Pro-Life Debate #4 – “77% of Anti-Abortion Leaders are Men. 100% of Them Will Never Get Pregnant.”


This argument is based on the idea that most pro-life leaders are men, and that pregnancy and abortion doesn’t affect men. Both of these claims are categorically untrue, and can be defeated very easily.

1. Women are AT LEAST as pro-life as men

In 2011, the last time Gallup did a study on abortion views, an equal percentage of men and women polled said that they believed abortion was “morally wrong”. 51% of both genders agreed on this. Furthermore, 5% more women than men felt that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. Nearly a quarter of all women polled would be in favor of making abortion illegal in all cases.

The 77% statistic is based on the fact that there are more MEN elected to public office than women. This is true for both Democrats and Republicans. If you were going to make a percentage for “leaders” that are pro-abortion, it would be pretty close to the same thing.

2. Many top pro-life Organizations are run by women

If you look at the leaders of the major pro-life organizations, many of them are women.  Some examples include women such as Abby Johnson, Live Action’s own Lila Rose, Charmaine Yoest who is President of Americans United for Life, Carol Tobias who is President of National Right to Life, Marjorie Dannenfelser who is President of SBA ListConcerned Women for America, and Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Oh and not that I’m in the same league as these amazing women, but last time I checked I was a woman.

3. Men are legally responsible for their children

This is something that has always baffled me- if a woman chooses to have her child, then the man that she made the baby with is legally responsible for the child whether he wanted it or not. Talk about double standards. We tell women that it’s okay to not want their baby; that if it’s too hard or expensive that they can just get an abortion. But men don’t have a “choice.” For 18 years (not just 9 months), a man is required to provide financial support for any child he creates. How is it that we can “force” men to be responsible parents, but it is unthinkably wrong to tell women to keep their baby for 9 months and then put it up for adoption?

4. Abortion hurts men

The Los Angeles Times, interviewed men about their experiences with abortion, and found the following:

  • 66% of those who acknowledged having fathered an aborted child said they felt guilty about it. These rates surpassed those which the Times found among post-abortive women.
  • More than 60% of surveyed men believe men should be consulted under the law before their partners abort. Although many men want to protect their offspring, the Los Angeles Times found that aborting women only consulted their child’s father 43% of the time.

Also, Sociologist Arthur Shostak, after interviewing 1,000 men whose partners were getting abortions, warned that men who aren’t helped to mourn over an abortion are learning how to be even less involved as nurturing parents in the future, which not only hurts the men themselves, but their future families.

In conclusion, the idea that having a uterus is the only way you can have a valid opinion on abortion ignores the genetic truth that a baby is just as much the father’s as the mother’s. In a world where we expect men to take responsibility for their actions, it makes no sense that a father has no way to protect their children in the womb. If women want to be treated “equal” to men, then they should be required to take responsibility for the children they create – at least for 9 months.

  • Pertinacia

    Saying that you have to own a uterus to take a position on abortion is like
    saying that you have to own a cotton plantation to take a position on