Planned Parenthood Calls for “Emergency” Donations

Planned Parenthood Abortion CenterToday the pro-life community applauded Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation following their announcement to halt funding to Planned Parenthood.  Never one to miss a fundraising opportunity (Christmas, Mother’s Day…), the abortion giant is already calling on supporters for “emergency” donations.  Planned Parenthood’s website states:

“Over the past five years, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation funds have enabled Planned Parenthood health centers to provide nearly 170,000 clinical breast exams and referrals for more than 6,400 mammograms. These cancer detection and prevention programs saved the lives of women who often had nowhere else to turn for care.

Now, after facing criticism from anti-choice, anti-women’s health groups, the Komen Foundation has decided to stop supporting women seeking care at Planned Parenthood health centers. We are determined to make sure that these women can continue to get the care they need — and, as always, that means we are counting on you.

Please make your emergency contribution today to help us defend access to care and continue to protect and promote women’s health.”

What did they fail to mention?  Well, two things.

First of all, contrary to Planned Parenthood claims, funding was not halted because of pro-life criticism of the Komen Foundation.  Funding was halted because of criticism of Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation for many abuses, including the cover up of sexual abuse and sex trafficking of minors.  A spokeswoman for the Komen Foundation told Fox News that, “the cutoff results from the charity’s newly adopted criteria barring grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state or federal authorities.”  Nice attempt to shift the spotlight, Planned Parenthood.

Second, in their typical truth amnesia, Planned Parenthood danced around the fact that they don’t even provide women with mammograms.  Though current Planned Parenthood tweets would have you believe that the state of women’s health is at risk, a March 2011 Live Action investigation discovered that Planned Parenthood’s claims to provide mammograms were completely false. Abortion is Planned Parenthood’s primary objective.

Full story here: Planned Parenthood CEO’s False Mammogram Claim Exposed

I applaud Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation in their decision to discontinue funding of Planned Parenthood. Though both groups are labeled pro-women and recognized by their bright pink logos, Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood are polar opposites. Komen saves lives, while Planned Parenthood destroys them for profit.

  • Predictions:
    1) Well-meaning donors will give to the emergency fund, providing far more money than the SGK grants would have.
    2) Planned Parenthood will nevertheless perform fewer breast health services next year.
    3) The number of abortions at Planned Parenthood will continue to rise.

    • I predict that other organizations will start to drop Planned Parenthood.

      • Oedipa Mossmoon

        Actually, it’s Komen that will be in trouble. Total unforced error. Self-inflicted public relations nightmare.

        • Anonymous

          It wasn’t self-inflicted. This actually happened two months ago. A couple of days ago, Cecil Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, broke the news to the main stream media to spite Susan G. Komen For the Cure for the move, and to drive up more funding for PP.  Komen did not break the news, Richards did, as a childish revenge plot.

          In all actuality, this should not have been a big news story. Komen chooses different benefactors every year. The fact that Planned Parenthood is no longer eligible for such funding is only news because it’s Planned Parenthood. Other organizations are rejected or removed from the donation list all the time. Just look at the lists under Research & Grants on the Komen website, and how much those lists change, year by year. I’m sure that there are many other organizations getting the boot for the same reasons that PP is, only they’re not getting air time.

          Truthfully, the money SHOULD go directly to the people actually doing mammograms. It should not get funneled through a third party. It only was for so long because Nancy Brinker, Susan G. Komen’s sister, and president of the foundation, was on the Planned Parenthood board of directors. With the new rule against doing work with organizations under investigation, Brinker admitted she could no longer deal with the politics of PP within her own organization.

          According to sources from Komen, via Jill Stanek and LifeSiteNews, they have received twice as many donations since the news broke. They have received twice as many support e-mails as they have negative ones. Planned Parenthood has become a poison to business. It’s PP who have shot themselves in the foot.

    • Vito Minneci

      My predictions:
      1)  People who say they will pull their donations to SGK actually never gave donations in the first place and SGK will lose very few people who donated in the past.
      2)  PP will continue to NOT peform mamograms – they never had the equipment3) People who would not contribute to SGK (like myself) do to their affiliation with PP will start contributing.  As a result SGK will see significant increases in contributions and will be able to provide TRUE health services to women.
      4) The United Way will see the large increase in funding to SGK and will stop supporting PP in hopes their funding will also increase
      5) In 5 years PP will be a distant and horrible memory (like the concentration camps in Nazi Germany).


        IT’s very sad…SGK was donating money for MAMMOGRAMS, it has NOTHING to do with supporting abortions. Ignorance is bliss

        • Lesleyr

          Planned Parenthood DOES NOT do mammograms. Don’t you get that? They never did. Heck, I’ll refer you to a place for a free mammogram. There are lots of free or low cost clinics out there. Please don’t be ignorant yourself. Why should PP get funded for NOT doing mammograms? That money goes right into the big pot and is used for abortions. They aren’t kidding anyone anymore.

          • Lesleyr, that’s a nice conspiracy theory, but the reality of the matter is that PP was paying for these mammograms with Komen money. PP has many centers, and a huge outreach; they are in an ideal position to refer these people and to handle payment.

        •  Any money given to PP supports abortion. They just shift the money around.

        • If someone gave me money for food, I could spend the money used for food to buy gas. It’s the same thing.

          • Guest

            thats not how it works with gifted funds. there are many more regulations about how funds donated for specific causes can be used – and how they cant.

      • Sheila

        I like your predictions!

      • Anonymous

        When I learned of SGK’s donations to PP, I began boycotting their products, stopped donating to Race for the Cure and it inspired me to obtain a boycott list of other businesses, etc which supported PP. Today I called SKG, made a donation and told them why. I also told them I will now stop boycotting them. I posted on my fb page and encouraged others to do the same. SKG 1-877-465-6636. We MUST be heard. I stopped $ to UW years ago. Thank you for your post and I hope and pray for #5 ASAP!!

    • Kevin Donohue

      Fewer than Zero is ?

  • Jessica

    This article fails to point out that while SGK will stop giving the grants to PP, they won’t stop the grants entirely!  It’s just that women will go somewhere other than PP.

  • Lisa A

    Jessica, as a woman (who has never had or wanted an abortion) who gets her annual breast exams, and pap smears, (and cervical biopsies because of abnormal pap smears), from Planned Parenthood, WHERE ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO GO????  I don’t have health insurance.  And PP DID NOT say they were providing mammograms, they said they were providing REFERRALS for (free) mammograms, which they have done for me for several years.

    • Guest

      You can get referrals for mammograms at many other places besides Planned Parenthood.

    • Melissa

      Lisa, have you thought about perhaps telling Planned Parenthood to STOP performing abortions?  By doing so, they are jeopardizing your chance to receive the medical care that you need.  Let’s stop thinking in terms of allowing what is bad to happen in order to obtain good from it, and instead realize that we must demand GOOD in order to obtain GOOD!  🙂

    • My local health department provides STD testing, pap smears, cervical biopsies, breast exams, and birth control on a sliding scale based on income.  I got my pap smear and birth control at no cost to me through them; despite popular belief there are alternatives.

    • Dalia Van Dyk

      Where do you live Lisa? I am betting a google search will come up with low cost health care centers besides planned parenthood. In Wa state we have Community Health Care of Washington. They offer ALL ENCOMPASSING health care. You can also go to your local department of social and health services and they can tell you where to go for all encompassing health care. Don’t cry because you think PP is the only place to go. It’s not and you are just buying into their lie that pro life people don’t care about women’s health and that there is no other place but them. There is more than them and BETTER than them.

    • Franksgyrl

      Lisa, you can go to any county clinic in your area. They cost about the same and they have low income grants, as well as sliding fee scales just like PP. And with county clinics, you know that your money is being kept in the community, rather than being distributed to other states! You can get ALL of your health needs taken care of at county clinics just like PP except you won’t be paying into abortions!

    • NC

      Planned Parenthood gets what they want through their advertizing. Its kind of that simple. They are overshadowing the better organizations and community health clinics by their popularity. I mean, you guys get what I am saying. Most women feel that its their only option because its so mainstream and popular to go there for funds. I mean this is a stretch but its kind of like saying I would rather go to a chain restaurant because its popular, or whatever instead of the local grill who serves fresher (probably local foods) and give back to the immediate community. Meanwhile the chain restaurant uses processed food, and doesn’t take care of it. Maybe you would get food poisoning (or even bad service!!).

      My weird point is that there are definitely better options. I mean before planned parenthood, who did women go to? Their regular doctors.

      This is about money and economy, I know. And as a 22 year old college student, I just feel that there are so many people who don’t do ALL of their research right away. I have been there, done that. My wisdom only grows with time and age.
      ….oh well.

      • Gail Finke

        NC is right. I own a small printing company, and vast numbers of people go to Kinkos — which has higher prices, bad service, and is notorious for paying a small wage and not training people. But they have name recognition and, because of their ads, a reputation for being helpful and professional. PP has a reputation for helping women, even though as people have said above there are all sorts of clinics that do the same things for the same prices, and don’t kill people. Plus, PP sets up clinics in college towns and gives girls free or nearly free birth control pills. Those girls grow up to support PP because it was so “nice” to them when they didn’t have money and wanted to have sex. How can they disapprove of anyone else wanting the same? Most online discussions of them include people who write in and say, “When I was a student, they gave me pills for $5 a month — they do great workfor the poor!” But the truth is, a) as college students they were priviliged, not poor (they had plenty of money, they just spent it on school), and b) doctors are not SUPPOSED to give away powerful hormones for free.

        • Prolifern099

          Amen  You’re right on

    • Anonymous

      To a community health center. One of those places that will be receiving the grants that Planned Parenthood is beginning to lose. For example, when the Federal Government was debating pulling PP funding, they weren’t discussing doing away with it altogether. They were simply discussing redirecting those funds to community health centers that DO NOT perform abortions, so that THEY can provide you with those services you need. NOW Susan G. Komen for the Cure can redirect those donations they previously gave to PP to places that ACTUALLY provide preventative breast care.

      How much do you think a “breast exam and mammogram referral” costs in terms of Actual Resources? Five minutes, combined, between the doctor’s cursory boob-poking and prodding and the receptionist’s writing down a phone number for you to call, plus the cost of a pair of latex gloves and a disposable paper gown. Let’s say the doctor were to charge an hourly rate of $100/hr and pay his receptionist $20/hr. (VERY generous.) A pair of rubber gloves MIGHT cost a nickel. Let’s say the gown costs a quarter. Your entire free breast exam and referral cost the organization a whopping $10.30. Even if you count facility rental and equipment expenses, your share of that, over the course of your five minute breast exam, shouldn’t bring the cost over fifteen bucks. Do you think that’s REALLY what the SGK Foundation’s money was funding? Or that it could not be better appropriated to organizations that have a more fundamental interest in preventative medicine, especially breast health and diagnostics, which PP does not provide?

    • Thrushvalley

      Susan G. Komen grant money accounts for less than 5% of Planned Parenthood breast exams. I am sure you will still be able to continue with you present exams. I wish you well and good health. I am pro-baby and cannot support Planned Parenthood …. I even dislike their misleading name. 

  • Fairyraven

    It is a sad day when we doom women to the dark ages of hangers and death instead of this option. Until we solve the many problems of today including ABUSE which is enough to make anyone not want to bring a life into that environment. I say shame on anyone who judges this and forces their “religion” on another. Freedom was what our country was founded upon. I believe in God, Jesus Christ and I am forgiven and loved unconditionally through them. Shame on those who speak such praise for taking away another freedom. Our courts are riddled with problems and our social workers can’t handle their case loads. How about focusing on some real problems. Helping the families in need. Helping the abused children. Getting our courts back on track so parents with criminal records aren’t given the right to abuse their children. How about focusing on real troubles. I thank God for Planned Parenthood in my time of need. They coached me on the options available at the time. After being raped by a man high on cocaine and I was 17 … I would have chose suicide over giving birth. Shame on you all for forcing your ideals and religious beliefs on others. Hypocrites …  I am currently 45 and have three beautiful daughters that the courts gave to my ex to send to live separately in 3 different states.  He did not want me to have them.  I was a Girl Scout Leader, worked for the City in the Recreation Department with children and seniors and helped abuse victims as I am one myself.  A survivor.  I currently go to Planned Parenthood for birth control because without it I get severe migraines.  I am uninsured and last year while on food stamps had to pay $307 a month child support to my ex who makes $7396 a month and does not need my money.  Victims of Crime helped me move across states to a safer place away from my ex.  My car was being vandalized and I was being threatened and stalked.  When my children were removed from my home our oldest daughter and I had just started college together.  If we chose as a society to make our world a better place to live then nobody would ever want an abortion.  Rapes wouldn’t happen, abuse would stop, teen suicides would no longer happen.  Until we have made this world that better place the options are needed or the suicides will rise.  Why don’t people think this stuff through first?  Don’t you get it?  Lady Bird Johnson knew my name.  I grew up in a wonderful home with two loving parents.  I didn’t know what abuse was.  I do now.  Until you have walked in the shoes of the women who make these choices … how dare you eliminate their options.  We have come so far in empowerment.  

    • If the “option” is murdering your child than yes, I dare to eliminate that option.

    • Anonymous

      Do you really wish your daughters dead instead of living? Hopefully one day they will all be reunited, and come home to you, giving you a change of heart, making you realize how wrong you were to wish this on them.

      Also, if you believe so strongly in God, what if Mary aborted Christ? Granted, Mary would never have done that because of the woman she is, but still, what if? How long would we have had to wait until the Savior came? Would people have mingled even more with the pagans, and eventually eradicated our species through their abortive sacrifices to Molech? Yes, every time the Bible mentions Molech, the Ammonites, and the Valley of Ben-Hinnom, a.k.a. Gehenna, it is referencing abortion. Amos 1:13 states, “Thus says the LORD: For three crimes of the Ammonites, and now four— I will not take it back— Because they ripped open pregnant women in Gilead, in order to extend their territory.”
      The Book of Jeremiah, 32:35, “They built high places to Baal in the
      Valley of Ben-hinnom, and immolated their sons and daughters to Molech,
      bringing sin upon Judah; this I never commanded them, nor did it even
      enter My mind that they should practice such abominations.”

      My aunt was forced into an abortion she never wanted. No one helped her. She regretted it every day the rest of her life. She eventually died from cirrhosis of the liver from alcohol abuse. This happened because abortion is legal.

      Do you really think I don’t know about women being abused? I’ve helped women who are being abused. I have brought them to women’s shelters, hidden them from angry and abusive boyfriends, husbands, and ex-husbands. Not one of them wishes they ever had an abortion. In fact, when my another aunt of mine was separated from her abusive boyfriend, she already had a toddler, and was pregnant with another baby. Never did it cross her mind to abort her. Not once. She knew what happened with abortion. Her boyfriend realized his mistake, changed, and hasn’t laid a finger on her since, so they married a few years later. Now they’re happily married, and have three kids.

      Women don’t need Planned Parenthood, they need good clinics and other services that are going to help them. That’s what women’s shelters are for, and it’s why pro-lifers run pregnancy resource centers – to protect women, and help them when they are being abused.

      As for your migraines, they could be caused by hormonal changes – right before, during, or right after your cycle. However, the contraceptive pill causes migraines in many women, and has been known to cause a stroke in women with a history of migraines. You should actually see a migraine expert about that, instead of just taking the pill. The physicians at Planned Parenthood are NOT migraine specialists, and, by giving you the pill for your migraine, have actually put your health in jeopardy. Look into a free clinic who can refer you to a migraine expert for low income families, and look into patient assistant programs.

      None of what you have said has anything to do with why Komen defunded Planned Parenthood. Especially your contraceptive pill, which the funds are not supposed to go to. Komen defunded Planned Parenthood because of the fact that PP are being investigated for abuse, sex trafficking, and wrongful use of funds. This will only redirect funds for breast exams to places that actually do those exams, cutting out the middle man. It won’t hurt your use of contraceptives or other feminine check-ups.

      • Anonymous

        Okay, your first example was a tad outlandish. Seeing as you believe God knows everything, do you really think he would have let Jesus be aborted? And furthermore, the angel asked Mary if she wanted to bear Jesus so I don’t think that would have been an issue.

        • Anonymous

          That’s why I said, “Granted, Mary would never have done that because of the woman she is, but still, what if?” I was trying to make a point. If she were just a regular 12 to 14 year old girl (as that’s the age it’s believed she was), she might have become scared at some point, especially since she was so young, and was most likely persecuted for being unwed and pregnant (a big no-no in the Jewish culture, see Deuteronomy 22). God does know everything, but He lets us choose our path, which is why He gave us free will. Yes, He does know the choices we’re going to make, but we make those
          choices on our own, He didn’t create us to make those choices. To avoid going round and round in a debate about free will, it all boils down to this: If we didn’t have free will, we could not freely love God, and forced love is not love at all.

          Maybe a better example would be, what if St. Helena aborted Constantine? Constantine was the one who legalized Christianity, and without him and his mother, Christianity would all still be a rogue underground religion, and most of the world wouldn’t exist, at least not as we know it.

  • K8888bink

    Funny, I’ve had a breast exam and a cervical cancer screening at PP. They detected my abnormal cells, and likely saved my life. I’ve run the SGK Race for the Cure every year, more. The executives at SGK make a mint, not really charity if you ask me. I will now just make a donation to PP for $30 dollars and go for a jog instead.

    • Gail Finke

      If you think they make a mint and aren’t really a charity, why did you run the race in the first place?

  • Helen C.

    Planned Parenthood… you are soooo right yet again!!! I am very anti-woman… being one myself, I am working extremely hard to prohibit my own rights! You guys are so smart!

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry for all you have been through with your ex-husband, but I don’t understand how it pertains to the question of abortion. Are you implying that you wish you had used the option of abortion to prevent your three beautiful daughters from having had to endure his abuse and manipulation?

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry for all you have been through with your ex-husband, but I don’t understand how it pertains to the question of abortion. Are you implying that you wish you had used the option of abortion to prevent your three beautiful daughters from having had to endure his abuse and manipulation? 

    You were victimized when you were 17. It is a terrible thing. Then Planned Parenthood told you that the child you were carrying was just a “blob of tissue” and created a second victim of your rapist’s crime. You suffered for his crime. Your baby died for it.

    The world is never going to be a perfect place. Making it a place where we devalue the lives of the most helpless and vulnerable certainly ISN’T helping. Since Roe v. Wade, abortion rates have gone UP, not down. So whose suffering is abortion preventing? It didn’t prevent the abuse and neglect of my two adopted sisters in law.

    I haven’t walked in the shoes of Andrea Yates, either

  • “UPDATE: 3:40 p.m. — Planned Parenthood announced on
    Wednesday that it has received $400,000 from about 6,000 donors since
    Komen announced it was cutting funding to the organization on Tuesday

    Guess what? Komen’s grant came with the stipulation that it could only be used for certain purposes. These monies come with no such stipulations. So you know what that means? Your “victory” quite possibly resulted in more of the abortions you live to complain about. Well done, guys. Not only did your “pro-life” actions blow up in your face because you’re supporting women dying of breast cancer, they also blow up in your face because large amounts of money are being donated specifically to combat your pressure — with no limit on what it can be spent on this time.

    • Laura

      We’re supporting women dying of breast cancer? really? I thought BC and abortions were linked to breast cancer, not pro-lifers.

      • Aside from the fact that you’re quoting bogus “science”, it’s hardly a stretch between denying women preventative care and them dying.

  • Love2fly

    Sex education people.. sex education.. for 1.. for 2- prevention …and yes if I had been 16, 18 , 20  pregnant, you bet I would have had an abortion.. and I did because in Europe, they think of the BIG picture.. an high school drop out  is a burden to society, and these young girls getting pregnant did not “decide ” to become a parent ..
    nd when they do , they are stuck….I am so sick and tired of hearing over and over the same debate over ” Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy”… it is a WOMEN choice ONLY …and noone else…do we decide that MEN should get a vasectony ( although not a bad idea in some cases, but that it another subject).. we are in 2012 .. not in 1952..people…give me a break !!!!!! we wil go back to the old days, when WOMEN died because they couldnt have a decent abortion..and they will continue to die, if we do not act….

    • emilie

      excuse you for being so freaking bold as to say all teens who are pregnant are a burden to society. I’m 18. Had my baby at 17. Eat healthy, Don’t do drugs. Got my ged and went to college before I got pregnant. I’m a fantastic pastry chef if I do say so myself and a stay at home mother. My husband is 23 and has a great job. And stick up for yourself. Have some respect for yourself. You could have done it. YOU at age 16, 18, or 20 was probably not a “burden to society”. Maybe you should rephrase that if you plan on speaking about ALL 16, 18, and 20 year old’s having babies. 

      • emilie

        Oh and by the way, I had Sex education taught to me by Planned Parenthood. And I got pregnant on Birth Control supplied to me by Planned Parenthood. And when I told them I was thinking about keeping the baby, I was chewed out for MY CHOICE. 

    • Motherload

      Stand outside a PP and listen to a man pleading with his girlfriend not to abort their baby because he wants to raise the baby himself, and then tell me that it’s a women only choice!!!! She refused to listen and PP called a policeman in to restrain him while she got rid of his child.

      • Letscook1

         He sounds like an abusive, stalking jerk. I am glad she got the police on him and I hope she gets a restraining order.

        • emilie

          I hardly think a man wanting to raise his child is “Abusive”.

  • emilie

    thank you Susan G Komen. I applaud you!

  • Libra22cats

    Dear Lord, Save us from our ignorance.  For it is invading potentially-viable adults!  Well, at least adults. 

  • madelynunger

    I am very proud of Susan G. Komen for realized Planned Parenthood is not helping women, it is doing the exact opposite by degrading them. They teach everyone that walks into their clinic that life is worth absolutely nothing and that it should be tossed aside because it is a so-called “hindrance”. I’m sure that Susan G. Komen has found many other more beneficial places to spend their donations.

    • Oedipa Mossmoon

      Nothing says your life is “worth absolutely nothing” like a potentially life saving breast cancer screening.

  • SamanthaJeanMoore

    Planned Parenthood does not “destroy” lives.  In many cases, it saves children from growing up in disastrous situations.  People who argue for pro-life only care about making sure that babies are born, but many of those same people are against welfare, and other tax funded programs that will be necessary in order to provide for those children while they are growing up.  It’s very short-sighted.  Personally, I think abortion saves lives.  It saves children from being raised in situations of poverty, neglect, and abuse.  If a pregnancy is unwanted, it is unfair to the child to allow a woman to REMAIN pregnant.  Seriously, there are worse things than death.  Would America be a better place with 300,000 more babies each year, born to families (or more likely single mothers) that either couldn’t afford or didn’t want the child in the first place?  Who wins?  Certainly not the taxpayers, certainly not the children.

    • First off you are making quite the sweeping generalization by stating that pro-lifers are against welfare programs.  The political party that is aligned with the pro-life view tends to be anti-public assistance programs, but that does not represent the views of many pro-lifers out there, let alone all of us.  Secondly, abortion is NOT the answer to the problems of poverty, neglect, and abuse; if it was the answer then these conditions would no longer exist in the USA.  Ending an innocent life because society has decided that particular life is not worthwhile should never be an acceptable course of action.  Poverty, abuse, and neglect are horrible situations, but the existence of these evils does not make abortion a necessity; every child deserves a chance at life and it is not the child’s fault that the parents are unwilling or unable to be parents.  There are plenty of people who are hoping and praying to adopt the babies that are killed each year.

      “Since the end of World War II, interest in adoption primarily has focused on healthy, young infants. By the mid-1950’s, the demand for healthy infants grew so significantly that it exceeded the number of children available for adoption, a trend that has accelerated with each passing decade.” (Freundlich, 1998)

      “The 1995 National Survey of Family Growth found that 500,000 women were currently seeking to adopt a child.” (Freundlich, 1998)

      • Oedipa Mossmoon

        “Poverty, abuse, and neglect are horrible situations”

        Might I add, that so is cancer. One would hope that a pro-life group could see the benefit in fighting that dread disease in populations that may not have many resources.

        • Cancer is awful, and obviously we should combat it in the most effective way possible.  I have had a number of loved ones pass away from cancer, some well before it should have even been a concern.  How is putting funding towards an organization that does not perform mammograms truly impacting that fight?  How is it beneficial for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to send money to a healthcare clinic that can do no more than a physical breast exam (just as a woman can perform at home) before sending them to another clinic if there is a concern?

          • Oedipa

            All of you clinging to this “they don’t do mammograms” meme don’t know the first thing about serving disadvantaged communities. The name of the game is outreach. You need a presence in these communities to get women in the door. When necessary, the referral is given and PP (and thus, Komen) pays for the referred mammogram.

            By saying you want to fund organizations that have their own mammogram machines is to say you don’t want to fund women in disadvantaged communities. Try walking into an ob/gyn and asking for a mammogram and then say you don’t have insurance and you don’t want to pay for it.

            In any event, I don’t think you care about mammograms. It’s just something to hang your ideological hat on to make the argument you want to make.

          • There is a presence in communities – disadvantaged and otherwise – besides Planned Parenthood, it’s the local health departments.  They would also be capable of performing a breast exam and referring you elsewhere and there is one in every county in the country; if the argument is accessibility then Komen should be sending them grant money. 

            As far as not caring about mammograms, have you ever heard what happens when you assume?  Honestly, while Planned Parenthood is not an organization I approve of in the least their pro-choice stance does not damage my ability to analyze the situation objectively.  The uproar over Komen cutting funding to Planned Parenthood is far more politically driven than the original cut in the first place.  It’s simple: Planned Parenthood is caught up in legal battles across the country and that type of press is not something a non-profit would normally choose to align itself with.  Add in the policy that Komen has put in place to push funding towards organizations that are capable of performing a full exam (including mammograms) and it makes perfect sense to cut the funding and direct it elsewhere, pro-life or pro-choice.

  • Oedipa Mossmoon

    Washington Post reports today that PP raised approx. $650,000 in just 24 hours. That almost matches what Komen granted them in the course of a full year. The added benefit is that, in one big surge, they’ve grown their database of donors for ongoing efforts. Unfortunately, Komen might actually end up on the short end of the stick here. Many longtime donors and volunteers will flinch at cancer screenings becoming a political football.

    • Anonymous

       Just $250,000 of that was donated by the mayor of New York City. that leaves $400,000. Now think, how many celebrities support Planned Parenthood? How much more did they give once they heard the news? That’s where that $650,000 came from.

      On the other hand, Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation reportedly received twice as much in donations as they normally do, and received 20,000 letters of support, and 10,000 negative letters. In other words, there are twice as many coming in to Komen as there are leaving. That means more donations for Komen. I’m sure they will be around for years to come.

      After all, I highly  doubt that the Walt Disney Corporation will stop giving to SGK. That’s where the race is held in the Orange Counties – California and Florida (yes, both parks are in counties called Orange). If they do stop support to SGK, Mr. Eiger is going to hear from my family, my friends, and me, not to mention everyone who attends those races. After all, it would undermine their target demographic (children and teens) to support abortion over cancer exams, treatment, and research.

      Ford and Bank of America can’t afford to burn bridges with another company. Walgreens would be undermining it’s Way to Wellness Commitment of furthering efforts of prevention and early detection if they stopped their support. Yoplait, well, we’ve come to expect those pink foil covers on the yogurt jars. It just wouldn’t be Yoplait without them, and they know that.

      Not to mention that, come October, you can’t get away from Pink products. No one could boycott Susan G. Komen if they tried.

      In other words, Komen will be alright. They will get through this. They have more supporters now. Planned Parenthood is just drumming up business, but we all know it will die down soon enough, and people will be back to supporting their usual charities in no time.

      • Oedipa Mossmoon

        What’s the fixation around here with celebrities? (Ms. Walker has an insipid article up about her resentments toward a Grey’s Anatomy actress I’ve never heard of). Is it fly-over resentment of the coasts? Envy of their built-in bully pulpit?

        In any event, the public relations dance the two organizations will have to do is quite different from one another. PP will continue to have it’s same constituency and will be able to draw more support from the idea that they’ve become a whipping boy from several angles. Komen, on the other hand, has basically just cut it’s constituency in half. If groups like yours fill in the gap with more support, good on them. But most public relations pros would say being seen as apolitical is a huge asset in fundraising. Komen just threw that asset away.

        • Guest

          So giving money to the most politically powerful abortion organization is apolitical, but not giving money to them is political?

          It must be hell inside your head.

          • Oedipa

            So you compensate for your remedial comprehensive skills by trying to put me on the couch? LOLs.

            Let me dumb it down. Komen was once a vanilla, “safe” charity that corporate America didn’t think they had to vet. That’s gone. That changed last week.

            PP supporters know that the organization they support is the target of a perennial with-hunt, and last week just reinforced that.

            Which organization’s footing has changed and which has not? Or, in kindergarten language, “which one of these things is not like the other”.

  • Oedipa Mossmoon

    Just read that the Denver and Connecticut chapters of SGK are going to go ahead and fund their local PP, in defiance of the national directive.

  • Jae

    Lucy, the pro-life message is strong enough to stand on truth alone, so I hope you will edit the sentence, “Abortion is Planned Parenthood’s primary objective. ” In fact, the majority of Planned Parenthood’s business is contraception. Abortion is a tiny part of it.

  • Anonymous

    I take exception to your last statement “Komen saves lives.”  How do you know that?  Who says?  Are you sure they’re about preventative medicine?  Yes, we’re glad
    Komen funding is allegedly not going to Planned Parenthood for the short
    term. But, why is everyone clamoring to support Komen? For many years
    Komen has contributed millions to the leading baby killers in the world
    (all the while knowing full well PP didn’t really do breast cancer
    screenings). Komens’ founder and some other Komen execs. were board
    members for local Planned Parenthood organizations. Presumably, for
    political reasons and ties to PP, Komen has denied the real science that abortion and birth control pills
    cause breast cancer and kill women; while Komen is touted as the “go-to”
    source in prevention of breast cancer. That’s some compassion for
    women, huh? How many women have fallen and will fall for those deadly lies? PP and Komen have something in common; lies
    and more lies that kill and kill and kill again. I know that sounds
    harsh. But, why would we trust Komen or think Komen might do a “good”
    job with donations after they have used their prominence to
    (intentionally or unintentionally) destroy human lives? Let’s analyze
    the lack of common sense many show in saying “give money to Komen”.
    Suppose my friend Bob gave me millions of dollars to help people and I
    used some for good, but I also gave lots of that money to people who
    murdered (whether that was my intention or not). Then, after five years,
    for whatever reason, I told Bob I would now quit giving his money to
    the murderers. First off, after years of my untrustworthy behavior that
    led to the death of thousands, could he believe me when I said I would
    quit giving to the murderers? Wouldn’t he, instead, clamor for my
    business to be shut down and that I be thrown in jail- once he found
    out how I had deceived him and destroyed human life? Instead, most
    pro-lifers want to give Komen a second chance and tell them how
    wonderful they are. Pro-lifers should donate to researchers of breast
    cancer who follow pro-life policy. One example is the Polcyarp Research
    Institute and there are others as well. The
    Komen Foundation is not my hero; nor a hero to the thousands and
    thousands of women and babies who have lost their lives courtesy of
    Komen and PP lies.  Being pro-life is not defined exclusively as “not currently
    donating to Planned Parenthood”; it’s an all encompassing respect for
    human life.

  • B. Leigh

    Planned Parenthood claims to offer free and low cost services but that has been a complete lie in my experience. I attended their health clinic the month this article was written. I had a checkup, and asked for birth control. I was denied birth control because I didn’t have enough money to pay the second office fee they charge for wanting birth control! I filled out their paperwork and income information, I showed I have financial need and that I’m a single mother. 2 months later I became pregnant. Then 10 weeks later I miscarried and nearly bled to death at the hospital. I don’t have maternity coverage, the bill is ten thousand dollars. I dont have that kind of money. I may lose everything I own because Planned Parenthood FAILED to care about women’s health. I don’t want that company to have my tax dollars. They stand in the way of women preventing pregnancy, their interest is in women getting pregnant so they can abort babies. They don’t care at all about pregnancy prevention. If they cared about helping women, how come so many women they treat for non abortion related services end up pregnant and using their abortion services? It’s sick.

  • B. Leigh

    Addition, I don’t want that terrible LYING place to have my tax dollars or to recieve funding from foundations that actually care about women. Giving any money to Planned Parenthood is a complete waste..unless you support Abortion. Truth is, even if you agree with abortion you must realize that the Woman getting the abortion..young old, rape victim or not, and desperately poor must pay around $1,000to have an abortion. It’s not free. What must those women do to come up with the money to pay for that, and what does Planned Parenthood care about where the money came from? Planned Parenthood needs to step aside for REALcompassionate women centered organizations.