Pro-Abort Site Jezebel: “America Without Abortion Would Be An Absolute Horror Show”

The pro-abortion radicals love to embrace an upside-down world. A world in which human life unthreatened by the violence of abortion is considered a “horror show.” You can read the full pro-abortion diatribe in all its disregard for the lives of little boys and girls here.

  • Anonymous

    As if the tone and content of the article weren’t preposterous enough, some of those comments are doozies!

  • Felicitybarker

    It works out ok for the ‘mother’, not so well for the ‘child’. 

    If you want to be budget conscious, use a condom or birth control.  So much cheaper than an abortion … not so?  Don’t make stupid comments!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but those things are not 100% protection.. theo nly way to NOT have a child, is to NOT have sex and use biological based family planning..and…we need to stop teaching our children that they need to be sexually active..they don’t.. and self control is the sign of a mature person.  the sooner we teach our children that sex is supposed to make babies and that abortion is not birth control, the better off we will be.

      • Corvus

         I agree with you in the respect that we should be making children much more aware that sex, even with protection, has a chance of leading to pregnancy. However, I really don’t agree with you that what is effectively abstinence is the sign of a mature person.

        Sex is NOT purely to make babies. Sex has evolved just as we have, research if you will into the Bonobo, or the Dolphin, both of which use sex as a way to communicate and build bonds and relationships in much the same ways we do. An example for you, sex in a commited relationship is used not just as a source of pleasure, but a way to understand more about one another, to bond, to give affection. I personally have found sex to be one of the strongest and most passionate ways of showing my boyfriend of 6 years that we have no boundaries and can trust one another to the ends of the earth.

        We should be educating children in all aspects of sex – contraception, consent, and the horrors of abortion, to name but a few. We should be teaching them the consuequences and how to explore their boundaries safely. Simply trying to ban them from exploring the sexual world as they grow is about as effective as banning abortions. No one will learn or understand the reasons, all they will see is just one more wall to break down.

  • bubbalouwee

    Wow!  Just plain wow.  It almost makes you wonder if they would like to legalize killing pro lifers in addition to killing children in the womb so no one could bother their conscience.

  • Stchristinarose


  • You know I’m tired of being nice about this, so I ‘m going to just say WHAT I feel.  Anyone who would get an abortion or support it are sick bitches.   To say the least!  I won’t get mad if ya’ll delete this post.  I just HAD to say what I feel! <3

    • Anonymous

      People who get abortions are deceived and manipulated and often coerced into doing so..People who DO abortions (doctors, nurses) are even more deceived..Satan has blinded them into thinking that “evil is good” and “good is evil” but once their eyes are opened they will see it…Your attitude shows little heart for the people who get them who really are forced to get them…and it isn’t going to lead people to stop…An attitude of prayer and humbleness, asking God to change hearts will do more good than calling them bad names. Abortion is the devil’s sacrifice to destroy human lives! People on earth are meant to reflect that glory of our creator.Satan Hates God and he wants nothing more than to destroy his creation (since he can’t kill God, he goes after innocent children!) Pray and fasting for those within will bring them out..and those who choose not to repent of it will have to face the meantime, it is my job to pray and reach out to them with the truth.

      • oldmanbob

        Narniagirl55 you really get it.  Thank you for stating so clearly what is going on.  Though I have never been part of an aboration, I can say as a guy that paying to have a kid killed is cheaper than child support.  We need to reach the guys and well as the gals and your method is the best there is.

      • notimportant

        Thank you narnia. Don’t stop, no matter what. 

  • One comment on the site stated that the women she knew that had put their children up for adoption got along a lot worse than the ones she knew that got an abortion. 

    And again, WHO IS THIS ALL ABOUT ANYWAY?  The mother or the child?  But I have came across several post abortive women say that adoption would be a lot worse on HER than abortion because she would HAVE TO PART WITH HER CHILD.  And worry about the child her entire life. 

    This is the type of mentality these crazy women have. 

    • Ccc

      totally agree. its pathetic to say “it would hurt me too much to put them up for adoption” because that statement proves that you believe it is a baby AND you want to kill it because youre too selfish to let it go. like wtf?! abortion is horrible no matter what.. but at least its slightly more tolerable (still makes me want to puke) when the women getting it doesnt believe an fetus is a baby. but these people are picturing it as a full grown child, imagining the pain of giving it to another family, THEN killing it!

      youre too attached to let them have another family, but not too attached to kill it?

  • fern78

    You want to cut back on maternal deaths? Provide provide women with trained birth attendants. That’s why those women die. Provide midwives,  not abortions.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that this site is
    called “Jezebel” In history,Jezebel was a person of manipulation and
    deceitfulness. Her life was ended when those within her own household
    pushed her to her death. Abortion will crumble as those within the
    abortion industry are called to open their mouths and reveal the will on longer be a “choice” but a horror and abomination to
    the world..and we will wonder how we ever tolerated it’s existence in
    the first place.

  • Anonymous

    Read the article..typical “twist the truth” to make good evil and evil good…the lips of Jezebel, the spirit of manipulation, once again twists the truth to make it fit her cause. Proaborts can believe what they doesn’t hold water and in the court of God’s kingdom, these “Jezebels” will be tripping all over themselves trying to explain how abortion was a “good thing” Abortion is Satan’s attempt to kill off humanity..he always chooses the most innocent of victims..Ask anyone involved in Occult sacrifice and they will tell please Satan, the innocent must die..and what better way to attack humanity than for him to kill our children under the lie of “choice” in the darkness of the mother’s womb where no one but the doctor seeing what is really going on. Satan wins, we lose…a lot more than our child. People hurt for years after it is over. Wake up people…Abortion has NOTHING to do with freedom of choice..and everything to do with blood money, greed, deceit and hatred for the human race by the devil himself…and when we reach eternity..all those children will be there to testify that they really are human beings after all.

  • enness

    Jezebe in three wordsl: sound and fury…

  • JB

     I have to say, the reason people like this say getting rid of abortion would be a horror is beause they don’t care about what the unborn is.  They try to define the unborn out of the human race, that way they don’t have to care about it and they can spin the facts around to support their agenda.

    For ex.,

    They talk about how much strain this will put on resources in this country,

    If they acknowledged the unborn as humans it would be absurd to put a price on them and say they aren’t worth the expenses.  That article also ignores the fact taht having more people in this country could improve the economy by creating more jobs and by having more people buy products to help the economy.  Some economists argue that the millions of people lost due to abortion as put a damper on our economy.

    They also used the argument that unplanned pregnancies cause more maternal deaths….therefore unborn children have to die to prevent this from happening. 

    This is just pro-choice bias, there are other ways to prevent maternal deaths then with abortion but they don’t care to think about that they just want to get rid of the unborn.  Look at Ireland, they have the lowest maternal death rate from childbirth and abortion is illegal there, obviously there are ways to prevent this without babies being aborted.

    Pro-choicers have a very biased view and only look at the problems that affect them and try to blame the unborn for society’s problems, instead of blaming the actions of their parents.

    Solving society’s problems can be a complex thing but the solution is not to blame the unborn because they are innocent in all of this.  the problems this article presented should be solved in a moral, compassionate way that works for everyone not in a way that uses the aborting the unborn as a scapegoat.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly.  I watched part of an abortion and it was horrifying.  I couldn’t watch the entire thing.  I also don’t think this person has their facts.  They make it sound like childbirth is only going to make you die.  “When abortion is outlawed, women die as a result.”  No, when abortion is outlawed, less women have physical and psychological problems and children live as a result.  I’m not saying that childbirth is completely harmless.  But abortion is far more harmful than giving life to children ever will be.

  • Mahomaha91

    No one, absolutely no one, has the right to take the life of another person. You will be judged unforgivingly and wouldn’t be spared.Remember,the Bible says”Thou shall not murder”- Exodus 20:13. ABORTION IS A FIRST DEGREE MURDER. MURDER BEYOND MURDERS. If in anyway you’ve been a victim of an illegal abortion(i.e abortion resulting 4rm immorality n not thru miscarriages as a married person) I’d like u 2 say a prayer of forgiveness and repentance to God in Heaven thru His son Jesus Christ and you will b pardoned and your life will never be the same . May Jehovah God bless u,even as u say this prayer 2day and right now. Indeed,THERE IS STILL HOPE 4 UR FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.