Silent Witness: The Baby in the Jar

So much became daily business-as-usual while working at an abortion clinic year after year: the tears, the shouting parents and boyfriends, the drivers who accompanied abortion patients who said they were “going out for a cigarette” and then disappeared and abandoned the pregnant mother they’d brought in, the jokes in the lunchroom about the one who showed up with multiple other kids in tow. (We did not allow children in the waiting room. Ever.)

Preborn Human Feet
Preborn Human Feet

Even the macabre became commonplace. The gallows humor I’d seen in movies about medical staff who work around disease and death day in and day out was right at home in an abortion clinic.

I vividly remember the cleaning lady who quit after finding a foot in the drain of the one of the sinks in the autoclave room where the medical instruments were cleaned and sterilized after abortions. We all laughed and joked about it in the staff lounge for days and weeks afterward.

One time the power went out for hours and we were all explicitly instructed NOT to open the freezer where all of the medical waste was stored (read: dead baby parts in bio-hazard bags). Inevitably, someone did open that freezer and I will never, ever forget the stench of decaying human flesh for as long as I live—but we all laughed as we gagged and joked how at least “they” had it better in that non-functioning freezer because at least they couldn’t smell it.

One thing about the clinic never sat well with me, maybe because in my heart I always knew it was wrong. All of it was wrong, but especially this: the dead baby in the refrigerator in the lab. It was touted as a “teaching tool” and a “medical anomaly” that this perfect 10-week-old fetus “survived” the suction abortion procedure perfectly intact. So he (I thought I could tell it was a he) was given the dubious honor of being preserved in formalin in a translucent plastic jar in the laboratory refrigerator. I think we called him Charlie, but I can’t really remember. I know he had a name, but blissfully I have either forgotten or repressed it. But he was there every day I worked there.

Occasionally I peeked in on him, fascinated by the bizarreness of it all, but also with a scientific curiosity—every other abortion resulted in parts, bits and pieces of human in the jar—but this miraculous little creature was perfectly formed and complete in every way, with the heartbreaking exception that he was dead. There was no amniotic sac, no placenta, just a teeny-tiny perfect little baby floating in the jar. In the fridge. Forever a silent witness to the march of death of his immature brethren.

How I pray his soul rests in peace, and that someday he is given decent burial—or at the very least tossed out with the rest of the bio-hazardous waste, for that would be far more merciful than where I knew him to be.

  • It´s a nice article, and it is really sad to read that this is happening in a country like this… I really hope that someday people will understand that abortions are murders!!!!!!

    But i have a question, how were you able to see a “perfect” male 10 wk old baby???

    At 10 weeks pregnant the fetus will be about 40 to 50 millimeters (less than 2 inches) CRL (head to butt) length, thats just a little more than the width of two U.S. pennies (one cent coins).

    The genital tubercle (nub) area at 10 weeks pregnant will be about the size of a ‘pin head’. It is imposible to differenciate if it is a girl or a boy. For example, on ultrasound scans; looking through, layers of skin, womb and amniotic fluid it will be difficult to see.

    Thank you,

    Alvaro Martin, M.D.

    • Jewels Green

      No, I was not able to see a “perfect” male. This was, I was told, a 10-week gestation (12 weeks LMP) baby and this is the best website I have found that accurately displays photos of how the nub looks identical in both genders at that stage in pregnancy. It is also possible that while the body remained intact, there may have been some stretching of the soft tissues as a result of the suction.

  • Zlata Salazar

    My testimony

    • Guest3791

      Thanks for sharing this. Keep telling your story, every chance that you get. Most girls don’t know what they are getting into when they go to these abortion clinics. They are lied to and persuaded, show them the truth.

    • Your blog is amazing and I have started following it. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Guest

    So sad… Makes my heart break and want to hold my little baby girl.

  • Once at a Naval Base, while with a group of trainees visiting the Base Hospital, we found sitting on a shelf in one of the outer buildings a complete, tiny baby that had been aborted. Someone even knew which of the female sailors has had the abortion. It was in a bottle the size of a Preserving Jar. As above, this tragic little statistic was mainly the subject of jokes. This is the world we live in, not the one we hope will someday exist and not the one we pray to be in.

  • Amber Archer

    This brings tears to my there no justice in this world?! To let a so called “mother” just waltz on in to any clinic and have her child sucked out? It’s wrong. Inhumane. Disgusting. To all the so-called “doctors” and “nurses” who do this, you’re disgusting. You have no right to even be blessed with children of your own. You’re sick people. Sick and twisted and have no right on this planet anywhere.

    • 12angrymen

      Well Amber, I see you have such a kind and loving mentality that will certainly bring others to your cause. Oh wait. 

    • you shouldnt judge in such a way . 

      • Anonymous

        Take your own advice next time, hypocrite.

  • guest

    Oh i know i could never do that to a baby. it had a heart and is a human i think abortion should be considered murder.

  • Victoriababex0

    AAwwwwwww thats so sad and also hope no other babies die like this when  i read this
    it brought me a lot of tears hope that in that family everyone is ok <3<3<3<3

  • Linda Morgan

    Jewels, know that “Charlie” is with God. He is at peace worshipping the Maker of heaven and earth. No need to pray for him, but pray for those who still work in the industry.

  • Christina H

    I know it is true, but I just don’t understand how someone could joke about human death and general, let alone while smelling deceased babies. I don’t agree, but I can understand different choices-like someone being pro-choice. I can at least see the logic, or lack of it. But there is no humor in this. I would think that in a place of business even if it is a “death chop shop” that they would have some semblance of dignity for the bodies and the loss of life on some level. I appreciate the honesty in this story, but it really made me sick on my stomach. 

  • Rachel Mack

    I literally become nausious when reading articles like these; how could anyone in their right mind simple through such a precious soul away? Especially being the parent of that child…there are exceptions; but to know that that little baby in the fridge could have eventually been crying and playing ball one day…

  • This is where the birth of indiffernce is at. To be so indifferent to a dead baby sitting in a jar explains how far abortion has and will go in or world. This is a killing of thee most innocent and they laugh.

  • Abe Mundt

    This is so disturbing. These men and women really are blinded by the devil.

  • Laurithina

    “Charlie” was aborted, just like all those other children.  Fortunately, by being in one piece, as a “teaching tool”, he might be able to show others a little insight on what babies look like at an early stage.  That alone, could save more lives in the future.

    I was instantly converted to pro-life when I saw the fully intact fetuses at the “Our Body” exhibit.  I never realized before what a baby that young and that small looked like, and seeing it in real life instead of in a picture brought everything to a sober reality.  Yes, those children were dead, but I’m sure displaying their dead bodies in such a learning environment has converted more people than just me.  Those dead children saved lives.

    • joey

      I recall being at the BodyWorlds exhibit in my city with my science class, and we were all so fascinated by the people preserved and posed in the exhibit(with the knowledge of fact that these people had willingly donated their bodies to this, it was not terribly sad, in my opinion). However, when we entered the room with the babies in jars(and yes, I will call them what they are, “fetus” is latin for “baby” anyway), almost all of the women, students and teachers, cried. It was so, so hard to see that. They also had the body of a woman who was pregnant with an almost full-term baby when she had died. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so heartbreaking in my life as that. 

  • ADadOf3LittleBoys

    sad and utterly barbaric…. the Bible says if you hit a woman when she is pregnant and her baby dies you die. What do you think God thinks of these murders?

  • Carl_newman

    All of these things that occur do not occur within a vacuum…we MUST make sure that everyone, men and women aloke are educated as to what is really going on.  We must also provide information about what is wrong but we must give a life saving alternative.

    Like the story of the Good Samaritan we must not simply pray for the life of the unborn but we must help in the life of the mother  Check out and see if it is perhaps a good place to start,..