Planned Parenthood’s Mammogram Deception Continues

Mammogram Machine

It has long been established that not a single Planned Parenthood in the nation offers mammograms in their clinics. However, speculation has arisen as to whether Planned Parenthood of Waco, Texas is a mammogram-providing Planned Parenthood, because when you Google “Planned Parenthood mammograms,” the first link that appears is one for the affiliate of central Texas, which strongly implies its Waco clinic is a mammogram provider:

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The newsletter that the Waco Planned Parenthood published in the summer of 2010 flat-out stated that “in 2009, [they] provided 487 mammograms” and that “[they] have provided 2,683 mammograms to low-income women” since 2001:

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Planned Parenthood of Central Texas, which runs and operates Planned Parenthood of Waco, explicitly states that their affiliate provides mammography:


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However, the official website for the Waco center itself does not list mammograms as a service they provide:

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See why this is confusing people? Planned Parenthood outright claims they provide mammograms in their Waco facility… but it is well-established that no Planned Parenthood provides them.

A quick phone call cleared it all up. The verdict? Planned Parenthood of Waco, just like every other Planned Parenthood in the nation, only offers referrals for mammogram services. Once again, Planned Parenthood is blatantly lying about this service.

  • Lindsey_ladner

    What else do you expect from them?

  • So, is PP of Waco fraudulently billing the US government for low-income mammograms that they did not actually perform, but only referred?  There is an investigation for you… That would explain why they are “reporting” that they performed them.

  • DrDaneClark

    Actually, In each article Planned Parenthood says it’s partnered with  Breast Health Centers to provide mammography. Just like ANY OB/GYN would do. When you go for your regular checkup, Your GYN doesn’t do the mammogram, he does a breast exam, then SENDS you to a center that does mammograms. These programs are for poor or underinsured Women. Pretty sure the Thousands of Women getting the mammograms know their getting them.

    • Elise77

      “Through a grant from the local Central Texas Affiliate of the Susan G.
      Komen Foundation, Planned Parenthood in Waco provides life-saving
      mammogram screening and abnormal mammogram follow-up diagnostic testing
      for low-income women.”

      Except, as has been demonstrated, THEY DON’T.

  • Allison

    I don’t know about the Planned Parenthoods in Texas, but the ones in Pennsylvania work with Labs that do the mammogram and if you’re on Medicaid, like me,The Doctors at Planned Parenthood  give you the referral. That’s how you get a mammogram.Also the one in my neighborhood doesn’t do abortions, it just does check ups, pap smears, cancer screening, birth control & prenatal care, etc.

    •  So my question is do they provide you with some sort of funding to pay for the mammogram services (they refer you out for)? Planned Parenthood receives federal funding and it’s SUPPOSED to be paying for these important health care issues but when they refer you to someone else are those funds paying for the service?

      • Allison

        YES The mammogram is PAID for, through the same funding, What don’t you all get? When you go to your Primary Care Doctor or Your OB/GYN and he orders bloodwork, tests, MAMMOGRAMS, He/She Doesn’t do the test, Labs&Specialist do the test. PlannedParenthood is primary Doctors/OB/GYNs for Women&Men on Medicaid, Poor,or Under-insured. You don’t just walk into some place & get a Mammogram. You get a referral from YOUR Doctor.

  • Katya from Texas

    Aren’t these Live Action people the same people that made those FAKE videos about Planned Parenthood? I’m Prolife but the articles say Planned Parenthood works with breast cancer centers. Don’t you READ the articles before posting? You’re not helping the prolife cause.

    • Sarah M

       Okay, they don’t deny working with medical facilities that screen for breast cancer, but they do use the word “provide” in reference to mammograms when they should state they made referrals. As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I don’t appreciate Planned Parenthood using a such a serious disease to tug on heart strings and make them look charitable, which is what they do when they erroneously say they provide mammograms to low income women.

      It helps the pro-life cause very much when the abortion industry’s biggest player is exposed for being more interested in profiteering than “women’s health” the way they claim.

    • Fake videos? Which videos were fake? The undercover camera ones? How can those be fake? The full footage is available on their website.

      • Katya from Texas

        LOL, please tell me you people aren’t that stupid, EDITING, Ever hear of EDITING Tapes?  When you go to the Movies & see Vampires, Do You Think They Are REAL too? That’s why I don’t join any of these #prolife groups, You’re all uneducated morons. You Lie&deceive. How does THAT help the cause. The cause is Lost if you follow these FRAUDS.

        • MoonChild02

          Every news broadcast out there has been edited. Videos are edited for content, for running time, in order to highlight main points, etc. If they were so fake, then why were employees of Planned Parenthood fired for what happened?

          If the videos are so fake, why doesn’t Planned Parenthood sue for slander? The truth is, PP has no leg to stand on. They know that what was said in those videos was fact.

    • Elise77

      Didn’t you READ this article before posting? It says that Planned Parenthood has strongly IMPLIED that it offered mammography (FACT) though it does not (FACT) and has even gone so far, in at least one instance (Waco), as to FLAT OUT ADVERTISE mammography services that they do not offer. NOWHERE in this article does it deny that they REFER patients for mammography services.

      By the way, Planned Parenthood associates have been FIRED and Planned Parenthood has scrambled to cover its rear end over the contents of some of those “fake” videos you’re talking about. Just fyi. You’re slandering some of the most effective proponents in the prolife cause. Don’t know where you got the impression that those videos were fake, but you were misinformed. YOU’RE not helping the cause.

      • Katya from Texas

        HOAX VIDEO EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood Already Reported “Sex Trafficking” To FBI | Media Matters for…

        • Katya from Texas
        • MoonChild02

          Nice try. Media Matters has an EXTREME pro-abortion bias. They have been bought out by other pro-abortion institutions, including the Obama Administration. A memo of theirs was just released, showing their plan to destroy all conservatives and their news outlets. Here are a couple of links to get you started in digging out from the lies they fed you:

          • Katya from Texas

            LOL, There’s treatment and drugs for extreme Paranoia

          • Oedipa

             Meh. It’s really just an anti-FOX bias. And I think we can all agree that anti-FOX bias is justified. Glad someone’s out there calling them out for mis-information and inflammatory rhetoric.

          • Guest

            Not just Fox (though they seem to be the main target).  According to their website, “Media Matters […] is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and
            information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing,
            and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”

            In practice, this means attacking anything that advances what they perceive to be the “conservative agenda”.  This happens to include investigative videos released by pro-life organizations (regardless of their accuracy).

            It’s been established that Media Matters worked closely with Planned Parenthood and staged an emergency conference call on how to avoid negative publicity.  It also has close ties to the pro-abortion Center for American Progress.

            Fox does have its share of questionable pundits and talking heads (no use denying that), but it’s far from the only major news outlet with biased coverage and inflammatory pundits.  No Fox News personality has an entire segment on his/her show dedicated to the “Worst Person in the World”.

        • Elise77

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        • Guest

          The president herself wrote a great rebuttal to the arguments put forth by Planned Parenthood (and Media Matters).  I think you’d benefit from reading it (starting from the top):

  • kat

    News letter says Planned Parenthood  contracts with Hillcrest breast screening center & Providence breast health center

    • Elise77

      The irony is that in all likelihood that means that Hillcrest pays THEM for referrals. So exactly what IS the money from Susan G. Komen helping to provide? Planned Parenthood certainly isn’t PAYING anything to refer women to mammography providers– especially if they’re actually CONTRACTING with them. 

  • oldmanbob

     Can we really expect that those who kill babies for cash are going to tell the truth?

  • You know, if PP actually provided mammograms in their clinics someday, I’d say “good for them.” Sure, they have some twisted services (namely, abortion). Sure, actually having mammogram machines might improve their image for a while. But, when it comes down to it, the good doesn’t outweigh the bad. People know that deep down. I have no problem with the services PP provides that actually help women. I do have a problem with how these services lead women to trust PP to help with bigger decisions, such as abortion. I do have a problem with how these services help them gain government funds. I do have a problem with how PP portrays all of its services, including abortion, as being in the women’s best interests. And, of course, I have a problem with anything that deceives. So choosing words that make it appear they provide mammograms really rubs be the wrong way. Thank you, Ms. Stone and the rest of the Live Action team, for doing your part to reveal the truth. I’m too cynical to trust that you always get things 100% correct (humans mess up, and places like this almost never have purely objective accounts), but I know your pursuit of the truth is the real thing.

    •  Annalyn, I love your words here may I repost them to Facebook? I will gladly give you credit for them and link back here if you would like.

    • Yeah, if PP would stop A) providing and referring for abortions and B) encouraging teenagers to be sexually active, I really wouldn’t have a problem with them. It’s not that every single thing they do is bad – it’s that the bad that they DO do is destructive and lethal.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write such a well thought-out post. I appreciate it.

    • Guest

      I worked at planned parenthood for several years (before they did abortions–or at least abortions weren’t performed at the clinIc where I worked) and we provided all sorts of good and valuable health care to women and men. I believe that for most PP clinics abortions are a fraction of what they do.

      And at the clinic where i worked we certainly didn’t encourage teenagers to have sex.

      • Another guest

        Planned Parenthood started doing them in 1971, and have ever since gradually expanded abortion to more and more of their clinics.

        By definition, abortions are a fraction of what they do.  “A fraction” would be anything between 0 and 100 percent.  However, this fraction is much more significant than their spokespersons would like you to believe.  Consider percentage of clients seen, percentage of pregnancy services, percentage of clinic revenue, and that every one of those 330000+ abortions is the killing of a defenseless human being.

  • Erin

    I think that the crisis pregnancy centers should ban together and expand their health services to form a new organization that can compete with PP. Provide all the good health services to low income women without killing babies. I believe there is a real opportunity here to effect change. I know a lot of people that think the good PP does outweighs the harm they are doing, primarily because they don’t see another organization out there serving those in need. If there was a national organization we could support I think PP would fold.

    • Check out the services that Federally Qualified Health Centers provide. They offer all the services PP does, except for abortions. These centers operate in 8,000 areas around the country and minister to low-income families. They provide a comprehensive range of services, too-not just reproductive ones like PP.

      • kat

        You mean those 1,124  FQHC health centers that serve about 20 million people as of 2011stats? That provide comprehensive primary care,but are limited in their ability to provide specialty care ,Like Mammogram Referrals? Yeah, they don’t have mammogram machines on site EITHER, Because Mammograms are done  by radiologic technicians.

        Good News Though,With new funding provided through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)of 2010,They’re projected to serve up to 44 million people by 2015….Oh, but you want to get rid of…….

        • Laea

           Yea, we should give the money to the places that don’t lie about providing mammograms. We should have our taxes go organizations that aren’t being investigated.

        • Guest

          I’m glad you’ve acknowledged that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a monopoly on women’s health care.  That’s at least a start.

          1124 (or so) organizations, but 8000 actual clinics.  These provided over 300000 mammograms in 2009:

          I presume that they have the machines on site.  But even if they do only refer for mammograms, that number still dwarfs Planned Parenthood’s 14000 referrals per year.

          I don’t know why you automatically think that a bunch of people you’ve never met want to get rid of Obamacare.  Pro-lifers do question the safeguards in place to ensure that it doesn’t lead to an expansion of taxpayer funded abortion (directly or indirectly).  If the loopholes were closed more effectively, I’m sure that most pro-lifers would be indifferent or supportive of the legislation.

  • HammerDoc

    It is all so hypocritical.  If Planned (un)Parenthood REALLY cared about preventing breast cancer, they wouldn’t keep performing their biggest activity (abortion) which is the BIGGEST modifiable risk factor for breast cancer there is–up to an 800% increase in breast cancer risk depending on the age of the mother and the age of the baby at the time of the abortion
    in MULTIPLE studies.  (Unless the mother is under 18 at the time of the abortion and has a close family history of breast cancer–EVERY GIRL in the only study to look at this demographic got breast cancer before age 45.  EVERY ONE!)


  • Dave

    Some here are working real hard to try to find something good within Planned Parenthood, and generally, I agree that is admirable.   Like, gosh, there’s got to be some good in there someplace.  Probably is, but consider this:  The original purpose and mission of Planned Parenthood was to provide abortions to blacks.  Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder, wanted to create genocide on the black race.  Check it out. There is alot of data out there to prove this.

  • Mark Nowitzky

    Here’s a flyer from 2010, showing a Planned Parenthood clinic providing mammograms:

    • Guest

      For four hours on a Saturday afternoon. That’s not the same as actually having a permanent mammogram machine in your clinic and providing mammograms.