Planned Parenthood CEO’s False Mammogram Claim Exposed

Contact: Kate Bryan, 323.454.3304, [email protected]

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 30–A series of new undercover phone calls reveals that contrary to the claims of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and other supporters of the nation’s largest abortion chain, the organization does not provide mammograms for women.

In the tapes, a Live Action actor calls 30 Planned Parenthood clinics in 27 different states, inquiring about mammograms at Planned Parenthood. Every Planned Parenthood, without exception, tells her she will have to go elsewhere for a mammogram, and many clinics admit that no Planned Parenthood clinics provide this breast cancer screening procedure. “We don’t provide those services whatsoever,” admits a staffer at Planned Parenthood of Arizona. Planned Parenthood’s Comprehensive Health Center clinic in Overland Park, KS explains to the caller, “We actually don’t have a, um, mammogram machine, at our clinics.”

Opponents of defunding Planned Parenthood have argued in Congress and elsewhere that the organization provides many vital health care services other than abortion, such as mammograms. Most prominently, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards recently appeared on The Joy Behar Show to oppose the Pence Amendment to end Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer subsidies, claiming, “If this bill ever becomes law, millions of women in this country are gonna lose their healthcare access–not to abortion services–to basic family planning, you know, mammograms.”

The calls were recorded by Live Action, the youth-led pro-life group responsible for recent undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood staff, from management on down, willing to aid and abet the sex trafficking of young girls at 7 clinics in 4 different states. Live Action president Lila Rose says the new recordings further confirm Planned Parenthood’s corruption: “Planned Parenthood is first and foremost an abortion business, but Planned Parenthood and its allies will say almost anything to try and cover up that fact and preserve its taxpayer funding. It’s not surprising that an organization found concealing statutory rape and helping child sex traffickers would misrepresent its own services so brazenly, playing on women’s fears in order to protect their tax dollars.”

Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson notes that the recordings demonstrate Planned Parenthood is not a comprehensive health care provider. “For so long PP has touted that they are a provider of mammogram services.  This is just one of the lies that PP uses to draw people into their clinics.  PP is not able to provide quality services on their own, so they are forced to lie to the public about services they don’t provide–and mammograms are just one of those services.”

Both Rose and Johnson call on Congress to revoke all taxpayer subsidies from Planned Parenthood. In the last reported year, Planned Parenthood received $363 million in government money.

The new undercover recordings are available here:


  • Amy

    Hey, people who make lots of money killing unborn children also have no qualms about lying.

    Next up: water found to be wet.

    Seriously – Live Action deserves unending praise for exposing the lies of Planned Parenthood.

  • amateisgal

    Thank you for this. I still cannot believe it is legal in this great nation of ours to kill unborn children.

  • Jenna C

    Thank God for the dedicated group of individuals willing to put forth the time and effort to reveal these awful places for what they are and make the public aware of all the lies that they have told! I truly hope that congress pulls the financial resources that have been horribly misappropriated!

  • FinalEcho

    Oh Planned Parenthood, you never cease to amuse me with your lies and your nonsense-talkin'.

  • golfball33

    I posted the new Live Action video on a pro-life facebook page, and someone gave me these links for Southeastern Iowa, Tuscon, AZ, and Waco, TX Planned Parenthoods, all of whom offer mammograms:

    She said that only certain Planned Parenthood clinics offer mammograms, but that some do. I think she's right. Am I missing something? Have these been shut down or stopped offering these services?

    • pnyikos

      Well, the first one does seem to be providing them, but the second seems to be a one-shot special event (see excerpt below), and it is not clear whether PP is providing anything for it except the location–I don't know what "Pink365"is. Here is what it says:

      WHAT: Planned Parenthood Arizona will host a free mobile mammography clinic, supported by Pink365. Mammography has proven to be the single most beneficial tool in detecting earlyand treatable cancer. The goal of screening exams, such as mammograms, is to find cancers early before it has a chance to grow and treatment works best.

      WHEN: Friday, August 21, 2009
      9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

    • livewell8

      Out of Planned Parenthoods 820 clinics, none actually perform mammograms themselves.

      The Planned Parenthood Waco clinic does not perform mammograms but has a program to refer people to other centers that do. This single clinic has a grant from Susan G. Komen to help pay for these mammograms performed at other centers.

      Planned Parenthood Arizona does not do mammograms themselves but hosted the "free mobile mammography clinic" in their parking lot on August 21, 2009

      Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Iowa also doesn't do the mammograms themselves but helps assist people in setting up an appointment somewhere else:

      The webpage says "we will assist you in setting up an appointment with a local medical provider for your FREE screening"

  • kevintkeith

    This is utterly false. GOP amendment cuts funding for all Title X programs nationwide, NOT just to PP. Women lose mammogram funding everywhere. This is what Richards said. Also, the fact that some PP clinics do not have X-ray facilities (most OB-GYN clinics do not) does not mean that none do. This campaign is an orchestrated lie.

    • livewell8

      Title X funds mammograms? I thought it funded other stuff. Can you provide documentation where Title X provides funds for mammograms?

      • kevintkeith

        Title X is nominally "family planning", but that is defined to include gynecological preventive screening, including "breast and cervical cancer screening and prevention services that correspond with nationally recognized standards of care". That phrase appears on HHS's official Web site, on its page on general Title X services:

        and its page on types of Title X grants awarded:

        In practice, that refers to manual breast exams during office visits, with referrals for X-rays for positive screens. I don't know if Title X funds routine annual mammograms.

        • livewell8

          I've never heard that they do which is why I asked. I guess neither of us know for sure. Reply if you find out definitively.

        • MoonChild02

          Nice try. Cancer screening and prevention services are covered under the 1971 National Cancer Act, which, granted, is under the Public Health Service Act, just like Title X, but does not fall under Title X. Title X goes to family planning services, and they can use their funds for breast and cervical cancer screening and prevention. There are other programs providing funding specifically for prevention and screening for breast and cervical cancers, which are covered under the Breast and Cervical Cancer Mortality Prevention Act of 1990, and the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act of 2000. None of these have to do with Title X, and are open to any medical clinic that provides these services. Besides, you can get screening for free from free clinics, but PP does not do anything for free.

          • Adrrya

            MoonChild, could you please clarify by what you mean by "PP does not do anything for free?" I know for a fact that they PP in my area offers one free basic health exam per year (and when I say basic I do mean very basic, but still free), in addition they offer free UTI treatments, and pap smears. That's all I know for sure. Maybe you meant they aren't free as in taxpayers pay for them? Could you please explain?

          • Me

            There’s no such thing as a free lunch.  It means that somebody else is paying for the cost.

          • kevintkeith

            As you note, Title X does exactly what I said it does.

            And, some PP services are free; all are subsidized to some extent (about 25% of their annual budget comes from donations; Title X, Medicaid, and direct-pay do not cover the costs of any of the services they nominally pay for, which is why many or most for-profit providers don't take them). If you'd like to see their prices even lower, make a donation!

    • pnyikos

      "Women lose mammogram funding everywhere" — no, they only lose Title X funding for manual breast exams through family planing everywhere–unless it is picked up by other agencies, like Komen and other sources.

      • livewell8

        I don't believe manual breast exams are part of the Title X program. Title X is referred to the "Population Research and Voluntary Family Planning Programs". Can you provide documentation that Title X covers manual breast exams?

        Also the Pence bill to defund Planned Parenthood doesn't impact or address Title X at all.

      • Komen sends thousands of dollars to planned parenthood every year. Could be for mammograms? Then why doesn’t PP do this. sounds like Komen is actually supporting abortions, which could lead to breast cancer…sounds like job security to me….

  • mnwalkingirl

    If you go to and search "mammogram" you will immediately see that several clinics offer mammograms as part as their Women's Health Services. Live Action probably already had a list of which clinics do and do not offer mammograms and they selectively called the ones that do not.

    P.S. I've gone to PP for years and I've never had an abortion (nor has a staff person ever mentioned anything about abortion services), but I HAVE received excellent health care with and without insurance.

    • livewell8

      Which areas offer mammograms? The Planned Parenthoods in both areas where I have lived recently do not perform any mammograms services.

    • pnyikos

      What percentage of clinics do mammograms, do you estimate? If it is fewer than 3% the result could well be due to chance. I clicked on the url you provided and I found four on the first three pages: one in Arizona (but it was only a one-day affair in August 2009), one in Waco, Texas, one in Humboldt County California (but again it sounded like a one-shot deal) and one in Colorado. Two of these were already found by "golfball33". So 3% may actually be an overestimate.The other 27 sites talked about mammograms in general or at best offered referrals. Perhaps you could do us a favor and find some more. Otherwise your "probably already had" bit is irresponsible speculation.

    • livewell8

      Out of Planned Parenthoods 820 clinics, none actually perform mammograms themselves. What you are seeing on PP's site is them saying that they will refer you to other places to get a mammogram. Call them up and ask them if they actually have a mammogram machine.

    • SPerez

      Why are you even on this site if you just come here to talk crap!!!! If you really dont care about this don’t waste your time looking at the videos OK!!!

      • Eadollar

        aren’t you interested in all thoughts on this important topic?  Or do you want to hear just one side????

    • Ingridgutierrez2011

      it doesnt bother you to know this people offer services to kill inocent children

      • NHgirl

        They are not killing our babies, we are making the choice to kill our own babies. GET IT RIGHT!
        Just like guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

        • Did you read what you wrote?  “…we are making the choice to kill our own babies.”  Do you have any idea of how disturbing that is?  

          As a species that systematically and deliberately kills its young for convenience, we are doomed.  

          • Amalia

            You know many mammals kill their own young right?

          • Me

            So we should start acting like other mammals?  WTF?

    • NHGirl

      I have gone to PP for years for birth control, sex education and pap tests. They never mentioned abortion! Thanks to PP I was NOT a pregnant teenager.
      It’s a shame that a few bad eggs at PP makes it look bad for the PP’s that are good and do good.
      It’s my life and my body. PRO-CHOICE!
      I don’t need any government telling me what to do with my body.
      God forbid should we go back to the coat-hanger days.

      • Anonymous

        That “coat-hanger”, “back-alley” bit of propaganda is still going around? Sheesh.

        No one in her right mind wants to deny a woman the right to do what she will with her own body. But when an unborn human is inside that body, it’s no longer just one person’s rights involved.

        • Lucille

          “But when an unborn human is inside that body, it’s no longer just one person’s rights involved.”

          If one of those “people” is partially developed and non-sentient, while another is capable of thoughts, emotions, and has friends, family, hopes, dreams, and a life, and you side with the former over the latter, your priorities are badly skewed.

      • Garden20south

        Why do they need so much money from the taxpayers and other entities then? Why do they lie about what they do? Murder is murder. It’s a BABY and a life. It’s not yours to do with as you want. If you cannot keep the baby, there are many families out there who would love to adopt that baby. Have you actually seen what goes on at an abortion? Have you seen the body parts that they have to put back together to make sure they got all pieces of the child?

        • Bannon

          Don’t want an abortion? Don’t have one.

          There. Problem solved. Unless you want me to enforce some intimate choices on you according to my primitive superstitions. I don’t want to, since you are a free person capable of making your own decisions, and I have no right to force my superstitions on you.

          But if you want me to, I suppose I can. Just don’t expect me to enforce my primitive superstitions on every woman. I am not a fascist, woman-hating monster!

          • Grubdad

             Fascinating how “pro-choice” is always about MY choice and the choice of anyone who agrees with me.  It is never extended to those who might be unable to make a choice for themselves, like unborn babies, poor women who are not shown the choices and options they really do have, or those who are seen as “satanists” and might actually be more about women’s rights than those who claim to not be “fascist, woman hating monsters,” but by the very nature of their vilifying others show themselves to be fascist, hating monsters.

          • Life is Beautiful

            Half of aborted babies are women. Saving them is about loving women, not to mention saving the mothers from depression, which most encounter after allowing someone to take the life of their unborn children. It’s not normal to get rid of unborn children. If someone went and killed unborn puppies, people would be outraged. Here is a video in response to your don’t want one, don’t have one comment: 

          • Anne

            So…. I am against slavery, so I won’t have a slave…. but I shouldn’t say anything to YOU if you choose to have a slave right?

      • Molly Morris

        Actually its your life and your baby’s life and your body and your babys body and your heart and your baby’s heart and your voice that the baby recognizes and your babys feet kicking your belly and your babys milk in your breasts.

        I love that you would go back to a coat hanger. That is disgusting. You are talking about shoving a metal hanger up your vagina and killing your baby. I can’t believe that thought really goes through woman’s minds…

        “Craaaaap….they took away legalized killing of unborn babies. Guess I gotta shove a hanger up my V to get this thing outta me.”

        What kind of WORLD is this????

      • Anne

        Your argument is flawed – “a woman will have an abortion whether it’s illegal or legal so let’s make it safe”. Well…the same can be said for robbing banks, it will happen either way, let’s just make it safer so more people are not shot during the robberies, or how about running red lights? People will keep doing it and even killing people when it happens, so let’s just get rid of red lights.

        Personal choices that infringe on the life or livelihood of another human being must be legislated against. It would be total anarchy.

    • Molly Morris

      Have you ever been an impressionable pregnant 16 y/o and gone to PP? Well when you have been then we can have this conversation you fool.

  • Amy Butler

    Funny, I have had 2 breast tumors found by exams at PP, (at 18 and 22) and although they didn’t have the machine to do the mammogram, they did give me a voucher to have it done at the hospital. Both tumors were pre-cancerous. PP saved my life.I guess that doesn’t count for anything when you have an agenda that wants to deny reality. (I have had insurance that covered the mammograms and surgeries since then).

    My 25 yr old daughter receives her pap smears and breast exams through PP. She has not had a mammogram yet though, as she hasn’t had need of one.

    • pnyikos

      I am very happy for you, Amy. What I would like to see is to have all the money currently going to PP to provide these vouchers to go instead to organizations that are not in the abortion business, and are more candid about what it is they are doing. One such organization is the Iowa Department of Public Health, for whose free mammograms the Iowa PP was mistakenly given credit on this thread:

      Cecile Richards's game with the word "access" seems to have fooled Media Matters, Barbara Boxer, and RH Reality Check into thinking that PP actually does the mammograms themselves. There are recent posts in this Live Action blog giving details on all three.

      That's not an irrelevant distinction. The places which do mammograms have a lot of overhead with machine maintenance, etc. and would not be able to break even if they had to rely on the money that PP customers with vouchers provide them–they serve a much larger clientele.

  • BrokenAngel66

    I think its very nice that PP offers mammograms in some states or places around the country. But what their saying is PP offers these in ALL their clinics which is false. Its very good for PP that they gave Mammograms to save lives, and i believe that ALL PP clinics should have these machines in their clinics or should refer people to places where to get them.
    Its not fair to people all over the country where PP doesn't offer this service or can't refer women to where they can get one. If they say they offer general female services a mammogram is part of that. If they don't offer it when they say they do thats FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. if their more specific then thats a whole different story.
    Live Action isn't trying to take away funding to any other place besides PP since their the countries largest abortion clinic. Not because their ALSO false advertising themselves.
    Not to mention, I'm sure Live Action called and got calls that they offer this service but there was so many that didn't it needed to be heard.

    • livewell8

      "I think its very nice that PP offers mammograms in some states or places around the country."
      What places are that? Planned Parenthood responded to this video by saying that they never claimed they offered mammograms.

      “A spokesman for Planned Parenthood, however, immediately denied that the group claimed to provide mammograms”

  • RickMZ

    The biggest lie of Planned Parenrhood is the name of the organization itself. It should be called 'Planned Abortionhood'. That would be truth in advertising.

    • pnyikos

      Believe it or not, the one Planned Parenthood in our city once lost one letter from its sign and for a while the sign read:

      Planned arenthood. [Think of all the children who aren't. It reminds me of a verse in the Book of Jeremiah: "My children are gone from me, and they are not."]

    • magnolia0

      Because of their name one of my room mates thought that they provided health care for pregnant mothers during their pregnancy. I told her basically they have nothing to do with "parenthood" except preventing it. She was really confused as I think most of Americans probably are.

      • Anonymous

        Planned Parenthood advises pregnant women on pre-natal care… not sure how much of the medical appointments happen at Planned Parenthood itself, but to say that they “have nothing to do with parenthood except preventing it” is false.

  • L112

    Does anyone at Live Action know what a "mammogram referral" is? Because from this piece, it looks like you think a "referral" is just directions to a clinic that performs mammograms. In reality, a referral is a prescription for a mammogram. Many diagnostic centers will not give a mammogram without a referral at all, or will not give it to women under a certain age (often, 40) unless they have a referral. Referrals are therefore often necessary for women to get mammograms. Saying that PP doesn't provide access to mammograms because they don't have a machine is like saying that a physician who calls a prescription for penicillin in to a pharmacy instead of giving you a shot doesn't provide access to antibiotics.

    • L112

      Follow-up: a recent study in the greater San Francisco area found that 83 out of 86 diagnostic centers would not do a mammogram for a woman who self-reported a breast mass if she did not have a physician's referral: Referrals are therefore an absolute necessity for access to mammograms.

    • pnyikos

      Ah, so Cecile Richards was equivocating with "access," was she? Just what does it take to become eligible to offer mammogram referrals? A lot of Crisis Pregnancy Centers might want to get in on the action, thereby making themselves eligible for Title X funding — or more Title X funding than they are getting now, since Cecile Richards DID link a cutoff of funding with loss of "access".

      If all they are doing is feeling women around the breast for lumps, what's a cutoff of funding got to do with them stopping? Are they providing that for free, and would they have to pay extra to their employees if the money supply stopped?

      • L112

        "Just what does it take to become eligible to offer mammogram referrals?"

        AFAIK, to write a referral you need to be a physician or a nurse practitioner, same as with any other prescription. So a Crisis Pregnancy Center would need a real medical professional to do it, not just someone who wears a labcoat and administers over-the-counter pregnancy tests.

        • pnyikos

          That's good to know, because some CPC's do have nurse practitioners volunteering for them. Do you happen to know whether they are also needed for administering ultrasounds? Because there are quite a few CPCs that do them.

          • L112

            I don't know–I only know about the mammograms from experience getting a mammogram and a CT scan, and having researched it through articles such as the one cited above. I would hope that sonograms at CPCs are administered at the advice of a medical professional rather than willy-nilly, but I suppose the rules could be different because there is no radiation in a sonogram and CPCs do not claim to be offering them for diagnostic purposes.

            Still, the reason that PP wants public funding is because they want to employ enough medical professionals to offer a full range of services during all opening hours (this is a problem that FQHCs struggle with). CPCs could in theory try to compete with PP on that level by putting resources into building breast health programs that are as comprehensive and accessible as PP's, but I doubt they could do it on a volunteer-only basis and my understanding is that many CPCs think that providing services other than "pregnancy counseling" is an undesirable deviation from their core mission.

  • Live Action – You people are GREAT!!!
    Expose Planned Murderhood for who they are!

  • Jarhead_John

    They target black, hispanic and poor babies to kill them, and then rip the bodies apart piece by piece to get them out of the womb, if they were to tell the truth about this i think liveaction would be the least of their worries.

  • pnyikos

    Of the three Planned Parenthood chapters whose urls have been posted as providing mammograms, the Tucson Arizona site only refers to a one-day event in 2009; the Southeastern Iowa website actually says "we will assist you in setting up an appointment with a local medical provider for your FREE screening"; and livewell8 has stated that "the Planned Parenthood Waco clinic does not perform mammograms but has a program to refer people to other centers that do. This single clinic has a grant from Susan G. Komen to help pay for these mammograms performed at other centers."

    Can anyone confirm this last claim? If so, we will be down to ZERO PP clinics mentioned in this blog that actually do mammograms on the premises. Even that single-day event in Arizona was in a mobile unit and while it was "hosted" by the chapter, it isn't clear whether PP contributed anything except use of its parking lot.

  • pnyikos

    I might add that the Southeastern Iowa PP is merely passing along information about a grant to the Iowa Department of Public Health from the Centers for Disease Control.
    None of this has to do with Title X.

    As for the money that IS granted for PP for breast cancer diagnosis and prevention, it would be interesting to see how much of it is coming from Title X, and how much from other sources like the Susan Komen foundation.

  • J D


    WHile PP doesn’t perform MG screenings in-house, they do refer AND PAY for you do have a MG elsewhere.

    • Guest

      Mammogram referral isn’t the same as providing mammograms. Why didn’t she say that outright? “Intentional misleading” is included in “deceit.”

    • My local PP won’t pay for it. Can you list which PP’s will pay for it?

      • Jasmynskye

        maybe they wont pay for it cause your a dude. HA

        • Eadollar

          check your grammer, dude.

          • You may want to check your spelling before getting at her grammar.

    • Hutchens Linda


      • MRB

        If a 12 year old girl is raped and becomes pregnant, her age puts her at high risk if she gives birth. No child should have to go through that kind of pain and danger. The fetus does not a have a central nervous system in the early stages, when abortions should be preformed, and therefore cannot endure pain or think or see. In other situations, sometimes a fetus can be found to have birth defects that will stop it from surviving after birth. To prevent a short and painful life after birth, the woman can choose to have an abortion.
        As for playing God, if you believe that a person should have no choice in the life of another person, then you should be equally outraged by medicine and life support, because they “play God” by extending someone’s life by unnatural means.
        Finally, PP is a service payed for by the government because it provides health services for poor people. While they may not have the actual mammograms, they do pay for it. Planned Parenthood is important for thousands of women who rely on it for health care because they cannot afford insurance.
        OPEN YOUR EYES. Stop living in a world where everything is black and white. Abortions are horrible, and should be a last option, but it is a choice that women in this country should be able to make for themselves if it’s needed. You don’t know every circumstance and clearly you also don’t understand how PP works or why thousands of women rely on it for health care and rarely rely on it for abortions.

        • Ellkaybee

          It is a HUMAN LIFE from the moment of conception, with a complete set of human DNA. It is not our place to capriciously end that life. If abortion were limited to those cases when it is to save the life of the mother, the number performed would be but a tiny fraction of the slaughter that goes on daily, mostly for the sake of convenience. 

          Planned Parenthood kills 1000s more woman every day than breast cancer ever could.

        • The incidence of pregnancy from rape is minuscule.  Statistically, it is insignificant.  It is an idiotic argument.   In any case, it would never be justification for destroying the life of another human.   The “fetus” is a human fetus.  The odds of a young girl having life long guilt over having destroyed an unborn child are far greater than any risk in her carrying a child to term and letting someone adopt it.  

          What is this “central nervous system” crap?  That is even more insane than your pregnancy from rape scenario.  

        • Coo Per16

          do you realize that actual pro abortion groups gathered info about the reasons women get abortions (so obviously it wasnt biased by pro lifers) and less than 1% of all abortions were done because of rape or incest? and less than 3% because of medical problems. the rest? simply because women wanted it done.

          • Pootytang

            whoa thats crazy dude!!!

          • Randaswilson

            did you know most statistics are made up on the spot

  • Cookieju119

    so u take part of a sentence and prove that wrong (so planned parenthod is the devil? really)..ok yes planned parenthood does not provide mammograms but it does provide pap smears, hiv/ std  testing, certain medications, they provide diabetes testing, the Gardisil vaccination, birth control…and yes abortions. You may argue why not go to another free health clinic easy i rather wait 2 hours to be seen then 2 months for my health. And they provide free health care. 

    • Hanxterach

      Before Roe v Wade, women didn’t have millions of abortions, and millions of  women didn’t use coat hangers to abort their unborn child. It was a rare occurrence even among hookers. Women exercised choice with birth control and abstinence. Since Roe v Wade millions of innocent children have been murdered. It is also a fact that Abortion clinics post a annual profits so why support them with tax dollars?

      • Anonymous

        Before Roe v. Wade, hundreds of women died annually from illegal (read- unsafe) abortions. They were almost always poorer women. Women who could afford it simply went to their regular doctor, who would perform the procedure and charge them accordingly. If you make abortion illegal, it will still happen, just in more dangerous ways.

        • Me

          So we should make murder legal so that it’ll be safer for the murderer?

  • Ronald Patrick McLaughlin

    How evil does mankind have to get? For all those who commit this crime, only God knows what justice is adequate. How someone who is alive, can permit or condone that someone else is denied life, is to me the ultimate evil action. How selfish also, is the actions of those who acquiese to such treatment of life and openly support it. For all those that do, just think how your parents did not abort you before you support the abortion of others. Heaven help those who agree with this evil. Deception is at the heart of it. Satan is at the heart of it. To deny a soul life under one’s own free will is to challenge creation itself. God bless all at Live Action for taking a stand against this evil. I’m right behind you Half Irish/Half Highland Scottish

  • Rita

    Do you remember Gianna Jessen? Abortion survivor… here’s an emotional speach that should be played everyday on our news media…
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  • Planned Parenthood is a scam outfit and our government is in partnership with a corrupt organization.  Cecile Richards needs to be fired immediately.  She gets a salary over $300,000 for lying and cheating the taxpayers.  She is a disgrace as is the entire organization.

  • Rita

    Has anyone heard of Gianna Jessen? She is an abortion survivor and her speeches speaks volumes… here’s one she gave at Queen’s Hall in Australia: (part 1) (part 2)Why isn’t this played in the media? Remember, evil thrives when good people do nothing.  We have a moral obligation to protect those who need it.

  • Ingridgutierrez2011

    false excuses that ignorant people make 

  • Jack

    Not a surprise, Planned Parenthood is a business to absorb government dollars and spend it on death. They know Mammograms will waste time from death.   Abortions on the other hand, great profit margins too!  Freakin cowards, Planned Parenthood can go to hell!

  • Lehreman

    To kill a person is murder.  They all need to be shut down, arrested and sent to prison.  Not one person should be excused from this deed against God.

  • Kaycrary

    I do not believe that abortion is the answer, but what is the answer to the rampant promiscuity the disintigration of the nuclear family the indifference of overburdened under employed uneducated hopeless poor who do not have the judgement to seek a more productive life? Is it the Martyerdom of thier children? I see stories every day about children that probebly wish they hadnt ever been born. that dosnt even include the more subtle torture inflicted through neglect.

  • Anonymous

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  • Cindy

    Just amazing how many layers exist within companies so that the average person really has no idea what might be behind a company.  Thank you for digging into this for us and exposing it.  I would have never had any idea that the Susan G. Komen Foundation had a relationship with Planned Parenthood.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my thought..if Susan G. Komen is giving them so much money and our government is giving them so much money, then how come they don’t use that money to BUY the mammogram machines and to pay technicians to read them….do you want to know why??  Because Planned Parenthood uses the money to get rich ( a billion dollar non profit?) and they make more money doing abortions (hear that lady say “no we are just a “surgical facility” ..surgical facility means abortions..and they contract out the doctors and all women pay by cash or credit card…(no checks!) the services they do give you are their way of getting you IN THEIR BUILDING and to GAIN YOUR TRUST! Planned Parenthood is all about abortion! and…..the money SKG and the US Government has given them is enough to help them do mammograms..but they do any Planned Parenthood facility anywhere! Abortion is death to a baby and makes PP rich…is it pure and simple greed and nothing more!

    • Bannon

      Because USING the machine is expensive and a procedure costs more than a poor woman can afford to pay. PP does the responsible thing and, rather than owning expensive equipment that is redundant in their communities, they PAY FOR THE SERVICE for poor women.

      You chumps can see all of PP’s books on line, just as you can for any other 501(c)3. If you really cared about this question, you would have learned this and looked up those books by now. 

      But no. All you want is an excuse to hate women. Especially poor women.

      Your hating Jesus is really Satan, you gruesome Satanists. 

      • Anonymous

        Planned Parenthood makes hundreds of millions of dollars in “PROFIT each year…yes, profit! Their CEO gets paid 250K a year..they can afford to have mammogram machines in their bigger facilities for what they make women pay for abortions (468+ for each abortion with At least 20 abortions a day!) Good grief! We don’t hate women…there are thousands of other medicaid facilties that serve poor needy women in every single state! LOTS OF they are not being let out to dry! The problemm with PP is that they are the ones who got mad over all this! Komen tried to severe the ties quietly but it was PP who went to the press and made the squeal! If PP cared about women, they would offer mammograms (of course, they’d have to pay the technologists) but this is Komen’s money that is paying for this and PP was funneling the money through their doors to OTHER facilities to do the mammograms..If THEY would do them, the probably wouldn’t have lost the funds. As for the federal investigation, it is well know that PP books their books by bundling services and overbills medicaid for services so they can get more money. It is also well know by women who have had abortions with them, that they rarely offer the woman a chance to see an ultrasound and they rarely tell a woman she doesn’t have to get an abortion..All Planned Parenthood directors have been told to up their abortion numbers. Komen cares about this because medical studies have linked abortion to breast cancer incidence. Sorry, We are not Satanists. We are the ones who help the women get over their ‘fear” of handling her crisis and give her other options besides abortion and whenever a woman chooses life for her child, she eliminates the lifetime of regret of killing her child…and..that added bonus, she reduces her chance of getting breast cancer! Komen did the right thing..I stand by their decision 100% and all of us who support women’s right to choose life, have let Komen know we are proud of them. They have gotten 100% increase in donations in 24 hours AND they have our admiration. PP has done themselves in by their own doing. The more they bully other organizations who don’t agree with their abortion increases and lack of total care for women (no they don’t give counseling AFTER the abortion…they just tell the woman to go see her doctor after she’s injured or crying b/c she made a mistake) PP is all about money…and now they have turned this into an “emergency fundraiser”…..their true colors are showing. They are the bullies that use women to make money! I got one thing to say, “Planned Parenthood…cry me a river!”

        • Bannon

          You repeat so many silly lies. Shame on you. And yes, you serve Satan, whether you are aware of it or not, so long as you dismiss a woman’s ability and RIGHT to decide for herself. Who are you to decide for her? No one, as you well know.

          • Grubdad

             I find it fascinating that name calling and making people out to be something they are not, on both sides of this issue,  is supposed to get us at the truth.  If there were facts presented here in a rational reasonable discussion, it would be hugely helpful.

          • Anonymous

            name calling will get you nowhere.. no where in the constitution does it say that a woman as a right to kill her child. period. The Constitution says all human being have the right to life “endowed by our Creator” God gives life no matter how that baby is conceived it has the right to live.  the human being in the womb is a separate human being and a person in development, not a tumor and certainly NOT a blob of tissue. As a result of ultrasound, we know that it is a living being and no person should have the right to kill it…So don’t give me that for working for Satan, that’s Planned Parenthood’s job. Satan adesires to kill all human being because he knows they are created in God’s image! Satan hates to see a baby live…and women who get abortions rarely “decide for themselves”..the boyfriend, the father, the doctor and PP counselors often coerce her into doing it.(yes, some women “choose” but  it’s usually the boyfriend screaming about how the baby is going to ruin his life and puts pressure on the female to abort!) Get off it, Abortion is a “choice to kill a child”. tell it like it is! And obviously, you know little about Satan or you wouldn’t be telling us we serve him. Go to a Satanic worship service were they “sacrifice animals and sometimes innocent children” sorry, not much interested in serving him. The child in the womb who is killed dies in the name of “choice” …what about the child’s choice to live his/her life???? Sad indeed. God help us when killing the innocent unborn children is okay.

          • Cathy

            Perfect!! THANK YOU NARNIA GIRL55

          • anon

            Actually, every woman I know who got pregnant at a young age was pressured to have her child. Most of the women I know dropped out of the school and never went back. None of them are still with the fathers of their children.
            On the other hand, the women I know who have chosen not to have their children have gone on to be educated or to work a decent job, and most have had children that they can actually support some time later, unlike my friends who went ahead with unplanned pregnancies due to pressure from family, friends, or churches. 
            While its true that the constitution does not give anyone the right to kill, it also doesn’t define life, so while you have the right to decide to go through with every pregnancy you will ever have, the rest of use do not have to, and we do not have to consider it murder because the constitution also gives us the right to any beliefs we desire.
            It is murder by religion (and really only yours), but not my science or law.

          • Doveslov3

            It is people like you that believe a live baby is not a person with no right to life.. tell me, at what age should it be legal to kill a child? How is “after birth abortion” an abortion? It is not.. It is murder just like the dispicable practice that came before it.

          • breandyn

            Who performs after birth abortions? Where? What on earth are you talking about? So few abortions are performed after 20 weeks gestation that they are, if performed, just about 100% due to the pregnancy threatening the life of the woman and the child.

          • There are many case of babies left to die after they were removed from their Mothers.

          • Molly


          • Molly

            Check your facts. Don’t just throw percentages out there like you know what you’re talking about. 1% of abortions are a result of the Mothers Health OR rape. And so what? Because they are less than 20 weeks they aren’t human yet? Where you not a human in your mama’s belly? You are foolish to think that at any point in the womb you aren’t human….what were you? A parasite? A tumor? You ask your doctor sugar.

          • Anne

            Where have you been lately??? READ THE NEWS!!! After-birth abortions are happening every minute of every day! Your facts are so completely WRONG!! Less than 1 percent of pregnancies are conceived in rape, incest OR considered threatening to the life of a woman, so that means 99 percent of the abortions that are happening are for other reasons. President Obama AND Prime Minister Stephen Harper both voted NO to laws banning live-birth abortions – they are happening – always.

          • breandyn

            Well said.

          • I will submit the same questions to you also:

            Can you prove that YOU exist?


            After you have proved that YOU exist, will you demonstrate proof of how YOU have the capacity to make a decision within the constructed proof you have made for YOUR existence?

          • Molly

            Say no to drugs. I love that you throw a question out there to defer the topic.

            Person: Dont kill babys.
            Darin: Can you prove YOU exist.
            Person: DUH.

            What the heck are you doing here???

          • Jonathan D. Jick

            You didn’t ask me and I’m on your side but I’ll answer it. Cogito Ergo Sum. I think therefore I am. Babies have brainwaves at 40 days. So, if we go that route, you got one month to make your kills you selfish pricks.

          • I have two questions for you anon:

            Can you prove that YOU exist?


            After you have proved that YOU exist, will you demonstrate proof of how YOU have the capacity to make a decision within the constructed proof you have made for YOUR existence?

          • Molly

            Science determined life begins at conception – humans changed this for convenience.

          • Molly

            Science determined life begins at conception – humans changed this for convenience.

          • Molly

            Science determined life begins at conception – humans changed this for convenience.

          • Molly

            Science determined life begins at conception – humans changed this for convenience.

          • Molly

            Science determined life begins at conception – humans changed this for convenience.

          • Molly

            Science determined life begins at conception – humans changed this for convenience.

          • Molly

            Science determined life begins at conception – humans changed this for convenience.

          • Anne

            What you are really saying…is that you want mothers to have the right to kill their own children. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter the circumstances, if it’s about school (how ridiculous), or career, or if the child is deformed or not perfect, the list goes on and on. It doesn’t change the fact that SCIENCE has proven that this is a life. This “clump of cells” is a human, you are a walking clump of cells, if you go into a coma or are physically deformed, should we kill you?

          • Libilicious_07

            1.-please dont place a satanic label on people, thats not your job, it’s Gods’. dont talk about judging when thats what you’re doing right there. 
            2.- the bible says plain as day, “thou shalt not kill, whomever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgement”there is NO denying that abortion is the death of a lifeform that would eventually become a person. Ergo, killing a baby.3.-babies are a BLESSING, no matter how they came to be! I got pregnant with my daughter two months after i turned 18, I had just graduated high school, and had only been with my boyfriend for a few months, but that baby is now a five year old about to go into kindergarden, and my boyfriend has been my husband for four years this october. I could not imagine life without my little girl.4.-a pregnancy caused by a rape is horrible, i agree, but “losing your body” is a small price to pay in exchange for someone’s LIFE. If your mother had aborted you, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, now would we?Trust me, I know all about unplanned pregnancies being “inconvenient” , alot of the women in my family had pregnancies that werent convenient, but if they hadnt kept those babies, i wouldnt be alive! Its simply not worth the cost. If you dont want the baby, give it up, it’s as simple as that, at least give it the courtesy of living.No human being has any right to deny life to another, regardless of any surrounding circumstances.

          • braendyn

            Thou shalt not kill…except when ‘god’ orders you to slay your/his enemies.

          • God never gave Man that right. You are using the centuries failed literal interpretation of the Bible.

          • Jonathan D. Jick

            I figured you were a Dawkins flunky. You make me sick.

          • Bridget21045

            Every abortion involves stopping a heart from beating.  You can deny it, rely on the rhetoric of the fanatical or admit it and decide if that is OK with you.

          • Delta Mos

            I would love to have the womans right to choose. Too bad it isn’t their body, and it isn’t their choice. Also, there is no “choice”. It’s all “kill it or else everyone will hate you forever”. No choosing life. That would be too traumatizing for the poor women.

            Using the machine is not that expensive, especially compared to how much they make.

            How do we hate Jesus?? We are lovers of all people, and therefore, we love Jesus.

        • DianneR

          If Planned Parenthood made hundreds of millions of dollars a year in profit, they would no longer exist as a non profit. The CEO of such a huge operation deserves that kind of salary as much as the CEO of a for profit organization does. Just because an organization is a not for profit does not mean they shouldn’t pay their employees. People need to do some research before they repeat the untruths that are rampant on both sides out there.

      • Think before you React

        Bannon, Jesus was accussed of being possessed by the devil.  People who did not understand him thought this way.  I think you haven’t read what Jesus did for the poor and outcasts and especially for women, otherwise you would not have made the last two comments.

      • Anne

        THEY ARE LYING! Isn’t that the biggest point here? Yes using the machine is expensive, blah blah, but they are lying about it, saying THEY offer mammograms to women and protect women and save them from cancer, but they don’t! If they lie about this, what else are they lying about?
        For you to drag Jesus and Satan into this…it’s because you don’t have a real solid argument FOR Planned Parenthood, so you just try to use the “religious bashing” – ridiculous. Get your facts right.

      • Anne

        THEY ARE LYING! Isn’t that the biggest point here? Yes using the machine is expensive, blah blah, but they are lying about it, saying THEY offer mammograms to women and protect women and save them from cancer, but they don’t! If they lie about this, what else are they lying about?
        For you to drag Jesus and Satan into this…it’s because you don’t have a real solid argument FOR Planned Parenthood, so you just try to use the “religious bashing” – ridiculous. Get your facts right.

      • Anne

        THEY ARE LYING! Isn’t that the biggest point here? Yes using the machine is expensive, blah blah, but they are lying about it, saying THEY offer mammograms to women and protect women and save them from cancer, but they don’t! If they lie about this, what else are they lying about?
        For you to drag Jesus and Satan into this…it’s because you don’t have a real solid argument FOR Planned Parenthood, so you just try to use the “religious bashing” – ridiculous. Get your facts right.

      • Anne

        THEY ARE LYING! Isn’t that the biggest point here? Yes using the machine is expensive, blah blah, but they are lying about it, saying THEY offer mammograms to women and protect women and save them from cancer, but they don’t! If they lie about this, what else are they lying about?
        For you to drag Jesus and Satan into this…it’s because you don’t have a real solid argument FOR Planned Parenthood, so you just try to use the “religious bashing” – ridiculous. Get your facts right.

      • Anne

        THEY ARE LYING! Isn’t that the biggest point here? Yes using the machine is expensive, blah blah, but they are lying about it, saying THEY offer mammograms to women and protect women and save them from cancer, but they don’t! If they lie about this, what else are they lying about?
        For you to drag Jesus and Satan into this…it’s because you don’t have a real solid argument FOR Planned Parenthood, so you just try to use the “religious bashing” – ridiculous. Get your facts right.

    • DianneR

      Do you think that Susan G. Korman is not a billion dollar non profit?

      • Anne

        But case after case is showing Planned Parenthood taking money out for their own purposes, not just as a living expense…but millions! If they are so much about “helping women” and protecting women – why would they use that second mansion they live in and instead buy mammogram machines? Or help MORE women? Because they are about money.

      • Jonathan D. Jick

        And they don’t have a right to say where their money should go?

  • I liked the part where they recommended Christ Community Service.

  • We_link

    Liars, liar, shame on you. Those of you out there who are still deceived; Planned Parenthood  is about abortion. Hear, listen, understand.

    • Republicanistan

      so so sad you are that you refuse to think.

      • Me

        Since when are you capable of thinking in the first place?

    • Leaeblack

      Planned Parenthood is the largest supporter of abortions in the US.  Perhaps before you call people liars you should do some research of your own!

  • bob_marley2

    No, not all PP have mammography on site, but all DO have referral services and PAY for mammograms. This move by the Susan G Komen foundation is going to backfire badly. They’ll have to change their motto to “Mammograms for only those who can afford to pay for one”.

    • Agrunk

      I think you’ll find local clinics, espcially low income clinics, can find way to help people and still can receive grants and funding or do referrals that would still be covered under different types of funding.  It isn’t like the buck stops here with Planned Parenthood.  Besides, it’s often that groups stop associating themselves with organizations in question- in investigations.  This money will go somewhere else but still help people. Since Planned Parenthood has already raised money to cover this, why is anyone worried.  They obviously got different funding for there referral service.  It think the abortion and breast cancer link is also a good reason for the two organizations to not be connected. 

    • Leaeblack

      This is an old boring argument.  Rape and incest are less than 3% of abortions.  The number 1 reason for abortion is the inconvenience and financial impact of having a child.  Mr. Bob, have you had a vasectomy in order to protect women from having an unwanted child in their body?  If not, why do you see yourself not liable for the consequences of pregnancy?  Men always weigh in on this issue as if they are supporting  women’s health.  If you really care, be responsible yourself!

  • MlM30

    This doesn’t address where a poor woman gets a breast exam or a mammogram for that matter. It says that Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer mammograms. Most gynecologist don’t have mammogram machine in their offices. They send patients to a radiologist to get them. Mammograms aren’t part of a woman’s yearly check up where a breast exam and pap smear is done by a doctor to catch and prevent cancer. It’s usually done after a lump is found to help diagnose. Now if Susan Koman is offering to FUND mammograms at Planned Parenthood, I’m sure they’d take the offer. After all, some local governments are taking away funding from Planned Parenthood.

  • Oh my!  Come on America wake up!  Is there really any surprise that the organization that leads a modern day holocaust of slaughtering precious, innocent, defenseless babies would lie to the Komen foundation??  You don’t say.

    • Elaine Spencer

      Planned Parenthood did not lie.  This article is a lie!

      • Bruno

        How did this article lie? Please enlighten me

        • Republicanistan

          Planned Parenthood pays for the referral. They do not have radiological services at all of their clinics. PP never said they do the procedure, just that they provide the ability for their patients to get one as part of their care.

          • Me

            In other words, it’s a waste of taxpayer money to give to Planned Parenthood.

          • don

            That is not what the president said last night

          • Jennie

            Actually Planned Parenthood constantly says, “we protect our women and save women by offering them mammograms.”

      • Angela

        Prove it, Elaine!

  • modernmom

    It seems like the women’s pro-choice movement has forgotten that half of the babies aborted are women. What about their rights?
    I know the agony of unplanned pregnancy, but of all the women I have talked to, the ones who chose life, were far happier in the long-term than those who chose abortion. It is a decision that never leaves your mind, and can’t be taken back. Life is not about the moment, it is about eternity. Chose eternity.

    • Republicanistan

      How many raped women have you talked to and how happy were they to find out they were pregnant?

      • Me

        And how often do abortions occur b/c the woman was raped?

        • braendyn

          There are no accurate statistics on this. A responsible society has to plan for the exstingency that this can occur without putting the honus of proving the circumstances on the victim. When education can teach morals strong enough that men stop raping women, then this will no longer be an issue. Until then, forcing victimized women to carry a pregnancy is nothing short of barbaric. But, then this Bible so many people claim to adhere to and understand proscribes that a raped woman should wed her rapist. So, I see why barbarity prevails as a school of thought among so many Christians.

          • Now let’s question the barbarity of the rape claim against men.

            Please define rape clearly so all of us men can understand EXACTLY WHAT it is. After all, we don’t want to inadvertently rape a woman because we are unaware that we are doing it.

            Let me ask you a couple questions:

            If a man is already inside a woman per her allowance, and then decides to say “no” to it, is it rape?

            If a women makes physical contact with a man, and he doesn’t say she can, is it rape?

          • Ach

            “Please define rape clearly so all of us men can understand EXACTLY WHAT it is.”

            Sexual interaction without the full informed consent of all parties involved.

            “After all, we don’t want to inadvertently rape a woman because we are unaware that we are doing it.”

            If you make sure that every woman you have relations with is of legal age, sober, and enthusiastically and unambiguously consenting to all activities, you shouldn’t have a problem.

            “If a man is already inside a woman per her allowance, and then decides to say “no” to it, is it rape?”

            Your wording is a little unclear here, but, in this situation, if the man changes his mind during sex, he can pull out and stop. If the woman physically prevents him from doing so, that could probably be considered rape.

            If the woman changes her mind during sex, the man has a responsibility to pull out and cease contact. Knowingly continuing when the woman has stated her wish to stop can be considered rape.

            “If a women makes physical contact with a man, and he doesn’t say she can, is it rape?”

            Rape definitions vary, and not all “physical contact” can count as rape or sexual assault (e.g., just touching a man on the arm is pretty innocuous). But if the contact is unwanted and sexual in nature, yes, it can be considered sexual assault.

          • Molly Morris

            If you don’t know the answer to those questions for the love of God please to DO NOT HAVE SEX UNTIL YOU KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS!

          • Jonathan D. Jick

            The most educated and civilized country in the history of humanity was 1930’s Germany. Your philosophy of government went up the chimneys of the crematoria of the death camps.

          • Jonathan D. Jick

            Actually it was Planned Parenthood’s polling arm The Alan Guttmacher Institute that came up with the 1% number. Why to go genius.

      • Guest

        Now let’s question the barbarity of the rape claim against men.

        How is it that so much rape happens, and so few of the Pro-Choice women bring their accusers forward?

        Please define rape clearly so all of us men can understand EXACTLY WHAT it is. After all, we don’t want to inadvertently rape a woman because we are unaware that we are doing it.

        Let me ask you a couple more questions:

        If a man is already inside a woman per her allowance, and then decides to say “no” to it, is it rape?

        If a women makes physical contact with a man, and he doesn’t say she can, is it rape?

        You are the one who brought rape up, so you are the one to clarify this issue here.

      • How is it that so much rape happens, and so few of the Pro-Choice women bring their accusers forward?

      • Anne

        LESS than 1 percent of pregnancies are conceived in RAPE, INCEST AND threatening the woman’s life… and something to consider: Having an abortion does NOT unrape a woman.

    • Kitcatlover

      1. A fetus does not have the right to a women’s body. It’s that simple. 
      2. Just because you’ve talked to certain women who regret having abortions does not mean that all women reget having abortions. 
      3. Also most of the women you’ve talked to who have had abortions are probably pro-life, so obviously they regret it. But there are plenty of other women who do not regret their decision. You do not have the right to infringe on their ability to make decisions about their body.
      4. If you want less women to abort their babies instead of pushing the moral argument that it’s wrong you should really start establishing charities that support women who are pregnant and cannot provide for their baby. 

      • Me

        1.  So an unborn baby doesn’t have the right to live in your demented mindset.

        2.  Lots of people don’t regret murdering people.  Doesn’t make them right.

        3.  So we don’t have the right to make murdering unborn babies illegal.

        4.  There already are plenty of charities out there if you would get out of your little bubble.

      • Heather

        1. It is no mystery how babies are created. A woman has no right to disregard life because it’s “inconvenient” or not a part of the woman’s plans. Unplanned pregnancies are a result of unplanned birth control.  

        2. I have yet to meet a woman who has had an abortion who doesn’t regret it. Maybe not right away, but at some point they do. And I know several women who have had an abortion or more than one.

        3. Did it occur to you maybe the women who do regret their abortion(s) were obviously at one point pro-choice?? 

        4. There are millions of couples who want children who physically can’t have them. The adoption process is already set up so there isn’t really a need for this charity you’re suggesting. 

        Abortion is a very selfish act based on fear, guilt, shame, regret, and lack of concern for life in general. I truly feel bad that so many women feel that abortion is the solution b/c it’s not. 

        • noreally

          However the millions of couples that you mention refuse to adopt minority children which fill foster care. Please, tell me again how abortion is such a selfish act based on fear, guilt, shame and regret. Please, speak for my friends and my mother as you clearly are so versed in their lives so as to understand where they were in their lives. It’s been over 10 years for my friends and over 25 for my mother and none regret their abortions.

          Oh, but that’s right. I forgot. It’s only white babies you care about…

          • grdawg

             Quite wrong.  Actually, many of those millions of couples would LOVE to adopt minority children, but they’re not allowed to.  Yep, that’s right.  It’s actually white parents who are often discriminated against and who are not allowed to adopt and love a child of another race, despite their desire to do so.  We care about ALL babies – most certainly not only those who are white.  It’s Planned Parenthood that specifically targets minority communities for abortion clinics.  Accuse them of only caring about white babies if you want to point the finger at someone.

          • They will regret one day when they grow up.

          • Molly Morris

            Noreally – I am really sorry for the loss of your little baby brother or sister. Don’t you think it is unfair that your friends and mother are so dependent on sexually intercourse that they are willing to kill a little baby inside them to continue their own lifestyle?

      • Lea

        1. It’s not a fetus, it’s a child, and yes, that child does have the right. The baby is dependant on the mother to live, but does not steal her body. 
        2. Ever hear of Silent No More? Look them up. 
        3. You can’t be pro-Life and pro-abortion, so don’t contradict yourself. Also, it has nothing to do with her body, it is the life of another individual human that is at stake.
        4. Ever hear of the St. Vincent dePaul Home for Unwed Mothers? Look the up. 

      • Mom

        @Kitcatlover-There are Charities that provide help/support to pregnant women.  Oh yeah, by the way.  Your body belongs to God and not you.  If you are going to be laying with someone you need to be responsible for what comes with the joy of having sex.  if you don’t want to be responsible, then don’t have sex.   Wake up and Grow up.  God Loves You and so do I.  

        • braendyn

          Understand. Actually Understand. NOT EVERYONE IS CHRISTIAN. Your opinion, belief, conviction that a body belongs to this god you and some others believe in is not something that has true weight in secular society.
          It is an individual’s RIGHT-something that is inalienable, those things called rights, to choose if they will carry a pregnancy to term.
          A fetus is not awarded personhood. Children are not even granted full personhood until they reach their legal majority at the age of 18. That is not to say that potential life is not special. Or that children don’t count as human, but they don’t have the full responsibilty of legal personhood.
          Whether an individual carries a pregnancy to term is a personal choice between them and this god, and their conscience, and their individual circumstances.
          The responsibility of society is to ensure that there is a safe and humane way for a person to excercise that choice. When societies fail to provide this they end up with genuine infanticide, harmful methods of termination and in general a whole lot of inhumane and ilicit activities.

          • marine72

            So what you are saying is that if children below the age of consent become inconvenient, then off with their heads. GOt it!

          • “an individual’s RIGHT” ?…

            I’m glad you said that braendyn. Now tell us WHAT an “individual” is…

            A fetus is not a fetus, because a fetus does not exist. It’s called a baby. This is the whole problem with the Pro-Choice cause’s abuse of the biology terminology. Coin a new word to apply to something, and you can redefine the value of the thing. We, as humans, are also known as homo sapiens or humanoids. Do you think it would be ok if we aborted homo sapiens or humanoids just because they are called that?

            Define responsibility?… Now apply that to the age of a human.

            “legal personhood” was declared by President Ronald Regan through the “PERSONHOOD PROCLAMATION” of January 14, 1988. Here is a link:

            Based on what you have said, we have the right to kill anyone under the age of 18.

            “is a personal choice between them and this god, and their conscience, and their individual circumstances.”

            This is only true so long as it does not remove that capacity from others. Human rights appurtenantly define the boundaries of our freedom as well as our interactive and effectual responsibility to one another. Hence, I do not have the FREEDOM to kill you.

            The is NO “humane way for a person to exercise that choice,” because that choice is NOT HUMANE! When societies begin to provide this choice, it’s laws break down and become unsustainable simply because all of it’s laws were validated by sustaining life in the first place. How can you have any laws, if there is no society? And how can you have a society if there is no life? Life must always come FIRST!

          • Molly Morris

            The same people that say that fetuses are ‘nonperson’ are the same people that deemed african americans NONPERSONS too! Where they right? If you believe that Fetus’s are nonperson then you also believe that black people are nonperson because the THE SAME PEOPLE MADE DETERMINED THESE TO BE TRUE! Please BRAENDYN open your eyes and see the truth!

          • Rempel

            THIS IS NOT ABOUT BEING CHRISTIAN! Why is that always the argument from you? So you’re not a Christian, are you okay with murder in general? Are you okay with slavery? How about killing handicapped people or people in comas? Science has shown you that this IS life – the definition of life is a heart beating, a fetus has a heart beating at 21 days – women do not know they are pregnant until at least 28 days. Just because you do not believe in God doesn’t make it right to cause harm on others does it?

          • Jonathan D. Jick

            You started out making some rather silly statements. “Inalienable Rights” is found in the Declaration of Independence and is immediately proceeded by “By His Creator” And this is derived from Lockean liberalism, a very Christian philosophy.

        • Jonathan D. Jick

          Your argument is classic Lockean liberalism. John Locke, who was probably the biggest influence on our founding fathers argued that moral obligation started at that the point of the individual and that he or she belonged to God.

      • behappy

        Where else is a fetus to grow if not in a woman’s body?

        • marine72

          I guess braendyn believes in immaculate conception.

      • marine72

        Roe v. Wade says I cannot know of the abortion activity (not that abortion is legal or not). OK! I got it. My vehement pro-life position is “I know that you have the right to be irresponsible and to fix your stupidity you have the right to abort/murder a real human being while you flip the rest of us off.” My active support of the Pro-Life movement centers on not making me part of your degradation. I refuse to pay one cent to help you kill innocent babies (yes, even babies of rape or incest are innocent in the eyes of my Lord, Jesus Christ.” The baby didn’t cause the rape, didn’t cause the incest, yet they are murdered without the right to due process; found guilty of a heinous crime whose reward is quick execution.

      • 1. A Woman does not have the right to a baby’s body, and yet the Woman made the decision to give the baby to the right of her body when she had sex. That is also simple.

        2. Have you ever asked any of these women WHY they regret it? Do you think serial killers regret killing their victims? It’s called “lacking a conscience.”

        3. They were not Pro-Life when they had the abortion, now were they? Those who do not regret their decisions, yet lack a conscience. And you also do not have the right to infringe on the living status of another.

        4. The one truth you have spoken.

        • Lucille

          “A Woman does not have the right to a baby’s body, and yet the Woman made
          the decision to give the baby to the right of her body when she had
          sex. That is also simple.”

          Yes, any woman who has had sex has forfeited her rights over her own body and is obligated to become a reproductive slave.

          That is a perfectly rational position. For misogynistic thugs from the dark ages.

      • Jennie

        So you are arguing for the right for a mother to kill her child. You can’t argue that she’s killing something that’s “not alive” because science has already proven that this is life. So you want to FIGHT for the right for a mother to kill her child. Is that only okay in the womb? Only at the beginning of the pregnancy? Is it okay 30 seconds AFTER birth if she changes her mind?

      • Jonathan D. Jick

        I would say most of the countries crises pregnancy centers are funded and run by pro-lifers. Did you know that one of the major reasons people abort their children is because it’s a baby girl and they want a boy? Still feel the same why about a woman fetus? Just checking. Here’s how you keep your body free from fetuses. Keep your legs together! DUH.

  • Bannon

    More lies for superstitious simpletons.

    Go ahead. Call your local Planned Parenthood and schedule a free mammogram. Get off your fat fascist bottom and find out if you’re being used and lied to.

    PP PAYS FOR this essential health service for poor women. And LIVE ACTION knows they lie to you. They think you are stupid enough to fall for it without checking for yourself.

    After you confirm this vital service PP provides, please spend the next few days looking for ANOTHER organization in your community that does the same. You’re very lucky if you find one.

    And, in general, stop hating women. Please?

    • guest

      Wow, just because we disagree with PP doesn’t mean we hate women. I’m a woman! And PP will REFER you to someone else. They don’t actually provide the service. And as for them paying for it, you can’t get it paid for directly from the Komen Foundation and other organizations, you just have to be willing to check.

      • Republicanistan

        and your point is?

        • Me

          PP doesn’t provide mammograms themselves.  The money can always go to the mammogram providers themselves instead of going to Planned Parenthood.

  • Planned Parenthood today releases the 840,000 breast exams each year…now unable to save women since lack of funding….(cheese with that whine?) Breast EXAMS are done with the hands, which as informed women, we are conducting routinely on our own breasts; HOWEVER, LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR! accuses Komen of denying mammograms yet PP DOES NOT NOW NOR EVEN HAVE THE EQUIPMENT TO PERFORM SUCH A PROCEDURE……One little WORD “EXAM” exposes the WHOLE ROTTEN BARREL!!

    • Republicanistan

      PP provides the funding for those they refer to a radiologist for a mammogram. What part of that is not clear to you?

      • Me

        Then it’s a waste of taxpayer money to give to Planned Parenthood.  Just give the money directly to the place that does mammograms.  What part of that is not clear to you?

      • Leaeblack

        It would serve you well to research this further!

    • Leaeblack

      So right, Mary!  My breast canceer was found with mammogram, I had no lumps, so had I depended on PP I would probably have died!

  • DoTheResearch

    That’s funny…Here’s a brochure from last year advertising a Planned Parenthood FREE MAMMOGRAM clinic.. 
    So exactly what “False claim” is being made in that video?

  • Elaine Spencer

    This article deliberately twists what CEO Cecile Richards actually said. Yes, she mentioned mammograms but Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards did NOT state that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms!!! 
    Planned Parenthood EDUCATES women about breast care which includes mammograms.
    “Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses teach patients about breast care,
    connect patients to resources to help them get vital biopsies,
    ultrasounds, and mammograms, and follow up to make sure patients are
    cared for with the attention they need and deserve.”

  • Guest

    They spend $104,000,000 on fundraising and public policy…..and they’re quibbling over a paltry $350,000 in tax payer money.  Think of all the mammograms THAT could buy!

  • By the same reasoning, my insurance company does not provide knee replacements because they don’t have an operating room. How stupid! You people are without honor.

  • If Steven Ertelt, the “author” of this “expose,” were working for me at my newspaper as an investigative reporter, he’d be fired! The idiot called 30 Planned Parenthood centers when all he had to do was go to their website, type in a state or zip code, and the services offered by that Planned Parenthood Center would have automatically come up on his webpage. He’s a real Andrew Dumbbart!

  • Bobbiland

    Since abortions significantly increase the rate of breast cancer, and Planned Parenthood is the world’s largest abortion provider–does it EVER make sense for a
    breast cancer concern like SGK to give money to an outfit whose actions PROMOTE breast cancer?!?!?!?

  • kayaker

    This article is a lie & the video is just a product of clever editing and really not all that clever.  Here is the page from Planned Parenthood’s website concerning Breast Cancer Screenings:

    It states the following:  “Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses teach patients about breast care, connect patients to resources to help them get vital biopsies, ultrasounds, and mammograms, and follow up to make sure patients are cared for with the attention they need and deserve.”

    Nowhere does it state that they actually provide the mammogram.  They do breast exams and provide referrals for mammograms, etc.  There is nothing misleading about that.  Please check for yourself.

    • Republicanistan

      Classic example of the righties trying to make someone a liar when they are providing the resources for people to get mammograms, just because the don’t actually do the radiological procedure at their clinics.

      Anytime it takes more than one sentence to explain something they get a little confused.

      • Me

        Actually it’s a classic example of Marxists trying to make themselves sound honest when they really aren’t.

        Women will still be able to get mammograms if Planned Parenthood isn’t funded with taxpayer money.

    • Me

      In other words, it’s an inefficient waste of money and time, LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for posting this!  I  had been looking for a succint evidence to share with my readers.  

  • veronica

    Is it just me or did I not clearly hear CEO Cecile Richards say “access to mammograms” not that they perform mammograms?
    This whole article is stirring up a problem that is not relevant. 

  • Carrie

    Ok, now I’d like to go on record.  A lot of you assume that a woman has sex without birth control and when she finds out she is pregnant and decides she wants an abortion it’s for selfish reasons.  Four years ago I made a decision to have my tubes tied. I am a noncustodial mother so I decided it was best not to bring another life into this world. I also happen to have Bipolar type 1, with mania and suicidal tendencies.   IF by some strange chance I found myself pregnant AND the zygote implanted in the uterus (mine were also burned) I would have an abortion.  I don’t think it would be fair to me, the life within me (note I did not say “unborn child”), and especially my children who are already here to be off meds for nine months.  It’s a no-win situation.  If I carry to term and take my meds there’s the risk of birth defects.  If I carry to term and do not take my meds I risk putting myself in either direct or indirect harm in the form of attempted overdoses and reckless driving.  So, yes, I WOULD terminate.  And it is nobody else’s business except mine and God’s.

  • Farleyministry
  • Farleyministry
  • Tsunami of Peace

    I love babies they are a gift from above.

  • Sofia

    I can’t handle this article. Planned Parenthood has never provided mammograms, but always referred people to get mammograms elsewhere (and helped pay for it). Abortions are only 3% of what they do there, the rest are paps, sti screenings and treatments, uti treatments, birth control, etc…women need low cost clinics! Planned parenthood does so much good…much more good than most anti choice organizations. People, don’t complain that poor women are able to get treated and pay what they can afford for important services! And yes. They do provide abortions. Safe, sterile, LEGAL, abortions. And that is NONE of your business.

  • Anne

    A direct quote from founder Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood – who they still have remembrance and celebration days for:

    “The purpose in promoting birth control was “to create a race of
    thoroughbreds,” she wrote in the Birth Control Review, Nov.
    1921 (p. 2)

    Planned Parenthood was FOUNDED on the idea of exterminating, population control, racist killing and abortion – not on helping women. That being said, there are many workers who believe they are really there to HELP women – they are being deceived, just like the world is being deceived into thinking PP is all about women’s health and mammograms.

  • Garth Croft

    No where in that video does she claim that PP does mammograms. They refer women for mammograms, and many women would indeed lose access to that referral service by PP.

    Between O’keefe’s fraudulent videos, the fake story about ‘selling baby parts’, and stuff like this… is there no level to which you will not stoop?