Virginia AG Cuccinelli: Planned Parenthood Has ‘Open Willingness to Support Sex Trafficking of Minors’

Here is the video:

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli was asked today on FOX News if he will investigate Planned Parenthood. He said:

“Well certainly we take an interest any time you see an expression like you do in these tapes of a willingness to support sex trafficking of minors. What you don’t have is an actual case of it on film but what you do have is clearly an open willingness of several organizations meaning subsidiaries of Planned Parenthood nationally in the same category, sex trafficking of minors, and an open willingness to participate in this. And, this is at a time that we are trying to deal with human trafficking. For a few years we have been trying to figure how to get at it. And, when you see something like this you can see how it can flourish. There are institutions already in place in Virginia and across America, Planned Parenthood in this case, who are happily willing to aid and abet that sort of effort.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

  • PowerAhead

    As if savagely killing unborn babies for a living isn’t atrocious enough, Planned Parenthood also employs people who have no problem with sex trafficking of minors. It’s like, “If we don’t destroy them before they are born, we will destroy them before they reach adulthood.” My skin crawls at the thought of what these people are doing. They are evil people, and President Obama should be ashamed to support them with federal funding. Unfortunately, he seems to offer more support for abortionists than condemnation.