Planned Parenthood Minnesota Abortion Market Share Chart

Planned Parenthood Increases Minnesota Abortion Market Share for 5th Straight Year

The State of Minnesota has released its 2010 report on abortion and it finds that abortion has dropped 7% since 2009. Planned Parenthood though did not see their abortion numbers fall as they have increased their abortion totals and abortion market share every year since 2005 as the chart below illustrates.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota Abortion Market Share Chart
Source: State of Minnesota

Total abortions in Minnesota stand at 11,505 which is a drop of almost 14% since 2005 when human terminations totaled 13,362. At Planned Parenthood abortions have risen by 1,021 over the same period from 3,012 to 4,033 or an increase of 33.9%.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the good news here is that abortions are decreasing in Minnesota – praise Jesus! But the fact that abortion rates are dropping in that state while Planned Parenthood increases its market share just goes to show that Lila Rose is wise to focus on that organization in her pro-life activism.