Planned Parenthood and Tucker Max — Friends With Benefits

“I think that Planned Parenthood, in the past, has done good work.”
–President Barack Obama

“Due to the potent combination of my sexual recklessness and the slutty nature of some of the girls I have slept with, I have accumulated enough stories and anecdotes about abortion that they could name a Planned Parenthood clinic after me.”
–Tucker Max

In the twenty third Federalist Paper, Alexander Hamilton articulated why America needed a federal government. Its purpose, he explained,  was to provide for “the common defense of the members and to help Tucker Max abort his unwanted children.” Wait, is that not what Hamilton said? Oh well, perhaps he should have, because that’s exactly what the federal government is doing. It’s a fact that needs to be raised the next time that Congress reconsiders its funding of “reproductive health.”

Tucker Max. (CC) Photo by Randy Stewart,

Don’t be concerned if you’re unfamiliar with Tucker, as there’s little to know and less to appreciate. His life revolves around getting drunk and having sex with strangers, and he’s found success as an author by writing about…getting drunk and having sex with strangers. In his latest book, the self-referentially titled, A–holes Finish First, Tucker goes into detail about how he “erases” the consequences of his conduct. Whereas his enablers in Washington employ euphemisms such “choice” and “privacy,” Tucker offers a more forthright description of abortion: it allows him to “kill babies.” Indeed, one chapter is labeled, “Tucker Max: Baby Killer,” and it basically consists of Tucker recounting instances in which he has convinced women (Tucker prefers the term “sluts”) to abort his children. That many of these ladies are not yet old enough to drink is apparently significant to him, as he mentions the point several times.

At this juncture, you might assume that the author is recounting these experiences in a cautionary manner, since that’s how anyone would expect a human being to write about them. This book, however, was written by Tucker Max, and Tucker makes clear that his reflections are in no way somber or regretful. Instead, they recall what he considers to be hilarious personal triumphs. He also harbors no illusions about life beginning at birth.  In a previous chapter, “Baby Mama Drama”, Tucker describes the way a fetus’ heart beat appears on an ultra sound monitor. He is fully cognizant of the fact that these children are alive and that he is literally paying to have them killed.

Justice Blackmun
Justice Blackmun

Although Mr. Max is unusually vocal about his enthusiasm for abortion, his conduct is largely unremarkable. Disposing of tiny arms, legs, and heads in vats labeled “Medical Waste” has become a mundane feature of American society since Justice Blackmun wrote the majority opinion in Roe v. Wade. Sadly, it will remain so until the Supreme Court reverses Roe and subsequent decisions. What need not continue is the subsidization of such butchery. Tucker is atypical in that he brags of listing his abortion bills as research related tax write-offs. Most of his philandering ilk, however, benefit from the federal government’s subsidies to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. For years, America’s tax dollars have ensured that their undesired progeny could be snuffed out at a reasonable price.  While time (and probably liver cancer) will eventually “erase” Tucker Max, federal funding of Planned Parenthood is national blemish that Congress can remove today.

  • AmyLynn

    I like Tucker!  Don’t hate. 

    • Anonymous

      What do you like about him?

      • He’s funny.

        • Sparkisays

          Yeah, it’s just so darn funny to call women sluts, sleep with girls too young to drink, carelessly sire children and then kill them off with glee. Hilarious.

          • Tyler C.

            You need to get out more Spark… what a loser lol. He lived a fun life. It’s not like he raped these women. Or MADE them do anything…especially abort children. He slept with women consensually and they in the end chose to abort their baby themselves. Hate fellow women (I’m assuming you’re a feminist woman) not just the man…

          • Witicisms_sucks

            Buddy, if you believe his bullsh*t, I have a bridge to sell you. Just use The Google and you’ll find the equivalent of MythBusters going to town on his lies.

          • CynTex

            I am by no means a feminist but I find the fact that you condone his sleeping around ; making babies and then helping with the planning of their murder, totally reprehensible. Sleeping around is bad enough but doing so without using a condom is even more disgusting. What has happened to Morals in our country? 

        • Joanna W

          What is funny about anything he says or does? Explain to me what it is that entertains you…. because all I see is someone who hates women and uses them for his own gratification. There is nothing funny about someone with so little regard for others.

          And to Grant, above…. Heroes are those who are willing to sacrifice something for someone else. Tucker Max is far less than a hero: he is an abusive, self-indulgent and horrific excuse of a male. I cannot bring myself to call him a man, because that would raise him above his actual level.

          I hope, with all my heart, that you both, Chris and Grant, learn the difference between what Tucker Max does and what is right.

      • Grant


        • CynTex

          … and we wonder what is wrong with our society when our youth have someone like Tucker as their hero. Very frightening. 

        • athenasdaughter

          Yeah, it’s real heroic to treat women and children like trash. 
          Grow up Grant, be a warrior, not a chauvinistic pig like Tucker (who I also hope changes for the better).

  • Susan

    Hahahaha this article is hilarious

    • If a mother chooses to terminate a pregnancy, then let it be a full termination mother, child and a-hole that made her pregnant. Pregnancy can  be prevented and should be.

  • AC

    …and this is exactly why people do not take articles about why Planned Parenthood should be shut down seriously. Get your shit together.

  • thea

    ah.. so 18-year old girls who make a mistake and have unprotected sex with someone like Tucker Max (who, incidentally, has every right to act the way he does) should be forced to live with the consequences for their entire lives? despite not being able to financially or emotionally support a child?

    • Sparkisays

      Apparently, it’s okay with you that Tucker misuses these girls, calls them sluts and laughs at their emotional turmoil? Send the girls to me. I’ve got a whole group of people here in Lincoln, Nebraska, who just built an apartment building for women threatened with abuse/abortion. We’ll put them up, feed them, clothe them, give them job training, help them relinquish their kids for adoption if that’s what they want or give them training to be a parent if that’s what they want. We’ll feed, diaper and clothe the kids and provide free daycare, too. Then they’ll be able to financially and emotionally support the kids.

      • Amylynn

        Tucker doesn’t make promises to any girl.  He calls them names to their faces.  If they are so psychologically messed up before meeting him, how can he be blamed for their choices? I worked with battered women in my last career.  Sad to say, most sought it out…again and again.  :/

        • athenasdaughter

          He is perpetuating their feelings of worthlessness.  Real men treat women with respect.

          • guest

            respectable women would handle that situation differently and instead ignore the ass whole and go find a real man. most confident men can and will get laid regardless of their own personality. what kind of “woman” he gets to sleep with will depend on his attitude toward all the “women” at the social gathering (I use quotations because a woman demands respect out in public, whereas a girl wants attention)

      • MaxTucker

        Except no one wants to live in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

        • Sparkisays

          Better to live in Lincoln with support and encouragement, then struggle and watch your babies die elsewhere.

      • Me

        Good for you and those women! I’m glad you mentioned the adoption option too-of course everybody knows about it but some people act (and write) like it doesn’t exist. Not that I personally feel that’s what every woman in a crisis pregnancy SHOULD do, I am “pro-choice” between adoption and motherhood if the woman who chooses the latter does her best to be a good mother.

      • guest

        I wonder who pays for all this?

    • Costington

      Umm… yeah. People who make mistakes should have to deal with the consequences of those mistakes. I realize the concept of actually having to deal with the consequences of one’s actions is disturbing and undesirable, but it has a pretty neat residual effect: when people actually have to deal with the effects of their actions, they tend to make better and more responsible decisions. When people are constantly given impunity from having to live with the results of their actions, they tend to make less responsible decisions. Crazy but true.

    • Joanna W

      Excuse me, but I don’t believe he has the right to act the way he does. He is 35 years old, sleeping with “girls too young to drink.” That would make him twice their age! They are called “hilarious personal triumphs.” What gives him that right? I don’t see that as a right. Would you like to be referred to as he refers to his “triumphs?”

      And yes, unfortunately, we must all live with the consequences of our actions. In one way or another, we all do. We make mistakes, and we live with them. The worst part is that, after the abortion, future children are at risk, as well as these girl’s mental health. What part of that is not living with the consequences? There is more to it than raising a child…. there is also the fall-out from the abortion. You should read these articles:

      Then decide which set of consequences you would rather live with.

  • RyanC.

    In my opinion Tucker Max is a malevolent misogynist with nothing to say. Only the Lord in his infinite mercy and wisdom could find value in him. Some pro-abortion people [email protected]:disqus  in their “rights of the mother” argument focus solely on the mom’s freedom to kill.  In this line of thinking the life of the fetus is summarily dismissed as an unfortunate byproduct of a one-time lapse in judgement. 

    There’s an inverted hierarchy at work here. Our culture places a disproportionate value on the young woman because she is simply capable of expressing her choice.  She’s here. We can talk to her. We can hear her story.  She must be worth more.

    We allow the total destruction of another human being because they are defenseless. Their cries go unheard, their blood goes unseen; they must be worth less.

    What’s a better example of equity? Making one life more difficult through sacrifice?  Or killing another to “erase the consequences” so we can all go about our day without that pesky single mom needing our assistance.

    This article is neither hilarious or unnecessary.  It simply points out the obvious: when a society continually rewards instant gratification without consequence, and through policy endorses selfishness above service, the end result is an amoral relativistic landscape where everything is about YOU and not about US.

    • Asshole

      your probably more of an asshole than he is. at least hes honest about it Dingus

  • AmyLynn

    The only thing that makes Tucker different than any other young guy is that he was smart enough to write about his exploits and bring in a paycheck. (that, and he whole heartedly admits who he and what he is) Please, wake up.  Sadly, that behavior is more the norm than not these days. Chastising one man for all sins is silly.

    • Joanna W

      Ok, one more response:

      1. He’s being chastised for his OWN sins.
      2. This behavior being the norm should scare you, too.
      3. Smart enough to bring in a paycheck… who’s being silly, now? He’s profiting from abuse. Period.

      • guest

        profiting from abuse.. interesting way of putting it. have you ever heard of BDSM? even after figuring out what he is all about, these girls still continue to engage him. It takes two..

  • So to summarize, this argument is suggesting that the state should punish immature women who sleep with assholes and demand that emotional and intellectual children who are woefully unprepared and unsuited for parenthood proceed with unwanted pregnancies, and ultimately burden the state further with their poorly raised children?

    I’m not sure that I agree with the author’s assessment of Tucker, the women he sleeps with, the ethics of these recommendations or the economic viability of such a solution.

    • athenasdaughter

      A baby is not a punishment.

    • Joanna W

      Read my other replies. I’m disabled (a wasted life who should have been aborted?) and am getting tired. I don’t want to type anymore. Babies are precious, not punishment.

    • Part138

      There are other options, 1. actually learning how to be a good parent or 2. adoption.

  • Carson

    He never raped a woman… never FORCED them to abort their baby. If the girls weren’t old enough to drink, they should’ve stayed home. Most girls in his more recent stories get with him because of who he is… should any man really turn down such an easy target? No..not in anyone’s honest opinion is that expected of him. The girls are, in my opinion, MORE to blame than him. And if you all had better stories to share that would sell books, you sure would do the same I’m sure. He treated the girls like shit before he did anything with them. I mean, he even treated the girls like shit just to see if he could still get with them.. and he could… without knowing who he was… is it his fault the women are that trashy? No. Don’t knock the hustle.

    • athenasdaughter

      So it’s the woman’s fault she is degraded?  Any good man would treat a woman with respect, not abuse her.  And he is abusing these women, just not physically.

      • guest

        a woman, like a man. must demand respect. its something that is earned. if she is throwing herself on someone or allowing someone to treat her in such a manner, how is that demanding respect?

    • Joanna W

      So you have read his stories, I take it.

      Yes(!), every male should turn down those “easy targets.” In MY honest opinion, that is expected. Self control IS expected. Of everyone. It’s abusive to use people the way he does, and those girls don’t deserve it. He is a predator, and one day will likely find himself on the wrong end of the age limit and in prison as a sex offender.

      You blame the girls, not him. By extension, I’m assuming you are one of those who would blame a rape victim for dressing too “sexy.’ Got a newsflash for you: a woman buttoned up to her chin and covered to her toes is just as likely to be raped as one in a bikini. And for that matter, women over the age of 70 are raped quite often. Your reasoning is really shoddy.

      I WILL knock the hustle. He is a sad excuse for a human being, and I almost get the feeling that you are a little envious of his “success.” Don’t be. He will die alone and most likely as a result of an STD if he doesn’t change his ways. This is not acceptable behavior, period.

      By the way…. He never raped one… that he has ADMITTED to.

      • You, madam, are an idiot.  IF you read his books, you’d know every one of these women were more than willing, they were eager, to bang him, often frequently.  There isn’t a shred of truth to your allegation he is a predator. He is something of an incredibly immature jerk.  The girls are even more to blame than he.  Where does rape come into it?  He doesn’t rape anyone.  He has lots of meaningless sex with girls who want to get laid.  You presumably wouldn’t do that…fine.  But you strike me as another man-hating feminist prude.  At a certain age a man MAY turn down easy targe ts but obviously many men who aren’t bums won’t.  I wonder what your sex life is like?  There probably isn’t any.

  • stfuidiots

    wow the internet is fun it lets people say what they feel even when no one gives a shit except bible thumping asshole and right wing conservatives

    • CynTex

      It really is sad that we so called ” Bible thumping assholes and right wing conservatives ” still have morals, isnt it? It makes me wonder how in the world you were raised to think this way. 

      • Guest

        Not to mention the diversity among prolife people, many of us are not conservative or religious in a Bible thumping way (or not religious at all)

    • Anonymous

      I’m neither right wing nor a conservative. I’m a moderate. I detest parts of both extremes. I may be religious, but I wouldn’t call myself a Bible-thumper. As to your “a–hole” comment, most people who know me have said otherwise, both religious and non-religious. Don’t judge a person without actually having evidence.

      The fact is that the language Tucker Max uses to describe women is deplorable. His lifestyle is deplorable and dangerous to himself and others. He brags about getting drunk, getting these women drunk- when he explicitly says they are too young to drink-, having sex with them, getting them pregnant, and then convincing them to abort. He brags that he, even in his own words, kills babies. By the title of his book, it is evident that he believes himself to be an a–hole. So, calling him an a–hole would be acceptable, since he slandered himself first.

    • Joanna W

      And so why are you here?

      Morals and values are obviously nearly extinct. Manners, too.

    • I still got you to read my article 😉 I guess you’re just a bible thumping asshole, huh?

  • Guest

    I happen to hold the stance that some man or woman who happens to sit in the House of Representatives or Congress should NOT be making decisions that concern MY body. It’s my body, my choice. And I happen to think that using Tucker Max’s type of woman as an example for why we shouldn’t allow abortions is over simplifying a big issue; it also makes it easy for you to argue your point since just about everyone will agree that abortions shouldn’t be used as a “birth control” but that’s what Planned Parenthood is around for: providing our youth with effective means of birth control i.e.: THE PILL / CONDOMS. Additionally, your personal attacks on one person and a sensationalization of a big issue make your argument weak and ineffective. 
    Our government was NOT created so that it could tell me what I could and could not do with my body. It’s none of their business. 

    • SuperLogic

      If it’s YOUR body, and YOUR choice, why do you expect EVERYONE ELSE to help pay for YOUR choices??  :oP

    • Me

      Of course not. When medical issues concern your body, IMHO that is your choice. Abortion involves someone else’s body. Also, why do so many liberals seem to yell and scream over the government’s role in abortion, but don’t seem to mind the idea of it being involved in what seems like EVERYTHING ELSE?

    • motherx4

      dear – freedom is defined as :doing what one SHOULD do NOT what one wants to do.  We fight for freedom, go to war to defend the rights of those oppressed, that is what we as humans SHOULD DO…..take care of one another……and by the way – investigate how the pill works – you will find it also causes an early term abortion.  Planned Parenthood is only in the business of destroying lives and making money…..

    • Joanna W

      1. It is your body… but the baby’s isn’t. It is a temporary lodger who has a right to life.
      2. You can also choose to abstain from sex.
      3. His choice of young girls is not the example they are using – it’s HIM.
      4. No birth control is 100% effective, as most everyone knows.
      5. This is not a personal attack – HE put himself out there by writing and bragging.
      6. Our government makes law about what we can and cannot do to others – including the temporary lodger in the womb.

      Your stance is not sound, and it is not well thought out. In addition, read this article:

      When you are done, I hope you realize what the truth is.

  • Freakonomics

    Let us not forget that minority, single teenage mothers disproportionately have the highest share abortions in the United States (  This is why Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner controversially argued in their best-seller, ‘Freakonomics’, that the crime rate (particularly the murder rate) in New York City declined so rapidly in the early 1990s, as this is when aborted would-be criminals would have been entering prime crime committing age following the passage of Roe v Wade in 1973.  Statistically, those aborted fetuses have a significantly higher probability of spending time in jail (I’ll hesitate to say higher probability of being a criminal, although I wouldn’t be wrong).

    It does make one wonder:  Has Roe v Wade inadvertently saved thousands of innocent lives by allowing poor, single, teenage mothers the opportunity to avoid raising children in an environment that would have a significantly higher probably of resulting in their child committing violent crime?

  • Chauncey

    Your mother should have aborted you. 

    • Ingrid Heimark

      So it is not pro-choice, but pro-abortion, not a surprise

  • Jpino1

    Why would you want a man like that to procreate then? Obviously neither he nor these women would make good parents but you would subject this soon to be human to a terrible life for what?

    • athenasdaughter

      The child being aborted is not a soon to be human.  Read any science textbook about the child in the womb, the child is alive and human.

  • chattycathey

    Tucker Max is the man! What guy wouldn’t want to have his life?

    • NilsParker

      Me, for one. He’s essentially broke and living in a nondescript area of Austin, TX (I live here and know enough people who know him). Plus I’ve never lost $6m+ on a POS movie that nobody wants to even watch for free on a torrent.

    • I’m one such guy if I was his age.  After you mid to late 20’s, if not earlier, his outlook becomes incredibly shallow and unfulfilling.  Believe it or not, Cathey, men love too.  They fall in love.  They become husbands and dads.  And any guy with an ounce of maturity by Max’s age knows that the best sex by a light-year is the sex you have with the woman you love and who loves you.  Frankly you sound like the kind of girl who does have sex with Tucker Max.  Ok, it’s your decision.

  • Guest

    Ahhhh modern men. They confuse relvery in depravity with honesty and frankness. Him and Chelsea Handler would make an amazing couple I think.

  • Itscree

    tucker max, has done nothing wrong. these kids would live such fucked up lives they would probably become like their father they never met in the first place. so to all of you that have so many issues with the “A” word, do you really want these now dead not even infants running around america?.
    p.s. if you do sleep with tucker max you are a slut. read his stories and you will learn this as well

    • SuperLogic

      So, what you’re saying is that Tucker Max should have been aborted, so society wouldn’t have him to deal with?

  • Lebouefgraphics

    Its not YOUR body we are concerned with, its the body of another human being living and growing inside you that we are concerned with! Do you not realize that you are KILLING a BABY? YOUR OWN baby? What is wrong with the women and men who can do such a thing? The insane idea of going inside of a woman’s body and KILLING her baby she is pure evil and murder. We have killed 50 MILLION of our babies in AMERICA!! These people did not get a choice or a chance to live! We have killed probably the person to invent the cure for cancer or AIDS, or the next Martin Luther King or Albert Einstein! This is detestable and we are a sick nation for killing our own, may God have mercy.

    • Itscree

      although the unborn child may come up with the cure for AIDS or something amazing, it will more than likely just be another problem to society. if the child is unwanted enough to have it aborted then the kid will most likely grow up in a pretty bad environment 

      • chrmynuk

        So not true! Wow! Get your facts straight. Every friend and family member I know that has had an abortion would have been able to take care of that child. I believe its around 30% of abortions are performed on  middle class white women. Now tell me they can’t afford to raise a child? Then there is the race aspect in which 50% of African American babies don’t make it out alive. Assume all you want that all African Americans are poor, I don’t believe that is the case every time and if it is education, or lack thereof, is the bigger issue…

        • guest

          where does it say unwanted means ability? Itscree stated it correctly.. its not that the family cant afford it. its that they may not want to deal with it.. all that does is contribute to the overcrowding of prisons.. I know plenty that can afford it, if not by themselves then through government assistance. how is that right to the child? oh your a life worth keeping but let me put a bottle in your mouth to shut you up and push you to the side so I don’t have to deal with you now (kind of sends mixed signals) how can someone be worth something to someone else when they don’t want to deal with them?. I’ve seen that so many times. think about the psychology of that kid as they grow up..

        • guest

          where does it say unwanted means ability? Itscree stated it correctly.. its not that the family cant afford it. its that they may not want to deal with it.. all that does is contribute to the overcrowding of prisons.. I know plenty that can afford it, if not by themselves then through government assistance. how is that right to the child? oh your a life worth keeping but let me put a bottle in your mouth to shut you up and push you to the side so I don’t have to deal with you now (kind of sends mixed signals) how can someone be worth something to someone else when they don’t want to deal with them?. I’ve seen that so many times. think about the psychology of that kid as they grow up..

        • guest

          where does it say unwanted means ability? Itscree stated it correctly.. its not that the family cant afford it. its that they may not want to deal with it.. all that does is contribute to the overcrowding of prisons.. I know plenty that can afford it, if not by themselves then through government assistance. how is that right to the child? oh your a life worth keeping but let me put a bottle in your mouth to shut you up and push you to the side so I don’t have to deal with you now (kind of sends mixed signals) how can someone be worth something to someone else when they don’t want to deal with them?. I’ve seen that so many times. think about the psychology of that kid as they grow up..

  • Lebouefgraphics

    BTW, studies show that women who have abortions suffer long term affects of depression, guilt, and sometimes suicide. You can NEVER feel a good about killing your own baby, I don’t care what the circumstances there is NO excuse for it!! God doesn’t create life for us to kill it, we have no right or authority to take life into our hands and decide who lives or dies, period.

  • Solitarydancer

    How about Mothers that force their daughters because they are minors.  Although 17 isn’t much of a minor.  Nonetheless it is and has been done.  I think this is horrible

  • Solitarydancer

    Reading some of these comments just shocks me.  How have unborn children lost so much value that they are not given as much consideration as yesterday’s newspaper.  What is wrong with people?  Unborn children are not throw away inconveniences.  Men and Women need to take responsibility.  Have some morals and decency.  Or is that too much to ask?

  • Gessie Hrycyk

    I love how liberals are Anti-Capitol Punishment, but Pro-Abortion. They don’t have the heart to kill a criminal, yet they will happily destroy an innocent baby.

    • Guest

      For Real. So True. But, what if that baby is a criminal who hasnt grown up yet? then are they conservative?

  • SuperLogic

    Wow, reading these comments sure is discouraging to see what we’ve become as a society.  We don’t value life at all, especially of the unborn.   We call people who use and abuse women like Tucker “heroes”.    There’s no sense of ethics or values or purpose in life besides drinking and having meaningless sex with as many strangers as you can.   Most of the comments here are all about selfishness and self centeredness.  All I care about is Me, Me, Me!  It’s My body, its My Right, I don’t care about you, or women, or a baby, or anyone else, except of course to help me pay for my selfishness.  Take responsibility for your own actions.  Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?  Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.    The world would be a much better place.

  • chrmynuk

    Guessie Hrycyk
    It’s true. I have a friend who is liberal, She has had 3 D&E’s (One was a cluster pregnancy so it technically isn’t an abortion as no life is taken.)  She said She is against capitol punishment. If she was asked to flip the switch she couldn’t do it because it would be murdering a human being.  But her abortions she had no problem with. When I asked her if she knew exactly what the procedure was she said she didn’t want to know…She didn’t want to know what it looked like etc. Although I am sure she does.  It makes no sense to me and I told her it was really backwards. In her defense (to a point because I don’t condone her actions at all) she was raised in a devout religious family and her mother was some what abusive towards her being hateful in nature. I think she became calloused and just didn’t care and at that point wanted to please her mom. She does have 3 beautiful kids tho and she is a good momma to them. I only hope they don’t take the same route she did and that her daughters don’t feel like they have to abort as she did 🙁

  • Costington

    Two quick points:

    1.) I’d like to know where pro-choice advocates ever got the idea that humans, and humans alone, are the ones who get to decide when humanity, and thus human rights, begin. We act as though we alone are the arbiters of all things.

    2.) When pro-life advocates state that unborn children shouldn’t have to pay for their parents’ mistakes, pro-choice advocates often reply with some variation on the idea that by being born into a situation in which they’re unwanted, babies become victims anyhow. Guess what? That’s the whole point. Yes, the baby will perhaps suffer by being born into an economically depressed or otherwise imperfect situation. Perhaps if people would stop making babies ‘accidentally’, that wouldn’t happen anymore. Welcome to reality, where there are ALWAYS consequences for actions.

  • Jesus Rocks

    Oh yeah. God doesnt exist, for you crazies out there. If he did though… He would totally condone this behavior. Since you know… He kind of kills babies himself… for fun… Yup thats in your fairy tale book you love to raise at those abortion rallies… Oh and these babies werent some sick disfigured shell of a baby (fetus). They were alive, well, and able bodied. Talk about a caring man/women/whateverheis haha. Dumbasses..

  • ShearRadiance33

    Tucker Max is mentioned in the July issue of Psychology Today. The article is aptly named How to Spot a Narcissist”

    • CynTex

      I’m having difficulty understanding what make this Tucker guy so narcissistic. He is a scrawny kid with , at best, only average good looks. What in the world is the attraction? 

  • Kelcey Boyd

    I would just like to say that in no way shape or form do i support abortion in any way. But if you read both books by Tucker Max (I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, and Assholes Finish First) you will see that he is completely honest with women. He lets them know that all he wants is meaningless sex. And yet….they are still attracted to him and they still have sex with him. It is just as much fault to the woman who is having sex with him. 
    Lets be real here. Sex is awesome. Now and days, people have sex just to have sex. And if Tucker is having sex and being honest with the girls that he is having sex as and they STILL have sex with him…….sorry. Their dumbass fault.  

  • Jessice Dowdy

    KEEP THOSE CLINICS OUT OF MY NICE NEIGHBORHOODS! I swear to God. My husband worked hard to be able to afford a house in a nice part of town, but then those people started moving in from the city, buying up the block in no small part thanks to so-called “Affirmative Action” and the next thing you know CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY OPENED ONE OF THOSE PLACES WITHIN TWO BLOCKS OF MY DAUGHTER’S SCHOOL? I have to  explain to her the difference between reproductive rights and real, God-given rights every day, Monday through Friday! I swear she gets more uppity by the day!

  • guest

    Tucker Max is funny

  • bob

    not your body, not your decision.

    • guest

      exactly.. leave it up to the woman / girl.

  • Matthew-nadon

    hmmmm. there’s pros and cons in the article… what i respect about him is he at least tells the truth… he doesnt hide what hes doing or what hes done. he justice system states that murder is wrong yaet the same system executes them… George bush is a Christian? the wars are about freeing people? come on delusions… i bet everyone of “US” proving finances for child labor drive in cars transportation.. possibly smoke and or drink… dont attack other people fix urself!!! live by example. 

  • I’ve read both of Max’s books.  They’re funny.  There is considerable analysis that Max greatly embellishes his exploits and plays loose with the truth.  I don’t understand why his vehement critics such as those on this blog don’t denounce the many girls who’ve had sex with him.  They haven’t been raped..they were very willing and able.  Max at mid-30’s is incredibly immature but if young women eagerly want to lay him, don’t they have at a minimum, maximum blame?  You anti-choice fanatics are in large measure sex-hating prudes and religious fanatics and that’s what motivates you.  I think most o f you would reinstate fornication and adultery as felonies and outlaw contraception for anyone but married couples, if even them.  You are NEVER going to get your way.  It won’t happen – certainly not in NY where I live or the surrounding states.  If you weren’t fanatics you would spend your efforts in trying to peacefully PERSUADE women contemplating abortion that there were far better alternatives.  My own view is exactly what Pres. Clinton called for…it should be “safe, legal, and rare.”  The limited right of abortion is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of American women.  The belief that the fetus is legally exactly the same as a born baby is a religious, not legal, view.  If you believe it, fine…you have no moral or religious right to compel by criminal law that view on 310 million people.  I am pro-choice, with sensible limitations, I am NOT pro-abortion.

  • Theresa

    a tax write off?

  • Howard Williams

    Tucker Max reminds us that in many cases – not just his – it’s the male who really makes the choice. Many scenarios start like this 
    She: I’m pregnant.
    He: I’m not having anything to do with it.
    You can figure out the rest.

    • guest

      i know plenty of mothers who take on the role of mother even when he doesn’t have anything to do with it. I also know plenty of woman that figures ways to not have to deal with the child either after hearing him say he isn’t going to have anything to do with it.. so to say the male is the one who really makes the choice? really.. yeah, he’s going to follow her around 24-7 to make sure she does what he asks of her.. she has the power to make the choice that she wants to make..

  • anonymous

    one day this gentleman will meet Jesus Christ and he will know everything. my prayer is that he will repent before the door closes before the soul separates from the body.

  • I laughed when I read the “self-referentially titled” line. I don’t agree with anything else in the article, but bravo.

  • I laughed when I read the “self-referentially titled” line. I don’t agree with anything else in the article, but bravo.

  • I laughed when I read the “self-referentially titled” line. I don’t agree with anything else in the article, but bravo.

  • I laughed when I read the “self-referentially titled” line. I don’t agree with anything else in the article, but bravo.

  • I laughed when I read the “self-referentially titled” line. I don’t agree with anything else in the article, but bravo.