of the time, it is rich white girls who come in to get abortions because they chose to have sex with their boyfriend) Wasn’t the choice of the baby right before having sex, knowing full well that sex could lead to pregnancy? So, we have taught the younger generations to not care about consequences, and we wonder why they don’t respect their elders? We wonder why some don’t care about their grades? Don’t do their homework? We wonder why they do drugs? They have no sense of consequence. We protect them constantly from themselves. Let me ask you, if you put your hand on a hot stove and it gets burnt, how many times are you going to purposefully put your hand on the hot stove again? Falling is often times the best way to learn. Without consequences, their is no learning. And this is why the youth of today have such a hard time. They are not given the opportunity to learn.

    • DianaG2

      That’s not true. They didn’t lose their lives in illegal abortions. Abortionists were doctors pre-Roe.

      How many have lost their lives in LEGAL abortions?

    • DianaG2

      No, that is NOT TRUE! Have you ever actually been to a PP clinic?

      It’s also not true that so many women lost their lives to back-alley abortionists. It’s also not true that women DON’T lose their lives to legal abortionists now.

  • Hannah S

    I can see why this woman would think that being a minor shouldn’t exclude one from abortion. It is the baby’s young age that permits it to be killed. Why should young age, then, keep these girls from going through this emotional pain?

  • thequeeenbee

    Don't get me wrong, this woman deserved to lose her job. However, let's not pretend that most large organizations and political parties don't have theire fair share of corrupt people within them. C'mon, how many horrible uncover videos, emails, ect. have been discovered that show republicans in just as negative of a light? Hrm?

    • Jett777x

      your ignorant

      • Mike65057

        i think ur the ignorant one jett if you think its only liberal organizations that do this or liberal politicians.  Shall we start with David Vitter who slept with prostitutes? Or maybe John Ensign? Or maybe even the ex SC governor who flew to Argentina? lol people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones is all im saying.

        • Anonymous

          @Mike65057 Somehow, I don’t see anyone”exposing” people of this ilk at an Elizabeth New Life center (a true thing that’s comperable to PP on the pro-life side). You’re right that it’s not a political party issue, but you ignorantly confounded your argument by going on an anti-Republican rant as if it were an issue of Dem vs. Rep. No, it is an issue of those able to recognize and respect the sanctity of life, and those who don’t. Those who do won’t be like this woman… those who don’t easily are, hence the ease in creating videos such as this.

        • DianaG2

          Those things were all among and between consenting adults.

          No babies were killed. No underage girls were used.

    • Paradiseangel

       Of course it goes both ways but that’s not the point, the real issue here that children are being sacrificed and kids are being sold to sexual slavery and that’s what matters to me now.

    • Educated.

      I’m sorry, why would you even say this? You must be kidding. You think that because republicans and other individuals/groups also have dirt on them, that it lessens the complete immorality and illegal behavior of this sad excuse of a woman? “this woman deserved to lose her job. However…” lose her job?!?! She should be in federal prison and it’s really disappointing that your reaction to this footage is to point out that ‘other people do bad stuff too.’ How very mature of you thequeeenbee.

      btw, you spelled queen wrong and based on your choice of name, I hope you’re around 12. Which would explain alot.

  • Reesee96692003

    They just fired her thats all…what she did was criminal.  WOW!!!!  When are we gonna start standing up for children???? 

  • Jlrodes

    as of 2005, overm 93% of those that went into pp, received an abortion. doesn’t seem like much other “family planning” than abortions go onthere.

  • PatriotX

    The horrifying question that comes to mind is, What other programs have taxpayers payed for that’s as evil and digusting as what I just watched on this video?

    This isn’t much of a shock (or shouldn’t be) NAMBLA is an organization whose existence is exlusively for exploiting or victimizing young boys. They have an office building amongst totally legitimate buisinesses. Depravity is a degenerative disease that only worsens. I mean, hey, we legitimized murder…um…I”m sorry, abortion, by arguing that, “it’s not really a human being”. Yet, miraculously, these women, once they have children the same crowd is calling it a miracle of life.               

  • may The GOD of all mercy and goodness bless this lady and anyone who helps her.

  • Booger

    beefed up security?as a neighborhood “assistance” non-profit their acts are and should be open to public scrutiny.All their e-mails all their political actions all their crimes it should all be openly accessible to all.If UNICEF has a dozen people making 7 figure incomes and only 3 cents of every dollar get to the charity we should know,just as we should know a non profit is donating money to political causes and misdirecting funds we should know and people should be convicted if they are.

  • Chloe Blue

    How is it possible that these monsters are not all in prison with their evil business shut down forever! There are TONS of videos exposing these scumbags all over the internet. Most recent —