Planned Parenthood CEO: Providing Information Is “Cruel”

Cecile Richards, the CEO of Planned Parenthood, sent out an email asking: “Why is Rick Perry so cruel to women?

Richards complained, among other things, about Gov. Perry’s support of the Texas law that would require abortion providers to show an expectant mother a sonogram of her baby, along with a description and the heartbeat. All facts. No opinions. Just the information that correctly and completely explains the procedure as required for a fully educated choice.

But Richards attacked these measures as “burdens” and “dangerous.” Why is Richards so upset?

How is looking at a “clump of cells” a burden? It’s not as if the expectant mother will be looking at a human life with arms, legs, a head, a beating heart, etc. Oh, wait …

But how is providing this information dangerous? OK, I admit I can see how providing an expectant mother with all the biological facts concerning her baby might cause her to change her mind and “choose” life, instead of allowing the abortionist to rip her baby’s limbs, crush her baby’s skull, and throw away her baby’s remains like trash. Planned Parenthood would lose a lot of abortion money. So I concede this, in fact, is dangerous.

That Rick Perry sure is cruel.

  • Sail1993

    Cruel or a blessing? Cruel because a mother might “feel bad” by seeing the life she is about to destroy? Or a blessing because she might just possibly save a innocent life and save herself a lifetime of shame and regret?

  • Anonymous

    Cecile Richards and the libtards only care about one thing – polluting this Godly nation with their immorality. That’s why we need a good wholesome president like Perry. He will bring God back to Washington! Our children need to be taught about the love of Christ and not that we are monkeys. When people are told they are animals, they start to act like animals.

  • Laura P.

    She only says it’s “dangerous” because it could hurt her paycheck. It is not dangerous to the mother because it could not harm her. It would simply allow her to make an informed decision about the “procedure” she is about to undergo.

    If we go in for heart surgery, or hip replacement, we are given all the details and medical facts before. We know what we’re about to go through before medical procedures. Why is abortion an exception? 

  • Jen

    It is an outrage that Cecile Richards calls it “cruel” to provide informed consent, which is required of any other medical procedure.  Lying or withholding the truth b/c it may be painful is not compassionate.  We must speak the truth in love.  It can’t be one or the other, it must be both–TRUTH and LOVE.  That is true compassion, Ms. Richards.

  • Anonymous

    Planned Parenthood knows that informed women = less abortion business for them.

  • Cdunigan

    The woman is gonna find out sooner or later. PP wants it to be later, after they’ve collected the fee.

  • Way to go Governor Perry

  • Msobie79

    Ms. Richards has rocks in her head. That is all. 

  • Terri K

    I tried to find the original text of her email online and could not.  Is there a link or might you be able to post it?  I’m writing a piece for my blog.  Thanks.

  • Michelleosborne43

    Put the shoe on the other foot, why is Cecil Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood so cruel to the unborn child? why is she wanting to control women by telling them they should choose death.  She knows the facts and yet is cruel to women and the the unborn. Why? Its called her religion of death, she’s a feminist. It’s called rebellion against God.

  • tina huttner

    The women is dumb!

  • Hutttnertina47

    Richards is dumb and a burden!

  • It’s twisted that she would rather women remain ignorant instead of completely informed and educated about what’s going to happen and what’s going on inside their bodies. An educated woman means less in her pocketbook, so I understand why she’s scared.

  • John L.

    Well about 80% of abortions occur at or before the 10 week mark. So basically most people would be looking at a “clump of cells”…

  • Me

    I thought it was only the OPPORTUNITY for women to see the sonogram that was the issue- not that PP’s so happy about that either of course, lol.