Planned Parenthood Chaplain Vincent Lachina: Not a Minister at a Southern Baptist Church

Planned Parenthood Washington State Chaplin Vincent Lachina proclaimed last week, “I am an ordained Southern Baptist minister” to an audience in the highly Southern Baptist populated state of Mississippi. This can be seen at the 18 second mark in the clip below:

Many people over the last few days questioned whether Vincent Lachina was actually a Southern Baptist minister based on his statements in support of abortion and work on behalf of the largest abortion chain in the U.S., Planned Parenthood. Southern Baptists generally oppose abortion and support the right-to-life of unborn children.

Screenshot via Google page cache dated August 4th, 2011.

A Google cache of Planned Parenthood Votes! Northwest shows a profile of Vincent Lachina that you can see in its original size by clicking on the graphic on right. The profile reads of Lachina: “He is now aligned with the more progressive American Baptist Conference and the United Church of Christ.”

A current Southern Baptist Minister with personal connections to the Southern Baptist national executive committee confirmed that one must currently be connected with a Southern Baptist congregation to be a “Southern Baptist Minister.” He said that claiming to be a Southern Baptist Minister while not even attending a Southern Baptist church was “misrepresentation.” Southern Baptist North American Mission Board Chaplaincy Coordinator Dr. David E. Mullis commented of Lachina’s deception, “unbelievable hubris to think he would not be found out!”

This revelation means that a Planned Parenthood Chaplain traveled from Washington State to Mississippi and made false religious claims to influence Mississippi voters against a pro-life ballot measure.

Questions now are being raised over Planned Parenthood’s involvement in Lachina’s appearance in Mississippi. Did Planned Parenthood as his employer plan and pay for this religious manipulation of voters?

Planned Parenthood Removes Lachina Profile From Website

Sometime since August 4th, when the Google cached page containing Lachina’s profile was recorded, Planned Parenthood Votes! Northwest suspiciously removed the profile of Vincent Lachina. You can see the current page here or look at the screen shot of where the bio went below:

Why is Planned Parenthood appearing to institutionally make it difficult to verify if Vincent Lachina is actually a Southern Baptist Minister? Are they in on the trick?

Lachina is also on the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Clergy Advisory Board and can be seen in this picture with Planned President President Cecile Richards:

  • NotAsIgnorantAsYou

    WOW!!!!  The level of your ignorance is astounding!

    • SuperLogic

      Yeah, I fail to see what part of the article was ignorant, except for Vincent Lachina who was exposed for his lies and deception, and thought he wouldn’t be found out.    

      It’s amazing how PP continues to prove that it is all about deceiving women, and puts profit over human lives.   A downright evil organization!

    • Hope to the hopeless

      Weird cryptic comment. What is ignorant?  Facts please.

  • great post David.

  • Michelle

    Its always evil when people twist the gospel to justify shady things but especially evil when they do it do destroy Gods creation.

  • Anonymous

    Even if Planned Parenthood didn’t know about Lachina’s “misrepresentation” of himself as a Southern Baptist minister, the organization doesn’t seem to be doing anything to correct the record or take ownership of the mistake. Doesn’t pass the smell test to me.

    • Jeepers

      Although removing his biography is very telling, neh?!

  • cashy

    a wolf in sheeps clothing….

  • Anonymous

    I’m saddened and stunned that clergy would brazenly stand before a camera in support of Planned Parenthood’s sinister agenda. “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” (Luke 17:2)


    Which gospel are you folks reading?  Sounds like judgment, bearing false witness, and certainly not taking the log out of one’s own eye before finding a speck in another’s.

    • Anonymous

      It appears they are reading 1John 4:1-11 reverend.  Perhaps you should as well.

      Shepherds who coach the sheepkillers have a special abhorrence from Jesus…’it would be better if a millstone be hung on their necks and cast into the sea’ Matt. 18:6

  • Jobin Thomas

    Wow, Planned Parenthood continues to amaze me everyday. Just when I think they are done doing one horrible thing after another, they come up with something like this. Stop feeding your lies to the world.

  • IAM71

    Oh, My!  Is that a portion of a Confederate flag I see behing the “rev”?  Let me see now,… was it not the Confederate democrats that upheld slavery?  And was it not margarot sanger (birthmother of planned parenthood bka planned parasite) that supported eugenics of black people (watch “Cheaper By The Dozen” to see a planned parasite cameo). I see now…creepy!

    • 123

      Its the Mississippi state flag idiot!

    • William

      The state flag of Mississippi does include the Stars and Bars, the battle flag of the Confederacy, in the upper right corner. With the change in flag designs in Georgia and South Carolina in recent years, Mississippi is the only state left that includes the Stars and Bars.

  • Luis

    But who can be surprised about Lachina’s deception?  The whole abortion industry is built on lies, starting with, “Give us abortion and there will be no unwanted children.”  The are incapable of telling the truth.  See the first article in this bulletin by Jewels Green about the abortion industry’s day to day lies.

  • Mamabecci

    The description,  “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, rightly applies.

  • Sinner

     “we’d treat him pretty ugly” if he shows his face again

  • Penne Campbell

    Was or is – is that the argument? I am a Baptist – member of a SB church, baptized in a Baptist church. I now attend a Presbyterian church which is contemporary and more non-denominational by attendees. So, what am I now?