Planned Parenthood’s New Attempt to Make People Like Them!

It’s always bizarre to me that the Business whose solemn duty it is to a) get the world to like them and b) chant the mantra, “keep the government out of our bedrooms!” seems to be all about getting into our bedrooms, and being disliked by just about everyone.

Right guys, because that’s not entirely creepy or anything. Now, I know, I know: You’d like to imagine every couple is yelling “Planned Parenthood!” in the throes of their passionate sex, but in this case — as in the case of your use of statistics — what you’d like to imagine is ridiculous. Believe it or not, there are those of us who resent your ever constant insertion of self into the intimate marital act. There are those of us who resent the fact that you make continuous cash off of people’s sex lives, what with your bad sex-education and intentionally crappy contraception that leads to the big money maker — Abortion. There are those of us who resent the role you’ve played in cheapening our culture’s view of sex — your inhuman attempt to make that particular joy particularly boring. Luckily, with your new ad campaign, everyone gets the chance to resent you, if only for the fact that you’ve managed to isolate your demographic to creepers, and made everyone’s metro ride more depressing than it already is:

Evil never looked so stupid. Seriously, do you imagine that this will improve your rapidly decaying image amidst the residents of Northern New England, where there have already been attempts to defund you? I am offended, not as a pro-lifer, but as a human being with a basic conception of the utterly tactless. May you fail as swiftly as you seem set out to. Oh, and before I forget:

No you’re not.

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  • hahahahhahaha, marc’s and kristen’s blogs always make me laugh.  right on.

  • Anonymous

    Planned Parenthood is weird.

  • Okaay… I think it’s time for them to hire a new advertising team. I’m remembering the days as a child when my sister and I read every sign we saw out loud, just because we could. And I’m imagining a mother’s horrified face as her child sits on the metro and begins reading the ad from that top picture aloud.

    Yeah. They definitely need a different marketing tactic.

    • Eunice Hayes

      Actually, I want them to keep that marketing because of the very reason you mention. If enough children put it right in their parents’ faces (ears), PP will have enough negative publicity to shut them down.  Sometimes people have to be slapped in the face (ears) with it to realize just how horrid it is.

      • Agreed. I never said I wanted them to change to better tactics. But if I were them, I would (of course, there is no feasible way I’d be them in the first place).

    • Taxiphyllum

      I agree.  This was a terrible decision, especially since they are so controversial.

      I don’t think the ad is mean spirited, I just think they did something incredibly stupid.How did they not think their opposition would latch onto this?  

      • They probably knew pro-lifers would latch onto it. But, by using such bold phrases, they are catching attention. So the ads are probably bringing in some business… it’s just that they’re likely repelling some business as well, not to mention public support.

  • Love12472

    Those ads scream Pedophile’s on board!  OMGoodness that is ridiculous.

  • SO CREEPY! Ew. I may need to wash out my eyes after seeing these. I really hope I don’t start seeing them on the subway…

  • Can_of_dice84

    I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one being creeped out by reading these…… PP and Co. are notorious for screaming ” we want reproductive rights and stay out of our wombs” or whatever these Pro Abortion people can come up with, you sure do want in our bedrooms and minds (scarily) I might add. UGH!

  • Ellierose88

    I find it ironic the one place that offers discretion and to respect your privacy is so blantant in its attempts to attract attention and novelty. They tell you they are there for you yet they seem to be more about show than committing to what they promise

  • Jay E.

    Yeah, that’s really enticing me to go near these people….

  • Anonymous

    Good article.   Unfortunately Planned Parenthood has an ally that makes their abysmally stupid slogans work in their favor. The spiritual forces of evil that are at work in the minds of the lost.

    After reading Adolf Hitler’s advice on slogans and propaganda last night PP “Hood”s marketing techniques sound curiously familiar.   “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.”      “With the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

    Remember a few years ago the word everybody would use as an expression that something was really favorable and “cool,”  a desirable thing?  It was “Choice”  This is really “Choice” and that is the Choice thing to do or wear or believe.   That was just a part of Satan’s molding and entrenching in the worldviews and hearts of men to perform acts that would further enslave their souls.

    GK Chesterton said: “Unless a man becomes the enemy of evil, he will not only become its slave but its champion. God Himself will not help us to ignore evil but only to defy and defeat it!”

    • oldmanbob

      Good thinking.  Hitler was really good at mind bending and we need to keep his model in mind and be aware of it.

    • Pootytang

      Whoa that s crazy dude

  • Anonymous

    Ah. Planned Parenthood, you are so clever! Like Marilyn Manson is to music. Shock enough and the quality of the message or lack thereof gets lost.

  • María Inés Benítez Formoso

    … OK, this definitely goes beyond stupid :/

  • CivilRightsMatter

    I am offended at the rank ignorance being spread by this blog and its followers.  Planned Parenthood is not primarily about pregnancy terminations. NEWSFLASH FOR THE RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS – Planned Parenthood is about education and outreach to the most at risk and economically disadvantaged women in this country. It is the only place many women will be given any health care screenings for breast and cervical cancers.  Planned Parenthood does not advocate any sexual behaviors, it seeks to educate women so they can make informed decisions for themselves.

    You will not oust Obama, you will not win any seats in the 2012 Senate or Congress. You stand for hypocrisy and shameless misrepresentations of the truth.

    • Leben

      First of all, even if your claims were true (which they are not), it wouldn’t matter. Planned Parenthood could cure cancer and adopt AIDS orphans, and we still would not support them because they kill children. Hitler did many great things for Germany; killing people was just a small aspect of what he did, perhaps we should encourage people to look at him in this light? Likewise, many terrorist organizations in the Middle East and other areas do a number of admirable things for their local communities, but that doesn’t change the fact they KILL PEOPLE.

      • Pootytang

        Kill Niggers

      • Anonymous

        Good word Leben.  
        I dont care if Planned Parenthood is giving away cures for aids and cancer I will still stand outside abortion clinics and pray for and end to abortion. I will be there bearing witness of the evil of it and how abortion is a violent exploitation of women and children, grieves the tender heart of God and is an assault against reason and goodness.

    • Anonymous

      Civil Rights Matter,  I have never seen so many shameless representations of the truth squeezed into one short paragraph before. 
       You said PP “is the only place many women will be given any health care screenings for breast and cervical cancers.”    Call 100 PP hood clinics and see how many mammograms you get scheduled for. Zero because PP does not do them.   It is not beneath the professional “Ethic” of someone whos profession is killing innocent babies to lie.

      You said: “PP does not advocate any sexual behaviors.”   NEWSFLASH  Google “Planned Parenthood’s Outrage of the week and you will see (Helen Keler and Ray Charles could clearly see) that Planned parenthood has an agenda to promote sexually immoral lifestyles!  Why?  Watch the documentary “Blood Money” and investigate the allegations of former abortion Clinic owners and employees who confess they would give out the cheapest condoms and the lowest potency birth control knowing that it would fail and  help them meet their target quotas of abortions to teenagers. How they would employ professional marketing techniques to push more abortions because they are so lucrative.

      “It seeks to educate women so they can make informed decisions for themselves.”   PP does 1 adoption referral to 200 abortions.  How much money does the hood make off of an adoption?   It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see in which direction PP is “Informing these women’s decisions” they are exploiting and preying on.

          We are offended by the rank ignorance you are spreading, NEWSFLASH. 
          You are a prime example of  Hitler’s declaration:  “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”  

      We religious zealots are by the grace of God going to oust Obama, win buku seats in 2012 in both the house and senate.  Then, also motivated by the love of God we are also going to systematically put an end to the barbaric and hedonistic practice of child sacrifice and relegate it to history.

    • won’t buy the lie

       You watch too much liberal biased television…lol!!!! As an “economically disadvantaged” woman I would never trust my health care to Planned Parenthood, why, because as a stupid teen I did trust my health care to them, and they misdiagnosed me, and they smelled, and their “education” was handing me a stack of condoms on the way out… Why don’t You trust your health to a bunch of under-qualified idiots, the “economically disadvantaged women” deserve better. Thanks for the laugh. Oh, and I think that because they did hand me the stack of condoms, they Do advocate sexual behavior, I think they would have found me a partner if I was so inclined… 

      • Anonymous

         I second that. I’m also “economically disadvantaged”, and have no insurance. I won’t be going near PP except to pray and refer women to the local pregnancy resource centers.

      • musiciangirl591

        I believe that throwing condoms at teenagers will not make sex safer, there will just be more of it, getting more risky until pregnancy hits and then they will provide the abortions and then throw more condoms at them, sorry to say that, it was on my mind… 

    • musiciangirl591

       Then why doesn’t PP teach about chastity and NFP? I check on their website because I get interested from time to time, and it says nothing about either on there…

  • musiciangirl591

     “You’d like to imagine every couple is yelling “Planned Parenthood!” in the throes of their passionate sex”, that’s my favorite line, but seriously i read “we’re your sexual experience.” and i went ew, i don’t want PP to be my sexual experience… 😛

  • Jane Hartman

    The diabolical nature of Planned Parenthood is never so apparent as their mantra from the 70’s “This is my body.”  It’s the very same words that Jesus used as his Words of Institution of the Eucharist ” This is my body.” The language meaning totally opposite ideas.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving your body for us and giving us spiritual food through your body.  Planned Parenthood is stupid, yes, but diabolical totally.