Planned Parenthood Pushes Bill Forcing Mandatory Abortion Coverage on Pro-Lifers

Planned Parenthood and other abortion industry allies like NARAL are rallying behind a new Washington State bill that would require health insurance coverage for abortion if a health plan covers maternity care.

This act will force everyone, include those with pro-life values, to purchase an insurance plan that pays for elective abortion if they want an insurance plan that contains maternity coverage. Those interested in an insurance plan without abortion coverage would be banned from having their plan cover maternity care.

Pro-Life advocates gathered by the tens of thousands at the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco, CA held every January.

The bill is called the Reproductive Parity Act or HB 2330 and has passed the House Health Care & Wellness committee and Ways & Means committee on the back of support from Democrats. The companion Senate bill SB 6185 passed the Health & Long-Term Care committee 9 days ago and now heads to the Rules committee. The full state House and Senate have yet to hold a vote.

Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest which is the political lobbying arm of Planned Parenthood of the Northwest states, “we want to make sure all insurance policies provide abortion coverage.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is also backing the mandated abortion coverage proposal and says that they have “mobilized its statewide network of members and activists to call and email their legislators in support of the Reproductive Parity Act”.

Dan Kennedy, CEO of Human Life of Washington, said to the Seattle Times that “to mandate that we violate our conscience is tyranny.”

  • Jay E.

    Which is, of course, the logical next step after the contraceptive mandate.

  • 1000 miles an hour in the wrong direction

  • Anonymous

    Planned Parenthood isn’t about “choice”…they are about telling pro-lifers to get behind abortion. What a sick attack.

  • Francisfaustina

    Planned Parenthood is NOT about choice….if they were they would respect the CHOICE of Pro-Lifers.  They are about killing as many children in the mother’s womb as they can so they can not only be the master of genocide but also reap the monitary benifits.

  • oldmanbob

    If I am correct Washington State has a recall law.  Time to put it to use.

  • Sweet Marmot

    How interesting!  I wonder if the bill they’re supporting is REALLY about reproductive parity?  So, if a health insurance plan provides maternity care, it must also support abortion?  But if the health plan voluntarily offers abortion coverage, does it also have to offer maternity care?  I have a sneaking suspicion that these things are not really equal.  When the so-called “pro-choice” people push something, it’s always tilted towards abortion and tends to screw and back stab those who want to give birth.  Eventually they’ll want to force no maternity care in the health insurance, but it will be illegal not to include abortion.  The idea will be to force abortion with even more economic pressure than pregnant women face now.  I don’t trust these pro-aborts. 

  • Aardwark

    Meh… I suggest you just get over it.
    Abortion, like it or not, is a legitimate medical procedure requiring resources and trained staff, covered by an industry. The insurance industry. Making this about your agenda, personal values, etc, is idiotic at best or self serving at worst.

    • Lc1967

      Many people don’t consider murdering a preborn human to be a legitimate medical procedure.  And as for legitimate medical procedures, facelifts and tummy tucks probably count, but I sure hope insurance doesn’t start covering those, too.

    • Anonymous

      “Abortion, like it or not, is a legitimate medical procedure”

      That’s your opinion. After seeing a few abortions of unborn humans at various stages, I disagree.

      • Anonymous

        I’m a retired RN. Abortion is NOT a legit medical procedure. It is murder. 

        • Aardvark

          I am an astronaut and the moon is made of cheese. The Internet gives you license to be and say whatever you want.

    • There’s nothing ligitimate about murder!  It doesn’t matter how you try to color or taint it.  Murder is always murder!  And to force pro-lifers to support murder, in any way, shape or form, in order to receive maternity health coverage is absolutely wrong!!

      • Aardvark

        Murder? Please check yourself. Assume the mother’s life is at risk, who exactly is the murderer if you let the fetus carry to term? And if not who should cover the cost? If this is a single mother, should the state go “full force of the law” after the man, who is at least 1/2 of the problem? And is the state ready to legislate this financial responsibility be carried out by both sides of this equation? But no, instead what you and the majority of people here choose to talk about is “murder”. So easy. So morally superior. Must feel good.

        • Kristen M

          There is a difference between what is called therapeutic abortions (for the life of the mother) and elective abortions. While many of us believe that if we were a life threatening situtation we would do everything to put the life of the child first even if that meant we sacrificed our life, we wouldn’t fault another mother for saving her life. We believe that if both child and mother can be saved then they should be saved. If continuing the pregnancy would kill not only the child but the mother too we believe it is better to save one life rather than having both die. Many of us believe that if the child can be saved even if it will cause the mother to die, we personally would make that sacrifice because we have already had a chance at life and we feel it is the child’s turn. However like I said before we would not fault a mother for not making that same decision. That being said the statistic show only 1.7% of abortions are therapeutic. Even if abortion was illegal those therapeutic abortions would still be available legally.

          We do not believe elective abortions should be covered. No one should be forced to pay for something that goes against what they believe in. We believe that ripping a child apart in the mother’s womb is exactly what Uneva called it. It is murder.

          It is murder and a gruesome murder at that. Just cuz one can’t hear the pain of the child, does not mean it isn’t there. Just cuz one may not see it, doesn’t mean the child is not in agony as they are pulled apart from limb to limb. You know a murder could go deep into the forest with his victim so no one would hear or see what he’s doing. He himself could wear ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones with music playing loudly to drown out the screams of the victim. He also could then cover the victim so that he wouldn’t have to watch the person writhe in pain. Does that make the victim’s pain less real? No. Yet that is what some people think when it comes to abortion. They don’t see or hear the baby screaming or see the pain when they are being ripped apart so the baby must not feel pain. Except some people have seen it now. Some have seen the horrors of this act that is unfortunately legal and they are now being the voice for those whose screams are never heard. Unborn children do feel pain, they do fight for their lives and ultimately they lose. No one deserves a blood gruesome death. NO ONE. Whether the child is unborn or born no one should ever experience that kind of pain of being torn apart.

    • oldmanbob

      Keep in mind that legal does not equal right.  Slavery and killing Jews and others were legal not that long ago.  Killing babies is legal now does that make it right?  We know better.

      With this in place a male (not a man) can have his sex and have no problems with the aftermath of his actions.  This will only raise the cost of insurance for everyone so some jerk can have his fun while the rest of us pay.  His baby will of course pay the most.

    • busygirl

      Abortion is not a curative procedure.  It is a procedure which intends to cause death.  That isn’t a legitimate medical procedure.  A woman’s health is in more danger during an abortion than when giving birth.

    • Johnvikal

      I am asking a legitimate question. If the procedure is considered medical, then why do they have to call 911 when  the “medical procedure” goes wrong? Don’t they resourceful and trained doctors to handle any situation?

    • Richard G

      Abortion is an elective procedure isn’t it. This policy seems anti-choice to me. Why can’t you choose not to pay for something that you can choose not have?

    • Pastormelanie

        “Abortion, like it or not, is a legitimate medical procedure” It’s as legitimate as murder……it’s real but it’s not right. Being self-serving or idiotic has nothing to do with confronting evil with what’s good and right.

  • Tgerwing

    FIrst PP, with the help of the federal government holds Indiana’s medicaid patients hostage by not funding them until Indiana agreed to refund PP.  Next PP holds breast cancer patients hostage by threatening to take down Komen if they don’t re-institute their measly $600K to PP.  And now PP is holding pregnant women hostage by threatening to withhold maternity care unless they get abortions funded. 


  • Bigred66

    I don’t think I’ve been more ashamed…thank God I am FROM Washington and am not doomed to live there.  Praying steadily for those poor individuals who think this is a good idea…Planned Parenthood and its leadership are evil incarnate!  Shame on you preying on individuals for the almighty dollar.

  • This must be stopped!  No one has a right to take our rights to maternity coverage away, because we choose to use our moral rights!


    The world is teaching the children of today to be irresponsible and immoral.Our youth are attacked from 2nd grade on with the Kicking of God out of school and replacing him with same sex unions,lies of evolution,sex is ok attitude,attacks on family values,all in order to discredit God and morality.The break down of family is one step Satan takes,men with men,women with women,this way there is no possible way to reproduce.These are attacks against the innocent blood as is abortion.Satan attacks to destroy souls and lead our children astray.Satan and his followers are WEAK COWARDS who pick on children !! Every person has a right to choose without the Government stepping in especially a man who is straight Anti Christ such as Obama.Choice is yours.Make the wrong one,it will cost your soul !! WAKE UP AMERICA,stop proving to the world and others how stupid and weak mankind really is !!

  • Can’t wait till Ron Paul gets elected as he’s vowed to defund planned parenthood entirely in his first year as president!!

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm…well I wouldn’t bank on Ron Paul getting elected.

  • PJ

    Omg, I can’t wait to see PP crash and burn

  • PJ

    This is comes down to being an easy out for those that can’t keep their legs closed. Banning all abortions would force some to take responsibilty for their actions.

  • Kimberly Wedel

    Planned Parenthood is just going to keep pushing and pushing until enough people see what they are really all about. Money and power. Their bullying mafia-style tactics are only going to work for so long. I can’t wait till it all blows up in their evil faces. The majority of America now leans toward pro-life. They know this and they are in a fight for their livelyhood. If they were smart they would back off a little but evil greedy businesses don’t work like that. I for one am going to enjoy watching them pave the way for their own demise. The cowardly liberal media can only abet them so far. Thanks to modern media their tactics are there for all to see. Their time is coming to an end.

  • Oedipa

    May I point out that we’re forced to pay for things we disagree with (sometimes vehemently) all the time. For instance, two disastrous wars in the Middle East, imprisoning vast swaths of our population inequitably, and putting some of those said prisoners to death.

    If I could opt out of some of that, I would. But I can’t.

    • Jordan Elizabeth

      Exactly. And we’ll fight back for every single issue.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why fighting against things that we don’t agree with is so important. We cannot just stand back and let the establishment take away our rights.

      I didn’t agree with the wars, either. I also despise the death penalty.

      Pope John Paul II opposed both Gulf Wars, and told both Presidents Bush not to wage the wars, that it was not a just war, and that it would kill innocent civilians.

      The Church is also against the death penalty where there is no need for it, since it takes away the right to life, and we have more efficient ways of imprisoning those who would be a threat to society.

      Forcing us to go against our religious beliefs is the ultimate injustice, since it takes away the free exercise of religion, something guaranteed to us by the First Amendment. If this goes into effect, it gives the government leverage to step on other religious rights, effectively repealing the First Amendment, and the rest of the Constitution with it. It’s not just a religious issue, it’s an American issue.

  • DK

    What if a woman has a miscarriage and needs this procedure. I am pro-life and had a miscarriage and I had to have a D&C to remove my baby. Maybe they should change the working; elective abortion and the procedure I had are not the same

    • oldmanbob

      Loosing a baby is the hardest thing I know of.  I pray that Jesus holds you close and that you can feel Him.