Pro-Life Nurse Asked to Assist Abortion Told: “You just have to catch the baby’s head. Don’t worry, it’s already dead.”

As we’ve reported, a dozen pro-life nurses in New Jersey are fighting for their right to follow their conscience and not be forced to assist at abortions.

This quote in The Washington Post by one of the nurses stopped me in my tracks when I read it:

One of the nurses, Fe Esperanza R. Vinoya, said a manager told her: “‘You just have to catch the baby’s head. Don’t worry, it’s already dead.’ ”

Can you imagine anything more horrific than being forced to “catch” a dead baby’s head? A baby who only minutes before was alive in its mother’s womb?

Pro-abort writers and bloggers are hysterically (I don’t use the word lightly) attempting to attack these women’s motives.

Here’s just a sample of mockery by Erin Ryan of the feminist blog Jezebel:

“From the way the complaint describes it, you’d think they were being ordered to line babies up and shoot them with a crossbow in front of their children.”

I won’t even repeat some of the other things I’ve seen written about these pro-life nurses.

I think the need by pro-abort writers to hysterically blow this story out of proportion is telling: they have to exaggerate because the actual reality of what these nurses have been asked to do is truly horrifying. No one is talking about shooting babies with crossbows, we are talking about crushing a baby’s skull while the baby is still inside his or her mother and severing it from its tiny body. Pro-lifers demand that all sides simply face the gruesome facts.

For a movement that claims to be for “choice”, pro-aborts absolutely cannot admit that pro-life nurses have a choice not to assist at abortions. But the more important choice facing advocates of abortion is whether or not they will agree to discuss and confront the reality of abortion.

So, stow the crossbows and contemplate the heads of the poor victims of abortion instead.

  • mary d

    Seems to me like a crossbow would be more merciful than the method of death  which these poor babies are being subjected.

  • Opcita

    these abortionists are SICK, SICK individuals, sicker than Hitler, sicker than Stalin, sicker than all mass murderers combined!!!

    • 12angrymen

      And just how do you come to that conclusion?

      • CLouMed

        Considering that abortionists kill babies because the child would be an “inconvenience”, I’d say that conclusion is pretty fair. 

        • HKateD

          Sicker than is probably not accurate as Hitler’s ideals were much the same.  The Nazi’s routinely sterilized those who were “unfit” and performed horrific experiments on people (taking healthy twins and sewing their veins together so that they would be “conjoined” etc..)    However, abortion is equally horrific and right there in line with what Hitler did. All murder is. 

        • 12angrymen

          So killing for convenience is worse than killing out of hatred or worse than killing to annihilate a single group of people? 

          • Peter Thooft

            first off it wasn’t a single group of people but killing babies is worse because being labeled as “incovience” is dehumanizing and devaluing human life the same way that Hitler did as a matter of fact worse cause their is no way those children did anything wrong 

          • So the Jews and the homosexuals and gypsies were wrong? Oh, don’t bother answering, I know what you’re going to say: The Jews killed Jesus, Homosexuals are sinners against God and gypsies were Satanists.  I wish someone could explain pro-life views without once using “religion” “Bible” or “God”.

          • cemiller108

            I do that all the time, and funny enough you’re the only one I’ve seen here that mentioned religion, the Bible, or God… Science is enough to tell you that the baby is alive in the womb, that it is an individual and not just another part of the woman, and that it is human and growing. Those are really the only facts you need to show that abortion is wrong as it’s the killing of a growing, defenseless human being. Religion, the Bible, and God are still relevent in the conversation as a bases for ones deep held beliefs, but since there are those that don’t believe in God, I usually lead with the science…

          • Pmmartin1986

            ok im just curious about something…why are yall fighting about the way someone puts about how they feel???either way yall feel the same about it…its wrong to kill something that never even had a chance to even be that inconvienace that people say they will be…i just dont understand why yall are arguing over how the other feels about the situation

          • 12angrymen

            You need to lurk on this site more if this is the the only time you’ve seen religion mentioned. 

          • Colleen

            I am not religious and am pro-life. Why? Because I believe that if your life was taken away from you while in the womb, your body was crushed and sucked out and your head was taken off, you’d be pretty pissed, don’t you think? Religious people have the God excuse. Well, I have the life excuse. Every cell should be allowed to live and if an evil SELFISH woman or man wants to get rid of it for their own purposes, then they are a sad excuse for a human being and a murderer. End of story.

          • Nanamiro

            I think if you knew Christ’s love, your passion for the unborn would be tempered by the knowledge that God loves all of us and wants to give all of us His life, pro-life or pro-choice. Hate will not change anyone’s mind. Hate will not save innocent babies.

          • 12angrymen

            Genocides that happen around the world are usually targeted at a specific group. As for the Holocaust, that was born out of hatred and a desire to rid the world of specific people groups. And by the way, how is killing babies from abortion worse than all the children starved, killed, shot, gassed, and placed in concentration camps during the Holocaust, or any other genocide for that matter? Are you saying those children did anything wrong? Sometimes, I cannot believe the words that come out of my fellow human’s mouth. 

          • That it is happening now, and we have not learned from history. That makes it worse.

          • 12angrymen

            There have been war and genocides going on basically ever since there have been civilizations; we can’t say our deaths are “worse” just because we are living through them. 

          • Barb

            12angrymen, I’m not following your logic.  Are you saying that because “war and genocides have been going on basically since there have been civilizations”, that they are not worse than abortion?  If war and genocide are evil and barbaric, will you concede that abortion is evil and barbaric, too.  Sounds like you are saying civilizations are not very “civilized” – maybe we should become uncivilized 😉 

          • 12angrymen

            I’m saying you can’t use the “it’s happening now so it’s worse” excuse to justify why you think abortion is worse than mass murders such as the Holocaust. 

          • MLB

            No. Isn’t it obvious that killing for any reason is wrong?

          • 12angrymen

            Not according to Cloudmed and Peter.

          • Nanamiro

            Murder is murder. They’re both an injustice.

          • Yeah!!! Is that hard for you to process.  The ability to dispassionately kill someone purely for selfish reasons
            makes you a sociopath.

          • 12angrymen

            Then what does killing out of hatred make you? And for that matter, what does killing with the intent of wiping entire groups of people off of the face of the earth make you? 

        • ah yes, a woman’s health and body are just an inconvenience.


          • Amom

            I’ve had 4 children.  I can grant you that occassionally a woman’s life is endangered and abortion is the only answer to save her life.  However when we’re talking about partial birth abortion, no one has ever explained to me how this could be a procedure to save a woman’s life.  You have go through the entire labor process.  Once the head is out, it’s one more push and you are done. That baby is born.  How could anyone possibly be so unhealthy or that they can go through an entire labor and yet that last push, that’s the one that would kill them.  All four of my births were high risk, so I’m not without compassion.  But the only “life threatening” experience that I have ever heard is emotional diress.  I’m sorry that’s not enough to kill a baby that is fully capable of surving in the world with proper care.  It’s just not.  My emotial state does not trump someone elses right to live.

          • Mycupatea

            Amen Amom, instead we are looking at 4.5 thousand a day (U.S. alone) being violently murdered just for the convenience!! 

          • Nanamiro

            But, what about the baby’s body? What about his/her health? 

          • Colleen

            If the woman was fully aware of the sex that created the baby and was ok with the sex, her health is completely her own and she should be responsible enough to take care of herself which is also the child because her dna is in the child. She, unless raped, is completely responsible for the consequence. But there are many REAL women who would love to take her child (it’s called adoption if you didn’t know) to give it a LIFE unlike her who would’ve been the MURDERER. If your pro-choice, maybe we should crush your body and pop off your head for a demonstration. Now how would you like that? Didn’t think you would. You are vomit, the bodies rejection of something harmful. A baby is life and the woman was made to bear children. She was made to handle it. I was made to reproduce. It’s my duty and whether raped or not, the human being inside of me who is a part of me, but with a separate mind, deserves a chance, a life. Pro-choice people should have been abortions themselves if they believe so strongly in it. Good day, scum.

          • 12angrymen

            Aren’t you a joy. Although I don’t agree with some people all the time, I would certainly never wish death or “abortion” on them. That is a little anti-life if you ask me. 

          • Meli

             Come on now, Colleen is obviously showing how wrong it would be to kill the heartless mother…just as it is to kill her baby who didn’t ask to be conceived to begin with. If a woman is going through the entire process of pregnancy, why not give it up for adoption?? Why the extra expense or murder of a child??

          • 12angrymen

            “Pro choice people should have been aborted themselves…Good day scum.” Are you saying you agree with that?

          • Nanamiro

            Somehow, this doesn’t seem to be the attitude to have when wanting to convince people to cherish life, all life. Even that of whom we disagree with. Let’s not sink to the level of disrespecting certain segments of the population, just as the unborn are disrespected.

          • Mrs Valentini

            I agree with some of your statment but to wish death or harm is in no way helpful. These people are sick, lacking moral conscience and faith and those they harm are scared and uninformed. We should pray for these people and for them to see the error of their ways and also for the misguided pro-life people who wish harm upon them.

          • Colleen

            And by the way, abortion causes women to have future miscarriages and birth problems because it damages her precious reproductive system that you care so much about, you ignoramus.

          • Tammy

            women definately have a choice if they want to have a child… BEFORE THEY HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Mycupatea

          There are alot of babies out of the womb who are an inconvenient to their mothers, should they be killed too?  I don’t know one child who is not an inconvenience to their mothers…What is a good reason to murder an unborn child?

      • Chris G.

        Listen, honestly, do you think that killing babies for your “convenience” is okay?? If you really do, your are seriously messed up. Its sick, and its just not human.

        • 12angrymen

          For my convenience? I have never had an abortion sir, nor did I list my beliefs on the matter. Once again, before you judge someone you don’t even know, look in the mirror. 

    • Christina

      I very much agree with you! Makes me wanna cry for everyone of these little angels that have been murdered!

      • Jghj


  • Gabriel Espinosa

    I suppose the only consolation through all this is that hell is really really hot and animals such as erin ryan have spaces long reserved for them.

    • 12angrymen

      If you are even some semblance of a Christian you cannot pretend to know that. 

    • A.M.W.

      It is true that any offense against the dignity of the human person should be condemned, and that abortions in themselves are horrific. However, an a Christian profess charity for unborn children, while feeling consoled in the prospect of the horror of eternal death for other persons. It seems that true Christian charity and truly pro-life perspective would demand respect for the human and spiritual dignity of every person regardless of their background, occupation, or beliefs. Just some food for thought. 

      • Ella

        THANK YOU.

    • Nanamiro

      Please, dude. We’re all sinners deserving of the same. Jesus is who saves us, not our having certain moral views…

  • I want to cry right now. This is horrific. Reminds me of my living breathing beautiful babies when they were born ALIVE

  • Janet

    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… Help us…


    • Yes and doesn’t in Exodus 20:13 “You shall not murder”. And even if the child has not been born from you. It is still alive, It breathes, It eats, It does everything we do so why do you they kill a child of God? There are some who consider themselve great, loving, thoughtful, and caring, but are they really that? Sice they have had an abortion are they really great, loving, thoughtful, caring or are they just hypocrites?

  • Kshampoe

    This is being done in the name satan. Hearing this tears my heart out.

    • Dsfs

      LOL get over yourself and have a life

  • Anonymous

    The premise is the same.whether abortion or Holocaust victims..both instances treat the human as being  less humans..that is why the Nazis starved the Jews first..if they don’t “look human” in their emaciated state, or as abortion victims don’t “look fully human” than they become easier to kill. Both were equally wrong…and remember, when Jesus was born, Herod’s fear and hatred of him led to the killing of every baby boy 2 years old and under in an attempt to kill Jesus..God is well aware..He weeps but He calls on those of us who know better to continue to speak up…devaluing human life is Satan’s lie. Satan cannot kill God, whom he hates with a vile hatred, so he twists our culture and minds into thinking killing others is okay. Jesus severely warned what happens to those who target innocent children.

    Our best weapon is truth, love and sacrificial prayer!  Love your enemy..and do good to those who hate you…We MUST put on love no matter how bad this is..b/c LOVE is what changes hearts. Keep praying for abortionists, nurses and those deceived by this practice.Pray for God to open their eyes that they might really SEE what abortion really is…the brutal killing of an innocent life in the selfish name of “choice.”

    • bubbalouwee

      I wonder why people cannot see the parallel between what the Nazis did in their concentration camps during WWII killing the Jews and killing of the unborn child in the womb in our present day.  The murder of both groups is horrific.  When reflecting on the methods of execution, I tend to think our culture is much worse than the Nazis, as I cannot begin to wrap my mind around the excrucaiting pain of having your limbs severed from your body as you are struggling for life.  In my heart, I consider the unborn to be martyrs which is a consolation for me.  The pain of living through this holocaust is heartwrenching.  Surrounded by injustice and death, and wondering if you have done what you could to help save lives.

  • It’s quite sad that there are those who have no conscience whatsoever and are willing to “KILL” unborn babies because they say “it’s the mother’s choice.”   What about the babies’ RIGHT TO LIFE?  The unborn babies, of course cannot speak for themselves.  The REALITY of it is that it is MURDER no matter the REASON!!!  Men & women who MURDER others are given the RIGHT to a fair trial but they can get by with KILLING BABIES because they don’t consider that MURDER!   What will it be next?  Will it be KILLING the elderly, the helpless ones, the disabled, the mentally ill, the ones with chronic illnesses, or anyone THEY claim causes a BURDEN on SOCIETY?  This is a question to ponder/consider if it happens to be you or one of your loved ones!

    • Norberto Vllaseñor

      cuanta injusticia!!! tenemo que hacer algo. No se que; pero nunca actuar con violencia. tal vez orar, callar, gritar, denunciar, actuar, demandar o esperar a yo sea el siguiente?……..

    • NOT a murderer

      I love how people can call women that have had abortions murders. You guys probably hate the death penalty too huh? Or killing terrorists? How dare we kill Osama! He’s a human being just like the rest of us! Damn you Navy Seals! Murderers! ….
      Until you fully understand the situation of every woman that has had to make that kind of decision, keep your mouth shut.
      I was raped. By my father. I found out that I was pregnant. Got an abortion. I dare you to call me or the nurse that gave me the abortion a murderer.

      • BlestOne

        why did your innocent child have to die for the sins of your father?  I mean really, rapists aren’t given the death penalty… why kill an innocent child?  i am sorry you were violated, but really, was it the baby’s fault?

        • 1) the baby would have been a constant reminder of the pain she went through. 2) the baby would be raised by a single mother, which we know is not the most ideal of situations. 3) I’m assuming the father is biological, which would make it incest. Studies have shown birth defects are more likely to happen when the same genes are involved in reproducing and as such and mental or physically retard child is a burden on the system in numerous ways.  You don’t know what she went through, and how difficult an abortion is, mentally, emotionally and physically. Until you can understand the choice (not the result) you have no room to say a word.

          • BlestOne

            1.) adoption.. reminders are not a reason to kill.
            2.) adoption… not to mention that studies show that victims of rape that become pregnant and carry their child to term heal faster emotionally from the rape… ALSO, not the most ideal is not a reason to kill.
            3.) birth defects are not a reason to kill
            I don’t have to experience to understand… have you ever had a child die?  How can you understand how painful that was to me?  Pretty silly huh?  We all can feel empathy, but we don’t kill an innocent person because we are in emotional pain.  

          • Guest

            In reply to number 2, so we should kill all unborn children who would be raised by a single mother? That is effectively what you are saying.

          • Nanamiro

            I agree that it would be a very difficult thing to go through and that we should be sensitive, but all your reasons for aborting are ridiculous and even offensive (how many great single moms are out there? How many out there have been blessed by a child with a birth defect or disability?)

          • One who DOES know

            I was raped and became pregnant, guess that gives me room to say a word.  Rape is not a reason to have an abortion, no matter who the rapist is.  My child which I kept and raised for many years as a single mother is NOT a constant reminder.  She is a beautiful woman now, who loves the Lord and is an incredible blessing in my life and the lives of those she’s a part of and she is her own person.  Not the person who raped me.  What a loss for my life and the world had I followed the advice and pressure of those surrounding me at the time, that I was raped and my baby would only be a reminder and curse of what happened…and how wrong they were and are.  If you have been raped and are in fear, fight it! It’s not the child’s fault and there are so many people to help and support you, if you give them the chance, including those who can and will adopt if it is too overwhelming to think of raising the child on your own.

          • Abortionisgreat

            YOU THINK it’s not a reason to have an abortion. That’s   you’re petty opinion.

      • I feel sorry that you didn’t have the right kind of help to keep you from committing this atrocity. I think if you had truly sought out help other than abortion, you would have found it. i will take your dare and say yes, you are both murderers. you are deserving of sympathy but you don’t deserve to be able to kill your child. i think you should look up rachel’s vineyard for healing after abortion. you will need it eventually.

      • Just so you know, I support the fact that you had the option to choose. Other people will try to hurt you and tear you and call you less of a human being. Whether it was the right thing of not has nothing to do with it and I support the fact that you had an option.

        • Anonymous

          karen- “Other people will try to hurt you and tear you and call you less of a human being.” Im sorry are you talking to the mother of an unborn child, or are you talking to the unborn child? because that seems like the exact point were trying to make.  sorry, I just made the mistake of calling her a mother, wow. forgive me.

        • Nanamiro

          Less than a human being? Oh, you must mean the child who was killed. “Hurt you and tear you”. Yah, that must be what you mean.

      • Nanamiro

        I’m not sure I’d label the mother a murderer. There’s a lot of coercing and misleading information out there for women considering abortion. The baby is called “the product of conception” and “tissue”, “a lump of cells”. These are all true statements, but they could apply to you or I as well!
        I’m sorry you went through such a traumatic experience. I can’t imagine. But the fact of the matter is that taking the life of that baby didn’t right the wrong. In fact it made a tragedy more tragic.

  • why cant they just get fixed if they dont want to have babys or give them to a loving home. People like me how cant not have babys do to child cancer. it murder it say right in the bible they need to find God! i pray for those Babys. 

  • there r other ways my arm r open for loving a Unwanter little angel

  • there a heart bet there life

    • make me sick just reading about these people.

  • Sparky

      Hyperbole and uncorroborated conversations aside, this isn’t even an issue of ethics; it’s labor dispute.  When a prospective employee accepts a position for which there is a published job description the employee is not only representing that he or she is capable of performing the duties specified by the job description but that he or she is willing to perform them.    The whole notion that in one profession employees can pick and choose which duties they will perform and which they won’t is nonsense.   I think we can pretty much imagine what reaction most of us would get from our bosses if we came in one day and said oh I can’t do that because it offends me in just about any other profession but this one where a small but politically active interest group has managed to get this silliness enacted into law.   As long as what is being asked of the employee is legal and within the employee’s qualifications then the employee has two honorable choices – comply with the request or find a new employer.
      It’s particularly disturbing that this issue has surfaced in this of all professions.  Health-care providers have had a long and distinguished tradition of providing care to whomever requires it – without regard for who the patient is or what circumstances created their need.  It is universally accepted in this country that anyone presenting themselves at an emergency room will be treated regardless of their ability to pay much less their political or ethical positions.  Doctors and medics have long treated the wounds of enemy soldiers without prejudice.  We even treat and provide medical care to our prison populations – people who have actually committed crimes.  And as far as I can tell, there has been nothing in this story that shows these nurses have been asked to do anything but provide routine care for patients before and after surgery.   And finally, if this conversation did take place, a fact we would do well to remember has yet to be established, then shame on the manager.  She is obviously not reflecting the policy of her employer, and she should be disciplined accordingly.

  • AdmajoremDeigloriam

    Just clicked on the link to the “Jezebel” blog out of both horror and a strange fascination. . .and what a DISGUSTING blog! Such vehemently anti-life, anti-God, anti-religion, anti-family messages. Such LIES. The authors, contributors and readers of that particular site are in my prayers.

    Thank you Live Action for all that you do. Keep us informed and God bless you!

  • Manda

    wow….. i refuse to aid an abortion. when i get my RN idc if i loose my job i will never help a female kill her child. as a nurse my job is to take care of both mother and child not just mother

    • Miharu_ichikawa

      As someone who has lost dear friends to something gone wrong in childbirth or pregnancy-I find the lack of compassion for women who truly need the service to be viewed as socially unacceptable or immoral for her choice. Pro-lifers want life so desperately they’re willing to sacrifice two lives instead of one so that more can be done, it disgusts me. If my closest friends had the services available, it’d been her choice and on everyone around her to help deal with the aftermath and transition back into her life rather than to go so early. Think about what you say, especially when you think of the trauma women in situations like rape, abuse, or incest must go through. Shame on you.

      • Ja

        Shame on you for shooting off your mouth without knowing the facts. When you speak of the women in situations or rape and incest are you speaking of the .1% or pregnancies, are you also speaking of the same women who are offered rape kits and the morning after pill, or are you speaking of the same women who majority of choose to keep the baby because after such a trauma they couldn’t bare to do the same harm to another life. 

             So, you’ve lost multiple friends, I certainly doubt that. My mom was told to have an abortion and she chose to give me life instead, and she is still here complication free and had five more after me. I would do the same for my daughter. Your friend gave up their own life for their child and your suggesting they should have taken their own child’s life for their own? Way to celebrate your passed on loved ones, I’m sure they are looking at you proudly from heaven.

             Sacrifice two lives instead of one?? What medical era or third world country are you writing this from? Did you know that politically the pro-life movement is not against
        abortions in case of rape/incest because its so uncommon its not even an
        issue. Shame on you for condoling murder. How do you think the nazi officers were convinced the lives of jewish people were insignificant enough to be taken… fools like you spreading the “good word”.

        • The mother’s life should always take precedent over the babies – I don’t understand why anyone thinks otherwise. No mom, no baby. People die in pregnancy. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Furthermore, Some people can’t and won’t be decent mothers, will be forced to raise a baby in an environment not helpful for the child. I’d rather sentence a ball of cell with no brain and no heart to ‘death” (it can’t really be called death since t isn’t alive in the first place) than to force a child to spend 18 years in poverty and hunger.

          • All I can say Karen is ‘WOW’

          • BlestOne

            “a ball of cell with no brain and no heart” really?  Because by 42 days into a pregnancy, there is a beating heart, circulation, a brain, a spinal column and much more… just because a woman won’t be a decent mother is not a reason to abort.. that is like saying that just because a person has a propensity towards violence, we should lock them away or kill them to avoid the damage they may cause to society…. We have to believe that everyone has the right to make the choice to act on their feelings of violence or not.  

          • Bhasson

            So if they won’t be good parents that is a reason enough to kill a baby.  What then is the difference then with people who kill there children after they are born because they can’t or don’t want to be good parents??  There is always a 3rd choice here.  Adoption!!  I have friends and family who have waited or are still waiting years to become parents and they would make awesome parents. I wish these women would be counseled towards adoption and not abortion!  Then they can say they are a good Mother because they chose life for that baby!!  They made a couple somewhere so incredibly happy also!

          • Madrid

            Whose forcing anyone to raise a baby? Ever hear of adoption?   I will love raise your child!
            The positive or negative personality traits of your Mother does not determine your existence as a human being. 

      • But there are also other options of not raising the baby…. There are better ways to not take responsibility of a child. On what you said about the women who are filled with trauma because of situations such as rape, abuse, or incest, they must know that why would they kill the child they may have in them, if the child did not do anything to deserve it. And let them ask themselves this questions: ” How would you feel if your mother had done an abortion and never had you? How Do you think an abortion may feel to the child? Plus If you wouldn’t want them to do that to you what makes you think that the child would like it for them?” Do not do onto others what you would not want to be done to you. I may be only 17 years old but there is a lot of thoughts and knowlegde I may have that you or others may not.

        • It’s wouldn’t matter how I felt about my mom aborting me because I wasn’t even alive in the first place. No child consciously wants it because none of them can conceive of it. Heaven forbid, but say you were raped. Would you be okay having that child and letting it remind you every single day of the torture and humilation you went through? No, you’d probably put it up for adopton. and when it isn’t adopted, it will go into the foster care system, over 80% of people who were in the foster system as children live in American poverty and that hurts society more than aborting a collection of cells that have no brain and no heart.

          Pro-Life people always feel that they have the right to dictate other people’s lives. Make the CHOICE for yourself and keep it to yourself.

          • Karen, I must say ‘WOW’ again.  You are so beyond ridiculous, I can’t even address your statement.

          • Bhasson

            Karen you must have experience an abortion your self, you have convinced yourself of the lies that the baby is just a clump of cells.  My best friend had to convince herself for years that that was the truth.  Then she went into the medical field  and when faced with science and the truth.  She then sought help and went through the grieving process and is a pro-life advocate.  She was raped!  If you have been through this yourself, I implore you to find a abortion related trauma group and let the healing begin.

          • WOW!

            OMG!  REALLY KAREN?!

            Let me give you my story.  I am a child that is a result of rape.  I looked different from my sisters and because of this I asked my mother about it and she felt like it was something I could handle and she told me because she didn’t want me to hear it from another family member.  That being said, prior to her telling me, I had heard people make this outlandish statement that having a child would remind the mother, daily, of their rape.  I asked my mother if this was the case and she told me ABSOLUTELY NOT!  She said that abortion NEVER crossed her mind and that when it was offered to her as an “option” she nearly threw up!  She said that she never forgot the rape, but when she thought of it, I was never even around her, I was usually in school and the house was quiet and she was left alone with her thoughts.  She said that, in fact, whenever my sisters and dad (the man who raised and LOVED me) were around she NEVER thought about her rape.  She further told me that now that my sisters and I are out on our own she thinks about it more than she ever did.  She said that it is one of the many reasons she misses having us at home.  I don’t talk to or see my mom on a daily basis, heck not even on a weekly basis (I live too far away) yet she still thinks about it.  She said, whether or not I was born a rape is a horrendous act that effected her life.  She said the “man” that raped her obviously had power trip issues and obviously did not know how to pursue a healthy relationship and couldn’t accept the word NO.

            That being said, I have friends who have been raped and didn’t conceive and they still think about it.  I also have a friend who did conceive (and kept her child) and said she still thinks about it and it is NOT because she sees her child every day.  

            So, therefore, how is it again that a baby reminds a woman of a horrendous act that she will never forget anyway?  Rape is a violent act that no woman should have to endure and if you think that a woman will EVER forget then you are crazier than even your very comment suggests.  A woman may forgive and they may get to a point where they don’t think about it AS MUCH, but they will NEVER forget regardless of whether or not they have a child.

          • 12angrymen

            She never said the woman would forget, she said that the child would be a reminder to the woman every day. And while it is wonderful that this is not the case with your mother, it is sadly the case for many women that this happens to. This is part of the reason why many children born out of rape are put up for adoption. 

          • WOW!

            Oh God not you!

            Saw a lot of your demented comments.  You need help.

            So did you not read my entire post?  Evidently, you didn’t clearly get what I said.

            If the woman has been raped, regardless of whether there is a child or not…


            So, I really don’t get why an abortion would be deemed “necessary” in this case.  The rape will be remembered NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME. 

            And yeah there are a lot of women who do put them up for adoption and they are haunted by that too.  Can you imagine what the women who abort their babies because of a rape are going through?  Now not only do they have to deal with the awful feelings they have because of their attack, but now they have the feelings of anger because they killed a child.  And I do know women who are going through this. 

            So while you abortionists are encouraging these women to end the life of their unborn child, you need to know you would be a much better resource if you actually helped them.

            How about this.  Why don’t you offer your services to babysit while they look for a job or get themselves settled into a life of unexpected motherhood.  Why not help provide them with the basics that the baby will need.  And if you don’t have the time to donate, you could donate items or money to organizations that provide these services.  They could always use anything that you could provide.

            The problem is that our society as a whole has become so self centered about their time and resources, that they don’t want to take on the responsibility of helping others’ if it will cause any inconvenience to them.

            Most people only donate money to the point they don’t actually have to give up anything themselves.  If they only have enough money at the end of the month after they pay their bills, to cover “entertainment” expenses, then they give the charities a big kiss goodbye when what they should do is bypass “entertainment” for that month and give the money to someone who actually needs it.  But that would cause them inconvenience and Lord knows in this country MOST people CANNOT live being inconvenienced for one second.

            So see abortion is not really necessary, if some people would shed their self centered mind set.

            Only self centered or misled women abort babies.

          • 12angrymen

            Now, wait just a moment. Which of my comments are demented? And no, I do not need help. You don’t know me. At all. I am a fully functional member of society that contributes a lot to my community. I volunteer, I help children, I have even gone to a third world country through programs at my university (twice) and helped people there. In fact, I have volunteered at shelters that help women going through the very same thing you are berating me about. So don’t you dare pretend to know anything about me. 

      • Brianna Robinson4

        The problem with Abortion is that women, rather than using birthcontrole to preven t a pregnancy they are having unprotected sex and using abortion as thier form of birth controle.  These women, mostly a younger population, have had thier minds filled that this baby is not a real baby or not alive until its born and so they think nothing of getting pregnant becuase they know that abortions are available to them. Obviously in a situation such as your friends case, I do believe in exceptions. I am pro-life but what it is coming down to loosing two lives i agree, something would need to be done.  Less and less north american adoptions are happening becuase abortion is so easliy accessed by our women.  And its sad that all these lives are being taken when so many women are trying to conceive and are having to pay thousands of dollars for IVF.  why not make that free to so atleast we have some equality?

      • Nanamiro

        There are a million abortions done in this country every year. I’ve read that maybe 1% are done to women in those extreme circumstances. The rest are “convenience”. Keep your shame.

        • 12angrymen

          1% of one million is still a lot of women. People often push those women to the side, or pretend they aren’t there. But they are. Respect those women and don’t forget that. 

          • Nanamiro

            We could easily ban most of the abortions in this country. Of course we shouldn’t “push those women to the side”. If I was facing such a situation, I hope I wouldn’t be encouraged to abort my child. I just don’t see how this would lead to healing in a woman’s life. How can killing an innocent person going to improve an already tragic situation? As far as cases where a woman’s life is at risk, this is so exceptionally rare, it could be dealt with case by case. I’ve never heard of or known of a woman in this country dying from childbirth or pregnancy. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but it’s got to be really rare.

  • Jestratman

    Watch this video.  Abortion is American’s holocaust 

  • Breana Hemming

    if a drunk driver chrashes into another car and happens to kill a girl who is pregnate they are charged with 2 i repeat TWO!!! attempet of vehicular homicieded tht baby is not even truely in this world liveing and breathing but yet tht man bc of one choice is chargered with killing tht baby so why is it okay for a women to kill her unborn child what is the defferance bc i dont see one i see a man who made a chioce and killed a unborn child who had no chance and then i see a selfish women who with one chioce killed a unborn child who had no chance why isnt she charged with murder as well bc seciocty is stupid and ppl think it is ok for the women to kill her own child but not for someone else to kill her child so tht pregnate women who was killed could have been on the way to abort tht baby and ppl would have not thought twice about it but bc they were killed it is concidered murder

    • by a dictionary and spell check. a valid argument must be readable first.

      • Nanamiro

        Good idea, Karen. “By” a dictionary…

  • Would anyone like to know what I think about it? First, I’ll put myself in the person getting the abortion’s shoes. MOST (not all, most) women DO get abortions because they A) Don’t feel like everyone knowing they got pregnant. B) They don’t want a bad reputation (kind of like “A”) C) They feel like they wont be able to care for the baby, and D) They are uneducated. Now, am I saying they have a fair right to do this? No. It shouldn’t be allowed to go like this. I have actually known a young woman who got pregnant, went to the doctor, and was told that the pregnancy would cause her to lose her life, and the babies. She also had another child that depended on her. That is more of an acceptable way. 

    Next, I will put myself in the position of a Pro-Life nurse. I would be devastated if it were me. I would probably quit my job. I have so much respect for babies. If someone were to ask me to hold a murdered babies body right after it was alive, I’d probably die right then myself. 

    Now, I will put myself in the position of someone who is desperately trying to have kids of their own but can’t. They see this on TV, read about it, hear people make jokes about it, and so on. I’m sure if they knew that some “woman” were about to kill something so precious, they would march right in the clinic, hospital, or back alley place and beg the “mother” to carry the child so that it can be taken care of. 

    I have an 18 month old who was very unplanned, but it wasn’t her fault, or mine, so why should either of us have to suffer because of what some boy did? I love that baby so much, and now she has a little sister on the way. I couldn’t be happier. I actually know several people who have had them and they all regret it. 

    Sure, you can argue with me about it being the womens choice and the womans body, but if she feels like she can have sex, she should take on the responsibility of taking care of it, or allowing someone who can to adopt it. 

    I am Pro-Life for the most part. The only reasons I would EVER think it’s right to get an abortion is if it was an unbearable rape, incest, or life-threatening to the mother and unborn baby. Otherwise, I find it sick, heartbreaking, and just plain wrong. 

    • Sdfgs

      It’s an unborn baby, it doesn’t wear shoes. LOL LOL LOL. Go away.

  • TalkitiveTori

    Would you kill a todler? an innocent little todler walking with her mom? who has her hair messed up because she can’t sit still? NO. no one that had a soul would. But without a second thought we kill unborn babies. In some cases its worse to kill the unborn than it is to shoot a bullet though a todler. These babys haven’t known love, or happiness. They have never felt the grass under their toes. Or sun on their faces. Yet we kill them because they are an ‘inconvenience’. Not even a nice death that’s painless. It is a horrible process in which most of the time the baby can feel every horrible thing they do to him/her, until they finally die. The will to survive is strong in evry person so for an unborn baby it is nearly impossible for the baby to give up until its forced to. These people are murderers, but worse than that they are murderers of whom the society accepts for the most part.

  • Rhonda J Salazar

    There is Really NO difference if they were shooting them with Crossbows! MURDER is MURDER & Abortion is MURDER! Plain & Simple!

  • Anon

    Most women who go through with abortions do it for egoistic reasons. Being self-centered and selfish is simply human nature, and something that I am also guilty of so I can’t bring myself to point fingers at those who go through with abortion.

    One has to consider all the outside pressure these women get as well; the males in the relationship often times threaten to leave them if they don’t go through with it and the women (or sadly, girls) also often become pressured by family members and peers, so although they took part in the decision to end a life, it is unfair to place all the blame on these women.

    Pro-lifers who practically “bomb” abortion clinics are also not much help; as the women most likely may be feeling as though they are getting attacked, and most definitely not offered help to. 

    On the story of the nurses, however, one really has to admire the strength to stand up for what they believe in. Even if someone is pro-choice, no one can deny that what they did took guts. Respect. 

    • I would like to say that I respect what you put here. I am grateful you aren’t judging others for what they choose to do, I’m grateful you’re doing it with proper grammar and spelling, and I respect you. Agreed, it takes guts to stand up for what you believe in. I just hope they accept the consequences for their actions.

    • Sdfs

      “For egoistic reasons.” You wouldn’t know that, dumbass.

  • Wilfemberley

    hitler made laws that named the jews NON-human, thus allowing the germans to exterminate them without breaking any laws.  Now we have made laws making unborn babies NON-human. so there goes their rights. now its ok for us to kill them without breaking any laws or feeling bad about it. Oh how the strong surpress the weak, or in this case the unborn

  • Thanks for the article. You’re right. They proclaim “CHOICE!” when it’s convenient for them, but they won’t allow these nurses (most of them women, i assume) to proclaim their right to choose. And in my opiniong, it really doesn’t matter how they are being asked to kill them (in the end, they’re still dead) but just the simple and uncomfortable fact that they’re being killed. I’m starting to believe that many of these pro abortion women are just people that had bad mothers growing up.

    • They had the choice to work at that establishment. If they knew they could not fulfill those requirements, they should not be working there. Secondly, if they were fired/replaced by someone who could perform the functions, the nurses have no claim for restitution. You can’t do what the employer needs, the employer doesn’t need you. working is a privilege.

      • Nanamiro

        Maybe you’re right. If more and more people refuse to take part in abortion, maybe we’ll see an end to it! Woo hoo!!

  • For those people fighting for the right to have a abortion as a choice, I would like to let them know that they already had the choice, and that they are stripping MANY choices from their unborn child’s future. Where’s the fairness in that? Fighting for a choice of whether or not to rip away another human’s choices. It’s just wrong.

    • they baby isn’t alive. The baby has no choices until it’s birthed. Everyone asks about the baby’s choice – the baby can’ even conceive of what a choice is.

      • BlestOne

        just because they can’t conceive a choice doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to one… could you conceive a choice at 1 yrs old?  So then you are saying it should be ok to kill a 1 yr old?  How about a person with mental infirmities?  They may not be able to conceive a choice either.. does that mean we should kill them?  A baby has it’s own unique DNA from conception, and therefore is a human being with human DNA and is worthy of protection.  Babies are alive before birth… they move in response to stimuli from the womb, they suck their thumbs,  they even get hiccups… A BABY IS ALIVE!!!

      • The baby isn’t alive? Why is he or she growing, then? Why does he or she have separate DNA from ether parent?

      • Julia

        The baby isn’t alive??! As a midwive, I can safely say your comment made me laugh. I can’t believe in this day and age people are still saying that.

        • Dasfsd

          Prove that it is alive, dumbass Julia.

      • Nanamiro

        Um, it takes at least 18 years for a person to mature enough to make most of life’s difficult choices. Being born isn’t going to do it…You would be more accurate in saying that the baby has no RIGHTS until it is born. And by the way, if the “baby”, as you call it, isn’t alive, what is it? Dead? Hmmm.

  • Miharu_ichikawa

    Riddle me this: how one considers the start of a human life to begin at the moment of conception, for pro-lifers. The dairy eggs we eat…sperm and egg of a chicken, but we eat them, it’s not a chicken, is it? No, of course not. An acorn on the ground…not two parents, but the same concept of it being an egg, the potential to be a tree…is it a tree? No. Why is human life the only thing so precious as to be a human being at the moment of conception when a chicken or tree are not? It seems silly, doesn’t it? Either way…to each their own, let a woman make her choice, it’s hers to deal with in the end, not yours. 

    • BlestOne

      not all chicken eggs are fertilized… AND chickens and trees are not infused with souls.  Pretty silly post…. Where is the choice to live of the child?  I doubt they would want to be aborted if they were given a say.  Society is supposed to come together to protect their weakest members, babies, elderly, infirm… abortion is not protecting a baby’s right to life.

    • No, chicken eggs are eggs of a chicken, not sperm and egg of a chicken.

    • Nanamiro

      If it isn’t a human, what is it? Don’t say a fetus, because it’s a human fetus, just like I’m an adult human and I have human children. If you can answer me this, I’ll become a “pro-choicer”.

  • Bikerchick732001

    I want to 1st applaud this organization for working so hard to educate others on what is really going on!  Thank you all.  2nd, I personally know a few of my friends who’ve had abortions & they were never the same emotionally.  They have dealt w severe depression, have been suicidal and have many medical problems with their female organs.  This includes breast, cervical, and ovarian cancers.  By the way, the Drs confirmed that the abortions were the trigger for each of them.
         Medically speaking, there have been many different, current studies that have learned that this “procedure” increases the woman’s risk of many types of cancers by at least 45%–60%.  So for those who are “pro-choice”, think about this. Would you be here if your parents would’ve chosen to abort?  Can you be sure “if you thought yes” that it would be true?

    May God bless those who respond with whatever you feel is right or whatever decision you may make in the future.  Merry Christmas to you all!

  • I need to stop reading pro-life news. Pro-lifers think they have the right to dictate everyone else’s lives. You know why I’m pro-choice (and yes, I said pro-choice, not pro-death, not pro-abort)? Because it’s none of my business what someone else does. Why do you care what other people choose to do?

    Oh, and as for this store, if you can’t or won’t do what your employer needs to do, your employer doesn’t need you. the nurse should be fired for not complying with her job. End of story.

    • BlestOne

      Karen… I too believe in choice.  But I recognize that the choice is when I decide to accept the responsibility for my actions and the possible outcome of producing a child.  You don’t BECOME pregnant when you get a positive pregnancy test, you know what causes pregnancy, if you don’t want a baby, don’t have sex.  The choice is to have sex or not, not whether to kill a baby or not.  That is the grown up, responsible choice.  Once that baby is conceived, your choice ends where that baby’s right to life begins.

    • Nanamiro

      If more people cared about what the government was doing to Jews during the Holocaust, and not “minding their own business”, maybe over 6 million people wouldn’t have been murdered. Do you think not sticking up for the Jews was the right thing to do? You are doing the same thing most Germans did during the Holocaust by not sticking up for unborn babies. 

    • Anonymous

      Pro-“choicers” are trying to make ALL hospitals legally mandated to perform abortions. Nice “choice” there.

      You know why I’m pro-life (and yes, I said pro-life, not anti-choice, not pro-“birth”)? Because every human being, born or unborn, is my brother and sister, and it IS my business if someone brutally kills them. Do you care about the genocide in Darfur? WHY?? It’s what “other people choose to do.” So it’s none of your business, right?

      I care about people raping and murdering small children in Darfur. And I care about a “physician” crushing a tiny living human skull between forceps and twisting it off of a tiny human body. Just because one happens in the dark of a womb, that doesn’t make it any less of an atrocity.

  • Djushi

    As I’m reading that I’m just going ‘No no no. No, oh no. NO.’

  • Ttbohon

    There are so many methods of birth control, take responsibility for taking a childs no matter the circumstances is wrong, the child did not ask to be created, however he/she was and every life that has been created should have a chance at life. If you donnot wish to raise the child so many others would love to have the life that for what ever reason they cannot  create. I have often wondered how this could not be considered murder, for the killing of anything living is considered just that killing it. Children deserve the chance at life just as much as you did the day your parents found out they was expecting you. It is not easy to raise a child and may not be convinient for some, and if you are not ready to accept that than dont have sexual relations. For those who was rapped I am sorry for that for you as well as the little life that was created however please think, have the child and if the memories are to hard to bare, then give the gift of life to another family.

  • Bro,

    Well then don’t become a nurse at an a place that does abortions.

  • The problem is not with catching a dead baby’s head……. that’s a sad thing that happens with health professionals delivering stillborn babies.  The problem is with catching a KILLED baby’s head.

  • guest

    i believe a mother should be willing to give their lives so their unborn baby can live if they are a true person not decide that they arent ready to be a mom if they arent ready there are alot of people out there that cant have babies that would be great parents if you dont want the baby dont kill it let someone that cant have a baby have the chance to have a baby to love and raise i could never have a abortion its just wrong no if ands or buts about it  

    • 12angrymen

      While the mothers who’s lives are in danger from pregnancy are small compared to the number who aren’t, them wanting to live does not make them less of a person. Many mothers in that situation already have children, and if they die they are leaving them without a mother. I can’t even imagine how hard a decision those mothers must face, please don’t belittle them.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, if it’s not considered a life, you’re not pregnant and therefore don’t need an abortion.
    Regardless of who it is, everyone has a right to life. Now what you choose to do with that life is up to you (hence why God gave us free will) and if you decide to go be a terrorist that’s your choice, no one else made that for you. Just like I have a choice to join the Marine Corps because I want to serve my country and protect my family from people such as that.
    Either way, a life is a life. An unborn child has not had any choice in it’s conception, and therefore if the mother doesn’t want it should at least put it up for adoption.

    • [email protected]

      I agree there is n reason for abortion! You made themistake you get to have the baby and make is life one way or another!

  • Nanamiro

    Good point about nurses not having choices. So hypocritical that “pro-choicers” don’t think people should have a choice in such a situation. No one should have to aid another in the taking of a life. 

  • [email protected]

    OMFG!! That is really sick a baby is alive you are a murder if you get one inless youare indagered there is no reason for it how would you like it if your  mom had done that to you. You wouldnt be here right now! Dont  fucking spread your legs if you cant handle the fact you might end up having a kid your a selfish bitch if you get an abortion!!!

    • 12angrymen

      Wow; just wow. What a compassionate, level-headed person you are. 

  • this is so unfair to babies.

  • yea

  • mimi

    after all these posts i have not seen anybody mention the thought of maybe learning how to say No to sex . If you are married use Natural family planning ( but most dont due to it taking work to understand and both couples learn to communicate more) and we all know that couples dont want to do that right communicate. If you are single learn to stop sleeping around for fun/ pleasure… And if you do have sex when you should not at least take proper steps to prevent pregnancy!!! i dont agree on birth control but that is an option or those that decide to pursue there desire. Here is a fact that has been proven ” couples that practice Natural Family Planning have less then 1 percent divorce rate” i wonder why? oh ya you learn to be a couple/ understand to be a man and a women/ theology of the body are just a few examples..

    • 12angrymen

      I read all the studies on that. They were all completely biased and drew ridiculous conclusions. 

    • Sfdsd

      Sorry buddy but “Natural family planning” is not how I want to live my life.

  • It is a life and life has value. These nurses are 100% correct to refuse participating in abortions, and doctors who are doing this should be ashamed. Apparently they are doing the exact opposite of what their profession calls; to extend and preserve life, not to end it. If mothers are so “inconvenienced” then they should have abstained from sex in the first place. I hate it when people try to cover up wrong with blind-sided excuses. Abortion is murder in its purest sense, and women who do it are forever marred by their ill choice.

  • Dnorgaisse98

    What amazes me is how most Americans don’t see the dark road that we’re going down… and we won’t see it until it’s too late. How can we have become so heartless as to see the murder of babies as just a well-paying job? It’s disgusting, it’s vile, and most importantly, it’s MURDER. Until that is knocked into our heads, we’re going to continue down the road of no return… and never come back.

  • linda nicholson

    So what is the difference, you are still murdering the unborn baby so they might as well be linninh them up and shooting them with a crossbow.

  • Just wondering

    Why are there pro-“choice” people commenting on a pro-life website.  Am I to assume that they are not fully convinced in their minds that abortions are truly okay?

    • Fdf

      No. I want to put my say in. Pro-life people go ape-sh*t on pro-choice sites all the time.

  • Janellenofziger

    Lord forgive us for allowing this World to get this far off!! The time is now to Stand up and fight for the unborn!

  • Evensocomelordjesus

    “Don’t worry! It’s already dead!” Okay, if ‘it’ wasn’t alive to begin with…why would they make it a point to tell the nurse ‘it’ was already dead. The word to describe abortion and ANYONE that supports it is EVIL.

    • Ohmeohmy

      LOL. Your name on here is rather hilarious. You think you’re doing God’s work, by going around calling people evil and telling them that they’re going to hell for believing in something? They aren’t going against the Lord. You’re a disgrace.

  • 999

    if you cant do what your job sometimes requires you to do, go find a different one. maybe start with looking into churches

  • Daughmiv

    Look up FEMA Concentration Camps on YouTube. Looks like the gov’t plans to kill all of us. The Socialist Democratic party plans to destroy America. It has been this party that has kept abortions legal. Some day they will face their maker. Buck

  • Warpigpotts

    The sin of murder those guilty will be held accountable, however the Lord Jesus Christ is filling his kingdom with these souls and evil WILL NOT prevail against His righteousness and coming judgemen for those who refuse to repent of these such deeds. He is not WILLING that any should perish, SINNER repent now and be saved!

  • Growup

    You know what’s sicker than abortion? Irresponsibly having loads of children when the world is already struggling with a population overload. I’m pro-lookatthebiggerpicture, and I think this argument is pointless if we can’t even control ourselves for the sake of the entire human race and our home planet.

  • Anastiasumpter

    how did it die?

  • Anastiasumpter

    was it sick?

  • Djsdsdfd

    “If you were killed as a baby you’d be pretty pissed, wouldn’t you?”

    That’s so stupid. I wouldn’t have been able to be mad, or even realize what was going on. I might not even have been able to think, who knows. Looking back now I would say okay, I enjoy living so I’m glad I wasn’t aborted, but I’m still pro-choice

  • Dsffg

    Well, time to make like a baby and abort. LOL

  • María Inés Benítez Formoso

    “You just have to catch the baby’s head. Don’t worry, it’s already dead.” Oh really? I would have never noticed! Of course it is dead, smarty-pants: you just killed it.

    No, seriously: I have to fight day by day against the very same problem as these corageous nurses, that being the disrespect for objection of conscience. As a medical student, I move in a particularly hostile environment for the sick and the helpless, be it born or unborn – which is rather ironic, since hospitals are supposed to be the places where we take care of these people, not dispose of them. But it does happen, sadly.

    Sadly for anti-lifers, however, we do not intend to back down. And these nurses are not alone; far from that, they are twelve among many, many, many other inspiring persons who stay true and stay strong for what really does matter: human life and health. In this case, both the health of women and children. As for how abortion may be of any benefit to women’s health, I am still waiting for anyone to provide at least the smallest piece of actual scientifical evidence. All I get to read or hear is “women’s choice” and “women’s health/life”… well, I am still waiting here: where is the actual medical evidence (and please, please do not come up with Wikipedia, for science’s sake) that abortion does help in any way to improve women’s health?

  • Life Action Fan

    Sounds like the pro-aborts are anti-choice.  BAMF.  It ain’t yo body bitch!

  • Facebook is hiding this story from my news feed and from my “favorites”. After I recommended it and also made a comment, neither the recommendation nor the comment appeared anywhere on my page. So I made a direct link and comment on my time-line. Now only that direct link appears on my time-line, but NOT on my news feed. That means people (even friends) will see it ONLY if they go directly to my page. Facebook is well-known for pulling this kind of censorship in response to false claims of “offensive” links. In this case, it just means the pro-abortion people don’t want to be confronted with the humanity of those they are killing. The underhanded thing is Facebook doesn’t even tell us they are censoring us.

  • Why are we surprised or sickened by this. This what pro-choice means.

  • I don’t even know how anyone could sever the body parts of a living human being and not call it murder. It’s truly horrifying- far greater than the Holocaust. This is America’s infanticide.