Polling Data: America’s Youth Becoming Pro-Life

The latest polling data from Gallup confirmed a pro-life trend among young people as well as the general population. Overall the latest Gallup poll found 47% of Americans supported a “pro-life” view while 45% supported a “pro-choice” view with 8% responding that they did not know. This was also the exact same spread for 18-29 year-old respondents:

Youth Abortion Views

Here are some of America’s pro-life youth that stood up for life at the Walk for Life 2010 in San Francisco, CA:

  • Fred Smith

    Your photo layout is superb , as is the content , the message , the young people ! God Bless All !

  • Atheist

    I am pro-choice. Only for the reason that rape victims that are 12 years old can have a choice of not going through that tramatic experience. Besides, god doesn't exist, so why should we care?

    • ChildofLight1

      So why should we care? Because whether or not you believe in a god, 48 million human people have been murdered by abortion. That is a indisputable fact not determined by beliefs. The disturbing diregard of this culture of death will consume America. That is why you should care. ūüôā

    • DaBobs

      Aside from the logical fallacy of dogmatically claiming there is no God, there is great danger in your position. Your position is what would allow me (pardon the graphic–and very hypothetical–scenario) to break into your house at night, tie you to your bed, and then light your house on fire–without a God to whom we are accountable, it makes no difference.

    • DoAtheistsExists?

      Atheist said “god doesn’t exist”.¬† Any proof for that position?¬† Illogical that this person believes something they cannot prove.¬† Ironic that the atheist has to take ON FAITH that God doesn’t exist, in light of the fact that they cannot scientifically prove their position.

    • Anonymous

      what kind of person is in favor of giving a death sentence to the most innocent victim of a horrible crime? The rapist cannot be sentenced to death, but it’s ok for that sentence to apply to an innocent, defenseless child??

    • guest

      No guys hes right, why would you care about other peoples lifes, thats really inconvenient…¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

      Atheist, thank you for showing your compassion toward others… ITS EVERYONES RIGHT TO KILL WHOMEVER THEY WANT

    • ken624

      my mother was 12 yrs old and raped when she conceived me, people like you disgust me as they say over and over I shouldn’t be alive, I’m glad my mother has a kind heart to give me life and turn me to wonderful people that could raise me and give me a loving home. To this day I am grateful for her coragous gift of life and she tells me her life has been more at peace since she met me, as she always worried about my fate, even after she gave me away. People like you are heartless and just remember that your mother cared about your life too, to bring you to term and to this world. Hope you find some sort of compassion inside of you for the innocent babies in the womb.

  • Kids are becoming pro-life because of people like you and because we are just starting to see what abortion is and what it does to all concerned…thank you!

    @Aetheist – if you care about young girls, you should look into the trauma that surrounds a woman AFTER an abortion. Maybe you would rethink your position, God or no God.

  • Lisa


    While Rape is a terrible, terrible thing, is it really the right thing to punish the child for his/her father's wrong doings?

  • Juliet

    @Todd – You are assuming that having an abortion is more traumatic than carrying a baby to term and either giving it up for adoption or raising it. I am dumbfounded at your confidence in this assertion, considering that you have no idea which is actually more traumatic in addition to the fact that every woman will have different experiences. One woman may be traumatized by having an abortion, one may be more traumatized by oh, I don't know, having her rapist's baby… or simply going through pregnancy and labor and giving up her child. You don't know the stories and situations of every woman seeking an abortion; no one does. That's why it is dangerous to make sweeping judgments or legislation about the issue.

    • DaBobs

      We can't know exactly what it is like–even if we go through it ourselves, because others will have different experiences than we will–so we should not do anything about it? Seems very individualistic and postmodern. I am dumbfounded at your confidence in the assertion that we CAN'T know from testimony and personal experience which is most traumatic. "In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes. " -Judges 17:6

    • Guest

      Finally! Someone that knows what they’re are talking about.

      • Guest

        *they are

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever been in that situation before? Obviously not. Over 80% of women who have abortions end up with severe mental health issues. I can speak from experience because I was one of those women and I made the wrong decision. I will never hold my baby in my arms and honestly, I will never get past it. It haunts me every single day of my life and my child would have recently turned 4 yrs old. I have shut everyone out of my life and now I am completely alone. Not a day goes by that I am not reminded that I am responsible for the death of my child and the most recent time that I tried to take my own life was within the past 2 months. Before becoming pregnant, I was popular and had a wonderful, carefree life with a fun job bartending and and even managing a bar/restaurant in the beach city where I live on the Atlantic Ocean. Today, I go through times where I refuse to leave the house because I don’t want to be seen in public and by no means am I exaggerating when I say that, other than my mother, I have no friends whatsoever. I’m 28 years old and my days consist of watching time go by without me. In a little over 2 weeks,I will be spending my 4th birthday alone crying and heartbroken. The only solution I have been able to come up with that would make any of this better is if I were able to go back in time and make the right decision. I think you should seek out the truth from those who have been in this situation and ask them how they feel about their choices because, like you said, it is dangerous to make sweeping judgements or legislation about this issue, which is coincidentally what happened when abortion was legalized. Drop the sarcasm, this is real life, a life my child will never experience.

  • Jon Readman

    A Hundred Bucks says those kids were there so they got a day out of school. Haha, suckers. It's true though so called pro-life people are people you wouldn't touch with a 20 foot pole anyway LoL

    • ChildofLight1

      It's true? You're very sure of this? As in this truth has been proven? HAHAHAH. These are people working for Life and Love of the world. These are people who should be embraced for their putting of themselves on the front lines for yours and thousands and of other's criticisms for the movement of LIFE. ūüôā

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take your $100. The West Coast Walk for Life was on a SATURDAY – our little town 60 miles from SF had THREE bus loads of kids who went – over 120 on the busses alone. Plus kids with families (such as our two teens). The march was DOMINATED by youth standing up for life.

    • Hovish13

      As a high school senior, I can safely say that my pro-life friends and I, who are attending March For Life in Washington D.C. in January (on a Monday!) , are NOT attending simply to get a day off of school- we’re going because we see that the unborn are the least protected citizens in our country, that abortion is a sickening atrocity, and because we want to create a culture of LIFE in the America that we are inheriting. Do NOT stereotype us because we are young; we are aware of the gravity of the issue at hand. We are not using the petty excuse of a “free pass” from school to spend our OWN money, driving 10 hours from Michigan to D.C., to walk for the rights of the unborn.¬†

    • guest

      thats new, another anti-lifer failing to make an argument against abortion…¬†
      douche bag

  • JT

    @Juliet, your point leaves out the baby. Abortion is, without argument, most traumatic to the baby. Does the difference in the trauma level of the mother (and I would agree with Todd, but let's take your assertion for arguments sake) supercede the life or death difference for the child? You might do well, also, to remember that fewer than 5% of abortions are performed for rape or incest combined. According to the Guttmacher Institute, the most often given reason is that it would disrupt the mother's lifestyle. Doesn't that abhor you? It should.

    Many of the people I know have had abortions. With one exception, all acknowledge that they have regretted it. But there is forgiveness, there is healing. If you don't know where to turn, you might try RachelsVineyard.org. They're non-judgmental, you can go anonymously, and (though they are sponsored by a church) there is no proselytizing.

  • Awwww….just thinking of the little dude inside me right now is going to be like those kids someday. Makes me proud!!! Thank you newer generations for following logic, science, and foremost, your own common sense!!!

  • I'm smelling poor illogical souls in these comment sections. Sorry, I don't listen to you asses anymore. You're nothing but trolls. No one can argue with idiots.

    • guest

      we can argue with them, its just they wont accept a loss, or science for that matter, according to some, you magically become a human when your born, and not a second before

  • DaBobs

    "This woman is pregnant because she was brutally raped. Kill the baby!" Yes. Let us abjure the offender of his earned penalty and place it instead on one of the two innocent parties, because it's not the rapist's fault–his mamma didn't hug him enough.

  • Fake

    I do not understand what is wrong with aborting a fetus that is less than 3 months into development. Most developed countries have policies such as this. But the way pro life people in America frame it. You would think that 6 month pregnancies are being aborted on a daily basis as a form of birth control. The fact that making such an important decision is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually draining on a woman. Having children does cause wonderful things to happen, but when people are too young to have kids in our society, too old(complications such as mortality of both the infant and mother during labour), health conditions, financial situation, must all be considered. Of course poor people have children everyday. Nothing wrong with being poor and having kids so long as you can support them, and for the most part yea they can, but when put in extrodinary situations adoption isn’t always the better option, and ensuring that there are not any unwanted children in the world holds better for social stability. The US already has 300 million people. Do you guys want the whole world to be uneducated, pregnant, and barefoot? I can understand your stance against abortion. I do not understand your stance against contraceptives and the education of how to use them, etc etc. These are good things, and they tend to lower the chances of an abortion. It is unrealistic to tell people to just simply abstain as the lord says to. I am sorry, but that goes against human nature, or is it part of your bullshit to believe that what makes us human is wrong? Then continue hating yourself. Do not drag the entire country down with you.

    • guest

      so that means we should kill the poor?? that makes sense, lets just kill those who are needy and in bad circumstances, 
      Fake, you are an elitist, stop taking away the poors right to life

  • Queen_penguin422

    @7f2b79cd5329a2c04562a873211e5d16:disqus¬† “…ensuring that there are not any unwanted children in the world holds better for social stability.”

    To whom are the children you are referring to “unwanted”? They may be so to one or both of their parents, but that does not mean that they are unwanted by society as a whole. Family Research Council and other experts have recently estimated that there are between 1 – 2 million families out there waiting to adopt children because for one reason or another they cannot have children of their own. “Unwanted” does not describe the condition of a child but the attitude of the adult. You say that we pro-lifers want the rest of the world to be uneducated… but that’s actually the complete opposite of what we want. By buying into the lies that you yourself have bought into and retold here, the world is uneducated NOW and will continue to be so if we don’t educate them about what abortion really is and its consequences. Did you know that having an abortion can increase a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer later in life by up to 370 percent? It also increases risks for reproductive cancers and problems with subsequent pregnancies such as ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages. Some women are not able to conceive at all after they’ve had an abortion. Did you know that women are more likely to develop mood disorders, drug and/or alcohol addictions, or even commit suicide after having had an abortion? So instead of asking us if we want America to be uneducated, pregnant, and barefoot (which is untrue and basically unrealistic), why don’t you ask yourself and your fellow pro-choice advocates if you want America to be cancer-ridden, childless, and mentally ill? And FYI, not all pro-lifers are anti-contraception. I, for one, am not. I am not against any form of contraception that PREVENTS conception. I am only against ones that terminate pregnancies after they have already been conceive which include abortion, plan B, birth control pills, and the Mirena IUD. I am also against sex before marriage since the Bible specifically says that sex was created by God to be enjoyed between a MARRIED man and woman. The very country that you claim we are trying to bring down is one that was based on biblical principles so if you have a problem with America’s foundational principles then maybe you should move to another country because we are only trying preserve what was here to begin with. And another FYI, 6-month pregnancies ARE being aborted on a regular
    basis merely for birth control. In fact, the majority of abortions in
    America are performed merely for birth control. The idea that most
    abortions are done due to extenuating circumstances is at the very least extremely

    • Elise

      Here is some food for thought….

      “The public is not well served by false alarms… the scientific evidence does not support a causal association between induced abortion and breast cancer.”¬† – The American Cancer Society

      Also- if there are so many people that are waiting to adopt kids, then how come there¬†are so many kids, 100s of thousands in fact (as¬†stated on the federal government’s website), in the foster care system?¬†None of these¬†kids are being adopted.

      Furthermore- birth control pills in no way terminate pregnancies, they are a preventative measure.  Every health care provider in the country will tell you that.

      And lastly- if you are going to claim that the majority of 6 month pregnancies and all pregnancies in general¬†are being aborted for merely “birth control”, then¬†you’d better have a statistic to back that up.¬†¬†First of all¬†6 month abortions are¬†illegal in every state unless for the medical welfare of the mother. That is, if the mother is going to die if she¬†follows through with¬†her¬†pregnancy then the baby can be terminated.¬† So yes, these might happen but only in EXTREME cases.¬†¬†And at this point it really¬†comes down to whether the mother’s life or the¬†unborn baby’s life is more important and¬†what¬†the circumstances are that led this woman to need an abortion to save her life.¬†For example, if the mother knew that if she didn’t have an abortion both her AND the baby would die no matter what, versus only¬†the¬†baby, then that might be a reason to get an abortion at 6 months.¬† Like I¬†said, it really¬†depends on the situation.¬† However that is a discussion for another day.

      Anyways, my point is¬†that these 6 month abortions¬†are not being done for¬†“birth control”.¬† Same with normal abortions.¬†¬† There is no statistic to support those claims.

      I’m¬†still deciding my stance on abortion so I’m not¬†not sure what¬†I think about your view but just a word of advice:¬†in the future, if you plan to make such a heated argument make sure your facts are straight and your claims solid.¬† People will take you more seriously.¬†¬†¬†

      • Queen_penguin422

        No thank you, I’m not hungry. In response to your replies…

        #1. When a woman is pregnant, cells in her breast begin to multiply rapidly and grow, getting ready for breastfeeding and such when the child is born. Usually, the cells stop when the woman gives birth or if she has a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage). Induced abortion creates and unnatural state where the breast cells continue to multiply even when the fetus has been removed. This creates an increased opportunity for cancerous cells to grow and therefore significantly increasing the risk of breast cancer. Here are some links, including a testimony given to the FDA about the loads of studies that have found a link between the two.


        Also, breast cancer is not the only complication that women are at risk for. Studies have also shown links to cervical cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancies in subsequent pregnancies, and increased risks of miscarriages and premature births.

        #2. The reason there are still a lot of kids is because the adoption process tends to be a long and there is a lot of paperwork involved.

        #3. The birth control DOES terminate pregnancies. Birth control pills’ first aim is to prevent conception. When it fails to do so and an egg is fertilized by a sperm, its SECOND aim is make it near impossible for a pregnancy to attach itself to the uterine lining where it would otherwise continue but since the pill makes the wall thin and impenetrable, the egg cannot survive and is then expelled from the uterus in a woman’s menstrual period. Go to http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/birth-control/birth-control-pill-4228.htm¬†¬† and scrolll down… click the question that says How Do Birth Control Pills Work? and READ. Even Planned Parenthood doesn’t deny it.

        I would suggest visiting your local library and reading books about the roots of the abortion industry as well and you will be surprised to know that its legalization was not designed to help women… it was legalized for racial and ethnic cleansing (in other words, to limit the African American population). Educate yourself. Take care and God Bless!

      • Queen_penguin422

        I wanted to include more information in my previous response to this, but I was pressed for time at the moment. I also want to leave with a link that provides a list of complications that can occur from abortion… http://afterabortion.org/1999/abortion-risks-a-list-of-major-physical-complications-related-to-abortion/¬† and I encourage you to check their credible sources. Did you know that the abortion industry has even failed to report deaths of women directly related to abortion due to hemorrhages and perforated uterus, etc.? Abortion is not quite as safe as it is made to seem. I can understand why you would think that though, considering the lies they offer the public. I never said that I was against abortion when a mother’s life is at risk… in fact that is the only reason why I believe abortion should ever be needed… so actually we agree on that. Although I’m no expert, I’ve actually studied a lot about abortion and related issues and I always make sure I’m up-to-date on my information and that my sources are credible. And only about 1-3% of all abortions are due to rape/incest. So if the other 90-something percent of abortions are not due to such circumstances… I don’t know what else besides “birth control” I can call it. Also, go to WebMD’s page about abortion and they list common reasons why women get abortions. Notice you see reasons such as “rape/incest” and “medical complications” towards the END of the list and other reasons like failed birth control and supposed “inability” to raise a child at the top. Coincidence? I understand your desire to justify abortion… it does seem like it would be rather easy to deny what abortion really is to make it justifiable… and finding out you are unexpectedly pregnant can be a very frightening situation that leaves women vulnerable to such poor choices. But the fact of the matter is that abortion is wrong in every way, shape and form. Even if it weren’t wrong in a physical sense and my information was bogus, that still would not make abortion justifiable in moral terms. That was only one perspective I was talking from on the issue. Please give this some serious thought. God Bless ūüôā <3

      • Queen_penguin422

        While I’m still waiting to hear your reply to both of my responses below, I have found more information for you (there is just so much overwhelming evidence of the medical risks of abortion that there are so many articles and studies to provide links to). I have been the the American Cancer Society’s website and investigated your quote. While they say that there MAY be some problems with studies that have linked abortion to breast cancer, they do not say that there is definitely NOT a connection.

        You should also know that all scientific studies are prone to error… not just ones related to the abortion/breast cancer link. For example, a few years back, there was a study on whether homosexuality is related to a person’s biology (implying that maybe people are “born this way”) and they claimed to find a link between something in the brains of professing homosexuals that favored this idea. However, looking at the information and data provided, even scientists who weren’t against homosexuality said the studies were completely biased and that they found virtually nothing that could relate biology to homosexuality. My point is that whenever a single study like this is done, you are going to find people who say that the study shows something and you will find people who say it shows nothing.

        However, there have been an overwhelming amount of studies implicating that abortion raises risks for breast cancer and the explanation for it does make a lot of sense (see what I wrote two responses down where I countered your first argument, “#1. When a woman is pregnant, cells in her breast begin to multiply rapidly…”). Also, I have been to the Breast Cancer Prevention website and they claim that there most definitely IS a link between abortion and breast cancer. Go to http://www.bcpinstitute.org/resources.htm and there is an entire section of resources and brochures on the abortion breast cancer link. One good one in particular is http://www.bcpinstitute.org/brochure.htm . 27 out of 33 studies done from 1957-2000 have shown that abortion is related to an increased risk and 17 of those 27 show a SIGNIFICANT risk.

        Another good link is http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com/The_Link.htm and I encourage anyone who is skeptical about the abortion breast cancer link to read it thoroughly. Towards the end, they list reasons why women are not being told this information and why some anti-cancer societies will deny any links between the two. Most of the reasons include being financially supported by pro-choice feminist organizations like Planned Parenthood. If you were being given loads of money by these organizations, would you dare to turn your back on them and imply to the public that the very “healthcare” they defend could be a risk factor for cancer?

        • Elise

          Hmm okay I looked at some of your sites and yes, they claim there is data that supports a link. The reason I say “claim” is because I’m not sure if I trust theses sites.¬† For example one the sites was actually contacted by the American Cancer Society for posting an outdated statement and claiming it was still true today. The note that siate made on that correspondence is below–>

          On July 7, 2000 a paralegal in the Office of Corporation
          Counsel at the national home office of the American Cancer Society e-mailed
          our Coalition and made the following request:We
          recently noticed that you posted outdated American Cancer Society information
          (1996 Cancer Facts and Figures) on your web site regarding the effects of
          abortion on breast cancer. We would appreciate if you would delete this
          information since not (sic) longer current and may be misleading to the

          If you wish to post Society information regarding this topic,
          please post the following: “Induced abortion: A large, recent study from Denmark
          has provided very strong data that induced abortions have no overall effect on
          the risk of breast cancer. Also, there is no evidence of a direct relationship
          between breast cancer and spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) in most of the
          studies that have been published.‚ÄĚ
          The American Cancer Society pretty clearly says that there is no evidence of a direct relationship.¬† I can see why it might happen in most cases but the ACS claims that overall there is no link.¬† Honestly I have no reason not to believe them (one of your sites claimed they are lying to us) and also see no reason why they withhold this type of info.¬† EVERYONE hates cancer, what motive would they have to keeping this in the dark?¬†I’m inclined to believe the ACS¬†but I guess all that conflicting info leaves me at a point where maybe I can’t form an opinion without looking at the lab data myself.¬†

          As for the foster care thing:¬† I realize that it’s an¬†intensive process but I’m sure there are not 200,000 or so people waiting for their forms to get through.¬†¬†There are honestly too many kids without proper homes.¬†

          As for birth¬†control–>¬†¬†Okay sure I can see where you¬†are coming from.¬† In SOME instances birth control will stop an egg that has already been fertilized.¬† I guess my opinion of when¬†a¬†baby becomes a baby is not the same as yours.¬† To me a fertilized egg is just a fertilized egg¬†on track to form a baby but not a baby yet.¬† I’m not sure when I would draw¬†the line, maybe once the cells start differentiating.

          As for your last point: I¬†guess we have different definitions of “birth control” or at least different conotations.¬† While you look at with such disdain I guess I can see the neccesity.¬† Some people are not in the right place¬†to have a baby.¬† Maybe they¬†had a one night stand.¬† Maybe they are a teenager.¬† Maybe they are extremely poor or homeless.¬† Babys are blessings, yes, but they also come with A LOT of responsibilty and some people can’t handle that.¬† Again, does this give the mother the right to decide whether he child lives or not?¬† I’m not sure about that answer.¬†¬†That¬†is THE question.¬† But I do know that no mother does it flippantly or¬†often.¬† No mother looks at abortion like their birth control pill.¬† No mother¬†decides to do that without a lot of thought.¬† It’s an emotional process and¬†I can¬†understand why some¬†woman would make that choice.¬† So yes, I guess a lot of women use it for “birth control” but that might not neccesarily be as bad as you think it is.¬†Honestly,¬†it really has everything to do with the¬†context in¬†which a woman decides to have an abortion.¬†

          And you might say well why not adoption, and again with so many kids in foster/group homes not everyone would want to put a kid through that experience.  I know several kids that are emotionally screwed up due to being in foster homes.        

          • Hovish13

            But instead of funneling money toward abortion, we should be creating organizations that 1. support women who cannot afford/do not want a baby all the way through their pregnancy and then 2. connect them to parents who want to adopt their baby. And, I think it’s safe to say that 100% of Americans would be okay with donating used baby toys, clothes, etc to such organizations rather than to sketchy organizations like Planned Parenthood. This means, less abortion, and financial support for pregnant women, and a means for placing the child for adoption. While there are a lot of problems in the foster care program, by creating a culture of life in America, I think a lot of people would think, “If this baby is not adopted, it will be aborted.” and step up to be a parent.

            Regardless of whether or not abortion is connected to breast cancer, it has been proven to be connected to other health problems like infertility, psychological problems, even death etc. So even if breast cancer never turns out to be a result, there are still plenty of medical reasons for ending abortions.

          • Hovish13


            You said: “EVERYONE hates cancer, what motive would they have to keeping this in the dark?”¬†
            Simple because Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups are making money off of abortion! An abortion can run from $400 to a few thousand, depending on the facility and how far the pregnancy is along. The same reason they would deny a link to breast cancer is the same reason they cover up sexual abuse, statutory rape, prostitution, sex trafficking of children, parental consent law violation, and why they present wrong medical information about the effects of abortion as well as about the pregnancy itself : They are making money off the bloody industry of abortions.

          • I know the original post is ancient so responding is mostly a waste of time. However, I did want to say some things for anyone who would read these comments later.
            My wife and I were looking to adopt about 10 years ago. I am unlikely to naturally have babies, no fault of hers. Adopting, especially babies in this country, is very difficult. The reason why so many poor kids sit in foster care is because they are older and people looking to adopt usually want BABIES, fortunately not all people, but most. Try to adopt an American infant once, and good luck!! They simply aren’t available. American mothers would rather abort their babies than put them up for adoption.
            My wife had an abortion as an 18 year old, and was depressed and horrified throughout our quest to get pregnant, believing that our inability was “payback” for her abortion. She feared that she had aborted the only child that she would ever be able to have.
            Fortunately for us, we successfully had children, twins, through invetro. They remain true miracles in every sense of the word.
            I support abortion through the first trimester only as a necessary evil within our society. However, I believe the pro-abortion side errs in painting abortion as a “positive” event. They totally overlook the trauma, physical and emotional, that an abortion has on the woman that chooses it. Whether we agree on the morality of the act or not, we should all agree that getting an abortion is not a “good” thing. And I support the public funding and distribution of contraception to reduce unwanted pregnancies that could lead to abortions.

      • Stephanie

        Babies are in high demand by parents unable to have kids of thier own. its just part of our culture that “the younger the better” is pretty common when it comes to adoption. so you can raise them completely how you want. no previous emotional problems or anything like that. so the demand is different with babies than it is with children in the fostercare system. i agree that kids with out parents is horrible. but i see it as more horrible the murder of innocent unborn unnamed humans by those who should love them.

  • Tcanham

    Lila Rose and your associates, I commend you for your courage and your integrity.   Thank you for speaking out on behalf of the unborn children, and for telling the terrible truth about abortion.

  • Kev

    Antiabortionist, what is your birthday. Thats the day you became a person. Until then you are just a parasite. That’s what I was. I’ve seen three kids born into a life of struggle and with a woman/child that was not capable of being a parent. I have never been a part of an abortion but i took the precautions. No gaurentee there but I did my part and was lucky. waited to a point in my life where I was emotionally and financially able to take care of a child. That is part of the problem with todays world. We want what we want and want it now. Thus our credit and other problems.

    • Are you saying that a baby that was born today should have legally been able to be aborted the day before simply because he/she was not born yet? What about premature children who are not fully developed and need temporary assistance in order to live? Are they parasites as well? Think about that before you say “no” because there have been cases where “parasites” as early as 22 weeks gestation have been born and survived due to technology, yet another “parasite” at that very point can legally be aborted in this country. Can you can seriously believe that a trip down the birth canal instantly changes a parasite into a human being? And I am curious as to why you call them parasites to begin with. Is a child a foreign body or disease that sucks the life out of someone? Sure, it relies on nutrition and shelter from its mother, but unlike a parasite that child’s mission is not to destroy life but to share the mother’s life be nurtured temporarily. And if relying on someone else for nutrients and support entitles one to be labeled as a parasite, then technically that would make a born child a parasite just the same as an unborn child since it survives on its mother’s breast milk and cannot survive on its own without people to care for it. I do agree with what you say about how part of our problem is that we “want what we want and want it now” and that something that we want when we want it is sex even when we are not mature enough to embrace situations that can result from it. Could it be that God’s intention for us to wait until we are married to have sex really is the best choice a person can make? And before you say that not all married people are mature enough to have children, you ought to know that biblically, marriage was not meant for immature people who have yet to grow up and lose their egocentrism but was meant for a man and woman who are emotionally and spiritually ready to commit to each other and to the family they will create. So if people were to live their lives this way according to God’s word, would we even need elective abortion? Maybe the main problem with today’s world is that it is without God and the morals that He set for us.

    • Mule1011

      So, i’ve got a three month old. ¬†This girl is a parasite, if ever there was one. ¬†How do you distinguish? ¬†Were you so independent the moment you came out of the womb?

  • palma

    Women are being used. Pro-choice women, be smart, love yourselves enough to make sure you don’t get pregnant and if you do, take responsibility for your actions. There are so many couples that would give anything to have a baby and can’t.

  • Finton_wade

    More and more young people are against abortion. This is an awakening! Is it because of a good sex education in schools? May God bless all those who chose to protect the unborned child!

    • FB123

      No it’s definitely not thanks to good sex ed; many, many school get Planned Parenthood presentations.¬† It’s just that the information is out there and is undeniable when seen.¬† People opening their eyes – thank God for it!

  • Anonymous

    I find it fascinating that the shift happens right around the time people born after 1973 (Roe v. Wade) start becoming true adults and in many cases parents themselves. They start putting 2 and 2 together and realize that legally their mother had a right to kill them if she chose that path. My mom has passed, but if she was still alive, I’d say it right to her face. You may have legally had the right, but you never truly had the right to kill me, and no parent ever does.

  • narniagirl55

    The decisions of life are decided by God Himself..not us. (I knew you before you were born..and he knit us together in our mother’s womb) 2 scriptures that clearly show that we are human before the world says we are! God doesn’t change with the ideas of the world. Being the Supreme Being of Absolute Truth, truth does not change b/c people accept or don’t accept it. Truth is truth all the time! If God changed his mind about when life begins like we do, then He wouldn’t be God and I certainly wouldn’t trust His word. But, being that He loves us enough to make us, and think of us beforehand, is all the more reason for us to respect human life! We share His image and His glory! Even those the world deems “imperfect” are NOT imperfect in their soul and hearts. I LIKE the idea that I have a Creator who Made me just so He can spend eternity with me should I choose to love Him back! Abortion is the purposeful decision to END someone else’s life! No different than murdering that person outside the womb. God says to “choose life” that we may have his blessing on us! Every single woman who chooses abortion, may, for a time, think it was a GOOD decision..but nearly all of them regret it later with dire consequences to their hearts and lives. and rarely is abortion a choice…it is a FEAR REACTION to a crisis. The baby isn’t the crisis, the child is NOT the enemy. The enemy is FEAR of inability to care for that child or what it will do to our lives. The solution, is getting support both emotional and physical to care for that child. God Himself causes the egg and sperm to join..he puts the soul within that child..and HE will provide for you and your child if you will trust Him to do it! I have NEVER seen a mother choose life and regret it! NEVER!!! God will ALWAYS bless the decision to choose life and there are many to help along the way so you don’t have to go it alone! Children are the heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb (children) is HIS reward…Take your eyes off the crisis long enough to LOVE enough to put someone else first..the child depending on YOU for it’s life!

  • Astreetlevelview..

    Your time would be better spent… feeding/educating.. our homeless/lost unloved so called helpless children, educating them so the don’t have issues and even have to make a decision like this( pregnancy is 100% preventable), instead of forcing religion and single views on distressed individuals in the first place. Educate our younger population on why to wait to plan or have a family whichever the reason?? Fight the problems not the victims.
    … So here is my problem with all of this: You guilt trip people into keeping babies.. then they do have them, and then what? Do you help that fourteen year old mother, do you help her with a stable home, help with raising the child in the best possible situation until that child is and adult themselves?¬† Nope.. your on to the next clinic pushing your ivory tower views. Judging by your pretty face, squeaky clean manners straight teeth, and new clothing Id imagine your home life was stable, its merely an observation, but i can bet your parents told you about boys, strangers and the ability to plan your life in the direction you want to go? what if you never had that direction? what if you were born in a a ghetto, with a single mom that never home or parents that just don’t care pushing you into the arms of your boyfriend/pimp ? saving that life you claim to be saving, could just put the wheel in motion for this ugly cycle to continue. I think its great that you have so much passion, but pour it into our society in the correct order, be PRO-active instead of reactive.¬† i feel like your starting this war 3/4s of the way on the losing end. Its ridiculous!¬† Do i think abortion should be used as birth control absolutely NOT. Do i think that there are situations that abortion is necessary absolutely. So unless the areas you’ve tried to tackle with this issue have drastically changed the abortion rates, (I don’t know how you would even gauge that) whatever your doing isn’t working. Lets heal this country and our society PROACTIVELY. I must say that you look like a over zealous socialite with to much time on her hands. Get those hands dirty, get to the heart of the problems please, so this wont even be an issue. Id have more respect, if you and your fellow gospel singers had programs in place to help the ones that actually HAVE a voice right now! Fight this cycle from the beginning not the middle or the end. fight human trafficking, fight poverty and lacking or misinformation so this cycle does not continue.

    • “What if you were born in a ghetto, with a single mom that (was) never home…” You would still be better off than being DEAD.

    • “What if you were born in a ghetto, with a single mom that (was) never home…” You would still be better off than being DEAD.

  • Mesyolanda

    love life

  • Corey swenson

    As a father of 4 and a man who has fostered 3 Gods greatest gift is not money or fame or anything else that you aquire all those things you cant bring with you to heaven but you can bring your kids