Lizz Winstead Tweets of Plan to Get Mammogram From Planned Parenthood Who Doesn’t Perform Them!

Co-author of The Daily Show and avid Planned Parenthood supporter Lizz Winstead tweeted that she plans on photographing the mammogram she will receive this year at a Planned Parenthood center to try and prove that Planned Parenthood actually performs them.

Best of luck with that one, Ms. Winstead!

Lizz Winstead

Lizz Winstead

Over and over, we have to explain that not a single Planned Parenthood in the country offers mammograms, much less is equipped to perform them.  This has been exposed time and time again. Planned Parenthood performs manual breast exams and referrals clients to other centers to have their mammograms performed.  That is the extent of their breast health services.  How many times do pro-lifers have to iterate this to get the point across?

If Ms. Winstead does photograph herself receiving a mammogram at any Planned Parenthood in the nation, I will literally put my own foot in my mouth and take a photograph of that.


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