Teen Sisters Expose Girl Scouts’ Support of Abortion and Planned Parenthood

Sydney and Tess Volanski are two amazing young girls who are standing up for the truth–even though it may be unpopular.  These teen girls just launched the website “Speak Now: Girl Scouts” to document Girl Scouts USA’s not-so-secret support of Planned Parenthood and abortion.  Sydney and Tess were Girl Scouts for 8 years before they discovered this shocking information—but as soon as they did, they refused to continue to support the organization, left their troop, and are telling the nation the truth about Girl Scouts.  Watch my interview with them here:

The discernment these girls have shown in immediately ceasing their support of a pro-abortion organization and warning others is inspiring. They are wonderful models of how we all must be open to the truth and willing to act on it. This is the attitude that will help our generation end abortion in America.

I encourage you to spread the word and share Tess and Sydney’s story with your friends: read more about Speak Now Girl Scouts here.

  • Lhinds

    I knew that as soon as they decided to take GOD out of their pledge, they were sliding down a sippery slope……and so……sadly, I am not surprised.  It’s just like when we decided to take prayer out of school…….our children have suffered and down the slippery slope we have gone into more violence, sex, perversion, etc. since then……sad! The following website for this blog shows it:

    • Scout leader

      I’m not quite sure what you mean by them taking GOD out of their pledge. I am a Girl Scout leader, and It’s still very much IN the Promise… here is the pledge and promise to refresh your memory…

      The Girl Scout Promise

      On my honor, I will try:
      To serve God and my country,
      To  help people at all times,
      And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

      The Girl Scout Law

      I will do my best to be:
      honest and fair,
      friendly and helpful,
      considerate and caring,
      courageous and strong, and
      responsible for what I say and do,

      and to
      respect myself and others,
      respect authority,
      use resources wisely,
      make the world a better place, and
      be a sister to every Girl Scout.

      • Call Me Mom

        Just Me,
        What people mean when they say that the girl scouts took God out of the pledge is that, when they were challenged about the inclusion of God in the pledge, they caved and removed Him for a time. God was not restored until the boy scouts fought it out in court and won.
         I remember how angry I was that they had done so, because I felt that it made all the hard work I had put in to become a first class girl scout (the equivalent of today’s gold award, I think) worth nothing. I felt that they had betrayed the principles of the organization and I wasn’t interested in having any award, no matter how exalted, from an organization that would abandon it’s principles like that.
        I still feel that way and I applaud these young women for their stand.

      • Jill

        from Wikipedia’s Girl Scout page:
        Girl Scout policy states that the word “God” may be interpreted depending on individual spiritual beliefs. When reciting the Girl Scout Promise, “God” may be substituted with the word dictated by those beliefs. 

      • Christy

        God is now flexible in the promise … in the GS printed materials there is as asterick by God and it the explanation reads “When making the Girl Scout Promise, individuals may substitute wording appropriate to their own spiritual beliefs for the word ‘God.’ ”  So girls can say, mother earth, satan, Buddah, whatever they choose in lieu of God. (I am looking at several GS books that contain this language by the way)

        • Lesgf8

          And what’s wrong with accommodating others’ beliefs?

          • Tired of the Stupidity

            You know, accomidating another person’s beliefs is morally wrong. I mean, clearly, only one God can be god, and he’s the NASCAR lovin’, beer-drinkin’, son-of-a-gun, that every red-blooded, decent conservative prays to on Sunday after saturday’s hedonistic night of debauched revelry just make sure to leave a big tip in the collection plate and it will be okay). All other denominations can blow it out their……… ears.

          • Tired of Tired

            I thought you were tired of the stupidity? Yet your logic is faulty (if by “God” we mean someone all-powerful, there cannot be more than one), and your descriptions are just caricatures.

        • Why is that a problem ?


      • Tired of Tired


  • Annalyn Alexis

    Bye bye Girl Scout cookies… other than the cookies, I know little about Girl Scouts, and never even considered that they might be supporting Planned Parenthood or other pro-choice organizations. That aside, Sydney and Tess’s site looks really informative – some of what I’ve read so far goes beyond surprising to shocking. I’m definitely passing this information on to my family and friends.

    • 12angrymen

      I would do some more research about the Girl Scout organization before you completely stop supporting them. Don’t just take the word of two teenage girls, not to belittle them or anything but they do not represent the opinion of the majority of the girls in GS.

      • Denalls

        I’ve done the research. The individual troops are just that individual troops. However, their dues PAY for the GSA Organizations decisions. The organization at the national level is troubling to say the least and the more research I do, the worse it gets. There is a concerted effort to make all of these young girls into feminists and indoctrinate them with liberal ideology. Have at it, but not for me or my kids.

        • 12angrymen

          I just spent a good amount of time looking at the “Speak Now” site. Quite honestly, most of the time it seemed like the girls were grasping at straws, or showing their own prejudices against homosexuals and feminists. I went to all the sites they quoted, and looked through the GS book and I can firmly conclude that the organization does not blatantly support abortion. These girls frequently put down lesbians and feminists on their site, which I believe is a troubling mindset. It is websites like Speak Now that help propagate the bullying against homosexuals that can lead to suicide, and that belittle women’s political, economical, and social equality by holding all feminism in such a negative light. It is my sincerest hope that one day these girls will hold more compassion towards all people in their hearts. 

  • Mareeanette

    They encourage alternative lifestyles too.  Many young girls go to camp and are exposed to it.

    • 12angrymen

      What alternative lifestyles are you referencing?

  • Mareeannette

    Be very careful sending your daughter into the world of Girl Scouts.  They were not like this originally, but I was caught up in the lesbian lifestyle because of Girl Scout camp.  It becomes a peer pressure deal because it is just so cool to be like them and you learn to hate men and anyone who tries to repress you.  I hate that I am telling you this now and realizing all the bad things that happene

    • Meghann84

      Your courage speaks VOLUMES about you.  God bless.

    • 12angrymen

      I am sorry that you had that experience. However know that many many girls have had a truly wonderful experience with Girl Scouts, and none that I have talked to were ever taught to hate men or become lesbians; not bullying homosexuals however was something that came up, which I support 100 percent. 

    • Just me

      You say your were caught up in a “lesbian lifestyle because of Girl Scout camp”… I’m so sorry to hear that. But camp is NOT that way for every girl. Camp teaches girls how to survive if they need to, it teaches teamwork, and it builds trust and friendship.  I have never heard anyone say it teaches you to hate men…. that must have just been the girls at your particular camp. Camp is a very positive experience for the girls. 

    • Jane

      I believe all that you are saying.  The GS have become a liberal,progressive,feminist org.  I am a Lifetime Mbr. and at 67 yrs I feel so ashamed to know what they now are.  There are great troops and programs out there so they disguise their true agenda well.  Go to Honest Girls.com and FB Make the Girl Scouts Clean Again and to wwwgirlscoutswhynot.com and learn about the evil they are now.  How many parents know that their girls are partnered with Janet Napolitano as mbrs. of the Youth Corp?  Do your research our youth deserve for us to be role models.  Please pray that the message of who they are reaches everyone.  This is about $$$$$ they made over 715 MILLION off of just their cookies.  They are business.  Above all pray.

      • Tired of the Stupidity

        I wnet to both sites, which you improperly hyperlinked by the way, and these websites are just BS. At 67 years old I guess its to be expected. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Also just something I saw on both sites I need to clear up, The morning after pill i.e. emergency contraception is just that, a contraceptive. It cannot induce the abortion of a concevied life only stop conception from happening, preventing life and ending it are two completly different things.

        • Robinsmelody

          Although I respect the fact that you went to these sites, it is more important that you check out the meetings and find out what is being taught.  That is the only thing I trusted to find out what was happening. I really like my girls leaders but their agenda was not one I was comfortable with.   GS has certainly changed.  I love the idea of teaching girls they can do whatever they set out to do, but somehow, it has an edge to it now.  Something didn’t feel right to me or my daughter.

          • Maria

            It is a medical known fact that any contraceptive can also be an abortificant. The function of contraceptives is to affect the uterine lining to not allow implantation of a fertilized egg. Though rare (thankfully) It is possible for conception to happen and the product of conception, i.e. the baby, is expelled from the body because it cannot implant in the uterine lining. Obviously what is expelled is too small to see and mixed with menstrual blood, so when this happens, the woman has no way of knowing that she just spontaneously aborted her child.

        • Augusthorizon

          Hey have some respect you filthy cullion! I don’t know why you think ANYONE should take what YOU say seriously when you go around disrespecting your elders! ABORTION is murder! Where it is true that Morning after pills and condoms aren’t murder because they simply prevent it( however I believe that people shouldn’t be such slut, I am in NO way justifying premarital sex ) but seriously if you cannot find the decency to RESPECT your elders and obviously do not respect LIFE, then I find no incentive to respect YOU or ANYTHING you have to say! Girlscouts aren’t all perfect and they don’t learn “life skills” all they learn is how to manipulate others into buying their flipping cookies so that they can go to disneyland or on cruises with the money they earn from the cookies. I was apart of the Girlscouts for about a year and was in brownies before that. The only experience I ever had with the Girlscouts was being treated like crap because I was a Tomboy. I got called all sorts of nasty things and alienated just because I wasnt a priss ass like the rest of them. The skills they teach you aren’t important life skills, and they dont teach you ANYTHING that could save your life except for stuff like ” don’t talk to strangers or get in their cars” which is stuff your parents or legal gaudians should teach you. I was asked to leave because a girl picked a fight with me and took a swing at me so I returned the favor and she wound up with a bloody nose. She started it and they blamed and punished me because I didn’t fit the “type” that they wanted in their damn troop. ( the only reason I didn’t leave before that was because I was homeschooled and was hoping to make some friends, and do stuff to help others [which we did none of]) but I’m glad I got out one way or another( I probably would have dropped out soon anyways, but their process was corrupt.) I know not all Girlscouts are like that but you cannot say all these things abou them depicting them as saints when usually all they are are bullies. “at 67 years old i guess it’s to be expected” GET OVER YOURSELF YOU POMPUS TWIT!!!! If YOU were a girl scout then I guess we can all we what they teach you. How to be disrespectful to your elders and life.

    • TWmom

      Mareeannette, My heart goes out to you.  It is so wrong that this is happening in an organization trusted with millions of our girls.   Blessings to you for your courage.

    • Robinsmelody

      You have a point about Girl Scouts not being like they were.  In the guise of becoming more relevant they have become more militant.  I didn’t realize that until my daughter became involved.  When I was a girl it was about learning new skills and becoming self sufficient and working together.  When my daughter went it was about being assertive and progressive and politically correct.  They talked about self esteem building through these things, but we got our self esteem back then by learning those skills, working toward goals, working together, etc.  Seems like it’s turned around backwards.

  • Honeywoman74

    What about boy scouts?  It is the same?  

  • 12angrymen

    I will continue to support the Girl Scouts. I personally know many young women that had a very positive experience with this organization, and will not stop buying cookies just because two young girls disagree with what they supposedly support. 

    • Just me

      Amen to your post. Thanks for standing up for the Girl Scouts….  They are a fantastic organization, building our future strong leaders in society.

      • Gam Jane

        Have you checked out their socialist and lesbian role models?  Probably not.  Do your homework.  $$$$$$ leads this org. not morals.  Yes, the Catholic church is being called to exercise discernment after all the latest evil that is being exposed.

        • Lesgf8

          What’s wrong with lesbians? Or socialists?

          • Anonymous

            Everyone knows that lesbians cause terrorist attacks, hurricanes, and earthquakes.  I’m not sure on socialists, but you can no doubt find a pastor who will tell you that natural disasters happen because God is punishing us for them too.

          • the guy youll label elitist

            Nothings wrong with hot lesbians, but the ugly ones, you know dikes there is where the problems start. Socialisms problem is that it doesn’t work. It doesn’t support creative thinking the way capitalism does. If I come up with a product and market it, under socialism the government spilts up my business and divides it among the community and I stay at the bottom with the rest of the losers. Under capitalism I become profitable and rise through the ranks hire people and expand the economy, or fail and stay at the bottom with the rest of the losers, but at least I had a 50/50 shot at sucess. We as humans, are fueled by nature to desire to be better than the others around us, you know “keeping up with the Jones.” despairity isn’t a bad thing but poverty is.

    • scragsma

      That’s pretty much the same argument that Planned Parenthood tries to make: “Sure, we kill unborn babies…but don’t look at that, just look at the other things we do.”  Sorry, that’s like asking me to forgive a murderer because he/she is a good parent.

      • 12angrymen

        I see no correlation between supporting an organization that helps, encourages, and supports young girls and forgiving a murderer. Girl Scouts does not give abortions, nor do they avidly support it for if they did you can be sure a majority of the girls in the organization would have seen this support, not just a few. No organization is perfect, just take a look at the Catholic church, or really any church for that matter, and the United States’ government; this does not mean those organizations don’t do wonderful things for many people, and that we should throw them to the dogs. And really, I will take the word of the many young girls that I have talked to who had a wonderful experience with Girl Scouts over the word of only two. 

        • Christy

          Sadly, there’s a lot more than two girls with this story …

          • Tired of the Stupidity

            Where are they? I would love to hear testimony from them.

      • Gam Jane

        AMEN, how could you support evil?  You owe it to yourself if you have any moral fiber to truly look into what you are supporting.  How many girls will be led to the evil agenda of the GS with this distorted thinking? 

      • so everytime you put money on the plate at church you are supporting an organization that protected pedophiles therefore you give money to rapists (to use your analogy , stupid isnt it )

  • Christy

    Boys Scouts of America does NOT support Planned Parenthood.  Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are not affiliated. 

    • Gam Jane

      The Boy Scouts will NOT partner with the GS.  Many assume they do.  They do partner with the AHG girls.  Anyone on these pages who supports GS has not looked into them.  God?  Obviously you have not done your homework.  GOD was removed from the promise a long time ago.  They now realize this may have been a costly mistake and it is in some books.  Please do not make comments if you are uninformed.  I have my First Class which is now the Gold Award and I have my Marian Award and I can tell you this org. is EVIL and their agenda not for our youth.  Be responsible and pray for the truth.  God Bless these beautiful young ladies with courage.  God will hold me responsible if I see evil and do not do all I can to expose it.  Pray for the spirit of courage that God has given you.

  • Just me

    For everyone so angry about this whole thing, I invite you to learn more about the Girl Scout organization.  Many of you said you would stop buying the cookies… well let me tell you, what selling cookies does for these girls… it teaches them how to budget, math skills, and people/social skills needed for future life skills. It teaches the girls how to talk to adults, look them in the eyes, shake their hands, and be respectful, even when doors are slammed in their faces because they are the “big” girls, like the high school junior and senior girls…. Cookies are not just for the satisfaction of selling cookies.. Many troops use the little bit of earning they make on the cookies for community service projects, such as building memorial gardens, buying stuffed animals to give to sick children in the hospital, or food to give to the food banks… How many of you all mighty people talking bad about these girls can say you have worked your butts off, only to donate your time and money like these girls have?? Planned Parenthood does not just do abortions. Planned Parenthood also talks to girls about body image, so they are not embarrassed because they are the overweight child in the gym locker. They teach the girls about puberty so they learn the real things in life, not the “locker talk”. The older women get their annual paps, and mammograms to be pro active against cancer there. They make sure women have access to birth control, so abortions don’t have to happen. You tell me, are they really different than any other OB/GYN in that sense? The Girl Scouts are still a great organization. They teach the girls life long skills with all the badges, such as cooking, sewing, camping, self defense, communication, and friendship. Where else can girls learn so much?

    • Anon

      “How many of you all mighty people talking bad about these girls can say
      you have worked your butts off, only to donate your time and money like
      these girls have??”

      You’re really going to play that card against a bunch of people you’ve never met, aren’t you?

    • Call Me Mom

      I can. I went through the girl scout program to earn it’s highest award, as I mentioned above. I had doors slammed in my face when selling cookies and I have gone on to donate thousands of hours of my time to BOY Scouts because I was so disappointed in the girl scouts.

      As to where else can they learn these things?  They can learn them in Venture Crews or any number of other fine organizations or from their parents. Girl scouts does not have a lock on those skills or that information.

       Planned Parenthood does not do pap smears or mammograms, only abortions, or haven’t you been keeping up with the exposes on planned parenthood?

      • Anonymous

         Oh, good heavens.  Not even the liars at Live Action are claiming that PP doesn’t do pap smears.

        All I learned in the Girl Scouts was how to change diapers.  I’m glad they’ve entered the twenty-first century.

      • Kate

        You are correct that Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms, but they do provide more than abortions.  They make the most money off of abortions, but they provide other services as well.  I am against Planned Parenthood because of their corruption.  If it was only about abortion then I wouldn’t waste my time standing against Planned Parenthood because I want to end all abortions not just the ones done there.  Abortions are done in regular hospitals as well, I wouldn’t boycott a hospital just because laws need changed. 

        • Maxandfrancis

          I would boycott any institution that does abortions, hospitals included.  ABORTION IS MURDER.

      • Tired of the Stupidity

        Oh wow, you let the heavily doctored videos made by Live Action pull the wool that far down over your eyes, I bet your the genius in your family. Really, do you even know what Planned Parenthood does, Most of their time, energy, and resources are spent in sex education, and pregnancy prevention i.e. contraceptives, and tests i.e. PAP SMEARS and STD screenings. further, I was a boy scout, but I was always left on the fringe because I wasn’t part of the church. Never informed about upcoming events despite being on the call list, I was even excluded from the Boy Scouts float in the town parade, twice. Do you know how hurt a seven year old can feel being ostracized, for reasons he can’t even understand yet. Besides, the Boy Scouts don’t sell delicious short bread cookies. you need to go back to the girl scouts because apparently their “hidden agenda” didn’t teach you enough about  PP.

        • paid. by me not the tax payers

          Well u dope get over it that’s life. You much have been some ulgy kid.
          oh yea in ur asinine rant u forgot to tell everyone that pp is paid by the tax payers.. pp succks

        • YOU are seriously incorrect.

        • YOU are seriously incorrect.

        • Michelle

          The “pill” is also an abortifacent as it:
          1. Does not always prevent pregnancy
          2. Disrupts the uterine lining so that a fertilized egg (i.e. a Human Being in His or Her earliest stage of life) cannot implant (called nidation) and begin to develop and grow, and thus is ABORTED.

      • was that last sentence satire ? please say it was , you cant really be that blind 

      • Sarah

        Just wait until they are raped at gunpoint!  That might just change the way they feel about Planned Parenthood and the right to choose.  Choice!  How would you like to have to give birth to that child?  Wake up!  It is about a choice!

        • Teacher Mom 78

          have you ever heard about christ or god?? no, i do not want my girl to go through a rape and having to carry out a child that way. but the child that was conceived that way, is at no fault!! it deserves the right to live, to have the CHOICE of a life where it is loved. god is above all these things. but apparently you don’t think that way! i will pray for you. go ahead, call me crazy or a Jesus freak. I AM A JESUS FREAK AND GLAD TO BE ONE!!!

        • liz

          My mother in law was raped and became pregnant at a young age, and she did choose to carry the baby to full term and then give it up for adoption.  She is one of the most courageous and amazing women that I know.  And I know that somewhere there is a man out there who is so grateful that she made this unbelievably difficult choice. 

        • A Robins Melody

          Just wait until they’re raped at gunpoint?  Are you hoping?  And, “How would you like to have to give birth to THAT child?”  (capitalization mine)  How do you know YOU weren’t that child?  It’s not the child’s fault.  I was an unwanted child.  Left by both my mother and father –who were unmarried and dysfunctional to say the least.  My adopted sister was the child of a college student and an unfortunate experience she went through.  Doesn’t make either one of us less worthy.  And,we are both glad our mother’s gave life to us.  It’s about a BABY, not a choice.  The choice for many, many, many women has nothing to do with rape.  It has to do with convenience, economics, beliefs, age, etc. And there were already a ton of choices that WERE made.  The choice to have sex.  The choice to have sex too early.  The choice to have sex with someone you wouldn’t want a child with.  The choice to use a contraceptive.  And the list goes on.  We need to stop pretending that sex — as wonderful as it is — doesn’t cause babies to be made.  If you choose to have sex you are choosing to risk that.  Killing someone isn’t the answer. 

        • Maxandfrancis

          Nope, the choice ain’t ours, honey.  It is God’s.

        • Bob

          So who is more wrong? the one threatening to kill a woman? or a woman actually killing an innocent child, you whore scumbag. Your a fucking idiot. You think you should have the choice to kill? Do you think you have the choice to insult the same creation that created you. A paradox of you with the choice to kill another you. You are an insult to the human race, and you have the dignity of the shit that comes out of your fucked up mouth.

          • Anonymous

            Even though Sarah’s comment reflects an obvious disregard for human life, your reply was counterproductive because of the foul language you chose to use.  Your lack of civility diminishes our efforts in the struggle to protect innocent unborn life.  Please clean it up.

        • A_black82

          There is more at stake here than a woman who is raped. Her soul, the outcome of her eternal life is at stake. The life of a child, a living human baby is at stake. We should help this woman bring this child to birth and choose a different option (ie adoption) if she so chooses. If I were a child of rape or any other crime, I sure would have been happy my mother chose life. I could not even image how hard it would be to choose to carry a child after a traumatic experience, but I have known woman who have had abortions and regret that decision everyday of their life. A woman who has suffered violence needs a support system and she needs to know her decisions affect the lives of others. Her decisions will affect her the rest of her life, not just 9 months. The 1% of women who are raped and seek abortions need to helped not supported in murder. They themselves need to see that even though they have been harmed, it does not mean they themselves should harm. 

        • Less than 1 % of abortions are due to rape. Get a grip.

        • Less than 1 % of abortions are due to rape. Get a grip.

        • Michelle

          Thousands of women have “chosen” not to punish the child of rape for the sin of his or her “father.”

      • Shoo_fly

        Not since the last I visited…perhaps you’ve never been and have been brainwashed like all the others.  …What bunk!  Before you make a comment…make a visit, shall we?!

      • amber

        I have been going to Planned Parenthood for 18 years STRICKLY for my birth control and yearly paps!!!!!! Get updated on YOUR info “Call Me Mom”

      • amber

        I have been going to Planned Parenthood for 18 years STRICKLY for my birth control and yearly paps!!!!!! Get updated on YOUR info “Call Me Mom”

      • amber

        I have been going to Planned Parenthood for 18 years STRICKLY for my birth control and yearly paps!!!!!! Get updated on YOUR info “Call Me Mom”

      • amber

        I have been going to Planned Parenthood for 18 years STRICKLY for my birth control and yearly paps!!!!!! Get updated on YOUR info “Call Me Mom”

      • amber

        I have been going to Planned Parenthood for 18 years STRICKLY for my birth control and yearly paps!!!!!! Get updated on YOUR info “Call Me Mom”

    • Rsbdnavarrete

      Most of what goes on @ Planned Parenthood is ABORTION which is killing. They have exposed for wanting to do abortions are 11 and 12 yr olds,and after being told the child was impreg.by a much older man.I would never rely on them to teach my precious daughter about puberty,or body image.That’s what she has her Mother for;the only one who has the best moral interest in her life. Most women,even those that are on Medicaid,go to a private OB/Gyn or hospital clinic for their check ups not Planned Parenthood.

      • Ang

        I have to weigh in here…I lost my mother to a tragic car accident when I was 14 yrs old.  I did go to PP by myself for birth control (when I was 16) and my first years of pap appts bc I could never ask my dad to take me to the OBGYN and had no mother to teach me about these things.  PP is not all evil.  I am pro-life (for myself) but I think that some people have extenuating circumstances that require a little compassion for their right to a choice.  PP teaches safe sex and gives free birth control to keep women from needing abortions, that’s the last resort and for some people that’s their only option. I do not agree with abortion. I do feel that the most humane choice is the one you make prior to having sex-using birth control- but please don’t expect that everyone can/should make the same choice as us just because we are compassionate about it.

        • Maria

          Information from inside PP: they purposely give very low dose birth control pills expecting unplanned pregnancies to eventually happen. Especially knowing that these young women (many underage and not quite responsible) might not take them exactly at the same time each day or may forget a day altogether which makes B.C. even less effective. PP has an agenda and that’s to get as many of their customers to come in for the very expensive abortion. It’s all about the $$.

          • Chelsea

            you’re fucking kidding. you know you sound as crazy as people who believe Paul McCartney is dead, right?

          • Rusty

            Paul McCartney is dead, Stupid! Nov. 9, 1966

          • Michelle

            Absolutely correct Maria! This is confirmed by Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director (now pro-life advocate and author of the book “Unplanned.”)

      • 3% of what PP do is abortions 

        • Karen

          You have that backwards. 3% of what PP does is mammograms, etc. 97% is abortions.

          • Jim M.

            Incorrect. Of the total  10,943,60 services procured by planned parenthood only 3% included actual abortion services.

            Contraception: 35%Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Infections (STD/STI) Testing and Treatment: 34%Cancer Screening and Prevention 17%Other Women’s Services: 10%Abortion Services: 3%Other Services: 1%(Statistics are from 2008)

          • Did you know that a few years ago they decided to look up on the records of how many abortions were actually performed and because most of the girls were under 16 the court said they could keep the files sealed from the government? No one really knows how many are performed except them. Your stats mean nothing if the truth isn’t revealed. Its their way of looking better than the nasty people they are.

          • Dee

            One abortion is one too many!

        • Maria

          PP states that they do not perform mammograms

    • Kataholic

      Just Me,

      You are trying to justify a wrong by a right. No can do. Your logic states that as long as girls are learning business techniques (a good thing) it is okay for them to support the ones who are teaching them even though they kill people too.


    • Bless_the_LORD_oh_my_soul

      “Where else can girls learn so much?” ANSWER = The Bible. You can read it at


    • Leetrottdvm

      Not one Planned Parenthood affiliate has an in-house mammogram unit.  Every county health department does everything that PP offers women EXCEPT abortions.  Let’s fund and refer women to their local county health departments instead.
      Also, NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) enlists members who are generous philanthropists and fund some truly good things.  Maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on them…

    • Sjohnson

      Haha yeah right!! Their parents all bring them into work and sell cookies for them….There are no math skills, people skills, handshaking, and budgeting skills learned there! Planned parenthood supports abortions so we should not support girls scouts!

    • Maxandfrancis

      Planned Parenthood PUSHES for abortion, and just because cookies help some people, they also help to murder innocent unborn lives.  BOYCOT the Girl Scouts until they fess up and clean up their act.

      • Michelle

        And dump Planned Profithood

    • what a load of crap … the Girl Scouts have been infiltrated and taken over by disgusting liberal perverts with a secular humanist agenda….so big deal if they do some “good deeds” … that’s completely irrelevant to the fact that these perverts are indoctrinating these little kids.

      boycott the Girl Scouts, and never buy from them or donate to them….and notify all your friends with little girls about this.

      these creeps got caught red-handed, don’t try to spin it into sweetness and light

    • Bob

      and the rest of the money goes in huge waves to the corporate giants running the shady operation.

    • C Mrfiresafety

       The things you mention that girl scouts teaches young girls are things their PRENTS should be teaching them. Not relying on another person to do. My children have worked their butts off for the community and for their church and many other things so for you to think you only have to be in girl scouts for that is sad. You can choose other activities for your girls besides someplace who supports abortion, unless of course you are for the killing of babies, in which case..go ahead, teach your girls that. How dare you say im a all mighty because i disagree with what their money funds. My children, every year make hundreds of plates on CHRISTMAS to hand out to homeless people in Atlanta. THAT is WORK. THAT is Charity and THAT is teaching your kids what life is really like….not selling a few cookies to support killing babies!!!!

    • John

      Their parents!

    • You are not serious? 333,000 abortions last year alone! Biggest abortion
      provider in the WORLD. The link between abortions and breast cancer is a
      FACT and how convenient that planned parenthood and susan b. komen are
      working together. Find a clinic that provides the medical screenings you
      described, NOT. Planned parenthood was started to wipe out black people
      and the “dredges” of life’ FACT Curious what makes you think that
      anyone has a right to talk to someone elses children about sex, body
      image, and financial responsibility..

    • You are not serious? 333,000 abortions last year alone! Biggest abortion
      provider in the WORLD. The link between abortions and breast cancer is a
      FACT and how convenient that planned parenthood and susan b. komen are
      working together. Find a clinic that provides the medical screenings you
      described, NOT. Planned parenthood was started to wipe out black people
      and the “dredges” of life’ FACT Curious what makes you think that
      anyone has a right to talk to someone elses children about sex, body
      image, and financial responsibility..

    • You are not serious? 333,000 abortions last year alone! Biggest abortion
      provider in the WORLD. The link between abortions and breast cancer is a
      FACT and how convenient that planned parenthood and susan b. komen are
      working together. Find a clinic that provides the medical screenings you
      described, NOT. Planned parenthood was started to wipe out black people
      and the “dredges” of life’ FACT Curious what makes you think that
      anyone has a right to talk to someone elses children about sex, body
      image, and financial responsibility..

      • Michelle

        Well put Robert!!!

    • Itsjust Penny

      I’ve never had a girl scout sell cookies to me; it’s always been an adult who approached me at work, in front of stores, or at my home. The girls usually just stand behind the adults.

  • Nancy Hoxworth

    I’m blessed to see a Christian young woman encouraging even younger girls/women as they stand for virtue.

  • Layla_breeze

    i dont have a problem with people believing in different things as eachother. do what u got to. pro choice is not a bad thing. just cuz they dont believe in it does not make girl scouts bad. they help girls with lots of things.  yes people sould teach their kids about ‘waiting to have sex’ however it is 2011 and kids will be kids. i will be puting my daughters on birth control once they start their period. birth control has lots of perks and my mom did it to me.  but if i had one of them get preg at a young age it is their body and i will support them in whatever.  pro choice, ur body…deal with it

    • Nunez


    • Kate

      Pro choice?  What if your girls don’t want to go on birth control?  Parents should talk about birth control with their kids.  I can even understand making sure your child knows you support that option for them.  Something I hope you consider, though, is that if my mother had forced me on birth control I would have felt completely betrayed.  She was very open to talk to me about it, but she never forced me and greatly appreciate that she didn’t.

      • Tired of the Stupidity

        Birth Control has other benefits besides is intended purpose as a contraceptive. My sister, who is NOT sexually active, uses birth control to regulate her periods.

        • Kate

          Does she have the to use it?

          • Kate

            Whoops, I left out a word.  Does she have the choice to use it?

    • Lovemydog8

      Yikes…BC can be very harmful to some people.  You would automatically put your daughters on the pill, just because???  I am speachless. 

  • Denalls

    All you have to do is follow the money in the Girl Scout Organization. With a very small bit of research from their own sites (GSA, WAGGS, WHO, etc.), you can discover for yourself what the GSA is all about. I  was in GS as a child. My mother was the cookie mom for 15 years. We’ve bailed. Gone with American Heritage Girls as a more selfless, community-oriented scouting opportunity versus GSA which is more geared toward SELF-esteem, SELF-fullfillment,SELF-SELF-SELF-. If I agreed to one penny of my money spent on PP, I would be complicit. AHG also is partnered with Boy Scouts which has maintained its original identity. Some of you are just trolls anyway, I’ve seen you on other sites. This article is truth…like it or not. 

    • Guest

      The last two sentences of your post can be applied to virtually everything else on this site.  It’s also noteworthy that these two girls listed several alternatives to GSUSA on their site (a common theme found in pro-life circles – alternatives to destroying human beings).

      Kudos to these two girls for speaking the truth, and kudos to Live Action for supporting their efforts and helping them spread their message.

  • Tired of the the Stupidity

    You really need to research evrything you hear, I am uncertain of the validity of these girls comments it doesn’t take a whole lot to lie so fact checking is always necessary especially on the internet. I’m not calling these girls or anyone else a liar, I am only stating the fact that research is needed to validate any point. Such as with this website, I have found several discrepancies within some of its postings about Planned Parenthoods’ dealings (the so-called Pimp scandal). I do not support Planned Parenthood (I am in fact pro-life). Remeber, just because some says it doesn’t make it true.

  • Pauline

    Lila Rose – Thank you for your efforts – what an eye opener to see  you on Sunday Night with Father Groeschel!  I could have cheered for  you!   You are great – so glad I’ve heard about Live Action now. Keep up the good work.  I will be praying for  you and your co–workers.   ephm

    • Christy

      I saw that too! It was incredible.  Great job Lila!

  • Louwho

    Please re-film without all the back ground noise.
    These girls need to be heard!

  • Me

    I’m so sick of this nation defending everything that is wrong and lying about everything in the world! Planned Parenthood does not do pap smears please people! Some people will make up any lie in order to justify something! Get your facts straight on the 3 percent abortions that is not true either! This is why the government was trying to stop funding for planned parenthood, they have actual facts and recordings that wasn’t good for the organization. The facts are the facts and you can’t cover the facts under the rug! Girl Scouts is a good organization but if they are saying yes to planned parenthood I’m not supporting such a organization !

    • 12angrymen

      Erm…actually PP does do pap smears, not even Live Action is denying this. Just because you say they do pap smears does not mean one is “defending them,” that is simply stating the truth. 

  • Youth

    I think anyone here that is backing up PP is always going to be blind to the Truth and/or works for them.  Unfortunately these people are manipulated into believing that pp is actually an organization that cares.  I don’t understand isn’t the biggest argument on oppression when in order for pp groups to stay open then need to have oppressed people and by them staying open aren’t they oppressing people themselves?  Why do is pp organizations in the ghetto of ghetto’s…I thought these type of people want liquor stores and such not to be in disparity areas, but then pp is there? Ok let me help you understand what I am saying: when I say care it is different than supplying.  Basically pp supplies people with issues that cause them to come back and never really fixes the problem.  It’s all about money.  When it comes to health care, you would hope that your doctor cares.  Why don’t people use their PC for their health care needs by the way?

  • Tracymillssherman

    Planned Parenthood founder Margret Sanger was all about genocide. Nothing about planned parenthood is good.  They target our children more and more especially at a younger age. I am so glad my daughter never had interest to join the girl scouts.

    • Lovemydog8

      And be care, PP put out a watered down version of Margret Sanger’s words, making her seem not so bad.  Read her words for yourself, not the PP version.  You will be shocked!

  • Tracymillssherman

    parents need to start growing a back bone and teach their children values that they can use down the road. Stop relying on the schools and Organizations like the girl scouts to do it for you. your only setting your children up for failure. 

  • Tracymillssherman

    oh and for the record I am not a Christian. I am Wiccan and still feel the way I do. 

  • Kathy Scarlett

    You know, I just realized something.  In the Catholic Education I’ve received my entire life, abortion was always looked at with an open mind.  I’m pro choice, and am always the person to argue that it should be the choice of the pregnant woman, not the Scouting organizations, the government, or these nut jobs.  You pro-life people are actually the same people who are against:  food stamps, public education, education grants, free will, all that is American, and are the same people who think that people with mental illnesses like me should be sterilized .  America was founded on tolerance, something that you all need to learn.  I’m a current Girl Scout, and yes we talk about sex, but we talk about why we should wait, what to do if we get pregnant, and what ALL our options are.  We talk about condoms and the pill, because in the schools where I live, we don’t get a proper sex education.  It’s a proven fact that strictly teaching abstinence actually increases the amount of pregnant girls.  The only way to prevent unplanned pregnancy is education, an excellent one.  Girls don’t know what to do it because of the lack of education.  Learn about Girl Scouts, they don’t say “If you ever get pregnant you have to get an abortion” they say “Abortion is one of many options”.  Goodness you people are really going to agree  with two prejudiced teenaged girls who let there own one sided beliefs prevent them to be open minded?

    • Anonymous

      You are a very misinformed Catholic.   Check out what your Pope has to say about abortion.  You cannot be prochoice and a Catholic in good standing with the Church teachings.
      You’ve just proven the point of these girls.  GS is prochoice.  Girls don’t know what to do is a load.  Sure you’re educating them.  You’re teaching them that they are animals who can’t wait for sex.  SO at LEAST use a condom,that, btw only protects against pregnancy 98% of the time.  You can only get pregnant a few days a month, so what is the STD prevention effective rate? ( Any mathematicians out there who can figure that out?)Not being a mathematician I don’t know the # but you get the drift. Not that it will matter. I know.
      Point is, Read the writings of John Paul II and Pope Benedict if you think the Church is pro choice and contraceptives.
      WE are against food stamps blah blah blah.  No WE are against YOU giving OUR money to people who don’t want to work!  People who can work should and if they don’t earn enough THEN they get help.  You and your type enable people to be lazy parasites.  I’m going to shout so it stands out to you What I said was.  PEOPLE WHO CANNOT WORK DESERVE ALL THE HELP WE CAN GIVE THEM!  PEOPLE WHO CAN WORK AND REFUSE ARE LAZY PARASITES!  I don’t care what the job is.  My spouse and I would shovel pig manure at minimum wage to pay our own way.  If THAT wasn’t enough we would shovel something else for more pay.  As a society we MUST take care of those who cannot care for themselves. (huh, infants in the womb perhaps?)
      However, resources are not infinite.  If we use resources to support those who COULD work in some capacity there will be those who cannot who will NOT get the support.
      I am sure you are a very compassionate person.  A good book is The Tragedy of American Compassion by Marvin Olasky.  Doing to much can be just as harmful as not doing enough.
      2 Thes 3:10  Those who WILL not work do not eat.

      • Anonymous

        “You pro-life people are actually the same people who are against:  food stamps, public education, education grants, free will, all that is American, and are the same people who think that people with mental illnesses like me should be sterilized .”

        Oh my, where to begin.
        I think ALL YOU PEOPLE are baby murdering racist bigots.  Oh wait, no I don’t.  I think liberals come in all varietys.  Just YOU may be the bigot.
        One by one
        I already addressed why I was against food stamps in some cases.  And, of course, you were talking to ME when you said YOU PEOPLE just like the racist democrats talked to the blacks.
        Public education.  Nope you miss the point again.  I am NOT against public education.  I am against BAD public education.  I am FOR school choice.  It’s always been funny to me that pro CHOICE is so against any CHOICE they don’t agree with.
        Education grants.  Again no.  Just have to pay for them somehow without going into more debt.  There’s more to that but I’m trying to keep it short.  If you want to debate point by point later, I’ll be happy to.
        Free will.  Gotta say your poor Catholic education is showing again.  The Catholic church is ALL about free will.  We have the right to choose God OR not.
        People with mental illness should be sterilized.  Again you are way off.  That would have been Margaret Sanger.  You know, the founder of PP who promoted euginics.  You can look up the definition of that if you need to.  Summed up, stop the undesirables from procreating.  Side note:  My younger sister is paranoid schizophrenic.  She has three of the most wonderful daughters who show NO sighs of her mental illness.  Do I think SHE should have been sterilized?  nope.  She you don’t KNOW all YOU PEPLE.  You just have this intolerant stereotype that you hang on too.
        Conservatives need to learn tolerance.  Oh yeah, your post REALLY promotes tolerance, all right.  Here’s the TOLERANCE of the left.  My daughter just started grad school.  She know’s if she says anything they don’t agree with(pro life, etc.) her grade will suffer and she will be attacked.  Verbally ATTACKED by the liberals.  How does she know?  Because it has happened before.  Liberals are the MOST intolerant of any demographic I have come across.  You are NOT prochoice, my dear.  YOU are pro what YOU believe and to everyone ELSE is intolerant.
        “who let there own one sided beliefs”
        Proves my point.  Any belief that is not your is one sided IYO.  My how tolerant of you.  BTW Have you ever looked up the word “tolerant”?  The REAL definition before it got hijacked by the left was to tolerate differing opinions.  Meaning if you AGREE with the opinion it is NOT tolerance.
        I’ll be looking forward to a debate but I will NOT debate a bunch of liberal stereotyping namecalling.

  • Sandra Dent

    This is NOT even the same program that it was in the 1990s, let alone in the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s.

    So let’s try this new D,C, AT program model on this issue:

    Discover – Check the facts.  Don’t be a blind “believer.” check out ALL the links on a suggested website, and then check those links.  Read the books used for programming.

    Connect – Read other blogs and web sites, talk with your friends and family, ASK people questions.  Go in to the “local” Council Offices and ASK THE EMPLOYEES about what is going on.  Where are they getting their funding from, and where exactly is that funding going.

    Take-Action – Now, armed with the facts, go and “make a difference.”

    It is NOT just about pro-abortion messaging.  Their are other issues and “fads” buried in the latest programming materials.  One Ambassador Girl Scout I know is going through some of the new “Journey” books and finding the “bias” and wants to develop a “counter the bias” guide.

    No way will this ever be an approved “Gold Project” but it is something she has considered to be important.

  • A Robins Nest

    Wow, good for them!  Whatever you believe, you have to stand up for it.  For the comment about how important it is to sell cookies and all the things Girl Scouts teaches, nothing is more important than standing up for what you believe.  You can learn to do all kinds of things via all kinds of people and organizations, but learning to stand up for what is right — that’s a big lesson.  Congrats Sydney and Tess!

  • Bjbarnett

    My Mother was a Girl Scout, I was a Girl Scout, My daughter was a scout for 15 years,from 5 years old to 17 years old, she got the goal award, do something that contributes to your community as my daughter has done. I was a volunteer leader, for 15 years, took lots of training and never heard a word in the Girls Scouts about Planned Parenthood.  Be a better citizen in you community, who are you helping by bashing the Girl Scouts. These girls are smart and grow with scouting to make there own lives and own way in the world with out being bran washed by the good people volunteering their time and money in Girl Scouting. We are all doing it in secret, we are busing the Girl Scouts to Planned Parenthood for abortions.  Go do something for the world that helps other, teaches girls to be leader not followers like you are apparently.  Go Support the troops,help out at nursing homes, baby sit children, do anything worth while, you are the followers and not the leaders. 

  • Schrodinger

    I am happy that the Girl Scouts are taking the high road and supporting women’s access to an important medical procedure.  That’s certainly a lot better than the Boy Scouts which prohibits gay boys and men from participating in their organization.

  • Doris Bailey

    A news story on THE BLAZE about a GS manual/book that sends girls to George Soros’ leftist Media Matters website to check out the validity of news stories brought me here.  I’m equally distressed about this apparent and blatant GS cooperation with the abortion industry.  Several years ago there was an expose about the luxurious facilities of the headquarters and the abusive  use of little girls to sell cookies door to door–while local chapters received little or no money for the effort.  i wonder if that financial situation still exists.  I’m embarrassed that I purchased a bag of souvenirs from the Juliette Gordon Lowe house in Savannah, GA. recently.   That profit probably goes to the headquarters?

  • These disgusting liberal demons have infiltrated all levels of our society…time to wake up and smell the disease people! God bless these girls for exposing these creeps and perverts.

  • By the way morons who support Planned Parenthood…
    Google Planned Parenthood and read all about how the founder of this wonderful organization was a bitter and vehement racist, who openly stated her goal was to keep the black race from reproducing.

    And given the fact that most abortions performed by these monsters, are in black communities, one might reasonably conclude that the founder’s original goal is still in place.

    You libtard lemmings make me sick

  • JDU

    Girls scout cookie season has begun and good Catholics are supporting them should we speak up?

  • Sadie Mcfarlane

    I support the Girl Scouts and hope they continue to do the good work they’ve been doing for decades.

  • Anon

    Well then they better stop buying clothes and food then because there is a HUGE list of companies and retailers who support planned parenthood.

  • Jamiesantos

    Ignorance is far easier to spread, than fact. A 5min visit to any planned parenthood clinic would be proof enough of their services. You will learn more from their office literature about std prevention, women’s health, and contraception than you will learn about abortion.  There was a time in my life that I relied on planned parenthood for well women’s care and general medical care, not an abortion. Having a service for young women that want to be responsible and make healthy choices in a nonjudgmental, accepting environment is a service to be valued, not mislabeled and misrepresented. As a parent, I hope I can provide this environment to my children, but if they don’t feel comfortable getting help from me, I hope the help they get is from a female focused, organization like Planned Parenthood.

    • Anonymous

      I have a friend who went to PP for a free pregnancy test 20 years ago.  When she discovered the test to be positive, she started laughing and rejoicing because she was pregnant.  The workers there were NOT celebrating with her…they were staring at each other as if they didn’t know what to do.  The thing is this…women who go to PP do not want to be pregnant.  PP is about pregnancy termination, not family planning.  Abortion is their business.

      • Shoo_fly

        How would you know?!  You sound like you have never been there!  So, not having been there…we are supposed to take your “hearsay” as fact?!  Even if you had been there…your interpretation of what went on would obviously be tainted, given your bias.  Your statement is absurd!  You make the employees out to be bloodthirsty demons!  Pleassee…get a grip already! 

        According to Kathy Cloninger, CEO of Girls Scouts USA, it “partners with Planned Parenthood across the country to bring information based sex education programs to girls.”  Sex education supports family planning, reproductive health and empowerment, and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies…therefore, fewer abortions.  Get your facts straight!

        • NurseMary

          I know! I did a rotation at Planned Parenthood when I was in nursing school. While they did offer many of the health care services mentioned above, their primary function was to provide abortions to mostly young girls. I saw one 17 year old girl having her fifth abortion at the same PP site. It was so disturbing. All of my fellow nursing students were pro-choice going into the rotation and pro-life coming out. There has to be a better way to provide female care to women.

  • Jessninety

    The people on here who are against planned parenthood have obviously never used their services. YES they do provide free breast exams and pap smears, I’ve gotten them for over 10 years. Let women be SAFE and HEALTHY and make their OWN decisions.

  • guest

    I think its wonderful that these two young ladies are taking a stand for what they believe in.  Planned Parenthood is preying on young women for their abortion business.  Yes I know they provide women in need with medical assistance, but the fact they they murder babies on a daily basis far overshadows their “help”.  They are not for women’s rights- they are money hungry killers of the innocent.  They care more about your wallet than you.
    Women wake up!!- don’t allow this culture of death to perpetuate itself in our nation. PP leads you to believe they are for women’s rights, but what about human rights- should every American, and human being have a right to live.  I will no longer support girl scouts in any way, i will not buy their cookies, allow my daughter to join.  Nor will I donate to any organization that is affiliated with PP ( including Susan G. Komen, who I recently ceased donations to.)

    I know too many people suffering daily the after effects of abortion.  I know too many that have had to travel across continents to adopt.  A child is a gift from God- not a choice, nor part of a woman’s body.  

    BY the way-abortion is used daily as birth control- 3700 occur each day in the US.  that is absolutely frightening.

  • guest

    Abortion is murder. You are blind if you can not see that. You are canceling a life, that could have been. I’m sure if you were aborted and were never able to live your life, you’d feel differently about it. PP is exploiting women. It’s a business and it’s all about money. Why do you think majority of their clinics are in low income areas? The founder Margaret Sanger was herself a racist and even stated “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” 

  • Laura

    As a pharmacist, I support Planned Parenthood.  It’s abortion services account for the smallest portion of their services.  Their services mostly include health care prevention and treatment.  AND if you’re not middle class or above and don’t have insurance, this is an affordable way to get health screenings. 

  • C Mrfiresafety

    many think PP offer services like mammograms and cervical exams etc. Call and try to make an appointment for them and see what your told.

  • me

    I will continue to support Girl Scouts as always.  This stupid war on women will end abruptly and as usual those who rely on their bodies to take them through life will end up on the bottoms rung.

  • me

    I will continue to support Girl Scouts as always.  This stupid war on women will end abruptly and as usual those who rely on their bodies to take them through life will end up on the bottoms rung.

  • Joe

    Wow!  North Korea and Iran can’t touch the propaganda skills of  Live Action!  I tip my hat to a job well done!

  • Limonta5

    I had emailed GS in Tx about this issue and got no response. Is it that girl scouts are supporting/involved with Planned parenthood, or that planned parenthood is supporting GS?

  • Miss Sasha

    I am very upset to hear that girl scouts supports abortion. I have support girl scouts for over 20 years by buying there cookies. Now, I don’t have the heart to buy it anymore. It’s for a very wrong cause. I do not support abortion; especially being Christian. I’m tired of hearing everyone’s excuses that is “for” abortion. If only you have faith in GOD and let him be the judge and let him worry about the unborn child. We are his children and GOD himself has never abandon us. We abandon GOD bc of our own free will.

  • Shoo_fly

    According to Kathy Cloninger, CEO of Girls Scouts USA, it “partners with Planned Parenthood across the country to bring information based sex education programs to girls.”  Sex education supports family planning, reproductive health and empowerment, and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies…therefore, fewer abortions. 

  • Camarross7

    Hey sorry religious fundamentalism ended when over 400 years ago. We are a more civilized world. We can make our own decisions. ITS CALLED SECULARISM. We are not Saudie Arabia.

  • If you hate Planned Parenthood because they teach people what an abortion is (and having been there MYSELF at 18 & pregnant they urge you to do anything BUT an abortion), that means you ALSO won’t support cancer prevention & you support breast cancer.  PP does more mammograms for early detection than most private offices, but if we’re going to make ignorant blanket statements, why don’t we lay it ALL out there shall we!!??  Abortion IS a legal option, get over it.  Another little factoid, the rate of teen pregnancy is LOWER is areas that teach about contraception & teen birth than in areas that preach abstinence only.  NOT a coincidence, so all the extreme conservatives pushing this crap can shove it up their ring pieces.

  • Daisymais

    this is sad… we need responsible organizations and people that support the choice that a women have the priveledge to have in the US…if we abolish abortion we will only see more and more botched, illegal and unsafe abortions. Abolishing abortion will not get rid of it, it will just force women to be less safe and secrective with their reproductive health choices.

  • HorseRider

    My friend was in the girl scouts. They were selling cookies one day, and when they were done, their troop leader said “Ok girls, do you want to give this money to charity, or go to Build-A-Bear?” They went to Build-A-Bear.

  • HorseRider

    My friend was in the girl scouts. They were selling cookies one day, and when they were done, their troop leader said “Ok girls, do you want to give this money to charity, or go to Build-A-Bear?” They went to Build-A-Bear.

  • LeAnn Buchholz Pick

    I don’t consider the attention paid to help many organizations to help gilrs with making the right decisions including not having sex to what happens if you have unprotected sex and the outcomes for those decisions. I don’t think Planned Parenthood is just for abortions. I do think however these girls opinions were swayed by there parents and it blew out of proportion. The decision to have an abortion or not is between you and your doctor. Abortion activists brought this into politics and opened a Huge can of worms. It is private medical information and does not belong all over the internet. The Girl Scouts also supports the YMCA, and many other organizations like churches. Should we try to shut down the Churches because Organized religions don’t just follow what the Bible says but core beliefs are taught first then the Bible. I will copy and paste an old article. I think parents should give sex education to both boys and girls but they don’t, otherwise there would not be so many teenage parents.

    In 2004, the CEO of Girl Scouts USA, Kathy Cloninger stated on national television that, “We partner with many organizations. We have relationships with our church communities, with YWCAs, and with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country, to bring information-based sex education programs to girls.” (You may view the video of Mrs. Cloninger’s statement at the bottom of this page) Despite this statement by the Girl Scouts CEO, which has never been retracted, GSUSA is now denying the national organization’s connections to Planned Parenthood. Additionally, GSUSA claims they do not take stand on matters of birth control or abortion, yet they continue to promote pro-abortion champions and resources to their members. All we are asking is that GSUSA be honest about this connection that CEO, Kathy Cloninger, has already confirmed on national television.

    Why is it so concerning to us that the Girl Scouts organization is exposing girls to Planned Parenthood? Because Planned Parenthood teaches promiscuity to children, grooming future birth control and abortion clients. Because at Planned Parenthood sex-education events for youth, Planned Parenthood has distributed “educational” material, considered by many groups to be pornographic, to kids as young as 10 years old. To learn more about Planned Parenthood’s explicit sex education programs visit this resource.

    The Girl Scouts organization does currently have connections (both past and present) to Planned Parenthood.